Feb. 15, 2002

Negative changes into Positive


®       The mother-in-law is negative to the daughter-in-law

®       The opposition is negative to the ruling party.

®       A jealous rival is negative to me.

®       The bargaining customer is negative to the store.

®       In fact, the world and life are full of negatives.

®       Can the negative disappear, or become positive or can both become one single harmonious Whole?

®       Yes, it can, if the positive can realise that it is the Whole that includes the negative.

®       We accept a boss, in spite of his bad temperament, when we see his indispensability for us, especially when one temperament surfaces in him.

®       That we feel his indispensability is the irresistible link to the other side.

®       Knowledge is his bad temperament is indispensable to us, to our progress.

®       A spendthrift comes to Mother. Her atmosphere changes the consequences of his spending. He sees that the occasions for him to waste are now less. Wherever he wastes money, he sees a part goes into good use and even generates income.

®       Extravagant waste is the other side exuberant generosity.

®       When Motherís consciousness is fully accepted, his negative faculty becomes positive and his extravagance becomes an instrument of enormous incoming money.

®       The stingy, profit-seeking storeowner meets a bargaining, cunning, dishonest customer.

®       The storeowner accepts Mother and becomes generous-minded. Now his customers are not bargaining, are honest and pleasant. We know this happens. How does it happen? What is the process?

®       Motherís atmosphere changes our negative side to positive to some extent, as in the presence of Her atmosphere the negative loses edge.

®       Generally in the whole of our personality we are at the centre. When we tend to one side, our personality takes on its character. Hence, we are positive or negative.

®       When She comes in, She compels us to be on the positive side.

®       In a whole positive is what we accept and negative is what we do not accept. She enables us to accept more.

®       The Spirit rising from inside accepts ALL and there is nothing left out to be called negative.

®       Using Her Presence inside, if we bring the Spirit to the surface, our negative side disappears. As a strategy, it is the best.

®       Sometimes more explanations may be needed.

®       When someone is deceitful, it is obvious he is under an inner pressure to be deceitful. By recognising his need, we sympathise with him. That gives an opening.

®       We quickly recognise the occasions in our speech, manners, tone, attitude, etc. which compels him to be deceitful. As we recognise, so he too recognises. The whole atmosphere changes.

®       By concentrating more on Mother, without our noticing we become unsuspecting and generous. That brings about a corresponding change in him.

®       As you look at another person if you look at your inner self as another person, the same change occurs.

®       The key lies in the urge to change.

®       The extent of change becomes greater by the width of our comprehension.

®       To assume contradictions are complements at one high end, we can practically concentrate on Mother, taking the other manís point of view. It will soon be clear that Negative is only an Attitude in us.