Feb. 1, 2002


The Moment of the Movement


¨       Nature is in movement. Spirit is moveless.

¨       Nature is outside, Spirit is inside.

¨       Objectivity sees Nature, subjectivity dwells in Spirit.

¨       The whole world is in movement; it is Nature’s movements in Time.

¨       The Spirit does not move; it dwells in Timeless inner regions.

¨       The evolving Spirit is in the movement of the moveless; it dwells in the inside and outside.

¨       Tapas that seeks moksha moves from Nature to Spirit.

¨       Spiritual evolution that seeks the joy of Self-discovery dwells in the simultaneous integrality of Time and Timeless to which there is no inside or outside as its inside includes the outside.

¨       The partial present, skipping the eternal present becoming the ever present is a movement of the moveless.

¨       This is the objective mind moving to be the subjective Supermind.

¨       Contradictions discovering themselves to become complements achieves the same result; or it is another way of expressing.

¨       The immutable Spirit, becoming the evolving Spirit in the mind completes its evolution at the two ends of body and Ishwara.

¨       The divided parts of the being uniting to discover the existence of the other planes, cross the plane of Time and discover the dissolution of ego where it meets the cosmic Self. The Absolute is one step from there.

¨       To discover oneself as the indwelling Transcendent Purusha, man emerges out of his ego, sees the world-being outside and inside.

¨       Matter that discovers itself as its origin Mind goes beyond to know itself as Delight of existence of Sachchidananda.

¨       The unconscious man who is determined by Nature wakes up in his mind and Supermind to determine his life and the life of the universe.

¨       When man moves from understanding of concentration to the accomplishment of consecration, he steps into evolution.