Nov. 17, 2002




Slow Deliberate Joy of Nature


v      Nature has infinity before her which she is enjoying.

v      Nature deliberately puts obstacles in the way of quick progress.

v      Sri Aurobindo deliberately puts obstacles in Mother's way.

v      Until all the six are fully ready Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power and Love Nature compels the hurrying aspect to wait.

v      One day we will learn that whatever has happened had to happen.

v      There is perfection above, division below.

v      Man can abridge 30,000 years into 30 years.

v      Fate is real, Free will too is real. How to reconcile them?

v      It can be explained in more than one way.

v      Philosophically the determinism of the Infinite is the utter freedom of the Finite.

v      Man is neither the subconscient Nature nor the Superconscient Spirit. He represents the all-inclusive Brahman. He always has a choice either to identify himself with Nature or Spirit.

v      Sri Aurobindo came on earth as it is the Hour of God and man, if he chooses can abridge 30,000 years. He withdrew because man not only did not respond, but betrayed Him and even prayed for the victory of Hitler.

v      Now that the Force is here, man will be able to make that choice more easily.

v      Nature is in Time, Spirit is in Timelessness. Man alone when he chooses to evolve can move to Simultaneous Time.

v      In Time man enjoys the disharmony of divided consciousness. Above, there is the static perfection. In simultaneous Time, there is dynamic perfection.

v      Man has to choose between dynamic disharmony and dynamic perfection. In terms of life, man has the option of moving from vital success to success of the Spirit.