Feb. 18, 2002


Youth and the Wisdom of the World




         All the ten commandments of the Bible.

         The fools of Goatham.


         The man on the branch cutting at its root.

         Sour grapism.

         Blind men describing the elephant.

         The man who has cut the goose for the egg.



         The wisdom of the lark in the corn fields.

         The secret of friendship in Panchatantra.

         All the tricks of Krishna.

         The jealousy of Duryodhana.

         The saint who was humbled by a housewife.

         Birth mistaken for spiritual capacity

         Form posing for content.

         Deserted Draupadi.

         Arjuna’s misgivings.

         Tolstoy’s cobbler.


The wisdom of Thirukural of 2000 years ago.


         World begins in God.

         It is rain that sustains life.

         One demeans himself by seeking help.

         The distance from the throne.

         The uselessness of anger.

         Measure that cautions the excess.

         The freedom of the depraved.

         World is sustained by mature good men.

         Not even the fort can protect the timid.

         Woman, the complement.

         Wisdom of delegation.

         Culture is the preservative.

         Content, not form.

         Intimacy in friendship.

         The joy of woman that intoxicates.

         Possessiveness of women.

         Fulfilment in posterity.

         Spiritual significance of the character of children.

                     Sin or virtue is not in the act.