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There is a type of CHOICE which when adhered to unfailingly will make any man great.

Nature is a succession of soul moments in Time.

EEndowments such as education, money, music, etc. are sought as a means to another end. When they are sought for their own sake, they develop the capacity to reveal their infinity.ity

 For each at his own level, life is a Marvel. For God and for the individual from the point of view of his own enjoyment, it is self-evident. Only moral judgement brings in sin and value judgements.  

God enjoys at all moments.

  Each enjoys at all moments in his own way.

Man alone clamps moral judgements on life.


The Mother's Service Society's work since 1969 has focused on identifying the fundamental principles governing the process of social development. These principles form the basis of a comprehensive Theory of Social Development. One basic assumption of this theory is that the same or very similar laws govern the evolution of society, organizations and individuals and the process of political, social, economic, commercial, intellectual, scientific, technological and artistic creation. The theory is based on the conviction that any problem, individual or organizational, in any field of life, lends itself to solution.

complete description of MSS social science research activities and a complete set of research reports is available at the following sister site: www.mssresearch.org]

Presentation on Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice held in Chennai on August 30-31 2008.

A new project on Human Science was recently launched by the Society @ wikia.com. Human Science explores the application of universal spiritual principles to a wider range of fields, including personal accomplishment, social development, education, environment, governance, internet, management, money, peace, personality, science and spirituality. Please visit and contribute.

The Society has begun a project on The Secret, the book and DVD taking the world by storm. This study attempts to present the truths the book and movie do not reveal about the process of human accomplishment. The book and DVD explain the method but not the theory of why and how the method works. A full understanding of the theory behind The Secret will enhance its power. When applied with knowledge, conviction and intense aspiration, the method of The Secret is infallible. It cannot fail. (http://humanscience.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_behind_The_Secret_Project)

Recently the famous novel Pride and Prejudice was voted the most popular work of fiction of all time in a UK survey. Our Society has done an extensive and in-depth study of this novel to show how it reveals life's laws. The study includes a detailed character analysis of the main characters as well as a line by line analysis of the plot.

The Society has also applied its theoretical knowledge of the development process to the growth of business organizations. These findings are presented in four management books published in the USA over the past ten years.

A Study of American History was undertaken recently in order to understand that country's role on the global stage. To read the book online, click here.

Seeing an opportunity to promote international peace in the late 1980s, the Society helped found the International Commission on Peace and Food (ICPF) whose final report, Uncommon Opportunities was presented to the United Nations in 1994. (click here to see the Preface to the 2nd Edition dated Nov. 2004)

International Symposium on Uncommon Opportunities: Roadmap for Employment, Food and Global Security -- was conducted in New Delhi on November 19-22, 2004. For details, click here.

The Society has undertaken two specific studies -- applying the theoretical principles of  development theory to trace the evolution of two crucial institutions in society—money and the Internet. For essay, click here.

A new website for ideas on Entrepreneurship Opportunities in India and abroad, has just come up:  click here.

Experimental School In Pondicherry:

Inspired by the methods for early childhood education developed by Dr. Glenn Doman at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in the USA, the Society is operating an experimental school in alternative education at Pondicherry These methods have previously been applied successfully in Shikshayatan School in Tamil Nadu.

The Society has conducted extensive research on the writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in order to interpret their philosophic and yogic concepts in a language that can be understood by the common man. For essays on spirituality and yoga, click here.

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