Jan 21, 2002


The Hour of God


       There are great moments in life for which man works for a long time. When they come, these moments move Time into Timelessness or Simultaneous integrality of Time.

       This moment is either worked for or arrives on its own.

       It arrives on its own for a plane, when he who is in the higher plane works for it.

       The Absolute has hidden itself in itself and is trying hard to remind itself of what it has forgotten.

       The Absolute is infinite. The Being it becomes is infinite. The Becoming that issues from the Being too, is infinite.

       The Becoming enjoyably exercises its infinity along the lines of becoming, which means it can never remember its origin of Being.

       The evolution of Becoming will not exhaust itself, as its nature of becoming is infinite.

       The six aspects of Becoming (Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, Love) may each arrive at their fullness sometime. Then becoming may stop and ponder over its origin.

       Creation is a game of the Absolute in pursuit of Delight.

       There is no disappointment here as each disappointment is a fulfillment.

       The character of fulfillment can differ.

       Britain that ruled over India could not rule over her soul. Tolstoy said it. Gandhi asked the British not to fight Hitler. It is equally true that it is easier for the soul to emancipate itself if the foreign domination is not there.

       A child that is not sent to school does not cease to learn. The learning of the soul never stops, but in a society where everyone is highly educated, one child will remain ignorant and will be left out suffering a social complex.

       To create an opportunity, to do so to make up for an earlier loss, to create an opportunity of the higher planes in the lower planes is not given to those in the lower planes. A person in the higher plane works towards that for a long time.

       Not to avail of it by turning towards the descent is one characteristic of the lower planes.

       The Higher coming down to the lower is Grace when the lower calls. When it comes down to remind the lower, it is Super Grace.

       One who works for Super Grace successfully is one who belongs to those Higher Regions.

       Sri Aurobindo reached the Absolute and realised it fully in His very body. When He did so, He created the Hour of God for Man and in the absence of response, came down to remind man by His own personal presence. He went further to bring The Mother in order to reach man on his own terms. That hour of God is alive in each movement of man at each moment, presenting itself to him eagerly, for him to exercise his choice in its favour.

       To be able to see that Grace present around us and in us is spiritual awakening to an opportunity that the Spirit itself has not had until the avatar of Sri Aurobindo.

       When Indian freedom was won in the subtle plane, the national leadership chose NOT to fight for it in the physical plane. When it was successively offered by Britain, it was refused. Sri Aurobindo had to work through the enemy to realise it against the resistance of the beneficiary. He had to contain the Bengal famine through Wavell when no appeal came from Bengal in any shape.

       Today, every sadhak, every devotee, and everyone who has known Him in some fashion is the HOUR OF GOD for the world. Sri Aurobindo was the Hour of God, as HE became GOD himself. He has given it to all of us, but to know it as such is still left to the perception of man which is his Self-conception.