August 05, 2002


Romance is the Eternal Emerging in the Ephemeral


v      Romance never dies. It cannot die. It has never died in the history of man.

v      The Eternal seeks the Eternal Eternally. It is Romance.

v      The seeking is the adventure. Attaining is fulfilment.

v      The seeking is an eternal flame that knows no death. Attaining is a fulfilment that leads to higher seeking. It gives higher life to the unattainable. Death is nowhere on the agenda. Neither decay nor diminishing intensity is permissible here.

v      The Eternal extends itself into the ephemeral.

v      The Eternal does so, so that the ephemeral can acquire eternity.

v      The strength, rather the infinite strength of the ephemeral is so great that it ardently sets to work to convert the Eternal into the ephemeral. Mostly it succeeds, or thinks it succeeds.

v      The Eternal never dies; it withdraws temporarily.

v      The Eternal eternally presents itself to the ephemeral for its valid acceptance. That is why Romance rears its head all the time at all ages. It knows no death.

v      Man misses no opportunity to be false, to falsify anything. The greater the Truth, the more vehement is his effort at falsification.

v      When he utterly fails, he falsely announces a victory to falsehood. Thus an ideal gets organised.

v      Organisation is death. Romance is said to die when it is organised into marriage. What dies is not Romance, it is the dead organisation that gives life to its death.

v      Romance cannot die, it has never died. It emerges to give life to death and dead habits. They smother Romance to death and triumphantly announce their own death as the death of Romance.