April 2, 2002


Organising the Higher Consciousness in Us


v      For sadhaks who have taken to yoga this being the only mission, the work is well cut out.

v      The above topic is meant for the devotees who seek to be better devotees.

v      The various ways in which it can be done are,


v      Trying to solve unsolved problems.

v      Availing of hitherto unavailed opportunities.

v      Raising the thinking above the head.

v      Taking the centre of feeling behind the heart.

v      Removing one man who represents one undesirable quality in you from the environment.

v      Attracting a new person into your circle who will represent a new desirable trait you are trying to acquire.

v      Reversing the negative, evil traits in us.

v      As the whole life can be capsulated into ONE act, to choose an act and execute it thoroughly with success to bring the infinity out of its finite appearance.

(The girl Erin in the film Erin Brockovich fights for survival and wins the case against the chromium company, which is an excellent example. Her determined effort against rearing children, unemployment, divorced life, social disbelief, lack of co-operation all around and finally against her own low behaviour is as good as the perfection seen in producing the film Pride and Prejudice)

v      The devotee meets with the revolution of being ushered into the subtle plane by an accident which nearly kills her.

v      Subtle plane emerges to destroy wilful folly by a hundred nightmares in one night.

v      The physical is shaken by an earthquake.

v      Vital stupidity is often characterised by the loss of capital, loss of market or tyranny by others.

v      How crude or symbolic the shaking of life is, depends upon how thick is our consciousness, how wilful is our folly, how lazy one’s habits are.

v      Since one started the effort, every event that happened to her scrutinised in the light of the goal which summarises her goal, will reveal


v      the gains so far

v      the wide opportunities

v      the stark resistances

v      the deep superstitions

v      the mental reservations

v      the silly clinging to a shallow personality

v      the refusal to avail of those opportunities

v      the aspiration in the depths and

v      GRACE that persists.


v      One can see HOW inconceivable events occurred in one’s life as opportunities.

v      Events closely, directly, or remotely indirectly connected with him show that.


v      opportunities meant for him sailed to another.

v      the atmosphere is more than ready to over fulfil his unfelt aspirations.

v      his own attitudes STRONGLY resist luck and grace.

v      one wants to go higher through the lower.

v      how one feels like giving while receiving.

v      how BLIND one loves to be.

v      the social appearance, the external FORM are of greater importance than the spiritual contact.

v      the atmosphere moves with lighting speed

v      his own movement is like a snail.

v      HOW organised she is in clinging to her own misfortune that permits vital influences to preside over her life.

v      in the name of discipline one cancels all the disciplines all the time.


v      He can see the unpardonable attitudes after the opportunity materially opened up.