May 28, 01


Subtle Knowledge


q       When a man has a knowledge that is right and gives right results but cannot be explained, we call it insight, perception, intuition, etc. It is subtle knowledge.

q       Life exists in three planes, one of which people dare not be concerned with, called causal plane, where the soul gains experience and collects it. It is the plane of divine law of cause and effect.

q       The one plane we all know very well is the gross plane of objects. It is the physical material plane.

q       Around our body is the subtle plane, not always tangible, never visible. But it exists.

q       Whatever occurs in the physical plane first takes shape in the subtle plane.

q       No speech comes out of the mouth without first occurring in the mind. Mind is subtle, speech is gross.

q       When there is a wound and it is a festering sore, the hand coming a few inches near the wound would feel as if it is touching the wound. The hand touches the subtle body of the wound.

q       Out of long experience, some people are able to have knowledge in a work, often a precise information, that proves to be a supreme secret known to no other. That is what we here describe as subtle knowledge.

q       FDR’s acumen in the New Deal, Churchill’s intuition to hold out against Hitler single-handedly, Rajaji’s lifting the nation in 1954, Gandhiji’s quelling the Calcutta riots of 1947 are eminent examples of subtle insight.

q       Subtle knowledge is not spiritual knowledge.

q       As the smell of the food on the dish spreads beyond the actual food, the subtle body of man extends beyond his gross physical body.

q       Mother says man had 12 senses and as his mind developed, seven senses were lost. Those lost senses belong to this subtle body. The elephant’s awareness of pits far ahead of him or the camel’s sense of water a mile away, or man’s ability to put his ear on the earth and know the footfalls at great distances are among the lost senses.

q       Man’s body extends into this subtle body of his.

q       His emotions extend into the subtle vital.

q       So also, the mind has its subtle extension.

q       We see thoughts occur in the mind which we choose to express or not.

q       Careful observation of the mind will disclose the borderline between the gross mind and subtle mind. One can extend his consecration to his subtle mind as soon as thoughts enter into it. One who has access to his subtle mind can know the subtle mind of another. Hence telepathy.

q       One of the ways the subtle perceptions can open is the saturation of the gross body which comes to many by long accumulated experience.

q       It can be quickened if one trains oneself to look at the issue in terms of the whole of which it is a part.

q       Man is a greater whole than he is aware of. At the level of his soul, he is fully so. In the measure his personality is in touch with the wider areas of his own inner personality, his subtle perceptions open.

q       When we take the other man’s point of view or the view of his feelings, the subtlety opens with respect to that problem.

q       Courage, Love, Sympathy, Compassion are intense human characteristics that open the inner man wider. By acting from such opening, the subtle body opens.

q       Being wedded to higher principles of work suddenly reveals to man his subtle abilities.

q       FDR looking at the monetary crisis from the more basic economic point of view gave him success.

q       As life is always subtle and is acting from that plane, one who is used to those symptoms can see them.

q       The Internet is capable of physically extending man’s operation to the end of the globe, to the earliest times of history, to a wealth of information hitherto not easily available, into other people’s experience. It puts at the disposal of man the very raw materials that can open his subtle senses.

q       In this sense, the Internet is the subtle counterpart of the physical telegraphy or radio that was only one way.

q       Subtle knowledge by itself is valuable but its real value lies in the higher perspectives man espouses, as the phone is more productively useful in business.

q       In the earliest stages of yoga, the subtle parts open.

q       Silence and subtlety go together.