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 This project applies universal laws of consciousness to all fields of human activity and ultimately establishes a new basis for science that fully integrates objective and subjective aspects of reality.  Twelve portals cover all fields from peace, governance, environment and social development to personal accomplishment, psychology, science and spirituality. Within these broad fields are special projects on specific subjects.

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The International Center for Peace and Development was established in 1997 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Napa, California, to continue the work initiated by the International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF).  ICPF was  constituted in 1989 by a  group of 25 concerned scientists, professionals, international administrators, business, social and political leaders from 15 nations. ICPD promotes research and implementation of programs relating to peace and conflict resolution, democratization, development strategies, employment, food security, and transition economic strategy.


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Featuring handwoven tapestries from Pondicherry, India


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Mere Cie. Importers of Napa, California

Mere Cie. is a US importer and distributor of fine quality handcrafted products manufactured in Pondicherry under an export-oriented employment program initiated by the Society in the late 1970s, which presently provides employment for hundreds of women.

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Guru! Software -- Double!It Software Company  --  Guru!Software is an American software company utilizing management principles formulated by The Mother's Service Society to design advanced software products for the growth of businesses and for personal development.


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The Ultimate Adventure of Consciousness and Joy

       ~~   Answers to the Major Questions of Life ~~


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Sri Aurobindo -- The Life Divine

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CONSECRATION is a bi-monthly magazine whose aim is to bring home to the public - particularly the business community - this essential oneness of Spirituality and affluence. contains an introduction to the study of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice carried out by MSS, with extensive links to the Human Science Wiki. in a brief introduction to the Human Science Wiki.


MSS Research is a division of MSS, and information on all of its research projects can be found here. The site has a comprehensive list of research papers and publications brought out by the MSS.

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