Psychological DNA

July 13, 2002

  • The determinisms of the physical characteristics embedded in our calls have been unravelled. It is a landmark in biological science.
  • There is a subtle truth behind it which determines all one's behaviour precisely. Maybe we call it by a similar name, the Psychological DNA.
  • It may not be difficult to arrive at an exhaustive list of characteristics of man. Many of them will be
    Caution – alertness
    Strength – endurance – energy – will.
    Common Sense
    Character – behaviour – manners – Personality
  • It will be right to go for an exhaustive list, to grade them as per 1 to 9 and select for all levels only terms of equal intensity and thus give it a classified form.
  • Science does not initially question 'of what use is it?' because the knowledge itself is rewarding. Finally, if such a system has any use, it is better to spell it out.
  • The Token Act I am mentioning demands the play of all one's characteristics, though in varying measures and reveals to oneself the measure of its right use, as without it, the result will not issue.
  • In doing an act and bringing it to fruition, one lays himself bare and identifies himself with the subtle personality of the act.
  • As an act is a miniature of the universe, ALL traits find play. The right intensity of each trait contributes to the result. A little excess spoils, a little shortage does not trigger the action.
  • As we assume the act has yielded result, it goes without saying that every one of the traits has found the right measure of play.
  • An acute intelligent observation is called for to detect the measure of play of each trait.
  • Successful results can issue for infinitely various combinations of these traits in infinitely varying persons.
  • "I always bring out the result and I am always cautious" says one. His measure of caution will vary from another's.
  • Here are two possibilities for the individual.
    1. To see his characteristics in play.
    2. To note their measure of combination with the act.
  • Even the first observation will raise his efficiency.
  • The measured study of the second will give him an enormous functional power over himself.
  • At a further stage, at least theoretically, it can give him the power to change the structure of his 'DNA'.
  • In this first article it will be too far fetched to discuss methods by which it can be generalised so that it may emerge as a scientific tool for anyone.
  • We can spell out the principle at least. The scale needed to measure the traits or their intensity will be a subtle psychological scale. To evolve that will be the pre-condition for such a study.
  • It is one thing a person measures himself on such a scale and it is another thing it becomes an impersonal scale.
  • Apart from the scope of an act, which I have been speaking of, it has this possibility too.