Feb. 13, 2002


Making the Unreal Real


v      The Kingdom of God on earth is not real.

v      Spiritual splendour is all right for reading, but how does it become real in our lives?

v      American prosperity is excellent in a book, but in practice we have only Indian poverty.

v      Great things are tall talks, they are not real.

v      Socialism is a doctrine on paper; in fact, it is a police state.

v      What is the experience of the world in changing the unreal into the Real?

v      The sannyasi made GOD real to himself by walking away from home.

v      American prosperity’s earliest foundation was three lives for one acre of cultivation.

v      The family came into existence because ONE member sacrificed for all.

v      Every yogi RISKED his own life to discover a single spiritual truth which is commonplace today.

v      Any rich man has risked his all once to become rich.

v      A woman sacrificed her all for 20 years for one child to attain adulthood.

v      Anyone who is capable of such risks, sacrifices, and effort can make REAL to him what is unreal now.

v      If infinite abundance should be real and not a lecture, it demands an infinite patience to ‘see’ it inwardly.

v      The unreal in any field becomes REAL through graded organised steps of procedure that implement values.

v      That change can also be instantaneous and miraculous if the outer work becomes inner values of consciousness.

v      For one to achieve anything in this world, there is a method readily available. For those who desire all for nothing too, a word of advice is available. “It is all there waiting for you, when you are able to desire nothing.”