Oct. 17, 2002

Limiting the Limitless


       The history of human accomplishment has revealed a character of it - man always accomplishes.

       Explorers, researchers know this from experience.

       Ordinary men driven to a corner attempt in a novel way to escape and often achieve the out of the ordinary and take it as luck. What they take as luck is the nature of possibilities and their own ability to accomplish.

       Rarely is this realised.

       This is the principle of Yoga of Self-Perfection, enunciated in the Gita as one can accomplish whatever he aspires for.

       The devotee comes to the brink of this character of life frequently.

       What is indicated in life and yoga are limitless possibilities.

       We live in a limited world.

       How does the limitless become limited?

       We see this phenomenon very much in the society that men do NOT avail of all the opportunities always.

       Why does man turn away from opportunities? Does he do so from Himalayan openings? YES.

       He does so because the enjoyment stops.

       The enjoyment stops because the energy for the enjoyment sags.

       Energy issues from aspiration.

       The greater the aspiration, the greater the enjoyment.

       When man turns away from higher enjoyment, does enjoyment cease?

       No, it does not cease, he turns to his present enjoyment.

       In the evolutionary sense, enjoyment is knowledge and ignorance is turning away from it.

       It is inconceivable that one turns away from a higher opportunity of greater enjoyment to a smaller enjoyment.

       What are the mechanics of it?

       The answer is, man can handle ignorance, not knowledge.

       Man, for these purposes, is not mental, but is physical.

       The physical is habit-bound and is slow to learn.

       The opportunity is seen by the mind while what enjoys is the physical body.

       Mother says the physical does not wait when it has learnt.

       The whole civilisation can be described as the physical learning from the descending mind the skills of comfort and convenience.

       The internet has come as the cruse of that process.

       It even opens up the subtle mental knowledge to the physical that is groping.

       Can we not reduce the bodily learning of the mental knowledge -- subconscious becoming conscious -- to the very skills presided over by values and show the distance from a similar physical learning from the Supramental splendours in terms of human values of life?

       The body, when it sees an opportunity that it understands to be feasible, grabs by the vital energy of desire pushed by the urge of the physical. Its spiritual value is the physical perfection.

       It is a process of physical possessiveness. A greater enjoyment is the one of giving. The physical knows no giving as it is material and its cohesiveness of durability demands the intensity of utter possessiveness.

       Self-giving is beyond the subtle and is causal. Even in the mind its seeds are seen. Mind does not have the vibration of possessiveness. Its possessiveness ends with memory.

       Man knows all in each which he has taken to be all should serve his ends. He is still unable to see that he is in all and his service is due to others. That transition is possible only when he realises that all is in God and God is in all which is the basis of all is in each and each is in all.

       What does the Rishi seek by moksha?

       The Rishi seeks in moksha the physicality of the Spirit as he lands in the Spiritual Force which is the origin of the Spirit -- the spiritual substance.

       It is an incomplete realisation as the Spiritual substance is the experience of Sat in the process of its objectifying.

       The Spiritual Force is not Spirit. Spiritual consciousness and the Spiritual Being are its antecedents. It does not stop there. The Brahman is beyond. Sri Aurobindo seeks that whole or Origin of Brahman, not in its unmanifest state but in its full manifestation of involution and evolution which is Brahman taking birth in creation, ڮ.

       Our question is to render the theoretical explanation of this spiritual status in the human language of energy, skills, understanding and values.

       As the Rishi neglects the body and shuns life, it is not possible for us to consider his own values of Spiritual life in the body.

       It is there for the purna yogi. If it is there, we must be able to explain. One thing is certain. The human traits of desire, possessiveness, etc. cannot be there or should not be there. What should be there are their transformed counterparts which are equality and self-giving.

       Nalayani did it for her husband transcending Time.

       Her self-giving was one-sided as it was the period of Mind. Self-giving becomes complete when it is mutual and is from both sides.

       As creation is by Self-conception, the Self-giving of both ends should be initiated from our end. It is an inner status that in the 3rd dimension includes the outer movement planting itself in Simultaneous Time.

       Except the experiences of the Master and Mother, we have nothing to quote unless we now practise and create an example.

       Mother's Power to send the invading Chinese back in the subtle plane, exceeded in its Spiritual quality that of Sri Aurobindo who, finding the Second World War inevitable, conquered it.

       The Limited with turn into the Limitless when the Origin of our actions is inside, which includes the outside.

       Taste of Ignorance has not outlived its dynamism for the Quest of Knowledge to emerge as energy in the physical substance.

       In practice, Man has three responses faced with the ever-expanding opportunities.

1.       The energy finds expression in horizontal expression.

2.       The vertical growth finds a compromise by moving towards a side position in the pyramid of growth.

3.       With the greater energy of the new awakening given to him by his being in the atmosphere, he goes with a vengeance to enjoy his old position more intensely.

       Suppose a man does not take one of the above three routes, he will have the vertical growth at his disposal, to maintain which he needs at every stage renewed aspiration that releases renewed energy.

       Even that energy will not accomplish unless that energy passes through all the intermediate stages to reach the results aimed at.

       What I call a TOKEN ACT will provide a full field of play for this experiment where he can gather all the experiences he needs to accomplish what he aims for.

       Those who have had such successful experiences are aware of one danger; the desire to fall back on the past method.

       Action is done on faith and faith only. Grace so arranges now that the devotee has no other option which helps him to adhere to faith.

       The human choice is so conspicuous and so decisive that it can either make or mar.

       Mother has put it concisely, "A little effort yields great results; a little effort of error ruins".

       To convert the external compulsion of the atmosphere into an inner aspiration for the Marvel is the choice before MAN.

       The Limited becomes the Limitless when

-         We enjoy in the least action the great Delight.

-         We shift to the 3rd dimension of Time.

-         The physical acts through the psychic.

-         Equality practises Self-giving.

-         Surrender is attractive.