July 15, 2002


The Age of Sri Aurobindo – Mother's Yoga


v      Sri Aurobindo came to the world when Man missed knowing the arrival of the Hour of God.

v      The occasion for Him to come to yoga was the Freedom of India.

v      In six years He went beyond all the yogas. He sought and won Indian Freedom in the subtle plane.

v      Born as a human being, blinded by the ardent passion of patriotism, He could not know He was the Avatar and it was the Hour.

v      Swami Vivekananda showed Him the Supermind and God led Him to His mission, first showing Him the world is a Marvel, all beings and non-beings are HE.

v      HE attained Supermind and called it down on humanity.

v      Mother came and joined His Mission.

v      HE could not ask any one to take to His yoga as the nature of HIS yoga did not admit it.

v      HE needed a hundred receptive souls or at least 10 realised souls.

v      Thousands who were with HIM in previous births and desired to be with HIM at the Hour of Fulfilment and who had forgotten their aspiration came to HIM, mistaking HIM as a Rishi.

v      Only a conscious SOUL can receive the descent for the further evolution of the Soul. An unconscious aspirant will receive the descending Truth in their ego which will dissolve their souls according to its constitution.

v      During the 100 years HE and SHE were here on earth, HE could compress 500 years or more in terms of progress on earth, but saw HE could not eliminate the dark forces that presided over the earth. They had to rise in war and destroy themselves. It presented itself as Germany's imperialistic aims, Russian brutal violence and the ingrained hypocrisy and sincerity of humanity represented by the West.

v      He won both the wars and prevented the third, and called the second world war 'Mother's war.'

v      The descending Truth if received in the vital or mind will have the other side charged and cause an opposite reaction to every positive development such as pollution to technology, cold war to WW II.

v      HE departed and sent down His Force in 1956.

v      Until His avatarhood, mankind was plunged in darkness. The arrival of the Hour of God could not be recognised, nor His own birth.

v      During the last 125 years HE and The Mother did the very best they could do by being on earth personally in their physical bodies. Even the arrival of Universal Mother in 1946 to fulfil Mother's mission went unnoticed. Not one of us recognised the arrival of the Force in 1956 or since then until today. There has been no soul conscious to participate in their work. Great souls came forward to offer their entire lives for the work. Others offered in an act of spiritual heroism all their wealth. There is no greater adventure in the spiritual life than offering one's soul to the Divine. Many did that too. To Mother all of them were valueless ciphers. To be Her children She wants the surrender of all one's life, work, wealth and soul all at once. Until today, neither He nor She found one receptive soul fit to carry on the work.

v      All that HE could do was to advance humanity by 500 or 1000 years and win the wars that were inevitable, not abridge the 30,000 years and help the Supramental Being emerge.

v      Now that the wars are won and the third war was prevented, is there something to be done by his unconscious followers?

v      If we succeed, it would be our unconscious best.

v      What is that unconscious best? Has He given any hint or lead?

v      The ideal is we should be fully open, in Unity, Goodness, Truth, Knowledge and  Power. If not, we can be open in one of these aspects.

v      The next best to HIM is HIS Force. By receiving Him in us, we become HIM.

v      By receiving His Force in us, we become His Instrument.

v      He has written  about money in His book The Mother. It is in the hands of the Asura and must be won for The Mother which means earning money honestly for Her Service.

v      Money was scarce all over the world till 1900. Farmers owning three acres of land in southern USA in 1860 had not seen $ 5 as cash. Now America is cash rich. Even in India nowadays you commonly see a 100 rupee note . In the sixties hundred rupee notes were a novelty and had to be signed for transaction. The world does not see the truth today that by honest means one can earn far more than by dishonest means.

v      To see the truth the world does not see, to earn money honestly for Her Service can be said to be the least one can do, if he cannot do yoga.

v      To earn money in vast quantities, more than resorting to the methods She has advocated, there is one aspect of movement of money which is a mechanical aspect.

v      The inflow is mechanically determined by the outflow.

v      Should you desire greater inflow, the outflow must be great.

v      Whether this is true in human life is a possible question.

v      The miser earns more by virtue of the infinite attention he pays money when great flow of money occurs in response to that attention. The miser gives MONEY greater attention than he does to his children. That is a rule by which he grows rich. Everyone cannot feel happy giving such attention to money.

v      Again, the fields of life where the miser grows rich will be fields that are ordinarily questionable to normal human conscience.

v      Honest work is expansive. When Mother enters, work is more expansive.

v      Expansiveness is cheerfulness.

v      Misers who are possessed by money cannot be expansive, much less cheerful.

v      When Sri Aurobindo was on earth, there was the possibility of the birth of the Supramental Being. As the earth was not ready, the most HE could do for the earth was to win the two world wars. Had the first war been lost or even the second, the world would have taken a very long time to outgrow that tyranny. Hitler who destroyed the Jews would have turned on who or what next, we cannot say. Sri Aurobindo said that Japan was a young country. Had the impulse of imperialism succeeded there, she would take possibly 500 years to outgrow that. British Imperialism was the expansive impulse of a mature nation, founded on democracy, which valued the good opinion of others more than anything. She did not come to rule, She came to trade. Ruling India was almost an accident. From the time Indian Freedom was won in the subtle plane in 1910, we see in the House of Commons endeavours to grant India a greater measure of self-rule. In 1935 the India Bill that was passed by the House of Commons conferred dominion status on India. Gandhiji rejected it.

v      Out of His five aims, He realised the first two – Indian freedom and Asian freedom – during His lifetime. The next on the agenda is world union.

v      When the possibility was so great as the birth of the Supramental being, the utmost He could do was to win the wars for humanity.

v      Is there such a best available now for the unconscious aspirant?

v      Before Sri Aurobindo came, there was no quest in the mind of humanity. The dark ages continued in effect. If anything was there, it was groping, sometimes fumbling. No one knew what to aim for.

v      Though we are unconscious, we have before us in writing what to do, what to aspire for. He has left us those blueprints.

v      His final goal was the birth of the supramental being. Before that, He speaks of India becoming the Guru of the world. World union is the next in the list.

v      His Force is working for world union in the subtle plane.

v      The European union which He spoke of in 1916 has become a reality.

v      If we have the knowledge that world union is possible, being unconscious, can we work for it? If so, is it to be overt or covert?

v      He successfully worked for Peace. As His Force is working for other goals, our working for Prosperity is possible, in my view.

v      How can an individual work for the world's prosperity, especially when he is unconscious, is a question. Where does prosperity come into the scheme of things is the next question.

v      If India should emerge as the Guru of the world, we find the entire Asia immersed in poverty.

v      He stipulated two things before India could become the Guru of the world. 1. Her freedom, 2. Her geographical unity. Maybe unity is first. Without the physical foundation being united, Guruhood would be an illusion. A poor nation will be occupied with her poverty. There is no question of her leading others. Hence prosperity assumes significance.

v      The individual I speak of is an unconscious one. He is presiding over a family or perhaps a product or service organisation.

v      Though he is unconscious, he can unconsciously receive His Force through consciously chosen ways of life for his family or organisation.

v      It is the experience of sadhaks and devotees that whatever they do consciously or unconsciously, it spreads all over the world after a fashion, maybe after the fashion of their own personality.

v      A devotee working for his organisation to make it prosperous by ways of Truth will be a channel for the Force to descend on his country as Prosperity.

v      The method is the conscious ways of an unconscious devotee.

v      In spite of our soul-unconsciousness, let us consciously choose Her way of life – Truthfulness.