August 19, 01


If There is a Key, What is It?


q       There are hundreds of secrets, all of which can be summarized into one central secret that can be called the KEY.

q       Do not try to learn the key if you are not open-minded.

q       Before looking for the key, evaluate yourself on the scale of open-mindedness.

q       By open-mindedness I only mean a normal mind that excludes perverseness.

q       This key demands full rationality. But open-mindedness is the minimum.

q       When two opportunities of high and low present themselves, if you are one who will choose the former without hesitation, you can know it.

q       If you are one who will refrain from doing something which you found to be an error, this idea is for you.

q       If there is something to be learned and you would come forward to learn that, you can learn this.

q       One who can avail of an undue advantage is meant for this.

q       Will you come forward to shed a defect when you realise it is a defect that stands in your way?

q       Obviously, you are looking for a key no one knows. It demands you must be one who is not a member of the crowd.

q       If there is a knowledge for unfailing success, you must learn it.

q       When you learn it, you must live that knowledge.

q       It is obvious and simple that you should practise what you believe in to be true and good for you.

q       Look at yourself and see whether you have done so, so far.

q       If not, are you ready to do so now?

q       Will you now do one thing to prove to yourself the truth of it?

q       Will you sustain that new habit without a break?

q       Do it until the results surprise you.

q       Exhaust such opportunities around you.

q       Insist on the learning side, totally discourage the perverse side.

q       The key to everlasting success is to exhaust all the opportunities around you and you will find they are never-ending.

q       The experiment will open one’s mind to the past. One serious LOOK will show that so far You are the only one who has chosen your future life, which means NOW you can choose your future. That choice is made, you will see, all the time. Obviously you have not made as much as your peers have made. That much lies ahead of you.

q       When you see there is a vast scope and you are the decision-maker, if you expand you will make it. If you shrink, you must grapple with that shrinking.

q       The key is the enormous opportunity and it is well within your power to fully avail of it.

q       This realisation is the key.

q       If this realisation energises you, the extent of that energisation will determine the scope.

q       Energy must yield results and between them the factors of force, power and skills exist.

q       Neither the energy nor the force, or power, or skills are the Key.

q       The key is your own seeing it.

q       However, the chain of energy to skill is determinative.

q       They are NOT all keys. They are all secondary, but important in the end.

q       In one sense, they are just as important as your own health.

q       Maybe you are one who cannot be moved by a key, but you may be inspired by an example of an inspiring story of success.

q       For such a person, the key is not that story, but the key for him is competition.

q       This is a key meant for one who can achieve the extraordinary and who has been looking for such a key.

q       This is a key for a pioneer and not a follower.

q       Then we may say that the key is to be endowed as a pioneer.

q       There are pioneers and pioneers.