Attention is Spiritual


Attachment is physical, attention is vital, affection is mental and Love is spiritual. It is common perception that affectionate families are better off than their compeers where it is missing. Prayer for rain can bring down rain copiously. But attention to water can make the availability of water abundant and excels the power of prayer for rain. A lovely new carpet enjoys the attention it gets and calls those who walk on it to stop and admire it. The Divine Mother did so once, walking on a new carpet. Material objects have life, attention brings that life to the surface, hence the plenty and prosperity. One who pays attention to water thus, will not suffer the lack of it, even in adverse circumstances of drought. Material objects like water never FORGET the attention they received and never fail to come back to you by way of returning the attention. It works on the personal level.


To use water frugally and consciously avoid wasting it is one form of attention at the individual level. Rainwater harvesting and recharging the aquifer is a form of attention to its use value. A retired solider in Maharashtra made a village prosperous by raising the level of ground water. It was done by constructing a tank on the other side of the village. Contour ploughing is an age-old custom. Legislation to enforce contour ploughing for ten miles west of the City's limits will raise the ground water table all over the city. Incidentally, in can attract more rainfall year after year.


At home we can find multiple uses of water instead of throwing it away once its purpose is over. It is another form of attention. We come into contact with water many times a day. To pay attention to it as if water is a live being is to invoke the Varuna in it. Gods are propitiated by attention too. The corporation of the city can legislate not to cement the portion between the compound wall and the plinth area of the building so that water will seep down instead of running off. Attention of a government body is stronger in the sense it is the attention of the organised collective.