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ball30.gif (136 bytes) The Vital Difference -- Unleashing the Powers of Sustained Corporate Success by Fred Harmon and Garry Jacobs, Amacom Publications, NY, 1985.
ball30.gif (136 bytes) The Vital Corporation -- How American Businesses Large and Small Double Profits in Two Years or Less by Garry Jacobs and Robert Macfarlane, Prentice Hall, NY, 1987.


ball30.gif (136 bytes) A Study of American History

Peace and Development

ball30.gif (136 bytes) Uncommon Opportunities -- An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development by ICPF, Zed Books, London, 1994.


ball30.gif (136 bytes) Life and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother, by Karmayogi, MSS, Pondicherry 1987 & 1999.

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If you were asked to name a dozen truly successful American companies, your list would include AT&T, Coco-Cola, Delta Air Lines, General Mills, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and a handful of others. More than ten years ago, Fred Harmon and Garry Jacobs began to ask what it was that made these companies stand out, and why they've been able to sustain their success over so many years and against such stiff competition. As the result of a search that involved personal interviews with key employees from a wide mix of companies, the authors found some stimulating, thought-provoking answers. The Vital Difference reveals those answers to you.


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The Vital Difference

Contents and Chapters

by Frederick Harmon
and Garry Jacobs



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The Vital Corporation

by Garry Jacobs and
Robert Macfarlane

Contents and Chapters


This is a book about the process of corporate growth--what makes it happen, what makes it stop, and how it can be accelerated in any company to dramatically increase revenues and profits within a very short period of time.

The Vital Corporation illustrates this process with inspiring examples of companies of all sizes drawn from a wide range of industries, which have utilized the process to double or even triple their profits.

The Vital Corporation also contains specific strategies for applying these principles-plus a series of detailed exercises to assist you in making the ideas in this book as real and as relevant as possible.

Uncommon Opportunities: An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development

"The Report of the International Commission on Peace and Food brings together many of the issues central to the reflection on development which the United Nations is trying to encourage.... Once again, we see the inescapable relationships governing the goals of peace, development and democratization."

--  Boutros Boutros-Ghali, United Nations Secretary General

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Contents and Chapters

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"The end of the Cold War has created unprecedented opportunities for rapid progress on issues of concern to all humankind - peace, food security, economic development and the environment. Fresh thinking and fresh initiatives are needed to convert those opportunities into realities. I view the work of the International Commission on Peace and Food as an important step in promoting global peace and prosperity."

   --   Mikhail Gorbachev

Life and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother



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                      Contents & Chapters

Discover the Spirit in Life

 Sri Aurobindo and The Mother offer an unparalleled synthesis of the highest spiritual realization and the greatest power for practical action to uplift and transform human life. Their extensive writings cover the entire range of yogic knowledge and experience.

This book highlights their lives, yoga and work in the world. It is filled with practical methods and true accounts of how ordinary people have applied their spiritual force to solve intractable problems, create fresh opportunities, and tap some of the infinite potentials latent in every human being. 

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