Dec. 22, 2001

Power of a New Ideal

 as one is shy of disclosing the source of his knowledge, the power of that source cannot express.

 insincerity to the origin of the knowledge renders knowledge ineffective.

 one foolishly tries to combine the knowledge of the new and the power of the old.

Viewed from every cardinal principle of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga, this attitude of taking a social view of a spiritual power stands in the way.

  This view perpetuates contradictions.

 Here is an endeavour to keep Spirit away from society.

 Here we create two parts and keep them apart.

 Society is subconscient and Spirit is superconscient.

 Here, we emphasise social ego or psychological ego.

 This view emphasises the senses.

 We keep our life consciously away from Sat.

 We separate the social force from the conscious Spirit.

 We seek the object of the society.

 To us Maya is illusion, society is real.

 We insist on mind.

 We seek egoistic ignorance.

 We insist on that separation.

 We keep life apart from mind.

 To us matter is dull matter, i.e. society is valuable by itself.