Feb. 15, 2002


The Vision of Savitri


®       The printerís devil sees the black ink and the dark work but not the joy of the Book or the profit of the press.

®       The author sees the idea of the Book, but the printer looks for the profit of the printing.

®       The writer sees the idea of his work but not beyond.

®       Beyond lies the society that builds life and the joy of God.

®       The printerís devil sharing the profit of the press, the press sharing the joy of the author is a reversal of consciousness that perceives evolution.

®       Godís vision of Self-discovery and its Joy is for one who sees all the fronts of Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, and Love.

®       The genius seeks knowledge, the hero the Power which the poet has a glimpse of His Love. Truth And Goodness are the domains of the Rishi and the sage. Earth seeks Unity and yet no man knows of its existence . Even Truth and Love are not yet known in their fullness of unity.

®       The Vision of Unity and the Vision of Unity, Truth and Love is the Vision of Savitri. Its conception is The Life Divine and its perception is The Synthesis while Savitri delivers its sensation. Sensation is the Vision of the bodyís gratitude.

®       Hard physical work changes from drudgery to duty and interest by the touch of this vision unseen.

®       Abiding selfless interest that is Self-giving gives the Joy of the World to a single soul.

®       Comprehending conception gives either the intellectual curiosity or philosophic clarity. Its potential is the inspiration of genius.

®       That mental vision in life is luck; in the market, it is the ever-growing endlessness of abundance.

®       At home, it is the Goodness of spiritual humility that pleases the spiritual potentials of possibility in the other.