Oct. 1, 1998

The Secret of Values

The spirit is benevolence and sweetness. Its twelve or more attributes are Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Will, Power, Force, Beauty, Love, Ananda, Joy, Peace, Silence, Infinity, Eternity, and Light.

The truth of a chair is it is used for sitting, not as a stool to get on to reach the picture on the wall.

Goodness is to carefully handle it.

Knowledge of a chair is knowledge of where it is broken or bent so that in our use of it we take that factor into account.

Will here is a determination to consider the chair as a spiritual personality.

Power will be to reach the chair more fully so that in sitting we relate to all of its points more fully.

Force is that which controls our act of sitting in an elegant way.

Beauty is that which the poise of sitting gives to the poise of the chair.

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