Adoration is More Powerful than Attention


Adoration is bhakti, devotion of a soul to the All-Souls. No God is immune from a call of adoration. It is fascinating as well as captivating. The young man who falls in love with a girl is said to adore the ground she walks on. Whether she is romantically or idealistically attached to him in loyalty, it is certain she is bitten by the overwhelming waves of adoration. Is it possible to adore water? Yes, it is, when it has really become scarce. A retired Chief Justice, after a short spell of governship, was appointed as a Vice-Chancellor where students are known to be restive. Once they dictated to the Vice-Chancellor that he must dismiss a professor on pain of their setting fire to an extensive pandal erected at that time. His appeals were not heard. He went to Madras, appealed to all conceivable authorities and finally managed to secure the coveted letter of resignation and returned. He was met by the faculty at the railway station. He said, "I have never in my life kept anything like this letter safe and guarded it jealously." Water can be adored and even worshipped.


Instead of doing it selfishly, it is better to enter into the Spirit of it and adore it with emotion as if water is live. Sure, water will respond as if it is a living being, like a beloved. From that moment onwards, the scarcity for water will be unheard of in that household. Spiritually water represents emotion. People whose emotions are stirred deeply see in their dreams waves of rolling water, and sometimes they are floating in it.


Attention is inclusive in Adoration.


It is also true that whatever one ADORES, water scarcity becomes less in that organisation or household. While attention gives a temporary relief from water scarcity, adoration can bring in a permanent relief. The quality of water that responds to adoration will be better than the water we now use.

Attention never fails, ADORATION never fails to succeed vastly.