Moment of Truth



         In the book The Mother, writing on the four aspects of Mother, Sri Aurobindo explains several powers of Mother. One can see the real power of those words.

         When reading them, we understand. It does not mean those powers are available to us for use.

         There are serious moments in our life. Just now, your party may have chosen you to be the local representative. Having chosen the life of a bachelor at the age of 35, a lady of high birth and character may have recognised your true value of being a man and may have written about it. Your company may have fully recognised your capacity to lead the company to expansion in spite of your being way down in seniority. The doctor may have confirmed an incurable disease after tests. Your spouse may have chosen to leave you. The crash in stocks may have hit you hard. In these moments, it is NOT possible to push the issue form your mind. Especially the positive ones will be impossible.

         If you are one who has been training yourself for along time successfully in DETACHMENT, a determined effort or a renewal of faith at a higher level in The Mother may succeed fully. Should you succeed, it will be a MOMENT of Truth.

         It is a moment of power too. Should you remain there for more than a few minutes, opposite news will come from the doctor, the spouse will change her decision, market will revive. They will be instantaneous. As you have detached yourself from the Problem, now, if you look at yourself, the conscious occupation of personality will surface. It will be much less than usual. You can detach yourself from it. It is a yogic movement of importance.

         Should you succeed there, you will see the subconscious preoccupation of personality. You can try to detach yourself from it too. Now you will be face to face with your OWN SELF, though not in pristine purity.

         “To the wise She gives a greater and more luminous wisdom” is one such power I speak of.

         The above is one ray of The Mother, but presented to your own naked self, the wisdom will reveal itself as a Power that you have never experienced before.

         That single experience for a split second is capable of dissolving all the doubts you have ever had of anything.

         Now you are your own fresh personality, but it is also one ray as Mother’s Power comes to you as a single ray.

         One can widen one’s own personality, increase its purity and receptivity.

         One can also try to widen one’s comprehension of Mother from being a concept to psychological power.

         At this point Her power admits of expansion horizontally and intensification vertically.

         Her Powers are not only the four aspects.

         Sri Aurobindo describes in the same book Mother as the supramental Mahashakti.

         He also tells us about Mother’s Transcendental and universal powers.

         In the beginning of the book, He explains fourteen ways in which we escape Grace.

         He explains in the physical, vital, mental planes we have about thirty traits to be rejected.

         Avoiding the fourteen ways and thirty traits expands our personality.

         Having created a Moment of Truth, one can make it into a Moment of Mother by working on:

§         Our receptivity.

§         Our comprehension of Mother’s Powers.

         To bring them together periodically is to organise our higher consciousness, though after a fashion.