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Series I  801-900                                         901-1000

T = truisms of life the world knows;
E = extension of their ideas applied to life situations;
& = ideas known to be their own

801)   Aspiration is the dynamism of spiritual evolution, even as concentration is the psychological instrument for Jnana yoga. E

802)   Man is naturally lazy because work demands concentration of physical energy. &

803)   Man loves dissipation because it is the opposite of discipline that needs full vital concentration. E

804)   Man readily espouses social opinion, as the formation of individual opinion requires enormous concentration of mental energy. T

805)   Spiritual concentration which is tapas is sought only by the rare few as it requires all the human energy to focus on the higher centres on the planes above mind. T

806)   Aspiration that leads to surrender in Purna yoga collects, focuses, and rises on the basis of full collection of all the available evolutionary energy in the individual. No wonder aspiration is not the natural state of many, even the rare chosen few. E

807)   He who finds DISCIPLINE enjoyable is meant for yogic life. Man in life is one who enjoys dissipation. Discipline can be energising and later can lose its structure to become an attitude and lose its attitude to become consciousness, at which stage living is evolving. E

808)   Knowledge is the essence of experience practical or theoretical. Wisdom is the result of the reflection of the Spirit in that essence. T

809)   He who relates to the human environment with dynamism progresses. One who relates to the Divine Existence with aspiration, evolves. E

810)   Whether in yoga or in life when man comes forward to exhaust doing what he knows and can, progress starts never to stop. T

811)   Justice cannot be delivered through law or rule. Injustice can be prevented by them. Justice can be meted out by law or rule in the measure they are tempered with higher values of honesty, discrimination and sensitivity to justice. T

812)   Consecration is made possible in the measure Mind is able to accept the results according to Mother, in the measure desire is dissolved and in the measure the body is willing not to insist on the habit. E

813)   To spot out the smallness of the great is possible though not many indulge in it. To discover the greatness of the small one must be great himself. T

814)   It is a spiritual perception to see that the small and great are equal in their origin. Purna yoga sees them equal in their expression too. E

815)   War destroys the physical ego of the nations. E

816)   Shame is the process of vital self-awareness of public conduct. E

817)   Pain is the incident of the physical tasting Ananda in the reverse. &

818)   Confusion is the mind’s losing the structures of present convictions and the state before achieving the next. T

819)   Sensitivity is the physical structure expressing the vital attitude through age-long culture. T

820)   Energy is the Force expressing through a part of being in its nascent state making it available for organising it into power of action that can acquire a skill of work. E

821)   In a house where the head of the family has the true attitude of service — self-effacing, thoughtful acts from another man’s point of view pleasantly delivered and resourcefully reinforced — the servants offer genuine service. T

822)   Higher education changes superstition. Cultural changes change sentiment. Altered view by altering consciousness transforms matter. &

823)   Cruelty, insensitivity, jealousy, betrayal, hatred, sentiment, and prejudice are necessary mechanisms for growth at different stages. Yoga itself is a human aspiration similar to these sentiments, not indispensable to the unmanifest Absolute. E

824)   Man at each stage enjoys the appropriate impulse of growth. Yoga is the impulse of evolution, not enjoyable by mankind. E

825)   One can enjoy yoga when he identifies himself with the Absolute in manifestation. In that sense any of the above-mentioned impulses are enjoyable at those stages. E

826)   You are what you are identified with. Now you are a vital or mental man; yoga will make you the evolving spirit. It is still possible to be the evolving ABSOLUTE. Our ancestors had succeeded in becoming the unmanifest ABSOLUTE; if so, to become the evolving ABSOLUTE is possible for us. E

827)   To respond to the outer event is to be human; to initiate inwardly without the outer occasion is to be the strong human who accomplishes without fail. To cease to initiate from inside and await the Divine Impulse from above is to be evolving according to HIS plan. &

828).  He who is impelled by desire will find his own act reflecting God’s Will when he conquers desire. E

829)   The shortest route to the greatest result is to commission the highest knowledge we have into action and to discipline our most refractory faculty — the lowest faculty — to serve its cause. E

830)   The strategy of the Vedantic secret seeking tantric aim is fashioned like that. The occult secret HE discovered is its method. To find its own version for us is the SECRET in yoga. E

831)   Of all the capacities of man, his ability to bend the new for serving the purposes of the old, to fulfil his lower aims in the guise of his higher ideals, his ability to make God serve him in the name of his service to God, stands out as a monumental capacity for self-preservation, maybe self-deception. T

832)   The opening into the inner being comes when we overcome the Ignorance on any score. As the surface being is the expression of the inconscient energy, the movement away from the Ignorance becomes a movement into the inner being. T

833)   When we are able to overcome what is irresistible to us, God rises in us and is irresistible to nature. E

834)   Often the sishya has a greater faith than the guru. At the highest level often the sishyas find it difficult to muster as much faith as the Guru has in them. T

835)   Overcoming irresistibility, force becoming conscious, moving from the surface to the depth, the inner being opening, sacrifice face to face with Him, wide massive opening, complete consecration, the spiritual being in the physical coming forward, dissolving of the ego, an infinite patience that knows eternity is before you, rising above contradictions, knowing we are immortal, the spirit moving matter, knowledge of the process, reconciling the ‘One without a second’ with ‘All is Brahman’, having a glimpse of That, reason freeing itself from senses, finding the inner guru and several other things are the first steps in Yoga. E

836)   The world organisation is run by the rule of Matter determining the Mind while creation and its evolution is based on Mind determining Matter. Hence its reversal will unleash not manifold progress but a multi-dimensional progress at the next higher level of evolution. E

837)   Nations, companies, families and individuals will enter into evolutionary progress, as against progress within their planes, if they accept to reverse their perceptions. E

838)   They are expressed in terms of manners, behaviour, character, personality and values — personal, psychological, social, moral, spiritual values. E

839)   A drastic change is brought about in its perception in one area and a practical reversal. The process of reversal will be energising with evolutionary force and the results will be far-reaching, mainly in changing the future perception. E

840)   That PROCESS of reversal is force becoming conscious. It is to be Mother’s Instruments when people bring about that change in others. &

841)   Each level of life has its enjoyments and disciplines. Not to enjoy them is a folly which is going to benefit no one. It is common among men to imagine the disciplines of the next level and foolishly practise it at their level. A child should play, a householder should rightly enjoy the things meant for his enjoyment. E

842)   There is an evolutionary creation at any given moment. That movement is THE MOTHER for us. E

843)   Enjoyment issues out of overcoming difficulty or challenges. A greater enjoyment awaits in challenging oneself. The individual soul in search of the greatest enjoyment loses its knowledge in Ignorance so as to rediscover it. This is Lila. E

844)   Thought in the mind, the physical senses that are the vital and the body’s movements constitute the external being. For the inner being to open, thought in the mind should cease and one should rise above senses in a still body. E

845)   Our past endowments even in their state of purity are a bar to the new discipline. The worst habit of man is to admire them. E

846)   We pray to Her to complete our surrender to Her.

         She asks whether She should do it.

         Ordinarily, the human soul, being human, submitting even our surrender to Her is the highest attitude. She accords to us Divine Individuality and surrender is its part. After this, resorting to the old attitude that sprang up from an unconscious state, allows room for ego to usurp that gap. E

847)   To be able to accept the full responsibility for our surrender is to fully surrender our ego and become an adult in the yogic effort. E

848)   To be able to see the outer events — positive and negative — in terms of the inner is knowledge. The outer positive expresses a correspondence, the negative expresses an inverse correspondence. E

849)   When you are not able to see so, to remain undisturbed is to have faith, resting only on the inner indications. E

850)   The welling up aspiration being irresistible makes it intense aspiration which is Supramental vibration. E

851)   His theory that 12 accomplished sadhaks will be able to transform the world is partially analogous to the phenomenon of a dozen members of the nation’s elite accepting any fashion and thereby ensuring its spread fully. E

852)   Finding out a corresponding effort in the vital to mind understanding without thinking and thus reaching the higher mind, will help the vital to receive the higher mind. It may be the vital acting without issuing force. E

853)   Not to enjoy what is given to you by the stage of development you are in or to wish to enjoy what is prohibited is unpardonable. E

854)   The selflessness becoming Selfishness is a spiritual progress. E

855)   In the attraction for the opposite or the one who hates lies the secret of evolution in the vital. The same is intellectual curiosity in the mind. At each stage this phenomenon has its version. At a few stages before the Absolute reveals in the physical lies HIS intolerable ecstasy which SHE calls unflinching rapture. E

856)   The Absolute in the physical is still the Absolute in the subconscient. Beyond it lies the Inconscient in us of which we are made. The Absolute also reveals itself there. E

857)   Man presently is the opposite of God. His attraction for God is aspiration. E

858)   Evil, error, wrong, etc. are stages of transition, says HE. While you are in it, or part of it, it is painful. From outside it is seen as a transitory stage.

         While you are in it and rise in your consciousness above the plane you are in, they reveal themselves as MARVELS. &

859)   To give another what he most seeks but cannot reach is material  generosity of spirit in life. To deny the other what he most aspires for while his discipline denies it to him, is the spiritual generosity of matter in life. E

860)   Man’s misdirected life creates a disease, sometimes a chronic one, which lodges in the body and gets deeply established over the years, defying the cures the latest medical discoveries have brought. The MOMENT the body rises to the realisation that  the disease has to be got rid of, the disease is overcome and it disappears. An age-old administrative tradition is cancelled forever by an order from above. These are the parallels in life to HIS statement, “Matter will be transformed by a change of our view.” E

861)   It is superstitious to believe the non-existent. It is equally superstitious to refuse to recognise what exists, or believe in what refuses to disappear. One is a stupidity that is unable to outgrow the one-time experience, the other is the stupidity that refuses to grow into the future. T

862)   Superstition is the knowledge of the physical emotion arising out of the faith in having once seen a reality. To apply a particular factual truth to a general phenomenal truth is to be superstitious. T

863)   It is not at all difficult to surrender the ego. It is very, very difficult for the ego to surrender itself. E

864)   Consecration is surface life submitting itself to depths and is evolutionary in that sense. Calling is the being beckoning the Being in an offer of becoming one with it and in that sense it is spiritual evolution. E

865)   Man seeks God pressed by outer necessity or inner aspiration. Occasionally God compels man through direct inner communication to seek HIM. E

866)   The first is the vital man, the second is of the higher vital or psychic. God takes initiative to compel only the Avatar. E

867)   The fresh end of growth is the point of flowering which is anxious to pollinate and cross-pollinate. In the individual as well as the society, the fresh end of growth is marked by the desire to communicate which is negatively gossiping and positively educative information. That is why the word of mouth communication is so comprehensive. T

868)   He who wants his work — book, idea, project, etc. — to spread all over the nation must inspire the movement of ‘word-of-mouth’. It can be done positively too. T

869)   To do so successfully, he must be one who aspires for the social growth and expresses it in his personality. T

870)   The conditions for the word-of-mouth publicity are, 1) the individual must be in tune with that growth; 2)  his life or work must touch that wave;  3)  the necessary link between him and the social aspiration must be made in practice;  4)  his work or product must reflect that social growth and his own aspiration;  5)  and finally, all the four elements must tune in to form an integral whole. T

871)   To be in touch with Mother at that point of internal growth brings one all the five conditions needed for that purpose. E

872)   A knowledge of this principle can still, in some fashion, help forge a strategy. E

873)   To realise the truth of the Lila is a mental realisation of the Absolute as relative. To do so vitally, one should have the sensation of the Lila taking   place around him, better still in his own self.

         The sensation can be vital or physical. E

874)   When the realisation passes on to the Inconscient in us, the sensation ceases giving place to a fullness that is denser than matter, indicating the Supramental substance forming inside. The intolerable ecstasy or unflinching rapture shows at this stage of transformation. E

875)   People living in conditions of great change or sudden growth or frequent incidence of Grace often get token gifts, unexpected higher results. They will be in proportion to their receptivity, not in proportion to what the atmosphere can give. But their real value lies in its being an indication of the atmosphere and more so its capacity to give an opening to that atmosphere. E

876)   On a day when aspiration is intense, you can see a great number of people calling on you. That aspiration rising further will witness the phenomenon of not only the total absence of callers, but some members of the household too will leave the house till the aspiration comes down. E

877)   Calling becomes permanent when it is subconscious or when the subconscious calls. E

878)   Ego is a product of Nature. Psychic is of the soul. Dissolving ego and moving to the psychic means, moving the centre of our functioning from Nature to the soul. The very first condition is to cease from all activities of Nature — thought, feeling — on our initiative and wait patiently for the soul to initiate its acts in our life. E

879)   To resort to faith when all avenues are closed is how faith mostly rises in us. When all possibilities are open, the soul that resorts to faith not merely expresses a faith of a higher order, but enjoys the relationship with Mother and each further occasion for action is a further possibility to relate to Mother. E

880)   Consecration of a problem or an issue is not so difficult as the consecration of its details. Even when the main issue is consecrated, the details may defy consecration. This requires a more detailed faith. E

881)   ‘Servant’ and  ‘service’ are concepts that apply to those whose only pride and satisfaction are service. Personality shapes itself around the motive of service. It upgrades itself when it becomes loving service. No personality is complete for the purposes of Integral Yoga if all the four elements are not present. The Brahmin or the Kshatriya or the Vaisya matures in his personality only when the element of service turns into loving service with pride in it. Of all the four elements, this is the most difficult faculty to acquire and it is more difficult to perfect it, because it is the lowest member that has to be trained. E

882)   It is not through austerity but through saturated maturity that one can meet the Divine in life. &

883)   Expectation: Mentally it indicates the possibility around the corner, vitally it is hope that expects, physically it is a repetition of the past experience. The physical looks for a person even after death. It is capable of  expecting a person at home when it returns after seeing him off to another town or even another country. E

884)   A theme may recur in your thought or experience several times with different force. Each time the same theme occurs with a greater force, it may appear to the mind as a new theme.  A new, higher experience of an old event appears as a new experience. T

885)   Socially, people evaluate you by what you are today, regardless of what you have been earlier. A newly rich man and a retired officer enjoy this treatment positively and negatively. Not only others treat you as such, you tend to consider yourself like this. Taking the argument further, it is possible for man not to consider himself as man, but a soul. T

886)   Man has the instinct to oppose tooth and nail the very first approaches of Grace, since it does not tally with his common sense. Rather, it is directly against his common sense. Wisdom is to discover Grace’s approach in what appears to be detrimental to him. E

887)   The physical organisation HE speaks of is that which acts instantaneously. The time that passes between two such acts is the time that is required to prepare the next act. The physical plane needs this lapse of time but not the vital or mental. Man moving from the physical to the vital organisation will move several millennia. HE asks us to directly move to the Supramental organisation. E

888)   When Delight descends into life, it splits itself into two halves and we can enjoy it fully only when we enjoy both halves: they are pain and pleasure. There is no question of enjoying the full intensity of delight missing the experience of pain. &

889)   In life to create delight, the positive and negative sides are required together. They join together to create a life possibility. In the Individual to create the full delight, both these sides need to be experienced. E

890)   At the physical level creation requires the principles of male as well as female. At the vital level to create the full intensity of Joy, pain and pleasure are required. At the mental
level, knowledge and Ignorance join to create Knowledge
. E

891)   Evil, error etc. are not only to be tolerated as a stage in evolution but when one is in the creative consciousness, one has to create it as a necessary part of the original good and enjoy the process of transcending it. To give money to dishonest villagers is evil pure but the joy of recovery has few parallels. E

892)   It is the intention that makes it evil or appear as evil to others, not the act which is always neutral. T

893)   Submitting to an evil man is worse than evil, but done in the right spirit yields the experience of overcoming the inner and outer evil. E

894)   Transcending moral rules of conduct is moral evil indefensible in anyone’s eyes, but it can have the result of saving your own life sometimes. Maybe it can save the spouse from perfidy. T

895)   To feel in the nerves the reality of this knowledge to the extent of overcoming the physical sensitivity is the transformation in oneself of the moral sentiment. E

896)   Tension generating power, evil making the good more fully the Good, division bringing greater enjoyment of the hidden sweetness by the rediscovery of the lost unity, until they become so real that we seek them in our own lives, will remain philosophic concepts. This is possible only when the inner spirit moves the outer matter.  E

897)   At that point MAN is the self-aware god evolving in him. E

898)   To understand ‘The Destiny of the Individual’ as He explains, this awareness is essential. &

899)   Lack of precision in physical work like numbering is an indication that the psychological organisation at the physical level has not acquired a form that can be forceful. T

900)   Without the form setting in, the force will peter out, even as the form setting in deeply and for long stifles the force. E

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