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Series I   401-500                               501-600  601-700  701-800  801-900   901-1000
T = truisms of life the world knows;
E = extension of their ideas applied to life situations;
& = ideas known to be their own

401)   Discipline is the organisation seen in Freedom. Such a discipline is character based on values. T

402)   People below your level cannot give their loyalty to you. So also, they cannot betray you, though great harm can issue out of them when you do not protect your interests.

Your cattle destroying your crop is not betrayal but instinct in expression. T

403)   Man is not so much eager to understand as to maintain his social position or psychological stance. T

404)   An index for progress is what was indispensable yesterday must become unbearable or intolerable today. T

405)   Marriage is an instrument of progress in that sense. T

406)   Marriage becomes an instrument of progress not so much because it is socially indissoluble but because it is so psychologically. T

407)   Marriage is the typical psychological institution that symbolises man seeking irresistibly what he cannot live with. T

408)   This is so because marriage is one point where he finds his aptitude for progress presents to him as irreconcilable opposites. T

409)   To know all his urges and their disgusting opposites and also their point of meeting in his personality is the essential knowledge at the vital level. T

410)   To see the right of another is to be broad-minded, but it cannot help exceed the mind. To see the right and wrong of another as parts of a whole and be able to see the whole is to exceed the mind. T

411)   Unconditional affection is given limitlessly to another, not for his qualities of head or heart, but because he receives all you give unconditionally. T

412)   Malice and mentality are different grades of the same vibration. Benevolence becomes malice with an intermediate stage of mentality. T

413)   As mentality is the lower version of benevolence and degenerates into malice, vitality has the higher and lower versions of Ananda and hostility.  So also Existence— Physicality— Non-existence. T

414)   Complaints:  Our complaints against others are partly or fully generated by us in another plane. T

415)   Insincerity is subtle and turns perverse when we label our low impulses as versions of high aspiration. It is possible because in the low and the high the same acts figure. T

416)   To convert conceptual clarity in profundities into experienced emotions is to make yogic progress. It is the difference between fantasy and fact. T

417)   Man is centred in the becoming. The yogi in trance is centred in the being. Purna Yoga demands that we are centred in the being of the becoming. E

418)   Consecration relates the being in the becoming to the individual. E

419)   He who is excited about a game or a desire is full of overflowing energy in that direction. When all our energies are  in the direction of evolution, our joy will turn into Ananda. E

420)   Unfailing progress will issue if we can decide as follows:-

a)  Gradually, but steadily we solve our problems only through Mother.

b)   Bring to the surface the hidden grievances and turn them into fulfilments.

c)   Raise continuously the level of our performance.

d)   Constantly endeavour for increasing clarity.

e)   Endeavour to shift the plane of our actions, physical to mental and mental to spiritual.

f)   Increase the level of consecration.

g)   Admit no fresh grievances.

h)   Shift the outer into inner. E

421)   What holds us on the surface is motion, motion of thought or sensation. Absence of motion helps to move into the depths. E

422)   The psychic being grows on the surrendered impulses of Nature. &

423)   Life is an active organisation. In us that same organisation is covered by a surface layer. Prayer, consecration, calling can penetrate the layer and touch the organisation. At that point things start happening which we call Life Response. Staying at that point, progress is nonstop. T

424)   In the society those at the bottom work through a procedure which after along time brings results. Those at the top skip the procedure and move things instantaneously. Their status helps them to have direct access to the social organisation. Consecration gives us access to Life organisation. Intense aspiration which is supramental vibration gives the sadhak access to the evolutionary organisation. T

425)   He who constantly contradicts does so because his thinking has begun to shape and is active. T

426)   Shifting to yoga from life has several indications. One of them is: dwelling on the Divine must be as interesting as the greatest joy of life or more. The vital should seek it on its own. Mind must tend to understand the myriad aspects of life in terms of yoga. The body must feel uncomfortable in acting out of habit and must often shift to freshness. E

427)   It is true that to reach the psychic we should concentrate behind the heart. That concentration will be possible only when the energies of all the outward impulses collect themselves earlier at one point. E

428)   Each time we long for an unavailable privilege, we forget that a superior privilege of turning to Mother inside awaits us. T

429)   Organisation means, within its own ambit, there should be no flaw of the least type. (cf. the earlier statement that no crop can be raised if trespass of cattle is not stopped). T

430)   Nonstop calling pushes away thought from the mind and helps take us from the surface to the depth. E

431)   The truth of the matter is, it is not the aspiration that is fulfilling but the flitting on the surface being which is a kind of dissipation that is satisfying. T

432)   Taking another man’s point of view at least demands of man that he come forward to pardon the other man as readily as he pardons his own lapses. T

433)   Even after crossing over the border in the effort of reversal of consciousness or rising to a higher behaviour, man finds his earlier behaviour in a subdued form in the rear playing a subordinate role. E

434)   Perfection at any level expresses the Absolute, the Brahman. To be honest or chaste in a lax atmosphere even to a primary level is great. To be nearly perfect in such a situation requires a Herculean effort. Still, it will express the Brahman, because the effort is full and perfect. E

435)   Perfection takes you to the next higher level besides expressing the Absolute at this level. T

436)   He who does his own work as God’s work will have no energy left to an altruistic initiative. T

437)   Perfection in one’s own work generates an atmosphere which serves the purpose of altruism better and without its usual negativity. T

438)   Surrender:  SHE says HIS greatest discovery is surrender.

In creation as well as life, self-affirmation is the law. Man does not surrender unless he is crippled when he abandons himself. Either as a helpless infant or a cripple, man abandons himself. At all other times, he seeks self-affirmation. E

439)   Surrender is the opposite movement. Surrender affirms the Truth of man’s being, a portion of the Divine. E

440)   Man coming forward to deny self-affirmation is a leap, an evolutionary leap. Hence it is a great discovery as a method, one that suits a goal of evolutionary leap. E

441)   Calling:

At each instance or event, calling The Mother contains in it the entire essence and expression of all that is necessary to respond to the event from our highest consciousness. E

442)   Values:  Even as universe comes to us as values, Mother comes to us as values. Accepting Mother’s values fully will give us Mother fully.
In fact, anything comes to us as values.
Value-formation is the formation of the Individual. E

443)   Form organised does the greatest injustice to content which is the highest available justice. (Administrative, legal, organisational, social justice reek with injustice but they are the best instruments of justice available in these setups). &

444)   Man finding God as woman and further, man becoming the woman to God, her paramour, are, says HE, the heights of enjoying the Divine.

Soul merging with God is moksha, release, not enjoyment. Man discovering his own surrender to Shakti, releases a vaster strength inside him giving rise to spiritual enjoyment too. At the end, he discovers the world as a marvel.

Man, finding himself the woman, is Prakriti seeking surrender, the goal of Purna Yoga, which raises the enjoyment further, completing the cycle of evolution. E

445)   When subjected to analysis, the highest ideal a man pursues is little better than the silliest pursuits of others; behind the silliest exercise of man hides the profoundest wisdom of God actively pressing for expression. T

446)   Sense of outrage at another doing exactly what you have done earlier is the clearest indication of active ego. T

447)   Rajaji’s inability to conceive of planned progress, Nehru’s inability to conceive of a strategy for progress do not reveal their inability to think or think originally; rather they show they are social thinkers, thus limiting themselves to their society.

To accept Mother it is not enough to outgrow the society one is born in but the evolutionary phase of one’s birth must be outgrown at least in thinking. T

448)   On scrutiny, it will be clear that all the problems one has had since coming to Mother are created by one’s going insistently back to his own old habits that have to be given up. T

449)   When you meet a person or ideal that is greater than you, there are two possible responses. One is the desire to serve him and the other is to become more than he. The first is the attitude of the sadhak and the second is egoistic human attitude. T

450)   Perfection, naturally and necessarily alternates with imperfection. Nature chooses to progress only this way. It is not possible for nature to progress from perfection to greater perfection except through its opposite, viz. imperfection. E

451)   The greatest of opportunities rising to the level of grace are often refused or pushed aside by a petty excuse of pride. T

452)   In life the form of status determines whereas in Mother the content of attitude determines. Man in low status and attitude finds it difficult to believe that his rise is possible by raising his inner attitude, because it is difficult for him to wean himself away from the low attitude of his of status. T

453)   He interprets his difficulty in giving up his low attitudes as the difficulty to raise himself to the higher status. T

454)   ‘Supermind is the Nature of the Divine Being’. If so, what is Nature?

Form acquiring Individuality from the essentiality of original formlessness is Nature. &

455)   As Nature creates individualities and progresses through it, and progress is for the individualities to merge, Nature resorts to the method of contradiction. E

456)   Sincerity is that inner vibration which receives the statement that everything is HE as a literal truth, not as a conceptual one. T

457)   Human sincerity is insincerity, because man is sincere to his own interests. T

458)   The highest of human values like love and sympathy and confidence are at best expressions of behaviour and have nothing lasting in them. T

459)   Raising your values to the level of the impersonal, the individual shades off into nothingness; still to know the value of the individual’s interest to the Divine is to know the MARVEL the world is. E

460)   Interest energises MAN; it is interest that keeps the man away from the Divine. To lose the human interest and acquire the Divine interest is to convert human nature into divine nature. This is to shift from the vital to the psychic. E

461)   Life is organised in several layers. Surrender is to move from a lower level of organisation to a higher level of organisation, from the human to the Divine. E

462)   Support from people of lower consciousness is not support, but will lower your consciousness. T

463)   The events in the world are determined by the Supermind and they are harmonious. Human determinations are from habits, attitudes and opinions which are harmonious as long as they are stronger than their environment. That is why the problems are solved by moving towards the Supermind’s determinations, i.e. towards better habit, higher attitude and wider opinion. E

464)   When a problem is solved by one of the known avenues, it
is faith that is at work. Grace acts through an unknown

465)   Concentration is to collect the unformed pure energy in one place. Consecration is to direct the act formed out of that energy towards the divine intention. E

466)   The world has an unfailing physical organisation. In man it has two aspects, viz. surface and the depth. E

467)   The depth decodes the surface but they are organised in the opposite directions. E

468)   Results in the depth are instantaneous, on the surface slow, uncertain and negative. E

469)   Great men arise from time to time acting either in the depth or on the surface, or in the depths having an impact on the surface. T

470)   Socrates and Newton are those whose enlightenment is given to the depths only. The world is still trying to discover their wisdom in practice. T

471)   Jesus, Buddha, and Shankara are those who enriched the depths, still having a very profound effect on the surface, if not the ultimate effect. T

472)   Shakespeare, Valmiki, and Vyasa are in the depths having a most profound, a near ultimate effect on the surface. T

473)   Thomas Alva Edison and Marconi discovered in the depths, brought it to the surface, having the ultimate effect on the very surface of daily life. T

474)   Mind takes long to have its effect, whereas vital has immediate effect and the physical has the fullest immediate effect. T

475)   If any full immediate effect is to be produced, the ultimate knowledge must be converted into a physical product. It is not enough to create literature out of it. T

476)   The 100 million jobs is a social product which the society in general uses. Surely it will have a great social effect. T

477)   Computer, electric bulb, phone, nail polish are individual products. It is possible for us to bring down the Process of creation to touch the life of the individual as a usable, material, commercial product so that HE, the individual, will come directly, right into the process. Such a movement will straight away become worldwide. T

478)   Just today the several products that spread so do not express the ABSOLUTE. They express a social absolute or technological absolute. T

479)   Social, technical absolutes may or may not have negative effects either in the atmosphere or in the society. T

480)   To discover a material, commercial product that expresses the highest  reality, the Absolute is possible. It will be accepted by the world readily.

That is to take MOTHER to all humanity. T

481)   There is a qualification for discovering that. He should have discovered such a product or strategy in his own life, i.e. a product that expresses his highest spiritual achievement in daily life. The sign that it is so is his capacity for equality and its absoluteness of use. T

482)   In other words, he, in his own life, should be a complete Master of all that he wishes to do. T

483)   One who is willing to work on himself at the most irresistible point of temperament makes a beginning. T

484)   His qualification is indicated by many other things too.     1) The complex he suffers from will vanish suddenly showing a physical capacity in the body where it was absent earlier. He will be physically able to perform the act he is so far not capable of;  2) His oppressive social emotions will suddenly disappear and he will be treated genuinely in the opposite way, e.g. you will be respected in an area where you were disrespected; 3) A weight will be off the mind and a sense of ever-expanding freedom will dawn suddenly; 4) In an area where there was a 100% long-standing inability in organisational matters, it will suddenly turn into an ability, e.g. a coveted elusive buyer will seek you; 5) In whichever field it shows, it is characterised by suddenness (99%), dramatic reversal, ushering in of freedom, great relief, greater joy, a sense of life fulfilment similar to a car driver in India getting a car of his own, a man rejected by a woman sought after by her. The ability will express in the body itself as new-found ability for the very flesh to enjoy. T

485)   It is enough it is tested in one such area, though it is possible to test in all areas. T

486)   As far as the inherent power of this method goes it has no difference between an individual achievement and national accomplishment, between winning national elections and dominating physically the wife who fully dominated him till now. T

487)   Physical ego is the most difficult to get rid of. The roots of the ego are in the thinking mind.

Ego starts from the mind as coordinating intelligence and reason. Hence the roots are there. It extends to the vital and physical. By their grossness ego sticks there with tenacity.

Ego is born in animals or men in the measure mind is formed. E

488)   To destroy ego one needs a force as great as that which formed the ego originally. Man should first rise above the ego and centre himself in the pure mind to try to destroy the ego. It is difficult and man is lazy. E

489)   Surrender is an attitude of the SOUL and therefore more difficult to acquire. Once a little of it is acquired, ego begins to dissolve by the touch of Mother to whom our surrender is offered. Man’s effort to dissolve his ego is egoistic. E

490)   The child is innocent because of its ignorance. Man becoming innocent as the child consciously rising above his knowledge, is conscious innocence that is pure goodness. Pure goodness that is conscious Innocence is Surrender. T

491)   To believe that another is incapable of a disloyalty which you have is not nobility of character or a certain blindness. It is the pride of egoism that blinds. T

492)   The right discipline carried to a great extent, in Mother’s work, will cross a border and become rigid losing its value. It is better to break it at that point. T

493)   In a subtle atmosphere which the devotees carry, negative forces act automatically and without a moment’s pause. Positive forces too can act likewise, when they are of the same intensity. E

494)   Presently positive forces move by our conscious initiation while the negative, evil, and hostile move on their own. T

495)   Mother’s moments come to us on their own by our intense aspiration.

In any field it takes us to the acme. T

496)   In writing, one’s books outsell all previous records. T

497)   In politics it takes you directly to the top, the very top. T

498)   In knowledge, it just outstrips ALL known knowledge available. T

499)   HER moments come to us in a universal dimension, which in our circumstances shrinks to a worldly width, and the pity is, we consciously shrink it to our own width. T

500)   When we receive HER moments, coming out of our own shell, we can retain some of their splendour. T

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