Jan 20, 2002


Evolution of the Spirit


¨        The process of creation is a discovery of the mind that is now lost in its own activities. Intellectuality is really the objectivity that restores the mind to itself from its senses.

¨        The service of intellectuality is to objectivise the mind that is subjective just now, which means it is lost in one of the earlier stages of acts or emotions or thought.

¨        They represent the identification of the mind with the body, the vital or the mind itself or better still its own activities.

¨        The Atheist, Agnostic, the Materialist, the Scientist did do this great service to humanity.

¨        The Life Divine describes in the first book creation, i.e. Brahman descending to Matter. In the second part of the second book HE gives us the path the liberated knowledge travels to the Spirit to begin its evolution to Life Divine.

¨        The first part of the second book explains the process of knowledge becoming Ignorance and evil and by implication the reverse process of Ignorance restoring itself to knowledge.

¨        Creation ended in Matter which has further evolved to Mind.

¨        Our starting point is Mind, Mind that is unconscious.

¨        To be conscious is to know itself. To be unconscious means to look outside, ignoring its self-knowledge.

¨        Self-Knowledge for the Mind is that it is really Supermind and the Spirit which is evolving as Supermind.

¨        The Spirit that is juxtaposed between Truth and Sat, viewed by Mind which is again a movement of knowledge of the same Sat is Matter.

¨        Sat in two extensions becomes the Spirit—the spiritual substance—and Mind and then lets the Mind interact with the Spirit in a reverse motion to create Matter. This is a movement of double objectivity turning on itself again subjectively.

¨        Matter having evolved created man, the conscient being, who has the choice of being conscious or unconscious.

¨        Mind looking at senses for a knowledge of matter is looking out and is unconscious.

¨        Mind looking at itself as a plane lost in its activities, in itself, in life or in matter to recover that lost identity is conscious.

¨        Now mind is on the surface bound to Time, ego and the finite form.

¨        Concentration, the traditional yogic method, dwells on the mind, rather renders the mind dwell on itself, so as to separate it from its spirit. This leads to moksha, or liberation.

¨        This concentration takes the mind from the surface to the inner mind.

¨        Having struggled for ten long years after Swami Vivekananda showed HIM the Supermind. Sri Aurobindo discovered how man can reach Supermind. His own discovery was that neither the concentration of Jnana Yoga nor the inquiry of Buddha would lead to Supermind.

¨        Man in any plane raises his skill and progresses. But when he wants to go to the next plane, no skill can take him there.

¨        No newborn baby can, by any skill known to it, grow into adulthood by itself. It is there to be taken care of by the parents. As the child does not know itself, its surrender is unconscious.

¨        As man is conscious and is now desirous of crossing over to the next plane of Supermind, no skill acquired in this plane as concentration can serve him. As the child surrenders itself unconsciously to its parents, man should consciously surrender himself to His parent, Supermind.

¨         It is necessary to shed the ego, become conscious and then choose surrender consciously.

¨        Man must choose to become conscious means he must renounce intellectuality, rather outgrow that.

¨        For this the method is surrender.

¨        Surrender is preceded by consecration.

¨        Consecration on the surface mind takes one to the psychic door in the inner mind and finally takes him to the psychic in the subliminal cave.

¨        The evolving Spirit, known as psychic at its tether end is situated in the subliminal which is the meeting point of the subconscient and the Superconscient.

¨        One of the original dualities is the Superconscient and its reverse the Inconscient.

¨        The Inconscient matter has evolved to become the subconscient which is the human body.

¨        So it is in the human body that the point of abolition of the original duality rests.

¨        Sat-Asat, Truth-Falsehool, Spirit—Matter, etc. are the other dualities.

¨        Abolition of one of the dualities simultaneously abolishes other dualities.

¨        We can begin only at the point where we are.

¨        We are at the point of running thoughts in the mind, or we are those thoughts.

¨        The thoughts RUN as we are identified with them.

¨        To stop the running thoughts is to detach oneself from the tendency to move along the identification with mind, life and matter.  The running thoughts are gross, having had their origin in the body.

¨        Human CHOICE is exercised at every moment. When the choice is clear, the will moves away from running and the mind becomes SILENT.

¨        The silence of the mind, by its force, can abolish thoughts.

¨        It can be succeeded by the abolition of the Mind itself when it becomes the universal mind.

¨        It is Mind that became Matter, first having become life.

¨        Evolution must retrace involution.

¨        Mind, as MAN, has its choice at every moment.

¨        It can still the thought and then choose to continue the evolution or go back to involution.

¨        Choosing to continue the evolution, the thought that is stilled can be abolished and we can further proceed to abolish the mind in the universal mind.

¨        Or, having abolished the thought or stilled it one can go ahead reaping the evolutionary rewards at that stage.

¨        We continue to evolve is our assumption.

¨        That continuation, as every other thing, can be to proceed from the thought abolished to its earlier stages in the body to touch the MIND of a cell or from the abolished thought it can proceed to abolish the mind itself. Any way, it is a zigzag path. Either way the goal is to discover the psychic in the body.

¨        Mental silence becomes supramental Silence as we proceed.

¨        No progress will be there the moment we discard our cherished method of consecration that is surrender.

¨        Consecration of the thought is followed by that of vital movements and physical urges.

¨        Moving along those lines, we reach our first landmark of the Mental Psychic.

¨        As the inward movement to the inner mind and subliminal mind continues, the spiritual mind ranges open and the psychic, which is on its downward journey to the body, rises in its upward journey to Supermind.

¨        At every stage we cross a plane, we see a reversal of consciousness.

¨        Thus Silence of the Mind is the first step, the first essential step while the Silence behind the Silence is the final step.

¨        Somewhere here we can distinguish between Mind seeing the Brahman as an outsider and Mind seeing the Brahman while on its journey to becoming the Brahman.

¨        As explained earlier, it is the difference between the user of a product to its manufacturer, the influential citizen meeting the head of the nation and the man in the party moving on the path of becoming the head of the nation meeting the head of the nation.

¨        The first is an outside movement, a release from its present bondage, to rise high; the latter is an evolutionary movement that moves along the line of descent now in ascent to become its origin.

¨        This perception is an indication of one being on the right path.

¨        The ordinary man who prays for relief from his problem is outside this purview and does not intend entering the arena insisting on the crumbs that fall off the table. That is worship.

¨        A slightly better alternative for him is to realise the higher goal as real and receive the benefits without praying for them, not for the sake of these benefits, but ultimately to reach the goal.

¨        ONE essential step taken in that direction is ever-present LUCK with attending unfailing success.

¨        That requires several initial qualifications.


       getting out of the society.

       weaning oneself out of the psychological personality.

       becoming physically dynamic, vitally energetic, mentally ORGANISED.

       giving up all superstition and becoming rational is the higher reason and logic of the infinite.

       moving into the subtle plane through insight and causal plane through intuition.

       In practical terms, if one has ever glimpsed this vision, INSTANTANEOUSLY his capacity to accomplish will rise a thousand-fold, i.e. he can at once earn several million dollars for the asking. In its absence it means, he is not serious.


Should anyone who has an inkling of this process be inclined to accomplish it at the lowest human social plane of material accomplishment and should they need an action plan, it is to consider the SOCIETY as Brahman and himself as an unconscious citizen and to travel on the path of a conscious citizen working his way to become himself the conscious society that individualises itself as its conscious citizen. First of all, he must cease to respect the society as a valuable place to live in and know that society is the layer of unconscious life and move from the point of being a conscious citizen by self-giving and universalisation to being the SOCIETY itself or at least the power of the society. In practice, a businessman by his widest enlargement grows to being the world of commerce, not the society itself. Those who are identified with their trade, do so with their trade in the world or in the nation. Though this is several levels down from the mercenary goal of material accomplishment, at this point the daily sales suddenly jump to annual sales or the shop’s sales in a few months rise to the entire market having 100 % of the market share.

It does not work itself out this way. The 4000 crores of the national market rise to 400,000 crores so that the aspirant rises from his 4 lakhs to 4000 crores. This is what I call the infinite emerging in the finite for which there are 1000 or 10,000 examples. One cannot aspire for this in his selfishness, stinginess, jealousy, competition, superstition, etc. His past consecration must wipe all these out in one single stroke of awakening goodness that is generous and expansive.