Any place in the world may have drought, but not India, the land of Spirit. Yet India is often stricken by droughts and floods. I may extend my statement further in the same spirit that there can be drought anywhere, not in Tamil Nadu. India is a land of Spirit, Rishis, Tapasvis, Munis and Yogis. But all the sixty three canonised saints of Sivaism and the twelve saints of Vaishnavism are yogis of the evolving Spirit in life, called the Psychic Being by Sri Aurobindo.


            Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga declares "All Life is Yoga" while all yogas shun life. The Spirit of this yoga is not the witness Purusha in the being but the Psychic Being that finds play in life and the activities of life. Perhaps Sri Aurobindo moved to Tamil Nadu because this is a land of the Psychic Being. Whatever may befall us, drought cannot and must not if only we restore our link with our spiritual heritage.


            Apart from the above 75 canonised saints, there is a holy procession of great souls sprinkled all over the state such as Ramana Maharishi, Dakshinamoorthy Swami of Tiruvarur, Pattinathar, Swami Ramalingam, Vittobha of Polur, Raghavendrar and a great many more. Many of them remain in the subtle plane of earth while others would have been absorbed into the various levels of the Absolute Brahman.


            Millions of the population are devoted to these saints. Of course, there are other Muslim and Christian Saints. The population of the state OPENING their spiritual emotions to their patron saint and restoring the lost link or forging the existing link stronger will enter a new phase of life for the state which will not have one more year of drought hereafter. Maybe there are rituals for calling. Those who want to dispense with the rituals can call MOTHER for rain. At least once when people did so rain came down so much that they had to resort to another prayer to stop the rains.