Dec. 19, 2002


Santa Claus


v      Santa Claus is real to children as they get their presents from him during Christmas.

v      They outgrow Santa Claus when they know it is the parents who give the Christmas presents.

v      Santa Claus is a reality to the child's imagination.

v      The uneducated vital man in prosperous nations considers social benefits as Christmas presents and Society his Santa Claus.

v      The educated non-mental vital man, not knowing the origin of genius or luck or even science, finds them miraculous.

v      Miracle is the higher plane working in lower planes.

v      Prof. Hardy's sense of wonder at Ramanujam's six theorems on the spot arose because he was unaware of the workings of Genius.

v      The world is educated enough and informed enough to overcome the various superstitions of Science fostered assiduously by the elite of the world.

v      The mentally awakened child's performance is a miracle to the highly educated man, as he is uninformed of the potentials of the mind.

v      Glenn Doman's discovery of the activated muscles awakening mental faculties still remains in the domain of the miraculous for the world.

v      That is an asset to bring the tension of excess mental energy in balance by the wider potentials absorbing them.

v      Body is the foundation and pedestal for the higher development of mental faculties.

v      There is one more important part of our being which energises. It is the vital. What Doman has done for the body, we must do for the vital.

v      All non-physical, non-mental characteristics are vital, as attention.

v      Attention is the physical version -- or vital version -- of affection that is psychic. Attention in education pays enormous dividends. We have to work out the physiological details of what faculties of mind are awakened in which measure by what type of attention. It will be a vaster domain than what Glenn discovered.

v      Body, Vital, Mind and Spirit are the four parts of our being. Beyond the Spirit lie Supermind and The Mother.

v      Each of these planes divides into Consciousness and Substance, which become twelve parts of six planes.

v      The consciousness and substance have their surface as well as depths making the twelve into 24 parts.

v      When we stop our process of dividing here, we have 24 parts acting on each other resulting in 24 to the power of 24, or in permutations and combination an infinite number of possibilities.

v      Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine as well as Synthesis of Yoga are compendiums of the theory and practice of these interplays for the purposes of yoga.

v      Education is the yoga of the society.

v      Those who are capable of this knowledge in this amplitude and complexity must use the classroom not as a work spot, but as a laboratory.

v      To uncover the ways of the growth of human consciousness in the process of acquiring knowledge and capacity, the twin aspects of Personality, is a rewarding work of a lifetime for about a few hundred researchers in education and yoga.

v      To organise that project, one needs to know The Life Divine in greater thoroughness and needs to practise it in the life of a student.

v      The one great student available is oneself.

v      Until we become conscious of ourselves, we can do so in the students.

v      A higher compromise is one's own child.

v      No more Santa Claus of morality, ethics, service, worship, YOGA, or superstitions of scientific varieties.