Making the Impossible Possible I, II, III, IV, V


The Impossible remains impossible to all men. Exceptional people find it possible. He who seeks the Spirit truthfully becomes that rare exception. My impossibilities are realities in life. A half-starved, last grade servant seven years after retirement hospitalised and kept alive on oxygen, especially when it is the third attack, does not consider survival possible. To him it is a real impossibility, even in thought. What is impossible for one in unhelpful circumstances is possible for another in supportive affluent circumstances. To the former it remains impossible.


To plough deeper than six inches is not possible for the country plough, but is possible for the tractor. A powerful tractor can plough five feet deep. The change of the instrument changes the result. We know the physical man whose only instruments are his hands and legs cannot understand law or medicine, but the educated mental man can. Mind is a superior instrument which makes what is impossible for the physical man possible. The Spirit is a far superior instrument which makes possible what is impossible to the mental man.


The Spirit is there in every one of us. Our tradition has not taught us to rely on it in our daily lives except through worship. Worship will reach the Spirit in the rare few in moments of crisis. To believe in the Spirit inside is itself the beginning of such an invocation. One can feel a greater energy or an inspired enthusiasm when the mind turns to the Spirit. To see the extraordinary power of Spirit in everyday activities is possible for us.


You may be one who at the age of 45 has never found an employment; or a girl who has missed marriage till the age of 38. There are students who always secure the 40th rank in a class of 60. A good job, a welcome alliance or a first rank to these people is really impossible. They can try an experiment in their inner domains. Whether it will succeed is never a question. But such an experimentation cannot be repeated a second time as a test. Lord Krishna desired to know whether he was really a God and pushed the hill and it moved. Should the first experiment succeed, one must try to secure that power as a permanent endowment.


The above mentioned old man survived, became dynamic, fulfilled a long unfulfiled ambition of building a house and lived for another twenty-five years. To believe in Spirit one needs no such example. Any such example must be able to inspire one to call the Spirit. How to call the Spirit into action?


  1. To believe in the Spirit is the essential first qualification.
  2. We must not believe in the ways of mind we are used to.
  3. Concentrate on the present, the Spirit.
  4. Do not dwell on the result or grow expectant.


The mind will alternate between the old and new ways. Be steady and move entirely to the new poise. Maintain that poise of mind. The anxieties and frustrations that were a pre-occupation until now, will recede into the background and an inner spiritual calm will steadily grow until it becomes a joy and cheerfulness. It will be evident they are spiritual cheerfulness and spiritual joy. They are the surest indications of the answering Spirit. Life will change its attitude to you. As the inner peace collects, the outer environment will change from indifferent politeness or insufferable superiority to interested attention and pleasant recognition. One MUST note it as the clear outer reflection of the inner change for the better. We must understand and appreciate it and never make an effort to accept it as final, as by doing so one will level off at that point. Such a changed behaviour may be from an affluent neighbour or a stiff boss. A clerk in the education department, in such a situation, was sought after by his superiors with deferential attention. This clerk, who came by chance into contact with his colleague who was seeking spiritual solace, discovered that his friend was doing something unusual. Knowing his friend to be genuinely interested in learning about invoking the Spirit, he shared his sacred trust. The clerk found he was in the process of an inner efflorescence. The next day he received such a warm welcome at the office, which he had never been used to. He was constantly courted. His boss came to know something was going on and sent for the clerk. The boss, usually a glum old man on the verge of retirement, glowed with a ray of brightness in his countenance and behaved just as his other colleagues had behaved. To the clerk, it was heaven descending on earth. In a week, everyone started calling him 'Divine.' News came from the regional head who was in the same premises that the clerk was wanted there. There too the same welcome awaited him. "Whenever you have some time to spare, please come here and spend some time", were words the clerk could not believe came from this superior officer.  It is not easy not to lose one's inner balance on such an occasion. Everything can be recognised, received with a steady idea that that is not final. At the end, the Spirit will play a magnificent role. The boy in the 40th rank will find himself in the first rank, as one actually did.


Inner unsteadiness shows we are still on the way. When there is no urge inside to avail of the outer reward, we know we have arrived. As long as we are concentrated on establishing the Spirit inside, these vacillations will not arise as all the energy is required here.


One who was unable to keep a job on Rs. 500/- had a view of getting the next job on Rs.1200/- in about a year or year a half. At the end of that period, he was in USA on a monthly salary of  $4000.


India is a land of Rishis. Their light is in our bodies, said the Divine Mother. Purity and Truth will call up that light on the surface of our lives if we are in tapas, as it is the light of the Rishis who attained it in tapas. That light was not directly meant to play any role in our domestic or official life. Surely it will have a beneficial effect in the life of one wedded to Truth. The Spirit that is being explained here is the evolving Spirit in the everyday life of Nature called prakriti.


v      This Spirit does not require one to shun life, rather it is in life that this Spirit finds a play.

v      Not any worship at a temple or rituals at home or japa of any description can evoke this Spirit, but anyone of serious disposition and abiding interest in his own life activities can commission it into action.

v      On its appearance, the phrase 'The Impossible has become Possible' will be on everyone's lips.

v      It is the heritage of India and to me herein lies the infinite prosperity of her vast masses whose bodies are filled not with the darkness of those who merely toil but the light of the Rishis of old.


Examine your life and you will certainly see at least one event that qualifies for this description. Now that event, in the context of this new understanding, will stand out prominently in recollection. As we relate to our life by the result, not the process by which the result is arrived at, we miss such events.


            What miraculous events occur by the conscious invocation of the Spirit, occurs by themselves, so that life can be sustained. Coming to such events in one's life, casually in one's conversation we hear people exclaim, "Somehow something happened and I got into IAS, otherwise I would have ended up as a nobody somewhere". Luck seeking one, or misfortune missed are events in anyone's life. In your own life, there certainly can be one that was a landmark but was blissfully forgotten. Some instances are,


v      One who could not digest anything other than rice and buttermilk easily until his 35th year, suddenly found that he could eat and digest anything on joining M.A. Literature. Only that he had not noticed it.

v      One who had fits once in a few months stopped having that visitation on his forging a new friendship. He too missed taking it into his observation.

v      People who could not borrow a few rupees were, by a public scheme, offered thousands of rupees credit at their doorsteps. A journalist who went there to study their prosperity heard all the eventful stages of their progress but not how it was initiated. When that was pointed out, everyone acknowledged it went out of their memory.


To go over one's past and locate one such event is a good beginning for one who wishes to know this phenomenon and is enamoured of making it a permanent feature of his own life where the Spirit plays no inconsiderable role. It is Spiritual GRATITUDE.