July 20, 2001


Why is Consecration Powerful?


q       We pray, consecrate and see the result. The how must be explained.

q       We live in Ignorance that stumbles. Ignorance is Truth inverted or self-absorbed. (The chapter on Knowledge and Ignorance in The Life Divine explains how.)

q       Truth is all-powerful as it is the objective status of the subjective Existence (Sat).

q       Sat, the Existence is subjective. Truth is its objective state. Spirit relates both.

q       Spirit is described as the experience of Existence (Sat).

q       Truth is powerful as it is an expression of Existence which is the first manifested condition of The Absolute.

q       In us, there are running thoughts, thinking, and understanding.

q       In the mind is the observer, thinker, Person who performs these activities respectively.

q       Behind the Person is the Being, the Purusha.

q       The Purusha, the Being has the two parts of the immobile soul and evolving soul.

q       They are called Manomaya Purusha (a portion of the central being in mind that does not evolve) and the mental psychic.

q       The psychic emerges when the ego gives way.

q       The psychic can spread all over the universe.

q       The psychic mind touches everyoneís mind as it has the universal element in it.

q       Someone owes you money and delays payment.

q       Your ego demands the payment. His ego has its own arguments. Both are separative.

q       Problems are created by the separativeness of egos.

q       Concentration moves the Person to the immobile Purusha.

q       Consecration moves from the Person to the Psychic.

q       The psychic is the mental version of the Ishwara in the Supermind.

q       When the psychic receives the problem from the ego through consecration, it does not have a separatist view.

q       It knows what is RIGHT.

q       Its right is the same as the right of every other man, even the rival.

q       The right in your mind communicates itself to the right in the man who owes you money.

q       The force required here for $100 and $1 million is the same, even as the calling of the next house and overseas on the phone uses the same instrument and system.

q       His mind arrives as the same conclusion as yours. He pays.

q       As the psychic is in the subtle plane, action is instantaneous.

q       Only in the gross plane, which is in Time, does it take time.

q       Calling Mother after consecration adds Motherís force to the psychic action.

q       Motherís Force elevates the mental action to the Supermind.

q       Mother is born at Consciousness-Force.

q       Mother is the Shakti of Ishwara.

q       Ishwara is the psychic in the Supermind.

q       The psychic at its own level solves the problem.

q       As the psychic is in touch with the Ishwara with whom Mother is in touch, calling Mother adds to the force.

q       This opens new higher possibilities.

q       Consecration moves the ego created problem out of separative self-assertion in Time and Mind to the Psychic which is beyond Time and outside mind to bring it in touch with the universal mind on the one side and the Mother on the other side. Thus, consecration solves the problem.

q       Life Response is created by moving from the ego to the psychic in this example.