Water Need Not Be a Problem in Madras City


Madras has been rechristened as Chennai. When the emotions are to be released into action, an older name that enjoys our emotions will better serve. There are several grades of solutions each better than the other, but, all of them being transitory solutions should be resorted to each time it rears as a problem. There is a permanent solution which we can think of in several ways. When it appears, it may be by a method unknown to us so far. The mind incident on an issue has the character of undoing it.


The graded solutions are 1. prayer, 2. attention, 3. adoration as an object of worship or god, 4. absence of cursing the rain that is Grace. All of them are solutions for one time. It is customary to think that Krisha water or desalinisation may be permanent solution.   They may or may not be one, but what is certain is a permanent solution to the water problem of the City is at hand for the population to take up in good earnest.


Rains came down copiously during Rajaji's regime during 1952-1954 when there were prayers in temples, mosques and churches. One more dimension can be added to it. Each citizen of Madras now known as Chennai, can take it up as a personal relief to his own tribulations. Should he endeavour to be selfless and pray more for the sake of the population of the city of which he too is an individual, the response of the heavens will be wider and  more beneficial. His prayer will be more powerful if his knowledge of the problem and the benefits of water is more comprehensive.


Water benefits. There is no life without life-giving water. Not only will the citizens benefit but the industries in the city in thousands will also benefit. The green vegetation in the city is considerable even as a percentage of consumption. When it rains the earth cools by the percolation of the precipitation. That surely wards off several diseases in men, animals and vegetation. Mother Earth must be kept cool. The rain water that runs underground in unseen currents towards the sea keeps the sea water moving towards land. Rain is God's Grace. Let us pray for it. Let us know what we receive is not mere rain but pure Grace of God.