Philosophy of Science

In 1992 the Society embarked on an examination of the common assumptions underlying the physical and social sciences in the light of Sri Aurobindo's thought. Discussions were conducted with two Nobel laureates in Physics and other internationally distinguished scientists in India, Sweden, Italy, Russia and USA on methods to bring about this breakthrough and reconciliation of scientific and spiritual knowledge. In October, 1994, the Society co-organized a special session on the Future of Science at the General Assembly of the World Academy of Art & Science in Minneapolis, USA. In 2003, the Society launched a research project to re-examine of the basic principles underlying modern science in the light of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, including a review of current thinking in nuclear physics, cosmology, biology and systems theory to identify the underlying mental framework and implicit assumptions about the process of creation in the universe and to compare it with the process described by Sri Aurobindo. In 2007, MSS launched a new collaborative project entitled Human Science wiki in an attempt to identify common underlying processes and principles unifying the various fields of social sciences and humanities.


For an overview of MSS projects in this field, please see Projects on Science.