August 1, 01




·          Memory is a mental device that brings the past before the present to the mind in the movement of successive events.

·          Mind needs no memory as memory is ever-present in it.

·          It is only the surface mind when it becomes finite tearing itself away from the infinite that forgets.

·          Those who have created the science of astrology had subtle memory in their subliminal opening.

·          We have heard of photographic memory, tenacious memory and the memory that facilitates presence of mind which is a coordinating memory.

·          Those who enjoy observation are endowed with greater memory.

·          Observation can be of an understanding mind that tries to see a law behind observation. Their memory will be great and strong in details relating to the law they perceived.

·          The un-understanding man, who enjoys observation, is often a tale-bearer or a gossipmonger and at best a conscience keeper who all delight in being in the flow of life for its own sake. All those people are usually devoid of understanding of any type.

·          Memory is primarily mental, but extends to the subtle plane as well as the physical material plane.

·          Relics is based on material memory.

·          Subtle plane remembers in one man what another gives up or forgets.

·          Memory is a faculty which generally operates with the help of another or when seen in coordination with another factor.

·          When that factor is SELF, memory works best. “Man remembers what affects him most.”

·          People are small in Time and Space and are fully locally-oriented and will not remember anything outside their family or community, however important it is.

·          Even if something is forgotten, if it is important to the body like health, a little scratching will bring the fact or number to memory in a flash.

·          It is true there are special faculties in people for numbers, shapes, smells, words, etc.

·          When an old context that is forgotten is raked up sometimes all the persons, events, and words can come back to memory in some.

·          Mother says there is a place in the subtle world where the memory of the earth is stored.

·          Re-visiting places can have this effect.

·          At all turning points in life, such as job, marriage, first visit to a town, etc. the events of such occasions will be remembered or stick to the memory by themselves.

·          You can forget a person who was your roommate for a long time, but remember a brother of his whom you saw for a few hours if he had touched your life.

·          Members of our caste, habits, style of dress especially during periods of change will be retained by the memory.

·          Professionals will remember the work not the person; the doctors the disease, lawyers the cases, etc. as their own interest is not in the person.

·          Fans will remember minor details of actors for years.

·          Dislike may work in the reverse. A wife’s birthday or even her name can be forgotten.

·          People will remember other members of higher social standing for decades even if they are non-entities now like caste in India, aristocracy in England.

·          Every small detail spoken by a VIP will be remembered for his sake.

·          Important facts spoken by unimportant people will be remembered, but the person, however close he is, even if he is now talking to you will be totally forgotten.

·          ‘It is sin to remember small people.’

·          A fact will be sweet in the nth repetition as having spoken it umpteen times it will actually be forgotten.

·          Mean people remember all the defects of others so as to use them readily later.

·          Obligations are necessarily forgotten.