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Series I  901-1000
T = truisms of life the world knows;
E = extension of their ideas applied to life situations;
& = ideas known to be their own

901)   Stolen pleasure is sweet is the lower version of the higher profound truth of Lila that self-concealing and self-discovery are the greatest joys to the embodied being. E

902)   Evil is a necessary stage of transition, but knowledge of the evil takes you out of it. Only as long as that knowledge is lacking, one is in the grip of evil or has to face it in life. E

903)   We fully appreciate only what we enjoy, it being real to our nerves, i.e. we have a vital realisation of it. The rest is conceptual comprehension, an observation, a truism, an abstraction etc. For the Lila to be real to us, we must realise the Absolute in the vital, because only to the Absolute Lila is real now.

                        Only to the Absolute Lila is real now.

                        Only the vital is real to us.

                        Only when the Absolute touches the vital, Lila will be real to us. E

904)   One characteristic of the Supramental force is it does not repeat. For this reason, we can find the strategies, methods etc. we used successfully last time, not working the next time. If it works, certainly it is not the Supramental force that we are using. E

905)   Self-concealment and rediscovery are the sources of greatest joy, says HE. Overcoming difficulties offers greater opportunities for joy. This can be done consciously or unconsciously. Giving up your rights to children, wife, inferiors and enjoying their use of it and even misuse, is a conscious practice of this principle, whose acme is seen in Ishwara surrendering to Shakti. Problems and difficulties represent our unconscious self-concealment. &

906)   Man plays the game, rather is part of the game, unconsciously. God does it consciously. With man both the parties, man and life, are unconscious while with God, man alone is unconscious. The game will be over when both the parties become conscious. E

907)   We must evaluate our life and values in terms of Mother’s values. That helps us to move towards Her. We evaluate Mother in terms of our human values which prevents us from progressing beyond our human best. E

908)   The great of the soul that have appeared from time to time have brought us messages which man will take many more centuries to fully absorb, since inwardly they were truly great. In their outer lives they partly belonged to their time. Common man today often excels them in their outer social life. T

909)   What we see as injustice, unfairness, crookedness, evil, wrong, error, failure are all the conditions of life and work. An above average person doing any work of this level treats them as incidents in his work and it does not bother him. Those who are below average doing a work meant for the above average are victims of evil etc., fitting the description that the touch of the Not-self is too much for him, generating pain. E

910)   The evolutionary adult does not feel encumbered or dismayed or non-plussed by evil, etc. It is the unfit for survival who gives that response. E

911)   In order to see life as a MARVEL, one should be above the stream of evolution. E

912)   Your depths think or feel. Eliminate both before offering gratitude to HER. Otherwise it will be from the surface. Deep feeling or thinking alone can give place to deeply felt gratitude. E

913)   The exhaustion of receptivity of the being is expressed by the pain in the right hand. For those whose main function is writing, it shows in the palm and fingers. T

914)   Gratitude is fully offered on an occasion, if we move to the next higher intensity of gratitude. T

915)   A decade of crusade — outer in the field, inner in the feelings —brings another decade of physical work to exhaustion to confirm and concretise what the inner crusade achieved. T

916)   Ten years of work qualifies the man for ten years of thought. T

917)   Thinking on Life prepares one to think of HER principles. T

918)   No more crusade, no further drudging, not even with the intellect or with the inner faculty. Now you can understand without thought, enjoy without sensing, accomplish without moving. T

919)   Accepting ideals of the future is possible for the mind but the emotions hesitate and the physical vital sensitivity revolts — abolition of property rights, free life for women. When the consciousness changes, the hesitation disappears but the sensitivity lingers till the environing social consciousness changes. E

920)   To overcome such hesitation and lingering sensitivity, Man sometimes resorts to overdoing his ideal. T

921)   Such reaction and overdoing — power in raghukalam (the inauspicious time of the day), abolition of child marriage — will have a grotesque repercussion until the inner consciousness is transformed at the physical level with respect to that issue. T

922)   What the passage of time enables the society to accomplish in change of consciousness, yoga helps to accomplish by self-awareness, thus enabling us to overcome Time in a small measure. E

923)   Man mourns not only the loss of his possessions; he also mourns the misfortunes he has lost. Having reached the next level, but not having weaned himself psychologically from the previous level, he mourns the loss of these endowments of the previous level. E

924)   Vanity is enjoyment without intensity; possessiveness is intense enjoyment; accomplishment is intense fullness. T

925)   The serious man looks down upon those who seek silly pleasure in preference to sedate quietness. When his own sensitivity is wounded, the serious man does not seek the compassion inside that can dissolve it but the human sympathy that embalms the wound and helps its preservation. T

926)   Personality yields full results only when the person’s happiness is brim full. Presence of compunction of any kind hamstrings personality from fulfilling itself in action. T

927)   World fame has come to Amartya Sen for his thesis on famine. It is one principle of management extended to distribution of food. There are a hundred other principles like that. Extending an age-old idea of any field to another field is considered by the world as creativity of the highest order. About a few thousand such principles await exploitation. T

928)   Understanding is a process of knowing in terms of our existing knowledge. Thinking enables us to know what the incoming knowledge stands for from its own point of view. T

929)   The male’s attraction for the female is biological.

         The husband’s desire for the wife’s appreciation is psychological.

         The man’s communion with the woman’s soul is spiritual. T

930)   The different Purushas are now dominated by the corresponding expressions of Prakriti. The domination is made possible by a link principle. Desire in the vital and ego in the mind are such principles. The dissolution of the links enables the respective Purushas to dominate the corresponding Prakriti. E

931)   Mind itself is separate from Supermind by exclusive concentration that is Ignorance, secondarily fortified by the formation of the ego. E

932)   Total consecration cannot begin without the individual acts of  consecration becoming total. E

933)   When knowledge is great, practice is low — unable to control thoughts, though you understand SILENCE of the Absolute — one hits a wall and remains there for years or forever. One way out of that difficulty is to examine the very small areas of practice where there still exists a little scope to cover. By working at it and fully covering it, it will start moving, though by inches. T

934)   Faith is to interpret the unknown in terms of the known. Doubt is to question the known in terms of the unknown. T

935)   All idealists, passionate followers of a goal in military or politics or art, all self-forgetful people who forget themselves in their one-pointed pursuit are achievers in Ignorance by HIS definition of ignorance. E

936)   Not to know what we need to know is ignorance. To HIM Ignorance is conscious unwillingness to know what you are to the point of becoming unconscious of IT. E

937)   Celibacy without chastity in the mind, makes the vital poisonous or perverted. Pure mind expressing it in the body as chastity or celibacy renders the vital richness materially sweet, almost making Mother’s consciousness emerge. E

938)   To see oneself as a speck of dust in the Ocean of life and existence is physical humility. E

939)   Physical destruction, passionate revolt, deep hatred, deep-seated disgust, disturbed sensitivity, sad depression, wounded pride, offended outrage, dislike, disapproval, non-sensitive physical memory lingering, the dead event refusing to dissolve are the stages through which the dissolution of ego passes. E

940)   Offended sentiment is the other side of demonstrative vanity. By getting rid of the one, you get rid of the other. T

941)   Krishnavatar came to destroy the tyranny of the despot and establish a social dharma. Therefore, even today, those who read The Gita face the trials and tribulations in the society which Krishna’s birth in the jail symbolised. Those who have overcome that in their consciousness need not now suffer it while reading The Gita. T

942)   Good name is in proportion to the distance between you and the public. T

 943)  Popular approbation is not related to the public good your service emanates. In the measure your strength of personality exceeds the capacity in the public for gossip, one’s good name shapes. T

944)   He said how could there be seclusion when the whole world crowded into Him. Physical seclusion there may be, but the being is never in solitude as the physical seclusion brings in the spiritual proximity of all beings. &

945)   No discipline that is not total at its own level, is a discipline that can yield any results. Yoga is a way of life where discipline is the beginning. T

946)   The greatest moments of history as well as the greatest hours of any family have behind them tales of tyranny and uncomplaining sacrifice. The finer part of it is, those who have been wronged sorely do not feel it as such and even go to the extent of glorifying the benefits of those periods. This we describe as the full cooperation from all or the willing sacrifice. Any nation or family can rise to any height if they espouse this attitude willingly and happily. T

947)   Grace does not compel but surely indicates. Grace that compels issues from inside. HE calls it grace of the spirit. &

948)   Man is anchored in his “physical organisation”, i.e. his silent subconscious existence which is dissipation of survival. Even the most rewarding exercise, be it artistic or intellectual is pushed aside by its insistent preoccupation. Those activities which man pushed aside in preference of his preoccupation, erupt, sprout, and interfere whenever he takes up any serious work that he does not like. Sometimes even great literature is so produced. T

949)   Work is organised at several levels and completes itself at each level where the organisation is complete. They are the physical organisation of skills, vital organisation of force, mental organisation of thought and will and the supramental organisation of Real-Idea. E

950)   Saturation of organisation at each level leads to the next level. T

951)   For instance, if one who is organised at the physical level of skills takes up the organisation of decisions, at the point of its completion and saturation, he can effectively and permanently move into the level of mental organisation, thus moving from the physical work to mental thought. T

952)   This is the secret of the great leap Mother’s devotees often make. In fact, what is open to them is the organisation of the Real-Idea. Rarely do people complete the organisation required for it. The Master Idea, the Master Act, the King Idea, and the Prayer that makes the miracle commonplace is the mechanism of the link. &

953)   Suppose you are in work for a couple of decades, and start organising your thoughts or attitudes or decisions, you will SEE the corresponding thought or attitude or decision from outside moving towards you.  It is a subtle organisation but acts without fail. In practice, you evoke response from national or international levels though you belong to your locality.

         Thought or decision can evoke such a response. E

954)   Such organisations are made up of skills, attitudes, thoughts, decisions, perceptions, values appropriate to each plane. They complete themselves when all the needed ingredients are there, not before. T

955)   The character of such organisations are decided by the character of each plane. Moral values belong to ethics and mind and do not apply to other planes. T

956)   Organisations of such type, like acts, are neutral and have nothing to do with morality or values of other planes. T

957)   The sacred sentiments of one age are often silly, laughable aspects in another age because the sentiments are intensities of a localised circumscribed attitude, not anything eternal. T

958)   Compelling one’s nature never works, because nature is the Whole while the faculty that compels is a part that is a point. The whole restores its equilibrium dissolving the distortion of the part. E

959)   Fear refusing to go in spite of calling, or an idea refusing to surrender in spite of genuine serious effort, indicates that our basic faith needs widening. If that is done, in a trice the fear vanishes, the refractory idea surrenders. E

960)   When a work is ready for accomplishment, it is fulfilled by its previous step of enjoyment. Enjoyment before one is ready for accomplishment is dissipation. Refusal to enjoy when one is ready prevents the accomplishment. E

961)   Humour is the savour of life because it is an act of Ignorance recognising its folly pleasantly in a joyous expansiveness. E

962)   The requirements of accomplishment in order of importance are strength, organisation and skills. T

963)   Two items of work can be coordinated only when each work is organised within its own realm. T

964)   The organisational skills or systems that smoothly coordinate the individual works into a complete work, express the blending of the individual and collective values. Often those values are points of reversal of consciousness. E

965)   Writing down on paper an idea you know for years takes the learning to the physical consciousness, thereby giving a greater effectivity to the knowledge to the point of making things happen. &

966)   When a plane is saturated with organisation, any addition to it either as a positive endowment or a negative lapse raises a life response. E

967)   Saturation of a plane with organisation  enables it to evoke a life response. E

968)   Loyalty, the highest human ideal, when offered to the past, especially to its forms, becomes a fetter on the progress to future and turns itself into betrayal. T

969)   One reason for Japa evoking the desired response is it saturates the physical by the repetition. T

970)   It is not as if a perfect person is let down by an imperfect person. In truth, one type of imperfection meets with another type of imperfection. It is the blind ego that claims moral superiority, not the reality of the situation. T

971)   Only imperfection can meet imperfection. Perfection cannot meet with imperfection as there will be no scope for meeting. T

972)   Maybe it is imperfection of intelligence meeting with imperfection of ignorance. T

973)   Hardness can be the result of disciplined external forms unsupported by the inner contact. T

974)   Neglect or even opposition by rivals is a sure symptom of success. T

975)   What comes to us is always Grace. It comes as a tragedy only because of the conditions we are in. E

976)   The conditions we are in are determined by the movement in Time. To change the conditions or quicken their pace, one should rise above Time, preferably the plane of Mind. E

977)   So, it is our VIEW that determines what we view. The VIEW of the Individual is the pointed evolving focus of the universal spirit in man. E

978)   If work is done in the right spirit and in a thoroughgoing fashion, the atmosphere starts raising itself from the physical plane continuously till it reaches the supramental plane. E

979)   Work in the right spirit means admission of no old attitudes. &

980)   Not taking initiative to the point of appearing careless, one must be totally detached. E

981)   Generally, he who is unable to help himself inwardly offers to help others externally. The great of soul feeling compassion for other souls is an endeavour to extend their own inner achievement to others inwardly. E

982)   One word uttered as a three year child’s negativity can effectively block good luck and Mother’s Luck coming to one, in spite of active initiative on the part of the benefactor. T

983)   The power of the motive governs the entire life while that of the attitude is alive as long as that attitude exists. T

984)   The external power of ACTS wears out with Time, not its subtle consequences. Acts and their consequences cannot be erased out or reversed as easily as a thought or even an attitude. T

985)   A thought reverses on a higher understanding; an attitude reverses itself on a vital perception of a greater emotion in the opposite direction. For an act to reverse like that without waiting for Time to wipe it out, the physical consciousness must perceive a wider, deeper, more intense existence that is a way of life for it. E

986)   Close living together produces responses of flatness and frustration on one level and richness and intimacy on another level. In a situation of only taking, the former takes place, while in a situation of giving the latter is the result. T

987)   In relation to the Divine, it is true that a greater capacity to receive results in greater closeness. But receptivity to the Divine Influence is based on self-giving. E

988)   Desire to receive more and more from a source you wish to destroy issues out of 1) shameless smallness,  2) desire to dominate without being strong, 3) absence of character, and finally,  4) an unconscious urge to be an instrument of perfection to the other. T

989)   Listening to HIS life details is much more powerful than listening to HIS ideas. E

990)   Most or all ‘original’ ideas can be traced to the conscious store in the subconscious of which we are unaware now. T

991)   Desire for popularity or success in being popular can also be traced to a low social origin which gave the full taste of social neglect. T

992)   That which comes as a sacred consummation at the end of a lifetime quest sometimes turns out to be something so precious and rich that one cannot share it (even the information) with anyone else. T

993)   The closely guarded secret is the Law of the highest and the lowest, of course for different, or opposite reasons. T

994)   When Mother’s Force is released in one plane, it moves to that plane which is receptive or to the highest plane open, and works there. E

995)   It is a common experience of Avatars, Gurus, national leaders, and geniuses to find their closest disciple having the very same doubt a newcomer raises. T

996)   Great men who have not crossed their own plane of personality respond best to challenges while those who have crossed their plane are unable to respond to challenges of any type. T

997)   Mother has to work at certain stages for the benefit of the soul only through its digressions or deviations. E

998)   A pure MIRACLE requires the required substance to be created by its power. E

999)   Mother is always to be reached by breaking tradition, conscience, etc. Many avoid that opportunity. None, even when they proceed according to Her, are willing to take the last step and cross the line. Of these, a few have other endowments to receive Grace even without breaking the barrier. She honours their reluctance and gives them the boon on their own terms.

         Mother's Grace is always available if only some deep sincerity is there in one form or another. E

1000) The Knowledge that our perfection is Imperfect Perfection will enable us to comprehend the Perfect Perfection. E

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