Jan. 28, 2001


New Instrument in an Old Organisation


·         The very first response is resistance, total rejection, dislike, an intense desire not to understand, a blind refusal.

·         An eager reception, willing acceptance, appreciation, an intense longing to know more of the new instrument comes from a blind adoration from the non-establishment.

·         Of course, the New prevails, the Old gives way.

·         Out of necessity or social compulsion or fashion when the old accepts the new, the rule is it sits there in a corner as a token of compliance, also as a token of disgust.

·         The unformed portion of the establishment, often manned by ardent youth, resorts to work more for toying with the new instrument than for work itself.

·         In this period of transition, business witnesses a BOOM in several commodities or sectors.

·         Invariably the new machine will be there behind that boom.

·         Various types of adjustment are thus resorted to. There is no question of having any field of work without that new instrument any more.

·         Phone, Xerox, car, motor, fountain pen, telegraph, TV all had this reception in varying degrees.

·         The climax is seen, often seen, the promoters of the new instrument may not be using it.

·         Particularly for failing organisations, any such instrument in the market is a boon.

·         Ford could not enlist the use of banks for safe deposit of his cash.

·         Buckingham Palace retains the horse drawn vehicles even now for ceremonial occasions.

·         Effective introduction of the new instrument into an old organisation depends upon an effective intermediary.

·         The intermediary becomes effective when he FULLY understands the use of the new and FULLY understands its use for the organisation as well as the psychological incompatibility of the one with the other.

·         His own personality acting as the buffer is possible if that mental understanding of  information becomes sympathy in him. He may find there as much coexistence as seen in an Indian marrying an American wife.

·         That sympathy is a mental understanding, a vital friendliness and a physical skill to relate the one with the other. He needs revolutionary fervour.

·         Of the many ways, Self-giving is most powerful.

·         I do not know whether you have seen the total indifference to writing accounts in people. They will stoutly argue against it. Computer has very little chance.

·         In one sense, it is like introducing Mother or spirituality to the USA or Glenn Doman to mothers.

·         Work it out in the mind, LIVE it in your emotions before asking the brewer to give up liquor!



The Living Organisation


·         Organisation is the first stage of which organism is the final stage.

·         The postal system is an organisation; the human body is an organism.

·         An organism consists of many organs each of which functions as an organisation.

·         It is possible to coordinate – not cooperate – the functions of all the internal organs of a body.

·         Such a coordination can be extended from their central function to their cellular function.

·         Cooperation is to function at different points to move collectively to the same goal.

·         Coordination is the capacity to function in response to each move of a different organ appropriately.

·         The human body is an organism where this coordination is carried to the very cells.

·         Though there are several independent organs in the body, the truth of coordination has been taken to the very cells so that the whole body can instantaneously respond to the needs of each cell.

·         Only that that capacity is held in readiness as a potential and in daily existence each organ has its way. The BODY as we understand it – our temporary interests – has its way or choice.

·         As this coordination has matured, it centers itself in the subtle body which is mainly the subtle physical.

·         The forester lives in this subtle body a WHOLE life, safely and securely as an animal.

·         This is the first step in the ascent – subtle physical.

·         Consciousness ascends to Supermind and descends to the body.

·         Subtle physical as it receives the descent of Supermind is further subtlised to become the true physical of the Master and the Mother. It is the causal body.

·         The human body holds all the knowledge of the human evolution in the subconscious – in the cells – and is ready to act if the occasion arises.

·         That is the energy from below.

·         When the Force comes down, it is this opening that receives it.

·         The bodily energy held in the subconscious receiving the Force from above turns into evolutionary energy which can transform. The highest spiritual delight issues from it.

·         We find in a client organisation a functioning that results in loss.

·         The company is dead in parts, alive in other parts, of course negatively.

·         Negative existence means it exists enough for survival, not to make profits.

·         To revive the dead parts is to revive the whole organisation.

·         Computerisation prevents compartmentalization.

·         Any company that fully computerizes – uses all available computer programmes – cannot escape expanding five to ten times. Computer companies will be seen not using computerization in their own administration.

·         A company is organised in all parts but expresses only one part that it chooses, as the energy is limited.

·         Presently companies expand by the market-drive, not driven by the founder’s energy.

·         In a client we can computerize fully and that it will do the work fully.

·         We can bring him to a realisation that he can drive the company on his own, instead of letting the market drive it.

·         Computerisation can make a dead organisation LIVE.

·         Look at your own personality and try to render yourself a living organism which expresses itself at several points.

·         Surrender and self-giving will achieve that AIM.