Permanent Solution to the Water Problem in the City


Spiritually rain is grace, WATER is emotion. When the hearts is full of emotion, water supply will be in ever increasing abundance. Wherever there is a tract of rich water supply, one finds those people full of emotions in affectionate families. Here lies the Key or secret or the truth behind a permanent solution to water scarcity. Emotions are not made to order. How then can this truth be of any practical or concrete use in solving our problem?


It is true emotion is noble. It is equally true when we need something acutely, the urge of sensation to achieve it, occasionally shows tendencies to generate a vibration of emotion. Further, emotions towards people of the family or outside, towards ideals of patriotism, emotion for perfection in work or any emotion towards anything is capable of solving the problem of water. It is best if it is towards water. Gratitude is an emotional recognition of God acting in the life and that is why that vibration thrills the body.


Centuries ago there was ONE drought in a hundred years. It began to increase and there were sixty droughts in the 20th century. The gradual increase of drought in spiritual parlance shows man going away from God and emotionally distancing him from his creator. The outer occurrence of drought is the reflection of the inner dryness of the heart.


Realising the spiritual truth behind the droughts, if the population desires to restore their richness of the heart to their creator, called the Absolute in Europe and Brahman in India, there will be spells of rain in and out of season as if the entire population was doing Varuna japa non-stop with a pure heart devoted to Satyam and a life lived in the glory of  God. What is scare is not water, but emotions in the human heart.