May 31, 2002


Unfailing Conscious Efficiency that is the Formula for Luck



v      The theme of this paper is the Time is ripe for humankind to receive the knowledge of Luck as a Formula and if given, the world will accept it, if not readily like wild fire, then gradually in a few years which by itself,

        will eradicate poverty, ignorance, and disease.

        will convert all psychological complexes into centers of energy of happiness.

        will render earth a peaceful abode for happy affluent humanity advancing 3000 AD to now.

v      This paper will enumerate the theoretical assumptions that are justifications of these expectations.

v      What will spread like wildfire as fashion spreads are

        The appeal to individual Freedom as Tom Peters advocates. It is an appeal to an idea, but the most powerful of appeals the world has seen.

        The magic of Harry Potter to children, as children are the only awakened part of population and magic to them is Spirituality. Magic is the spirituality of the vital.

v      Since 1872 when Sri Aurobindo was born and 1878 when The Mother was born, 120 years have abridged 500 to 1000 years of progress in human freedom, dissolution of colonies, discoveries of technologies that abridged space and time, raising the least of men into full manhood, etc.

v      Society, organisations, individuals do not fully utilize all the opportunities they create for themselves. Presently only less than 50% of created opportunities are used.

v      This can be explained by the fact that the very long lists of deficiencies and sufferings will be very short or will disappear altogether, if all the known remedies are used. Just as historically nations have been blind to veritable dangers, now they are unconscious of opportunities.

v      These opportunities are in the outer world. To avail of them by outer efforts will take centuries. Outer opportunities will readily avail themselves of an inner effort.

v      If this inner effort is reduced to a readily available form in each sector of life, we can expect the population to respond fully and quickly, if not miraculously and instantaneously.



The Theoretical Assumptions


v      The subconscious knows what it does perfectly as if it acts by a FORMULA.

v      The will that implements the knowledge of the mind fumbles, but the same will when guided by the knowledge buried in it works perfectly as if it is the subconscious intelligence.

v      We know the phenomenon of our not being able to be rational in the other man’s case as in our own. People who accept their own mythologies question the mythologies of others.

v      Man who is perfectly efficient in survival, ceases to be so in growth. Common sense in old life is refused to new ways of life.

v      He who is truthful in speech is not so in practice.

v      No one passes the test of “Don’t repeat the errors”.

v      Our attention energises the problem. Detachment dissolves.

v      Life changes the FORM, retains the essence of content.

v      Revolutions erupted as the writing on the wall was ignored.

v      The Decision must be in Quadrant I.

v      Centre yourself not in the Becoming but in the Being of the Becoming.

v      Nothing works when the atmosphere is not ready or ripe.

v      Methods can use the atmosphere, but cannot create it.

v      Transport, education, etc. are the social powers man has created.

v      Powers in man are social, psychological and Spiritual.

v      Our theme is MAN has all the powers he needs to solve all his problems, to create Luck and exceed the performance of 2002 A.D.


        He does not fully utilize the powers he has created.

        Those who draw more on the social powers rise. Those who lag behind are those who are unable to draw upon or are not drawing upon those powers.

        Such unutilized powers are in society, in psychology and above the fabric of psychology.

        Should that possibility be reduced to a FORMULA, people will avail of it.

        To recognize the existence of such powers and to have a willingness to draw upon them are the two halves of work.

        The Theory of our Formula is the outer power that takes long to be commissioned is at once called into play from inside. The secret we offer is release the outer power from inside.

v      Man also uses physical powers such as magnetism and gravitation that are invisible and subtle.

v      Powers of comprehension and culture too stay organised in the atmosphere, not the physical but the subtle atmosphere.

v      The poet draws on cultural and psychological power in the subtle atmosphere for his own creation.

v      The magician uses mental powers, though temporarily.

v      As law, dharma too comes to man’s rescue, if less regularly.

v      The potential created by a society, an organisation, a family or an individual is always for more than can be utilized. Therefore there is always an excess to be drawn upon. This excess is available in two dimensions, horizontally as the lowest organisational possibility and vertically, as the spiritual possibility. After 1947, Indians who bought the companies of British found a treasure house in them. One company in which ten crores of rupees was invested was found to contain a fringe benefit of 500 crores.

v      East India Company of London came to rule India in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Companies are organisations that generate such excess possibilities.

v      Companies are vital, ideas are mental. Organised ideas make soldiers rule over the world for millenniums as it did Socrates and Buddha. Armies are physical. Once a physical organisation is successfully created it can rise to any height and even world domination as in the cases of Caesar, Napoleon and Chenghis Khan.

v      I am now pleading for the creation of such an organisation in the highest inner heights of the Individual which can be called higher mental or Spiritual which by its organisational powers master Life.

v      Should that ever happen, the 21st century will be the century of the Spiritual Individual even as the 20th century was the century of the common man.

v      Life in general as well as in particular does not exhaust man’s potential. Therefore, no problems created by that life can be too many for a higher, inner power of man.

v      How does a man see the existence of that power? As explained before, it can be seen in the existence of the vast subconscious power that is unfailing on which our social life is built. Sri Aurobindo’s yoga of earthly paradise, a standing Marvel of life is based on Man moving his centre of functioning from his own Becoming to the Being of his Becoming. All revolutions were created when man shut his eyes to facts of life, which is this subconscious efficiency. The Theory knows all Decisions from the First Quadrant always succeed. Problems are in dead forms, not in the living essence. For ages, wise men have declared it is only man who energises his problems and those problems have no real hold on him. Who does not know that the man who does not repeat his earlier errors never fails? Truth knows no failure if it expresses not only in words but in acts. The other man’s point of view, and the old wisdom have never failed. In supramental terms, the knowledge inside the will never fails. My proposal is to present a NEW FORMULA in terms of the everlasting values of the old accomplishment so that humanity will be able to respond without hesitation.

v      Once man sees the existence of such a power, how can he release it into action, draw upon it, lay his hands on it for fuller utilization? The secret lies in  commonplace truths. Man knows all problems are of disharmony and therefore he seeks the solutions in harmony, not in outer harmony that needs long periods of preparation but in inner harmony. All problems of man are created by his reactions, ignorance, unconsciousness, superstition, and lack of organisation. So he moves to inner equality, inner comprehension to master outer ignorance, inner awakening of consciousness, inner clarity of actual information instead of bogus impressions that foster fertile superstitions. Thus he moves to overcome   situations created by the lack of organisation outside in life and he organises himself inside.

v      It is worth repeating how he can arrive at that power.

        As our problems arise out of the arrears in the past, let him attack his past and remove the mental arrears.

There will be no future problems.

        Anyone has the outer form of religious faith or inner core of personal faith. Let that be raised one step.

        Human personality can be measured on scales variously constructed,  one of which is from the capacity to repeat to the capacity for comprehension. Let him raise himself one notch on that scale.

        In the collective, the problems present themselves differently. The truth is Social Potentials remain unexhausted at all levels. At the highest levels it is no more than 70%. At the lowest levels it can go as low as 20%. In times of social transition the lowest utilisation doubles in quantity as well as quality. The knowledge we propose here is direct power, not one that needs to be converted into power. If presented  rationally in such a fashion that it can be readily practised, say as a FORMULA, the social response of utilisation of the existing social potentials can rise all over the spectrum 5 to 10 % more. Should that ever happen, the problems of the world – poverty, disease, ignorance, violence, depression, inner disharmony, minor military conflicts, etc. – can be swept away in one stroke.

v      Of course, either in the life of the individual or the collective it is possible ONE significant problem may defy solution or ONE type of problem may remain unsolved.  Solution to this may need as much effort as taken hitherto with greater intensity but requires no new knowledge. Once major progress is achieved, this will be comprehensible.

v      There is a spiritual truth that the all-inclusive concentration has a prior revelation. The light man now has becomes spiritual light. This is true of all the spiritual aspects. It reveals the subtle world leaving no scope for ignorance.

v      One more thing. Physical submission of a part to its superior whole changes into surrender of the whole to the awakened part so that the whole in involution becomes the whole in evolution which is the Absolute in action.

v      This FORMULA can be repeated in terms of common sense, organisation, evolution, spirituality, history, wisdom of the ages, or theoretically. So, it will be 1. avoiding past errors, 2. shifting the organisation from outside inside, 3. to apply the rules of survival to evolution, 4. to moving from Becoming to Being of the Becoming, 5. to raise the subconscious to Consciousness, 6. man can achieve what he aspires for and 7. a decision that is sound in the outer as well as the inner never fails.