April. 4, 2002


Erin Brockovich


         Her language and dress.

         Tenacity of purpose.

         Undaunted defiance of circumstances.

         Pushy nature.

         Unscrupulous, but is factual in the work.

         Never feels inhibited.

         Unremitting application to work, perseverance.

         Personally courageous, never despairs or breaks down.

         Unashamed of a hard bargain which is almost extortion.

         In work has interpersonal skills.

         Has general goodwill to others.

         Her own lawyer was not hopeful.

         His partner, though he joined him was not optimistic.

         Her boyfriend opposed it and left her.

         A few clients would not listen to her.

         To her colleagues she was not the right kind.

         She received a threatening call.

         Her lawyer lost nerve more than once.

         It was a great social journey of adventure from an idea to tangible result.