June 22, 2002


The Moment


v      There are human moments spread over all life and rare divine moments.

v      A moment of learning is a mental moment.

v      Doing something afresh is a moment of the physical body.

v      A vital moment is when its pattern of releasing energy changes and a fresh fountain of energy opens.

v      As the physical, vital, and mental have their great moments, the Spirit peeps out of the being when the surface opens. It is a spiritual moment, the moment of spirit awakening.

v      Such an awakening of the Spirit occurs in one of these planes.

v      Beyond the Spirit lies the Supermind.

v      Man reaching the Supermind is ascent. Supermind reaching man is descent.

v      All those who know of The Mother are in Her consciousness which is supramental consciousness. Man reaches there by aspiration.

v      In moments of crisis, his very depths of being in the vital or the physical open. A call from there makes the Supermind descend which gives a further lease of life to his being wiping off any disease or problem or threat to his life.

v      It moments of grace it comes without calling, unobserved.

v      These are the Moments I speak of. They change his destiny.

v      Such moments are ever present in a man's mind showing as subtle impulses of great thoughts.

v      Should he be alert enough to catch them, aspiring enough to consecrate them, they fulfil themselves instantaneously. A miracle comes to pass.

v      To a dull fortunate devotee such a moment is brought by the pressure of negative development.

v      To a fresh cheerful devotee whose mind is naturally on Her, She comes as moments of Grace all the time.

v      All moments are the MOMENT to the inner eye.

v      To enter into the Moment, to live there forever is the movement of the soul into its own domain.