Process of Creation

The Secret is a method for accomplishment. It has not been invented by anyone. It is only one way of describing and consciously applying a universal process that is the basis for all human accomplishment and, in fact, the basis for all creation in the universe. This process is referred to on the Human Science site as the Process of Creation. This process is the means by which infinite Consciousness manifests itself as finite material and living forms in the universe. The Thoery of Creation  project explores the metaphysical and spiritual basis for this process. All power is derived from Consciousness. Consciousness, not mechanical laws or random chance, is the true creator of the universe. All creation in the universe is by a process of Self-conception -- by the formulation of an idea or objective or result and then application of will to energize that idea with the power for realization. Human beings create and accomplish by the same process. The Secret is a practical method for making that process more conscious and effective. Whatever the goal or the method , the process always begins with forming a clear conception of something we want to achieve or become.