April 16, 1999

Sri Aurobindo's Theory of Creation


In his book The Life Divine Sri Aurobindo outlines his theory of creation. His basic assumptions are,

Being – Consciousness – Bliss
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Evolution goes from Matter to Being on the same route in the reverse.

Light changes into darkness;

Knowledge into Ignorance;

Good into Evil.

Evil exists only for the divided ego and evil is necessary for the ego to overcome division.

All these assumptions are explained in detail in the 58 chapters of the book.

He has explained in this process the creation of spirit, mind, life and matter.
He says this is not an intellectual knowledge to be gained, but an integral knowledge to be attained by inner spiritual experience.
The spirit evolves in the process of involution and evolution. Therefore he calls his yoga the yoga of spiritual evolution.
The only service man can render on earth is to realise his soul and help others to realise their souls.
The spirit needs more than one birth; in fact, it needs several hundreds of births to complete this evolution. Hence rebirth becomes a necessity.
As all Forms resolve into Force, the ideal the Force seeks is the perfect Form on earth.
The quarrel between Matter and Spirit is mind’s taking different opposite positions. Oneness requires the reconciliation of Matter and Spirit.
This evolution will take 30,000 years. As this is the Hour of God, it can be abridged into 300 years. With a small group of people attaining perfection, it can be done in 30 years.
If the earth calls and the Supreme answers, it can be NOW.

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