Series XII       



1)             A universal Soul achieves its wishes even though they are only wishes.


His wish is fulfilled, as it is the wish of the Universe.


2)             Nature, He says, deliberately delays evolution and He calls for quickening evolution. Surrender is capable of neutralising Nature's deliberate delay.

Surrender is a movement beyond Timelessness.


3)             Determined ego is Ignorance organised. When it gives way, it passes through unconsciousness and unorganised ignorance. To consecrate a thought mental ego first faints and later awakens in heavy unconsciousness.


4)             A stupid mind succeeds in thinking by passing through confusion. Mind that is unconscious becomes conscious through surrender. Stiff mental ego reaches consecration through dismembering itself by heavy unconscious-ness.


Unconsciousness is better than mental hardness.



·          Body is transformed through diseases.

·          Consecration is achieved by mind through unconsciousness.

·          The vital seeks harmony through quarrel.

·          Self-experience of Ignorance is ego.

·          Consciousness experiences Ignorance as ego.

6)             If man is in his elements while consecrating, as he now does being what he is expressing his own urges, he becomes a yogi.


7)             There are two types of organisations. In one the importance of the procedure is related to the importance of the result. In the other the fulfilment of the smallest procedure determines the highest result.


8)             Strength needed for surrender is greater than the strength called for, for domination.

Strength of humility.


9)             Consecration is to allow Mother to act on a situation without activating one's personality.


                Restraint of reaction is consecration.



·          Surrender is Love

·          Love is Surrender

·          To surrender the human one has to awake in the divine parts of his being.

11)           The pain of transformation is equal to that pain which one feels when all the bones are broken.


Transformation is complete when the pain is consummate pain. Surrender

changes it into joy.


12)           All that man has to surrender is his pain which he is totally unwilling to do.


Surrender is getting rid of the unwanted.


13)           I am what disturbs me.

14)           Never forget the Divine man is. Beware of man himself as man.


God never fails; Man never fails to fail; It is God in Man that offers

increasing intimacy. Neither man nor God is the goal. It is God in Man.


15)           The Force acts, but acts on both sides – for its instrument and against its excess – exactly in the same way.

Air that freely inflates the tyre to keep it afloat at high speeds, leaks out fully by a prick. Air is air.


16)           Altruism will render one vulnerable, if he believes in its virtue.


17)           The experience of Sat is Spirit. It is an experience in Truth.The experience of Self-Consciousness in Ignorance is Ego.Ego is Spirit in Ignorance.


Spirit is Truth. Sat is the Soul of Truth. Sat is the Being of Truth. Truth is the Becoming of Sat. Spirit is the field where Sat creates Truth.


18)           He who is not able to consecrate an important work will not be able to consecrate any work as one is at the same level of consciousness at a time.


19)           Where a right explanation fails, a strong attitude will work.


Life acts, does not explain.

Silent men deny rights; people are frightened.

Rational men explain. It falls on deaf ears.

Accomplishment is by any authority that is valid.


20)           Decision making for another's JOY is the mental formula for the world to which MAN will give unfettered response.


21)           At the end of their lives men discover that they were ruled by a few facts, most of them false.


22)           Man who accepts his circumstances achieves in those circumstances. It is not given to man to conceive of more than his circumstances unless education, trade or other circumstances compel. The truth is man can conceive of the ultimate of circumstances and achieve there.


23)           The dream of our ancients for a world free of Ignorance is not before the modern mind. To revive the dream, to place it as an ideal before mankind itself is something desirable.


Man is no longer a dreamer of ideals. He is now an achiever of actuals in technology.


24)           What the body cannot accomplish, the mind fulfils in fantasy. He who wants to accomplish must be able to stop that fantasy.


25)           We see the greatest positive event as the greatest negative one by our inverted vision.


26)           Organisations work by the authority of hierarchy. In effect, it is effective in the measure of the respect shown to the higher levels or the authority enforced from above.

                Organisation is authority and respect.


27)           Standing before the WISDOM of the universe, man finds it a trickle as against Surrender to the Divine.



28)           The political leaders must know facts, especially the facts of underground life. Right decisions of survival or growth can be taken only based on such facts. Decision comes later, but facts are primary.


29)           Perversity of depravity can aspire for transformation if it decides to be utterly truthful and factual.


30)           Perfect life is one where the enjoyment that one needs or seeks flows out naturally from his life-style.


Life is perfect when the result is enjoyment.


31)           Civilisation marches ahead bringing negative physical forces under the control of culture while law brings them under its purview. Efficiency is to bring one's own negative consciousness under one's control.


The part growing into the whole is integration.


32)           At moments of crisis, whoever is right, the FORCE is there, acting and alive.


The crisis is for the individual; the progress is for the collective.


34)           Silence is Golden, not in the figurative sense, but in the real sense.


                Gold is gold even in Spirit.


35)           The view is His, not yours, not even that of the yogi's or that of the universe.


36)           One's opening to Force must be understood from the point of view of the Force, not the social, personal points of view.


37)           When Calling is good, it overcomes the physical mind.


38)           Now that the needs of Prosperity are fully met in the subtle plane, the next desire of the universal soul is for universal joy.


39)           Both sides of life will be there till it rises above the Overmind.


                Protection is a must till we cross Overmind.


40)           Brahman is the Self, the soul, the being, as it is the Spirit.


41)           The Self is Identical.


42)           The Self is without the scar of division.


43)           The Self, without the Form is the formless energy.


44)           Stands the Self, without the sinews of energy.


45)           At the gates of the Transcendent stands the Self, Pure, Silent, Still.


48)           Conscious thought is a thought one wishes for. Thought that is outside this conscious volition is an inspired one, either from above or below. Inspiration from above is divine, from below is Divine.


49)           It is Love that transforms the guru into the Jagat Guru inside presiding over the world.

50)           The lawless tyrant has to obey law is the law of democracy.


52)           Man forgets Mother in spite of the fact She is he himself.

(*The opposites are true.)


As knowledge does not reach the Supreme, it is, in that sense, Ignorance.


54)           Self-awareness is Self knowing Himself as Self in us and further discovering himself as the human in us trying to emerge as the evolving Self from the involving Self.



56)           The fact is we cannot communicate simple news to others, while our deepest urge is to educate the whole world.


57)           The great experience of one culture is mockery to another who is ignorant of it. A stupid person, ignorant of the rich wisdom of another, neglects him or laughs at him.



                The fool who laughs at wisdom is proud about his own great mind.


58)           Capacity of Goodness is an asset, not mere capacity that can be used either way.


                As goodness is never met, one's efficiency is a threat.


59)           The spiritual relationship of social factors is well defined to the spiritual vision but to the ordinary person it is complex or complicated, as a five year old listens to the genealogy of his family or the members introduced to him in a function.


60)           Sri Aurobindo's explanations are not beyond comprehension but are non-realities to human life. They won't be retained by the memory.


61)           Mind can desist from an action. But the body on its own, without any volition of mind can act on what it likes. It is the involuntary action of the physical substance.


62)            There is no question for which answers are not found in The Life Divine. Only that one must find it.


                All questions of life are answered in The Life Divine.


63)           Services rendered by sulky behaviour are disservice.


64)           Evil choosing the life of the good, subconsciously craves for destruction at everyone's hands.


65)           People who do not have the basic capacities should not attempt perfection.


                Perfection is for strength, not for weakness.



One retort loses one hundred years of patient waiting.

Patience is patience when it is endless. That patience which has an end is  not patience. He who was patient for a long time loses its value when he

                retorts even once.


68)           Mean resourcefulness is matchless.


                Meanness has matchless resourcefulness.


71)           Jnana is the Thought that descends on the mind in its Silence.

72)           Gods are of the size of the earth; the psychic expands to the ends of the universe.


73)           Mind understands mental thought. The brain understands the Supramental Thought.


74)           Jnana is so profound and vast as the universe and defies communication.


75)           Silent Will is a wider will and can grow widest.


                The Absolute's decision is Delight.


76)           Realisation is relief.

                Realisation can be relaxation, but realisation should be enjoyment.


77)           Understanding is ascent, teaching and writing is descent.


78)           Energy, nutrients, micronutrients, etc. determine health. There is a greater wider determinant of inner equilibrium. Any imbalance or lack of any ingredient will be rectified by this equilibrium within its limits.Mind determines health.


82)           Man's formula for self-justification.


83)           God brought Freedom to India on the most auspicious of days. Astrologers manipulated the hour of commencement, which directly led to bloodshed.


Man's resourcefulness in cancelling grace is consummate.


84)           Becoming is a passing phenomenon. Being is everlasting. But the Being of the Becoming is the everlasting phenomenon that is evolving which is eternal Delight.


85)           All men are equal before law is rewritten by the tyrant that all men are equally ignoble before tyranny.                  


87)           The slave who ascends the throne is the tyrant.

88)           The evolutionary Force acting, acts according to the circumstances rather than according to ethics.


89)           Life preserves itself when shaken in a crisis. Writers preserve the society when they stir up its forces. Literature is generally preservative of society.


90)           Partial perception of the mind needs a direction, feels an excitement. The full sensation of the Spirit is directionless and is in calm Ananda.


                The soul needs no ideal that mind seeks.


91)           Any present institution will have over 80% of outdated methods in-built into it. Moreover, they would be indifferent to advantages up to 80%. To get rid of the first and avail of the latter will raise any company fifty to a hundred times.


                Growth is by choice; non-growth too. Anyone who chooses can grow.


92)           Subtlety is as important as Silence to begin yoga.


93)           Man's life is determined by his subconscient.


94)           Study of a language introduces one to its history, culture and their social values.

Language is the cultural skin of the social body.


95)           Language is a science that develops as an art.


96)           One who tries to codify the linguistic concepts sees all the time that his effort is effectively defied. He must remember that the very development of language is a codified one.


97)           Rational advice is only for men who will avoid past errors of themselves and others.


98)           Wise men in the traditional sense can have traditional wisdom that is limited to their period. To speak of the future one needs to know the theory of change or better still the theory of creation.

99)           In the name of Mother one can justify one's weakness and that too may succeed by the intensity of faith. It does not mean weakness is right.


                To surrender that weakness to Mother is faith in Mother.


101)         To be concentrated is partial. To be the finite is to be unconscious.    Integrality is to be aware of the Infinite in the finite, one expression of the comprehensive preciseness.


102)         We know of the human heart with four chambers. But what we call heart is not situated in it. It is there in the centre of the chest. There is another spiritual heart behind it where the psychic is.


Psychic is the heart of spiritual emotions.


103)         The ship is aware of the port towards which it sails, not the vast sea that keeps it afloat.


105)         Supramentalisation is inevitable, as Overmind has already descended.


                The descent of November 24, 1926 is of the Overmind.

                It is the predecessor of its successor.


108)         It is authority when it can destroy anyone for any small fault or no fault.


109)         When the mind thinks or the spirit meditates, the entire body is actively silent to enable the higher parts to act.


                The silence of the body is a great effort for its restlessness.


113)         Human consciousness as well as divine consciousness overwhelms the yogic consciousness.


114)         Local opposition is due to local appreciation of the inner true status.


116)         Fear rises as long as one is wedded to separation. Fear goes forever when the union or unity with the Spirit is felt. Beyond that, occasions of fear are moments of exhilaration of courage.


117)         Procedures become predicaments in low situations when each person is capable of unseemly assertion.


118)         Man understands as he wants to understand, i.e. he imposes on the outer environment his own limitations and understands them as he is constituted to understand.


119)         Problems are solved by our memory. Yoga cannot be done by that. Life is on the surface, yoga is of the depths.


120)         The observer in the mind, and even the thinker in the mind is not the I. They are functions of the I or parts of it.


                Mind itself is a part of us, one of the four parts.

                Being is behind and comprises of these parts.


121)         We know which food is good for health and which not and which are non- issues for health. We have no similar ideas of life and work. Works classify with respect to life as essential, non-essential, harmful, evolutionary, etc.  Except empirical knowledge, we have none.


122)         How can a child know the hour of reading from play or the moment of exam, if he has no sense of a time–table? Man with respect to life is like such a child and is unable to distinguish the critical moment from an empty hour. Presently man is caught on the wrong foot as he goes by observation.

                He does need a yardstick.


126)         Mental maturity flowers as Silence.


129)         (a physical person).

(a vital person).

(has a touch of supramental sense).


131)            The oblivious unpunctual person makes Time an idiom of his own personal culture of inspired energy.


132)         Consecration is at several levels.


133)         The funeral rites allow our lives to be governed by the laws of dead spirits, not by gods or divine laws.


134)         Transformation finds endowments a resource. Still, to begin afresh is better.


135)         Accomplishment is an advantage.

                Accomplishment is an obstacle.

                It is human choice that decides on the advantage or obstacle.


136)         This yoga has the power to complete Raja Yoga in six days.


137)         Life does not wait for a second.


138)         Her action is instantaneous.


139)         Unpunctual persons speak of five minutes which is half an hour. For them, time is not on the face of the clock but is an idiom of their culture.


140)         Medical knowledge permits preparing a health bulletin for future decades. One's future well-being can now be determined and the prescription written.


*He can choose his time of death.


141)         Income is determined by one's temperament.



·          Man does not know the great JOYS sanctioned to him.

·          He is not aware of them. Some are not acceptable to his notions.

·          He has his own petty joys.

·          By a mysterious error his joys and divine sanction overcome his unconsciousness and hesitation.

·          He seeks them with ardour and enjoys them as MOTHER'S GRACE.


144)         The original worth of personality will be clearly seen at times of crisis.

Perceptive people can see it at other times too.


Crisis makes personality transparent.


146)         Love that needs testing or proving is no love.

147)        Heart grudges to smile or expand.

148)         Not pride but expansiveness is what gives joy.

149)         A Christian may honestly believe he can cheat a Jew, but he will never be honest to one man on earth.            

Double standards are no standards.

150)         The Life Divine - Summary understanding is sufficient.

Detailed understanding is a Delight.


151)         Rain will pour down if the inner truant changes or is crushed.


153)         The restlessness of the physical being should be saturated with peace.


154)         Pride is poverty.


155)       Love is incapable of suspicion.


156)         Inner call moves seats of power.


157)         His grace is awaited for the world to move towards Him.


158)         The evolving Soul takes the poise of surrender as if it is its nature.


159)         He who acts in any plane can seek the results only in that plane. Any redressal is in the plane of action, not anywhere else.


160)         The return of Evil to Good is announced by evil entering one's life. Often it is through marriage.


161)       Work is what one does inwardly.


162)         Self-absorption is as great a joy as Self-discovery.


163)       Another man's achievement generates no inner energy of expansiveness.


164)       In the mouth of an evil low person, good becomes bad.


165)         The maximum understanding or health is determined by intelligence and health, not information and food. So, the maximum yogic benefit is NOT determined by practice but by consecration.


166)       Expanded selfishness is not selflessness.

                Self dissolving gives rise to selflessness.


167)       A man is his problems and opportunities combined. He rarely knows it. Knowing them and consecrating them, he makes yogic progress in life.


168)         Future goodness can be seen in present sweetness.


169)         Our idea that our children will be affectionate, our friends will be loyal, etc. does not so much reflect the reality as our own self-esteem.


                Human goodness is human expectation.


170)         The greatest progress one can induce in the society is that which he can realise in his inner spiritual substance.


171)         Sense of unreal superiority that is emotionally fulfilling is that of the primitive who prides in his primitivity. All orthodox people are like that.


172)         Surrender is the reversal of the original hostility to God's creation.


                The very first contradiction is the birth of Asuras. Surrender is the reversal of that contradiction.


173)         Neither man, nor woman, can hope for fulfilment without the other. Tapas that gives up the woman is obviously partial.


                Shakti demands surrender of the Ishwara and there is no escape from it as he seeks the whole that is integral.


174)         Surrender is not a method in that it is not partial. It is a state of consciousness that is not only full but is indivisible.


                Methods are partial. Fullness requires a status, not even an attitude.

                Opinion is of the mind, attitude is of the vital, motive is of the being.

                Status is all embracing.


175)         One needs a full YOGA to realise the value of surrender. Consecration is difficult to begin as it is to leave the surface being and enter into the subliminal being.


176)         Instead of one trying to change from evil to good, one should surrender that effort to Mother. That knowledge is the knowledge which awakes to Him in one and is far higher than the tapas for moksha.


                Surrender is the awakening of the soul to the reality of Brahman inside as The Mother.


                Tapas is to recognise one's capacity to liberate oneself. Surrender is to give up one's reliance on one's own capacities.


177)         The idea of surrender is the knowledge of the existence of a greater power. Surrender to be real must begin as total surrender and be total throughout.


                By being total and integral Surrender is a vibration of Brahman even as Supermind is a plane that is in constant touch with the Absolute.

                Surrender begins when the being becomes integral and complete.  


178)         Espousing ideals, especially high ideals, blunts the conscience in other areas and lapses are justified by the mind.


May we say it is the ideal that negatively spurred the betrayal?

                Essential lapses in character offset espousal of high ideals.


179)         Evil nature seeks ideals as a compensation.


180)         The rational mind feels like a fool when he sits and calls Mother. But, it is not only what no mind can ordinarily do, but the first step into the golden hour.


181)         He who has chosen Mother has only one thing to do which he always avoids and forgets. He has no right to ask what it is.


He forgets it because it is too much for him.

                When reminded he wonders how he forgot it.

                Man forgets Mother.


182)         Repentance on the part of man, forgiveness on the part of the divine in man are the most distant echoes of Surrender that is the action of self- awareness. Surrender is self-made, not imposed from outside or even inside.


Evil returning to Good is surrender. It is the Hostiles returning to God, the Absolute.


183)         God takes man back to Himself through his wife. That is why marriages are made in heaven.


184)         Sin is not an act; it is an attitude.

                Error is not sin, to stick to it is.


185)         Conscious humility is God's self-awareness.


186)         Consecration makes the past present.


187)         Humility not only recognises we are part of the whole, it enables the whole to offer the efficiency of it to the part.


Humility is the strength of prosperity.


188)         Ideals, doctrines, creeds, etc. are followed not as they are but as one's personality permits or accommodates.


Man alone is the determinant.


189)         Change is by emotions, not by thought.


190)         He who consecrates his speech will find his words come true.


191)         Man rarely turns to God or does anything GOOD. But the moment he does so he abundantly resorts to the opposite.


The moment man does anything Good, God compels him to balance it fully without waiting for the Good to be completed.


192)         Punctuality is time deciding work. Work deciding Time is the WORK.


193)         Initiative is inhibitive. Surrender rises when initiation is given up.


194)      To be what one is, even if it is evil, is REAL while the effort or desire to change into GOOD is not real to man. One is what is real to him. Against the needs and urges of his nature he is helpless. One is awake if he is good.


Soaked in Mother's atmosphere one is awake to the necessity to change his evil nature. Life gives only antidotes, not awakening.


195)         Till man recognises his own evil, he serves the evil in others. Squint is expressive of the evil.


One meets oneself in others.


196)         A lack is a warning signal when one arrives at the end of his resources. For a sadhak it is an occasion to remind himself of the Infinity of his energy and capacity for skill formation.

197)         When work stalls, it means the energy of the capacity is insufficient. As the demands of work on the person rise this happens, which is a good sign and an occasion for progress.


A lack is a signal for growth.


198)         Thought works in the mind. Methods work in their own planes.

                The plane of Surrender is not mind or body but evolution.

                Surrender is not a method nor does it belong to any plane.


199)         Faith and consecration are almost synonymous.


200)         Man can entertain surrender from others. The offending part in others is an announcement of God to him of his spiritual duty.


201)         The eyes that powerfully communicate become powerless when the heart overflows.


203)         True love grows into blemish–free love of the divine touch when the mind of emotions is pure as well as free.


204)     To transform weakness into strength is welcome. But neither of them is      required for one to function creatively. The man of inferiority complex can become dynamic, but it is better for him to be an ordinary citizen.


205)         A laudable ideal successfully followed may after all be an opinion of one followed effectively because of strength of personality.


                The power of individuality is often great.


206)         Love is not made to order, nor is anything else. Man is not so constituted that he can be ordered to do anything. Nor is he in a position to order himself.


210)         Love that needs explanation is no love. It needs no expression. It is, it exists, it is seen when it is most unseen.


212)         Great moments are great. Great emotional moments border on the divine territory. Still they can be accompanied by symptoms of drain. Drain is the symptom of the moment being human.


                What is divine is in abundant excess.


215)         Equality and Patience are status and expression of the same consciousness of infinity. Bliss of Patience is ecstasy.


216)         Public opinion gains weight and significance when the government or parts of the government endorse it. Till then it is amorphous.


                Strong public opinion unendorsed by government is resolution.


217)         All the deceits under law that now go scot-free do have legal remedies, if only there is sufficient courage on the part of the victims.


                All the monies in Swiss banks can be unearthed by our Parliament through their Parliament.


218)         Passionate devotion is perfect perfection.


                Saturation is perfection of quality.


219)         The infinitesimal of the highest plane is infinite in the lowest plane.


                Man's ocean is God's droplet.               


220)         The present is not in life, but in the psychic. Life has the present misery; the ever-present is in the psychic.


221)         During transitions, the society prepares itself under the surface in the reverse to accept the changes, as Tamilnadu has accepted English or revered atheism.


222)         Perfection is not perfection of values but perfection of public endorsement.


                Perfect authority is perfection for the public.                                       


223)        To reach spiritual fullness, one has to exhaust the potentials of the negative

                as well as the positive.


224)     Shedding the seven ignorances, acquiring the four levels of knowledge,   traversing from the subliminal to surface, psychic moving from the mind  to the physical are all simultaneous movements. They are several facets of ONE movement.

225)         Emotions endeavour to accept the knowledge of the mind by forgetting the  

stinging suspicion of the mind that has destroyed it.


226)         What intelligent perception directly sees, the ignorant emotion debates over a lifetime.


228)         To do a thing is to be physical. To know is to be mental. To know the process of creation is to be mental about creation. It is given only to Supermind.


                Man is not yet mental about most of his achievements, maybe any of them. Man is not yet mental in that sense.


230)         Fashion is at the level of social energy not yet organised for action or restraint. Energy acts without restraint. Therefore fashion spreads at once whereas ideas do not. The lower the energy, the quicker it acts.


                Energy is liquid without a container.     


231)         An erroneous behaviour's necessity can be understood and the behaviour pardoned, but it cannot be adored except by HIM who contrived it. It is He in Nature hidden.


232)         When the criminal's need for crime is recognised or the harlot's urge is understood, neither of them will be pleased, as they are social beings in some slight measure.


235)         Aspiration flags and wants to return to the old undesirable temperament. Irritation is the resistance of personality to such return.


236)         Our urge expresses where our morals permit. But urge itself is not spiritually desirable. The urge should resolve into calm that is potentially urgent.


238)         Leadership was with the military. Now it is with popularity or money. Leadership is accorded to accomplishment. Next to the military, accomplishment was with money. Now in a democracy, it goes with popularity.


239)         While the uneducated fool is an ordinary occurrence, the educated fool is rare. Folly remains in spite of education.


240)         Predictability is the superstition of the previous century. It belongs to the gross plane, not the subtle plane.


241)         Kashmir has been defying a solution these fifty years because it is Nehru's native country.


                It is noteworthy that only the Kashmir problem has remained unsolved while 360 princely states have joined India.


242)         Transformation issues the highest results because the power that was so far misapplied gets the right application. The stupid boy's labour, after he learns, yields ultimate results.


243)         Potential intelligence is equal in all, as pulse, temperature, B.P., height, weight, etc.


As the primitive himself equalled us in his intelligence, it is right all of us are equal in native intelligence.



·          Man can understand the process of creation.

·          He can identify himself with any stage of Ignorance or any stage of knowledge or any stage of any other fundamental spiritual determinant.

·          He can identify with Silence or Spirit or Brahman.

·          He can move along with them as they move.

·          He can involve or evolve as he chooses.

·          Then he will be conscious, not a mere conscious soul but conscious as Brahman is conscious.

·          Now he is identified with his body unconsciously.

·          To be his body consciously is the ultimate stage.


249)         Sirapunji has NO right to complain of water scarcity in summer which it does now. In the 21st century, no country has the right to complain of any problem because there is NO scarcity or no problem.


250)         Queen Victoria's devoted servant Brown called her 'woman', a necessity of proximity devoid of desert.


                Proximity is profanity.


253)         It is unable to feel that Pure Affection is constantly enveloping it all the time as Mother's Touch.


254)         Mean touch, mercenary outlook, selfish attitude scorch the heart that longs for affection.


256)         Rich imagination excels reading great literature.


257)         A woman feels sorry when her husband gives up something for Mother as he had not done it for the wife.


                Man naturally feels he is more important than God, perhaps because he subconsciously knows himself to be God.

260)         Pure thought penetrates.


262)         Mother rewards the act for which life punishes.


263)         Joy rising in quality becomes causeless as well as descends towards the body.


264)         Learn to shift your centre at least temporarily. Then you can experience any spiritual experience for a while.


265)         An unconscious mind allows thoughts to enter from outside. Conscious mind generates its own thoughts. A mind can be conscious at any level, even at the level where it can create ORIGINAL thoughts.

266)         Strength is measured by the duration of sustaining the highest possible effort.


267)         He who wanted to learn from everyone at last discovered that it was not he who was to learn.


268)         Time duration is necessary when we are in the Becoming, not when we are in the Being.


269)         Attention paid to power or money is fully mistaken as attention to the person. Its miniature versions saturate life at all levels. The most ridiculous version of it is a fluent speaker being mistaken for an intelligent thinker.


270)         Life responds in hundreds of ways, but when the intensity of emotions reaches the climax, life never fails to respond.


271)         USA was isolationist; Hitler sought world domination. USA now dominates the world, having defeated Hitler, enjoying the ambition of the vanquished.


272)         It is not only by discipline man can live. The very best of us need relaxation. To relax is a discipline.


278)         Concentration

·          Thinking is mental concentration.

·          Silence is concentration of the Higher Mind.

·          Working is concentration in the body.

·          Passion or interest is vital concentration.


Concentration is one dwelling on itself.


279)         Our unexpressed low opinion of another makes him offend us for no reason whatsoever.


280)         Men give a magnificent response to Mother at first, till their own personality is touched. When it is touched, the only response is that of the most irrational, stupid, primitive man, " I do not want this Mother".


281)         Softness is spiritual strength expressing mental knowledge with vital energy in the physical movements like speech.


                Softness is Supreme Strength.


282)         Any formula for the Universe or family happiness or World Prosperity will be universally accepted if it is discovered by one who has touched the Self, as knowing IT, one knows all.


                Not the Ego, but the Self can deliver.


283)         Raising the level of consciousness is like raising the water level in a lake. It is not for an individual but an individual who is in charge of the in-flow.


                Man cannot walk one foot above the ground but can fly five miles above. Not by his own effort but by the use of a technology he can do so.


284)         It is not as if thought cannot achieve and only Silence can achieve. Thought achieves in the plane of mind, if not more.


                Nothing is ineffective. Each achieves in its own plane.


285)         Wisdom is born when the finite is understood in the context of the Infinite.


286)         Society not only condones the lapses of their leaders, especially the great ones, but prides in it.


The public perceives the contradictions as complements by adoring the lapses of its leadership.


287)         Chastity is primarily a social value, secondarily a psychological value and that too a social psychology. It is never a spiritual value like Truth or Goodness, though it can enjoy spiritual power.


288)         Man who enjoyed dominating the woman is now tending to a goal of enjoying her domination. Civilisation is domination changing place.


289)         The higher you are in social achievements, it is very likely you are lower in inner spiritual worth, as these are days when the low rises high by virtue of being low.


290)         Prosperity is not in the product, market, society, etc. It is there concentrated in one's own inner centre as ATTITUDE.


291)         He who can make the right decision has Mother's Presence always.


292)         Seeing the World inside, one moves towards the Transcendental Self inside. The Transcendent is the subjective universe. The universe is the objective individual self.


293)         As the growing years are ones of overflowing energy that makes one fully oblivious, the declining years are years of no energy which raises the 'wonders' of the subconscient here. For many, old age commences at 40 or even earlier. Mother postpones the onset of old age.


294)         Old age is belief in old, worn out ideas, not merely the decades lived on earth.


295)         Events will be smooth not when we are rational but when there is subtle harmony among all of us.


296)         Giving up Silent will takes one to the Silence behind Silence.


Consecration of Silent will is surrender.


297)         In laughing at everyone, man communes with his own reflected self.


The first result of wisdom is to laugh at oneself and the last is to adore the folly of every other person.


298)         Very few things follow us through life as the names of people we had to do with.



·          Conception, perception, sensation are the stages open to man.

·          To observe his body or mind or spirit may be the first stage.

·          In the ascent, he can move through sensation to conception and can proceed to identification.

·          He is free to do so with his body or spirit or with the Brahman itself.

·          That is the final Freedom man can enjoy if he chooses.


300)         Great minds produce great thoughts. Greater minds produce immortal literature. An act of surrender, surrendering the urge for poetic creation, even an ordinary impulse, is greater than writing Symposium. Yoga enjoins on us that sacred duty.


302)         People develop sentiments, values and even sensitivities about several things before they have any experience really. Most of them are valid superstitions.


Concealing is culture.


305)         Purity is pure, wants to be pure, does not try to convince another of its traits, cannot stand being suspected.


                Self-existence seeks no proof.


306)         Argument offends emotion.

                It cannot even stand explanation.


                Emotions exist, don't explain.


307)         The requirement of evidence by law eliminates tyranny of the autocrat, though it does not ensure pure justice to the innocent.


308)         Mother dissolves dualities.


309)         In an emerging society all habits that are extinct will come to life with a vengeance and rule the roost for a time.


Spiritual awakening will give an enormous boost to astrology and clairvoyance.


310)         To be able to see the whole as a never-ending marvel is the truth. At least we must always be able to see the right side only so that our joy will not abate.


311)         Sin in life becomes sinless when we reach Mother. When Mother expresses Herself through the act, what was sinless earlier becomes a source of ecstatic joy.


                Mother converts sin into a virtue of ecstasy.


312)         The very first thing Mother does to us is to pull us out of the world of dualities. The very first thing we do is to return to our world.


313)         Man needs NO knowledge. He needs a product that can be used.


314)         Any new idea is shy to express itself.


                Shyness is the self-awareness of the body.

                Shame is vital self-awareness.


318)         One movement of Reality splits into one million movements in phenomena.


319)         Neither the heart nor the mind cherishes disharmony or conflict. They long for unity, utter UNITY in the substance.


 324)        In periods of social transition, the losing class pleads not to preserve its rights but for saving face, asks of the enemy for a discreet consideration in delivering the humiliation.


334)         Our mind and vital usurping Shakti is like the peon and clerk appropriating the order of the office.


339)         For the media to become generous and non-sensationally factual, the society should espouse collective GOOD WILL.


340)         In every field, society loves to be promiscuous, as there is no organisation. Organisation is the chastity of society.


341)         The intelligence that can understand only from arguments or from statistical figures is no intelligence. Intelligence understands unaided.


342)         Individual work value or cultural value is impersonal value of the universe.


344)         Calling from below, the response from above together changes the being inside out, thus reversing the consciousness, which initiates transformation.


347)         Strength naturally inclines towards evil and tyranny, without its being inherently so.


348)         Loyalty is not just divided but is really divided in a multiple way. This is so because loyalty is NOT to a person but to a principle.


                Possessiveness is not loyalty; it is to raise selfishness to a high principle.


349)         What cannot be possessed as of value is not worth possessing. It is never possessed.


                To make the form content is not so much a sin as folly.


350)         The romance, idealism, etc. that accompanied marriage are the subtle fringes to keep the social institutions alive and active.


351)         The unfaithful couple who willingly forgive each other settle down to a quiet life, not sweet love.


352)         As rudeness is lack of culture, tyranny is lack of means of expression of intense love.


353)         Love felt in the depths is capable of evoking corresponding love in the other, in the course of which a sudden transformation of bitterness into sweetness takes place.


                Tyranny is intensity of love ill delivered.


354)         There are those who have an intense need to betray, commit a crime, be false, even as those who need to eat, shout and play. In a world where no one recognises their need, they fall in love with those who recognise their needs and offer themselves as a medium of expression. Such expression of love reaches the heights of intensity.


355)         Intense emotion incapable of thinking, physical heroism fallen into rigidity and the low physical invite such outbursts.


356)         Tyrants are beginners in psychological culture.


Those who offend for the joy of it are adepts in primitive possessions with prickly endowments.


Not to respond to his offence is Spiritual culture.


Cultural offence is a baby passing motion on us.


357)         Precision in technology is the primitive becoming a genius.


Psychological precision is the finished raw material for the spiritual revolution.


Psychological precision seen in vital intuition is green

wood taking fire.


358)         The venom of the cobra and are the right fields to develop the spiritual insight into the emerging light hidden in them.


                Not an overmental god, but a Supramental Avatar alone can swallow and transform the poison of creation.


359)         Thought prevents knowledge is the simplest spiritual truth.


                Die to the mind, awake in the psychic.


360)         Risk that exhausts its potential without exceeding its limit will meet with the richest reward.


364)         All-inclusive concentration is difficult to achieve inside. When expressed, it disappears. To achieve it inside and maintain it outside is to go beyond Nirvikalpa Samadhi when even branding cannot restore sensation.


                The whole earth is in a kind of all-inclusive concentration, which is the unconscious state of Matter. Man needs it consciously at the Supramental level.

365)         Romantic attraction soon palls. Organised strong cruelty puts up its attractive brilliance from the other side. Its sweetness lingers even after the other side is perceived.


368)         Is man willing to make the choices today in the light of future results when they are disclosed today?


                Man is irrationally insistent.


Wrong choice and total loss is man's choice, not right choice and long enjoyment.


372)         Is there any physical, vital experience that the mind cannot understand and abridge? The Supermind can so abridge evolution.


374)         Great men write mostly for themselves, sometimes for others.


375)         The part after becoming the whole wishes the recognition of other parts that it is a whole.


376)         Formula of the universe may not win the Prize. Winning of freedom without armed struggle too may not win it. Savitri can go unnoticed as well as Auroville.


377)         To know Her makes the Prize beside the point. Is it conceivable?


                Her Touch enables one to confer the Priceless Prize on anyone.


378)         What we learn we love to experience and repeat that experience ad infinitum. Can we experience getting away from the experience of repetition? It is the taste of Ignorance.


                Man needing the taste of Knowledge is evolution.


                Every time He drops a pregnant phrase, He extends us an Invitation.


379)         surface being The surface being of man is the Surface of the Being.


380)         The call from below can be partial or from a shallow depth. The call of the total being comes from the very depths beyond which it strays into Being.


381)         When overwhelmed, strong men fight. Yogis should find the offending reaction or depression and consecrate it, a feat of yoga.


382)         One need not court contacts in low culture. Life gives enough you need. Know them enough to get over it, appreciate it from their point of view, receive it from your point of view of need for transformation, and move away. Try nothing on them.


                Miners do a service to the earth in digging and smelting the oar into metal. There is no greater service to us than what crudeness offers.

383)         Looking at falsehood, weakness, evil, ignorance, pain, tyranny, noise, finite rigidity, impurity, division, we can know the progress we need. That centre which knows all these is the psychic centre.


384)         Status goes with money but what really is enjoyable is not so much money as status. When Mother gives anything, what is enjoyable is Mother, not the thing that carries Mother.


                Even the physical enjoyment She gives shows that.


385)         Great achievements need great energies. There is no YOGA without overflowing spiritual energies. It is not meant for one who lacks even vital energy.


386)         Spiritual energy is of a higher denomination. Any amount of physical vital energies will shrink into a few drops of spiritual energy.


387)         Truth is God's substance.

                A truthful Brahmin is a God on earth.


388)         Instantaneous miraculousness issues from the shift from the outer to the inner.


389)         Maintaining values, culture or work, compels one to break with the present functioning at many or all points. All such points are LIVE, live with infinity.


390)         Concentrate behind the heart, consecrate and surrender are His two behests, which are the occult secrets of the subtle plane of the Future.


391)         When the mind and heart meet in the soul, the spiritual Sun emerges behind the heart.


392)         The wealth of energy of a nation lies in the freedom of the children, women, workers and the lowly.


393)         The silence in all parts of the being is a sine qua non for a deep call.


394)         Calling reverses the consciousness making the process of transformation possible.


395)         We speak of marriage breaking down. Socially it is true. Psychologically that institution is never born. What is not yet born psychologically breaks down socially.


                The institution of marriage has no psychological sanction.


396)         He who recognises the need of evil to be evil, recognises the Love behind that evil.


397)         Once organisation is dead it becomes dark, evil and poisonous.


398)         Each sea is full. No ocean can feed another sea or lake. Each is self-contained, does not permit intrusion. Souls need no help from outside, nor do they allow help to disturb their status.


                Souls are Self-contained centres of Spiritual energy.


399)         The physical insists on learning itself. It resists external teaching. Each soul has come to learn on its own, not from others.


400)         Souls do not permit others to intrude, but when they choose to invite such intrusion, what opens is infinity.


                Soul's desire to participate with other souls is spiritual evolution.


401)         A king who reminds another that he should remember he is the King is weak, with no majesty about him.


                Strength acts, does not speak.


402)         To readily concede the full weight of the law one should be a mentally developed social being.


The level of a society is seen by what the general population lives, i.e. what is paramount to them.

Law is so paramount in a democratic society.

Devotion is paramount in a religious society.


403)         Integrality is millions of parts uniting as a whole where the movement of each part is communicated to the centre as well as all other parts.


                Totality of movements is integrality in action.


404)         There are rhythms in work as in weather. They are outside as well as inside. We forget people and events when the rhythm does not surface.


405)         I enjoy not what I can, but what is my due. Due alone delights.


406)         To try to understand subliminal life by evaluating human life is like studying the atomic structure of elements viewing the objects on the table.


                Spirituality is to intellectuality what Space science is to geography.


407)     Man not being able to take the right decision is life struggling to let knowledge emerge from its ignorance.


408)         To know the subliminal moves the surface is to be awake in the subliminal.


                The subliminal is moved by the Shakti.


409)         The realisation that one is not a formed entity but a ripple on the surface of an infinite ocean will bring universal fame, not hankering for it.


410)         Man is reluctant to wipe off Time forever.


411)         Disbelief is the desire to humiliate.


412)         The body does not respond to words.

               Its response is Miraculous and Instantaneous.

               Yoga tries to make the body respond.

Yogi's word achieves.


413)         Ingratitude is instinct.


414)         Living is on the surface.

                Existence is in the depth.


415)         Mating is the romance of Matter.


                Human romance has not evolved to mind.


416)         We have no idea how deeply we are engrossed in ourselves enjoying each movement.


417)         Story is a plot of successive events in the imagination of the teller, which the listener enjoys in anticipating. Listening to a story is mind communicating with mind through events that are plots.


418)         Man who exists at all levels from body upwards seeks unity at each level. The higher the unity, the greater the enjoyment, the very highest being reaching Sat and descending to the body where the psychic becomes the supramental being.


419)         Sat expresses as Truth and Unity objectively. It can without objectifying as seen as three parts of Atma, Purusha, Ishwara. Ishwara is creative Ananda, Purusha is conscious non-participation, Atma (Brahman) is the unconscious appearance.


                Sat is Spirit as its own experience, is consciousness in extension, is Truth and Unity in objectifying, is Atma, Purusha, Ishwara.


420)         Mind conceives of Thought, perceives the emotion of the sentiment and senses Ananda as Beauty.


                Mind is consciousness expressed as light and knowledge.


                Sensation of the mind is beauty.


421)         An event in life cannot be said to be true in all similar situations, as things vary. In the subtle plane any event reveals its character whether it is general or particular.


422)         People who gossip about someone or something do not take them into consideration at all. They talk about them or these subjects what they like to talk. So, it is 'rational' to their imagination.


                 No one takes the least effort to be factual, fair, or rational. Everyone tries their best to be wishful, fanciful, and satisfy their wildest imaginations.


423)         For the individual to uphold the expected social behaviour without its being enforced, the transition is from law to culture.


                Man moves from punishment to incentive to values.

424)         Liquidation of earlier centuries has become ostracism now.


425)         The lower classes will generate more geniuses than the upper classes. The upper classes will generate greater percentage of the above average in all fields, not the very best which is even now the case in all nations.



·          Replace gossip by fresh new information.

·          Replace excitement by enlightenment.

·          Let travel educate, entertain, enlighten.

·          Violence will turn into intensity.

·          Convert jails into learning centres.

·          Let every home be a miniature university with Internet as the centre and computer as the instrument.

·          Raise the minimum in all fields to the maximum.


427)         Money, crime, violence will be abolished by education and enlightenment that is entertainment.


                Entertainment will be more engaging than crime or violence when money disappears.


428)         Enjoyment must be the driving force for the future society.


                Continuously open up higher avenues for greater enjoyment till it begins to open by itself.



·          Render money superfluous.Raise education to Intuition.Centralise production for those who need to work.Enlighten through entertainment.


430)         Let the future aim at creating geniuses not graduates.


                Raise the illiterate to graduation.

                Aim at creating not prosperity, but millionaires.


Future must produce not citizens but philosophers, sages, geniuses and great men.


431)         Educate through intuition to create geniuses, not graduates through thinking.


432)         One district in each nation can take up the experimentation of the Theory.


                Abundance of money will alert all.


433)         Demobilise, compel each soldier to get a very high degree, put the jails in their charge, computerise the nation, make money redundant by its abundance, raise the level of education to graduation, educate, entertain, enlighten, discover the INDIVIDUAL, do it in one district, the whole world will overflow with joy of prosperity.


434)         A world union may find a version of the idea of an agricultural nation, industrial nation, a nation of universities as income will not be a bone of contention.

                Experiments in exclusive production and a fully composite living can be done.

                Even inside one nation it can be done. The relative advantages will emerge in one generation.

                Nations can be production-based instead of culture-based.


435)         It is worthwhile creating a nation of agriculturists, pooling them from all nations. They would excel not only in production but in cooperation with other cultures.


                This may make agriculture lands true laboratories of production, thus setting world records.


436)         The army and the universities should together handle the prisons. It must be admitted that these are their greater talents inverted.


437)         A comprehensive jail reform programme is on the agenda in all rich nations. Well conceived, it may produce several leaders of the future. Its products are sure to excel those of the universities.


438)         The Internet will render crime investigation comprehensive making it    impossible to commit further crimes. The pity is Internet offers equal opportunities to the criminal.


439)         The self-awareness that knows mind divides, ego separates, Time is successive, infinite by division becomes finite, will restore unity.


440)         Sensation felt in movement is energy. Maya is the Energy of the Absolute. Thought is mental energy.


                The Absolute is status, its movement is the Energy called Maya.


                Outgoing people learn another's language readily. Selfish people do not learn out of self-importance.


441)         Creation first creates results such as a theorem in thought, a symphony in the music of the vital or a statue in stone. Long after the physical achieves, the mind begins to understand and explain its theory.


442)         Jealousy comes of age when it turns around and seeks the help of him of whom it was jealous.


443)         The highest objective organisational efforts internationally are myopic and shot through and through with prejudice.


444)         Lessons that are usefully learnt:


1.        No help can ever be offered to another.

2.        You, obviously, cannot give what you do not have.

3.        Loyalty is to oneself, not to another.

4.        Walk into no one's traps.

5.        Distinguish between the ideal and the institution.

6.        Pure affection can be selfish.

7.        Only strength is in the substance.

8.        YOU are NOT attractive, your accompaniments are.

9.        Rationality is unborn.

10.     Don't hesitate to enjoy your rights.


445)         Initiate what SHE initiates in you.


446)         Brahmic consciousness is siddhi.

                Ecstasy is the siddhi of the depths.


                Do not be frightened by Her Grace.

                It is true it is very frightening.


447)         If there is a sin in this world, it is the review by intellectuality of Intuition.


Sin is Intuition being evaluated by intellect.


448)         Mind's withdrawal, if not dissolution, is announced by the absence of expectation.


                All that is ugly to the eye is wonderful to the inner eye.


449)         It is given to an uncultured people of no manners to save people of high culture.


                Japa in one millennium leads to software monotony in later millenniums.


451)         The word ‘scientific’ is used in the sense of being factual and systematically true facts.


                Vignana is Supermind. In its name, superstition is now organised. Superstition is undesirable, but it is a crime to organise superstition in the name of Supermind.


452)         Matter is delight of being because it is the sensation of mind that turns the Spiritual substance into material substance.453)            Time heals because consciousness where Time is created as inner extension ends as outer extension of space which represents matter.


                Consciousness became matter through the inner and outer extensions of Time and Space.


454)         Unity is richest in the divided world of matter.

455)         To say Sat has three aspects of Atma, Purusha, Ishwara is the same as saying that Sat can be seen from three levels of mind, Overmind and Supermind.


458)         Unity banishes anger. One who has realised unity with the world, has nothing to be angry against.


459)         Sat extends as Truth of Unity.

                Chit extends as Time and Space.

                Ananda extends Truth and Time infinitely as sensations of joy and love.


460)         Gradualness is Nature's determination to prolong the enjoyment offered to



461)         The impersonal man reaching the impersonal woman is to love the whole sex.


                The impersonal becoming personal is to raise the intensity of seeking.


462)         To suppose the FOOL will one day understand by repetition is an exercise in folly.


                If you want a fool to understand, talk to him in his language, through the incentives that he can understand and wait till he desires to know.


                Choose the other man's language.


463)         Is there any sense in addressing the furniture? Why talk to the doubting Thomas? Let him progress in doubt.


464)         Method is to follow what another has done. Knowledge is to know why he has done and how.


465)         Capacity for self-destruction in man is extensive. It does not exhaust till he is destroyed.


Self-creation completes itself by Self-destruction.


466)         Explanation helps extensive refusal.


467)         To know all that you need to know is to go to the next level.


468)         Supermind determines.

                Overmind takes each to its final possibility.

                Man is a seeking Ignorance.

                Vital feels with five senses.

                Body knows by one sense.


469)         Consummate knowledge is constant ecstasy.

Knowledge is joy when what is known is sensed.


470)         Non-interference is non-existent.


                Human life is one of non-stop interference with the action of Grace.


471)         One has touched the substance if nothing in him moves.


                To reach the substance one in his descent should not deviate at any point or stop.


472)         To reach the substance and to act from the spirit of that substance is to evolve spiritually.


473)         Substance can be controlled only by substance. The more the consciousness tries to control the substance, the more it asserts.


                Substance is deeper than consciousness.


474)         Compassion is the sweetness of grace, which is God in action.


475)         God is not regulated by the calendar.


476)         Expansiveness excludes occupation.


477)         To know the WHY of the arguments in The Life Divine is to understand it.


478)         The instrument is, of course, Supermind, but She lends it to you without your asking. See through Her eyes and  The Life Divine will be intelligible.


                Life Divine            


                The spectacles restore lost sight. The Mother gives the sight we do not have to read The Life Divine.


479)         It is easy to understand the whole of The Life Divine with the right instrument. With mind that is no instrument it is an endless fruitless labour.


480)         Consciousness though indivisible is only a second stage like Truth, which is not Existence. Subconscious is a distant stage from the Superconscient.


481)         Loss, anger, liking, thinking, etc. are responses of the divided being.


                Union itself is not unity as it excludes substance.


482)         Try to understand everything in the light of your acts and words.


                You have no right to wish ill even to those who have mortally offended you without it recoiling on yourself.


483)         The human is in the Higher Mind, not in the lower vital.


                The mind that seeks human companionship is of the lower vital. It cannot be human.


484)         It is not nearness but openness that gives knowledge.


Knowledge is of the mind, not of the body.


485)         Joy is equal in both self-creation and self-destruction.


                Ananda only creates even when it destroys.

486)         To be able to prevent repetition is spiritual progress.


487)         The best of instruments becomes invalid if it cannot prevent its becoming the opposite.


                It is values that render endowments valuable.


488)         Soul awakening in the mind is surrender.


489)         Not to express a thought that arises is Silent will, to speak it to Mother is consecration, to give that thought to Mother and be happy to accept Her will is surrender.


                Silent will, consecration, surrender are graded.


490)         Your thoughts will be realised in your own life with double force.


491)         Surrender at any level is accomplishment at earlier levels. Mental surrender is material accomplishment.


492)         The charm is not in the woman, but in the feminine principle.


The charm of the female is never ending and ever-increasing in sweetness.


493)         Just because man offers his surrender, it does not mean Mother will accept it. She does so only when the surrender is pure, living, sincere and true.


494)         Mother takes you to the substance non-stop, if you do not choose to interfere.


                Surrender is non-interference with Mother.


495)         Non-thinking allows energy to collect while thinking expends it.


496)         Aspiration is the unforgettable sensation of delight the body has once felt and is still living.


497)         We think of certain people more often than others. What we think of is not persons but their qualities. It means those qualities grow in us.


                Qualities present to us as persons.


498)         He who is steadfast in his ideal will find his inner focus unfocussed. It is because of that he seeks steadiness outside.


                Man seeks inner focus in outer steadiness.


499)         Silence can descend and submerge the ego giving the impression of egolessness. When the Silence withdraws, the ego will be there intact. Silence has no power to dissolve the ego.


Silence is there in all planes starting from Matter.


500)         I belong to the ever-present, refuse to belong to the dead past or its counterpart the future that is a pale reflection of the living.


501)         Concentration is dwelling on oneself.


Imagination is inner in-dwelling. When it embraces the outside as well, it becomes concentration.


502)         For consecration to begin, more than consecration, the life of routine must be given up, though bit by bit.


                It is eminently possible to accept Mother in life, but to decide to do so is not in the power of the social being.


503)         The concentration required for consecration is that which will move past the running thoughts, the observer, thinker, feelings, impulse and the physical habits.


                Concentration precedes consecration, which culminates in surrender.


                (* All-inclusive concentration)


504)         There is no greater joy than a consecrated life if consecration gives joy. Consecration before it gives joy is the most frustrating endeavour.


To reach the greatest joy permanently one has to labour and discipline all life.


505)         Consecration is a constant engagement.


That which is intermittent cannot be consecration.


                Consecration is the heartbeat of yoga.


506)         Exclusive concentration means not to know ANYTHING other than that one, as we forget our horizontality.


507)         Behind the observer, thinker, Person lies the Being, the Purusha. Purusha is reached by concentration; Psychic is reached by consecration.


As the thought of psychic is universal our thought and the rival's unite at the point where they are right.


The running thoughts for the observer, our own thought for the thinker, silent will for the person and the will of God for the Being. Psychic is in the universal mind or in touch with it.


508)         Seriousness is concentration on life issues, rather life.


509)         Consecration is the only work.


510)         Against an ocean of forces of the society man, who is utterly helpless, offers total social conformity so that he may survive. The same total surrender is demanded of him by the wider forces of universe.


Society has made us social beings. By a similar attitude Mother will render us a universal being.


511)         Surrender must be total.

                It must be totally perfect.


512)         Society demands conformity.

                Family receives our identification.

                We offer compliance or obedience to our office.

                Any new knowledge is received by utter Silence.


                We cannot offer less to Mother.


                Whatever we receive, we receive only by surrender.


                We must offer far, far more than our usual attitudes to Mother. We don't even offer the minimum.


513)         The most sacred laudable ideal of one can be meanly interpreted by malicious persons. Still, it is not impossible for it to be a fact.


514)         The great response of life that has an excess of joy as well as extra gifts of grace has always been when MOTHER was there directly or in the substance.


516)         Decision to attend evokes the full response before attention is given.


517)         No one has any entry inside; outside each has a role cut out for him.


518)         Formula for Domestic Happiness :


1.        Refrain from the thought or impulse of domination.

2.        No one can exercise a power he does not have.

3.        Even if your domination is now allowed, the excess will recoil and spoil the happiness.

4.        Absence of domination from both will ensure happiness.

5.        If one alone has to do it, the restraint must be more, i.e. more than thought, an emotion. It may ensure happiness 90%. For it to be 100%, it must be out of strength, not weakness.


519)         Taking advantage is mean. Refusing to take advantage is generous.


                Happiness in relationship is from generosity.


520)         Marriage is the only relationship where we expect to be loved and respected for our constant assertion.


521)         Mother's Force is impersonal, neutral.

                The ego can use it for or against.


522)         Monarchy was overthrown by revolutions. In a psychological revolution, ego must come forward to dissolve itself.


                Self-destruction is the self-awareness of the negative.


523)         Pressure is there on the surface from the subliminal of work, thought, or even dullness. Without that pressure, life ceases. There is no independent life for the surface.


Even dullness must receive its life from below.


524)         Time comes if you call Her. Your choice to call Her is TIME.


·          Subconscious becoming conscious is Time.

·          Man preferring Mother to result is TIME.


525)         Accomplishment is the equilibrium between urge and restraint.


Compulsion of the lower is the achievement of the higher.


                Man accomplishes in spite of himself.


526)         Humility is more powerful than authority.


527)         Be impersonal, not personal.


528)         Technology acts through a tool.

                Spiritual technology acts through a word.

                Mantra for the masses.

                MOTHER is the mantra for the masses.


Realise Mother, express it.


529)         To be good is natural and desirable.

                The idea of doing good is egoistic.


530)         Growth calls for energy to collect and be used up to growth.


Energy spent is growth stopped.


531)         Discipline is called for to generate energy and not to spend it on enjoyment.


As it enters, so it must go either into savings or expenses. It cannot wait otherwise.


532)         The one truth of life is intensity. On which side it is – joy or sorrow – it does not matter.


533)         Sri Aurobindo could not find one person who could accept Him -- beyond Mother – so that He could give His Truth to the world. HE gave it to the world directly through the subtle plane. Anyone who now accepts Him and that Truth which is there in the atmosphere, will lead the world according to Sri Aurobindo.


                Consciousness offers conscious leadership.


                The World awaits Mother's leadership.

                No longer will the world accept human leadership.


534)         To organise is to make the maximum effort a minimum requirement.


                Individual's maximum is the organisational minimum.


535)         Maximum difficulty becoming minimum requirement makes organisation possible.


536)         Marriage fails because of impetuosity, unthinking, selfish, crude assertion.


                No work will succeed for one who failed in matrimony.


537)         Truth evoking Truth is Truth.


Truth begets Truth.


538)         The mind that understands the collective truth for prosperity – or anything – as its representative, finds ready response from the world at large.


                Reflecting the subconscious urge as its own aspiration, a mind becomes a successful pioneer.


539)         To be able to trust where no trust is deserved and to doubt where full trust can repose is human nature.


540)         Marriage is of the minds.


541)         One characteristic of great scripture is its capacity to issue fresh truths in successive periods. Another trait of it is constantly finding in its pages fresh revelations in the well known passages.


                Known words, often skipped unnoticed, sink into the mind and emerge with fresh insights, surprising one how he has not noted it thus far.


542)         When sincere appreciation and support are accompanied by an emotional reservation, it will spell doom.


544)         Faith in the subtle plane overcomes the strong resistances of the physical plane. Unknown help comes when known help fails to come.


545)         Decisions are made by the strength of life, not by the strength of conscience. In fact, conscience becomes a product of life.


                The struggle between life and conscience is always decided in favour of the former.


546)         To those to whom dullness is enjoyable, intense dullness may sometimes appear to be spiritual peace.


547)         No event of life or history or fiction can challenge wisdom. If challenged, it is no longer wisdom.


Wisdom belongs to eternity, not merely the ages.


548)         Man matters, not the field, the technology, the tool.


549)         Toothless tiger taking to vegetarianism.


562)         The kingdom is inside. It is God's. Win it there, not outside.


563)         Unwillingness is lack of sanction at either end.


                Any event expresses both sides. Human choice is there everywhere.


As it enters, money chooses its destination, not after its entry into the house.


565)         Domination is ego's birthright.


566)         Life controls man now. Man controlling life is better. His Spirit controlling life is far better.


567)         Meanness becoming clever speaks so.


                "You say so often, for ten long years,"  is the retort of one who is unwilling or incapable of doing his own duty.


568)         What we see as respect issues often out of fear. It should be out of regard.


569)         An organisation like a family is a web of several knots of personal power interacting in a complex. One who observes it impersonally sees a whole world there.


570)         Change is what is needed. It must be real inner change. It is a prelude to transformation.


571)         Subtle infection of diseases.


572)         Human creativity in cruelty is most seen when one member makes himself vulnerable by decidedly stepping out of the protective cover of the society.


                The immense value of the social protective layer is seen only when it is lost or broken. No idealism can come true without breaking it. Reliance on Mother transforms that too.


573)         Decisions of the first quadrant* taken in the fullness of the heart are always successful and fully.


*In the decision-making graph of 4 quadrants.


574)         No moment is more real, no move is more momentous than when one's feelings are stirred.


575)         When prosperity rises, film, TV and video will spread. For the older rural generation these entertainments will release their craving for entertainment.


In their view, TV, etc. are sophisticated, meaning insipid.  will be coarsely rich and fulfilling. For a period will proliferate.


When the new spreads fast, the old, though for a time, gains a fresh vigorous lease of life.


576)         To know Her is to make the impossible possible.


577)         Understanding The Life Divine is to become a genius.


                Life Divine


578)         To articulate the inarticulate impressions is to become the voice of the public.


                Public expression of private opinion is public opinion.


579)         Soul is good; vital spirit harms.


580)         Trust is truth.

Truth that discerns Truth is Truth.


581)         Small but significant.


                Inner shift achieves every outer shift.


582)        1. The world needs conscious leadership of Thought that acts.


        2. Thought acts, conscious thought acts consciously.


583)         Word that acts is word.


584)         Matrimony may be the most difficult field; but it is the minimum social equipment.


585)         No one who seeks to please will fail to please.


                Who in the world would refuse pleasure.


586)         A pure heart can never fail to be happy.


588)         Yoga is the body thinking.


589)         As man should accept the hidden spirit in him, Indians should accept the spirituality of the land.


                Man should bring out the spiritual element in his physical being to the surface.


It is there, you must accept it.


590)         Matter is the Delight of being, as it is the result of sensation of the mind.


591)         Life offers its intensities only in sorrow.

               Mother offers Her intensities only in Joy.


592)         India is spiritual, not Indians.


                Spirituality is in the body; the vital should accept it.


593)         Index of prosperity is the level of enlivening social atmosphere.


Measure the prosperity by the entertainment industry.

Man seeks prosperity to be vitally alive.

Vitality is Prosperity.


594)         What the father earns, the children waste is a known phenomenon. What we painstakingly build in yoga, another part of us anxiously destroys.


                Yoga needs protection from ourselves.


595)         A word uttered is a deed done.


596)         The highest moments of life are solemn; in Mother it is hilarious cheerfulness.


                Nothing in Mother can be done in an austere solemn fashion. Its freedom is total. Its intensity is rapture.


597)         Life is one beam of delight is what we miss and life reminds often. In the most dangerous moments, one sees powerful Silence, in the saddest moments arise symptoms of joy, and the most glorious opportunities reveal dark spots.


August 15 was marked by riots; all hartals are accompanied by Silence; death reveals Peace.


598)         The world accepts Mother through one Man.


The world accepts you in the measure you accept Mother.


599)         The professional secures detailed experience. The wise man needs no such experience from all fields. What he needs is the essential knowledge of all fields.


Not the experience, but the essence.


600)         Relationship is based either on respect or affections.


602)         This is not an intellectual knowledge to be acquired by reading.


614)         Each is self-contained and their truth is self-contained too.


615)         Mother for anyone is really the highest divine sweetness he feels.


616)         The difference between man and monkey, the mad man and the sane man is only very thin. The difference between utter poverty and abundant prosperity is thin.


617)         A part of the body like the face that is ugly can express emotionally intense affection. A loveless face can be wonderful by other magnificences.


618)         One who enjoys waiting finds patience is sweetness.


619)         Sweetness of Mother is two-fold. Her own sweetness is the basis. The sweetness of the receptacle accounts for the other part.


620)         A leader should be strong and lead. His ethics will be the ethics of the period. One who is ethical or true is so for his own inner reasons and not necessarily to be a leader.


621)         Professional expertise depends upon that expertise and the current professional etiquette. It never goes beyond it. Morals are incidental to professions.


                An endowment exists by its own requirement, not the extraneous stipulations.


Beyond involution and evolution there is infinite scope for every other propensity in creation. We are concerned only with our work, not outside.


622)         Progress never issues out of the organised sector, except what Gorbachev has done. This will naturally be abominable to all values and sensitivities.


623)         Idealism moves from ethics to service which expands from family to the universe when one discovers that the centre of the universe is inside not outside.


                The idealist moves to become a leader of action and later leader of thought. His journey ends in becoming God. The atheist who reads God backwards little realises that he needs to be as grateful as a dog.


                Man’s ideal is to become God and God's ideal is to become man.


624)         De-energising grateful affection, elevating selfishness of highly sophisticated manners are among the human accomplishments.


625)         Our calling Mother is like one who reaches a new destination with little provisions is asking for help. The asked for help comes that once, the problem remains.


Man asks for help for the missing article. One who does not have anything cannot ask for such help.


626)         Any moment is the meeting point of infinite forces and the whole theme of Life Response can be explained in terms of principles, forces, results, attitudes, etc.


627)         The headache that comes from another disappears as soon as he goes away.


Reading 400 pages of Synthesis has cured cancer in its initial stages.


628)         When you punish or abuse a wrong person, your punishment may exceed the deserts of the crime. That excess will grow subconsciously till life gives an opportunity to come back on you. Even your words may come back as acts.


629)         Offence is the best defence in life.

                Incapacity to offend is the best defence in Spirit.


630)         The closely guarded secret in a low society becomes respected private information in a high society which grants privacy.


In today's USA, Lydia's elopement is not even news.


631)         Low culture converts life into poison by loose tongues.


632)         Life is not tyrannical. It demands performance. Unformed forces assuming form is tyrannical.


For one to whom survival is a problem, growth squeezes all his energy out of him.


633)         The unfit to survive attracts no attention of jealousy.


634)         Physical supremacy does not mince matters when it comes to liquidation of kith and kin. Vital readily gives up loyalties and mind changes views.


635)         A person of low consciousness is accused of a crime or wrong. The fact is he cannot commit a greater crime than being low in his consciousness.


636)         Most of the human problems in a prospering society are problems created by trying to move higher than one can.


637)         Outer physical uncleanliness smells. Inner cleanliness of the soul is its purity. It exudes a mild fragrance to the outer senses.


                Every aspect of life outer or inner has its manifold expressions in all walks of life, to all the senses.


638)         The journalist who wishes to maintain standards avoiding certain attitudes, is compelled by the readers’ preference not to avoid, as it is the reader  who ensures its survival.


639)         What is most contemptible outside is laudable inside.


640)         Presence of moral scruples is the presence of human consciousness. The infrahuman as well as supra human do not have such scruples.


                The infrahuman apparently is better situated to become suprahuman but it takes a greater effort in view of the unformed state.


641)         The infrahuman more readily receives grace, but there is no organisation for assimilation, but the descending grace can act more effectively, if an attitude of gratitude arises.


                Gratitude transforms the infra into the suprahuman.


                Attitude is the organisation of the unformed status.


642)         Vulnerability of security makes one soft and sweet, which is not real. What is real is the softness of strong person.


643)         Cleverness is the characteristic of a subtle population that is poor. It ranges from intelligent cleverness to foolish bungling. But what remains is cleverness.


644)         Reading resulting in discrimination in life is education.


646)         Chastity is the self-discipline of self-esteem.


647)         Chastity has a greater chance where truthfulness and individuality are well formed, but in fact it was not so, as the individuality valued its truthfulness as basic attractiveness. Given a spiritual basis, it took roots here in India where falsehood reigns and individuality is not there.


648)         Man's consciousness is to think of what affects him. His forgetting the work he did which still bears full consequences on him is his unconsciousness. To be conscious is to be aware of everything that bears on him now.


649)         Sri Aurobindo wants us to put our lives into the hands of hrdaya samudra. We do it to the society when we allow ourselves to be ruled by it and use the products others created.


650)         Intensified emotions are immortalised life.


654)         It is the impersonal love that charms the person.


655)         The ever living universal vibration is the impersonal love of humanity that enjoys mental clarity in the emotional depths.


656)         One who cannot be oblivious on any occasion does not have any romance in him.


675)         What is obvious to all is not so for the victim.

                Such a rival dwells in man.


676)         Low consciousness makes the head ache.


677)         A yogi is he who exercises his spirit to create a spiritual life.


678)         One who is unable to see complete folly in himself cannot possess complete wisdom.


679)         Aspiration, awakening, awareness, consciousness, organisation, attitude, and motive are all instruments of progress at several stages. Something more powerful than all these which enables an evolutionary saltus is the attitude of the status which is understood as gratitude.


                He who has no endowment is best served by gratitude as it releases an uprush.


680)         A liar's truth will ultimately serve the cause of lies.


                We believe him, not his words.


681)         Presence of inner resistance means the progress is to be made on other fronts.


682)         Expenditure of energy in one plane to accomplish in another plane is enormous and out of all proportions.


                To save a poor cholera patient, one almost dies by infection.


683)         Selfishness can be loyal, affectionate, espouse any ideal and still remain selfish.


684)         Decisions made along the lines of our positive growth are right decisions.


                Mother's decisions are taken in our context according to Her atmosphere. It is always right, fully right.


                Decisions are decisive.


685)         Decisions:

·          Decisions control life through acts.

·          Acts are circumscribed by desire, opinion, and motive.

·          Social motives secure social life.

·          Ethical motives are safe when they are social ethics.

·          Life motives never fail.

·          Mother's motives secure life in society.

·          The inner controls outside.

·          Take decisions inside in Mother, it ensures success outside anywhere as it embraces all shades of life.


686)         Selfishness in any form, even affection is draining of the energy and enervating.


687)         Instead of trying to solve a problem, forget it, move towards Mother, it will disappear.


688)         Opportunities are punishments for the small. Those who offer them are tyrants.


The great love danger.

                The small love smallness.


689)         We are what we concentrate on. When a problem comes and occupies us, we concentrate on it and become the problem. Concentrating on The Mother, we become the Mother in which consciousness the problem dissolves.


                Surrender is Mother in us becoming more intense than what we are today.


690)        When the knowledge that Mother is greater in us than we are becomes power, our being surrenders.


691)         Man exists in the depth and works there, but eagerly looks for the results on the surface, in vain.


692)         That concentration necessary for consecration is all-inclusive concentration. No meditation can ever give that.


693)         As is your method, so is what you see.


The observer, thinker, person, ego, Purusha, Psychic are the inner entities seen by thinking, detachment, silence or consecration.


·          observer.thinker.ego, Person.Purusha by concentration


694)         As the physical work is replaced by the mind by thinking, thinking should be replaced by consecration.


695)         Yoga is not mental work to be done by meditation.


696)         Man lives when his emotions blossom. They are the only moments he lives.


697)         Safety and security in life are for those who are selfish.


698)         Interest is interest in oneself.


699)         Identification with Him can be mental, emotional, physical, conscious and unconscious. Identification enables His Powers to flow into one's being.


                There is no greater fulfilment than becoming The Mother who identified with Him.


700)         One is unsuspecting if he is devoid of meanness and given to high emotional idealism.


To be unsuspecting is to be inherently GOOD.


701)         In consecrating the work on hand, the entire past consecration is included.


                One act of consecration travels all over the universe.


702)         All the ROOTS of all the problems lie in the past awaiting consecration.


703)         The psychic cannot be reached by concentration. It can be reached only by consecration.


704)         Mother has come seeking us. We need our own excitement.


705)         For an organisation to function smoothly, the people at different levels of the hierarchy can be given freedom only to the extent of their social culture. For the rest, it must be total tyrannical control. Otherwise, there will be no organisation.


706)         Goodwill is good looks.


707)         Children following the parents or opposing their ideals are the same in opposite directions. The one rule is the continuation as the changed context permits.


                The self-affirmation of children is the only rule; it is according to the changed social context and their changed psychological context.


708)         The boy of first generation of education in passing through school and college discovers the end of education to be the end of a long, unendurable, arduous journey. It is the beginning of a more exacting career. Consecration succeeds like education, while surrender begins like career.


709)         Common sense rules complete any work without fail.


710)         To be feminine is to give and wait without asking. One becomes the true woman when one can give endlessly, oblivious of taking anything back. One creates by giving.


711)         The most irrational ideal is to try to function rationally in the family or with friends.


712)         Man in touch with God feels gratitude.


713)         Gratitude is comprehensive, as it is of the soul.


714)         She is the miniature of the universe.

                Where She is, everything is there.


716)         As inflation shifts money from one sector to another, social values, especially when they change, give the rewards of one sector to another.


Changing social values are social inflation.


717)         Neither desire nor betrayal can enter into us in any form, however holy or justifiable.


718)         The world may respond to spiritual technology, not the spirit itself or spirituality.


Not gold, but gold ornaments, says man. We offer him gold ore.


719)         To know the spiritual equality of all is to know the Brahman.


720)         Man of extraordinary talents realising his potential can realise it in life. If Man with no talents chooses to reach the same goal, he can when he knows he has in him such a faith.


721)         The sensation of the soul emerging on the surface is gratitude.


722)         Gratitude for birth postpones death.


Gratitude is the soul being born in one.


723)         There can be no gratitude before the soul awakens.


724)         Happiness means fulfilment of expectation, small or big.


725)         Any act however sacred or sentimental becomes a mere act when you rise above, even one plane above.


726)         Socrates was a wise man because he saw the superiority of human nature over material conquests.


727)         Creation of one human being needs as much energy as creating a mountain like the Himalayas, in the sense both are infinite.


728)         Impatience is the sensation of the moment viewing eternity.


729)         Nurture that overcomes nature is character and culture.


730)         Indian falsehood is a double-headed monster of Ego and clever roguery.


731)         When India awakes spiritually and looks around at the potentials of her material prosperity, she will find the abundance in America today is the agricultural wealth of a desert.


732)         Terrorism is the rigid, physically organised unconsciousness active at its height.


733)         The psychic is the evolutionary splendour of spiritual blossoming.


734)         Man is not different from his qualities. When you think of someone's qualities, you really relate to him and actually evoke a response from him.


735)         Human friends are spiritual enemies.


                One cannot hope to have friends or relatives who are not devotees of Mother.


736)         As the act is the unit of life, decision-making is the unit of inner life.


737)         It is a rule of life in many places that when we finish an arduous long journey, we find ourselves at the beginning of another.


                Death is the point of next birth.

                End of education is the beginning of career.

                Freedom is the beginning of Prosperity.


738)         Instinctive dislike is intenser cooperation in the subliminal.


739)         What is abnormal for many can be normal to some.


                Man's uniqueness presents a uniform law.


                Abnormality is a standard by the majority.

                By definition it is normal for the minority.


740)         The Transcendent form inside the cosmic is instantaneous on earth.


741)         Recognition of value enjoyed is honesty.


                Anything may change, not my greatness.


                Gives because of greatness, receives for the same reason.

                Giving as well as receiving is because of greatness.


742)         Man more readily accepts the benefits of another man’s capacity than acknowledges it psychologically.

                Man, who is materially ready, must ripen psychologically.


·          Material readiness is meanness.

·          Psychological ripeness is culture.

·          Man is advanced enough to enjoy the material benefits, consciously withholding psychological acknowledgement.

·          Cultural meanness is the crux of civilisation.

·          Progress has the key of honest gratitude of accepted benefits.

·          Criticism is the crux of civilisation.

·          Miraculous instantaneousness is possible when criticism is replaced by gratitude.


Gratitude is great progress. Criticism is future progress.


743)         Violence violates the ideal.


744)         No discipline admits of a mixture that transgresses, though it is transgression that enables it to be effective. The acknowledged negative appearing as transgression consummates the positive.


745)         A value like chastity can be fully preserved as sacred behaviour by those who have no belief in it.


746)         We love our enemies is one basic human formula which the selfish man largely escapes.


747)         The mean takes a low joy in humiliating itself before strong meanness, as it is in its elements at such moments.


748)         The past rising is one symptom of Time tending towards Timelessness.


                Time is a wonder to him who is unaware of it, as it carries him along and to him who has crossed it, as he sees it as Marvel.


                The Marvel of Time is Maya's mystery.


749)         Hatred unfailingly destroys. Turning into love, it transforms hatred.


750)         The cultured man will have one or a few very highly uncultured habits, as it is an intense compensation.


751)         Loyalty of the bastard that turns against finally is the greater, as he is chasing an unattainable goal.


                They are the audience for Heraclitus.


753)         Science is the study of physical facts by the physical intelligence whose GOD is the physical plane of life. He would exhibit the pride of the knowledge of Ignorance with an affirmation that is almost holy. He is given up forever.



754)         Yoga is the end of the endless Patience.


755)         Man has organised that part of life, uses that part of his mental potential as he has occupied space in the universe. It is not in terms of a percentage, but less than a millionth part of what is available.


756)         Popularity of film shows the value of education, as entertainment is the only education people can receive.


761)         Complete folly is completely confident of its complete wisdom.


763)         One characteristic of greatness is it can only enjoy itself. Or it has to create something for it to enjoy.


                There is nothing in the world that greatness can relate to.


765)         The 24,000 lines of Savitri are 24,000 wonders of poetry, each valid on its own.


766)         When man becomes great, he equals the greatness of the past. Mother's greatness is greatness apart.


767)         Unidimensional knowledge of man becomes multidimensional with experience. When it expands into the dimensions of the universe, immortal thoughts arise. Poetry there becomes Shakespeare.


768)         Discipline is tyranny when energy flags.


771)         Choose a day or prepare gradually for ONE day when you relentlessly, assiduously follow all the disciplines you have so far learnt. Great is the soul's luck for him who can be God's child for a mere day.


772)         Technicians have educated computers to perform marvels. Can you say it is too much to educate the population to be happily prosperous?


773)         He who embodies the education society yearns for attains the maximum popularity.


                Popularity is the adult education amphitheatre              .


774)         To remember a man who has forgotten you, to seek him out and offer him a help so that you will be ruined for decades is the inverse of founding the greatest possible prosperity for the masses, you can never know the founder.


775)         It is not given to man to exhaust even an infinitesimal portion of the resources available. His complaint of scarcity is due to total blindness.


777)         Whatever you want to achieve in your life or in that of humanity, raise the intensity of your consciousness to that level. Purity of thought enjoys that intensity in Her atmosphere.


778)         Purity means Truth.


779)         We are totally oblivious of our mixing last century's technology with the latest in psychological work.


Telegrams received from a thousand miles away in a few minutes are delivered on foot in many hours.


780)         The indigenous crops of coconut and banana responded while the exotic cashew did not.


781)         What is important for us is the consciousness in the unconscious to which we should respond.


782)         The most powerful psychological keys will reside in the most culturally physical sensitivities. In India it is the behaviour towards women.


783)         It is impossible for the world not to know when one attains siddhi, however carefully he hides. He will be perceived all over.


784)         Yoga advances more in the sleep of the night than in the waking consciousness of the day.


785)         Thought is powerful as much as an act in the consecrated atmosphere of devotion.


786)         Consecration begins when the motive of the being desires surrender. It is completed when the luminous imperative overcomes the dark imperative of our physical substance.


787)         There is no consecration in idleness. Work pushes consecration away. True consecration is in work.


788)         To make the unregenerate vital grateful is a sure way of sparing it the necessity of hurting the benefactor.


789)         Negative persons subtly attracting attacts on them to harm us must not be helped, must be thrown on their own resources. Otherwise, if you try to help them, you will be ruined as they subconsciously planned.


790)         When consecration that was deadlocked for years moves, it moves continuously and stops at a point where consciousness ends and the substance begins.


                A breakthrough has an end, starting another level. Even in consciousness there is a watershed between the surface and depth.


791)         Our discipline should begin where our incapacity is pronounced.


792)         A consecrated thought ends in a spot of Light.


                Thought comes from light, which issues out of consciousness. Consecration can take you to their Origin.


793)         As the nut is a complement to the bolt, the patient and the doctor seek each other, man for his spiritual evolution to be completed seeks woman.


                The woman comprehensively completes the man not as two parts fit into each other but as one divine aspect grows into another for the fulfillment of the Divine goal.


794)         In a world where man takes away what is not his due, Mother wants him NOT to wish for the things due to him.


795)         What man seeks is not Good or Service or Ideals, but the status quo which means no one should rise.


                The commonest sensation is not helpfulness but jealousy.


796)         Service is the shortcut to destruction when it is really true.


797)         To all those who know Her, there is only one work, consecration.


                A new way of life takes all life into itself. Once we know of consecration, there is no other work.


798)         Taking to consecration, those who are overburdened with work will find there is no work to be done and those who have much idle time on hand will find their hands fully occupied.


799)         Sins committed in the gross physical plane will be washed off in the subtle plane, transformed in the causal plane, if presented to the Being.


800)         Romance is the utter abandoning of the real in favour of the utterly unreal charm that overwhelms.


801)         The combination of the over-sensitive and the insensible will work best.


802)         When you want to execute, the only dharma is the dharma of execution.


803)         Without education, nothing can be achieved. Only with education, even a little can be achieved.



804)         After the period of physical power, what retained power is not justice or morals but ability to accomplish based on survival.


805)         Understanding of a law is complete in the mind when it can explain to itself anything that comes under the law in terms of that law.


                All laws are comprehensive.


807)         Absence of energy makes the work sought for unavailable.


808)         Voltaire's remark about Shakespeare, the Nobel Committee's attitude to outside Europe are clear expressions of the stronghold of national and racial prejudice.


809)         Repetition is the self-containment of the self-existing satisfaction.


810)         Abundance is an opportunity for transgression. Moving above the LINE, it becomes an opportunity of pure unsullied enjoyment.


811)         Unorganised life urged by greater than usual forces to break the old organisation rising to the surface with an organisation for the hour and achieving its goal, is revolution.


                The organisation for the moment for transition is revolution.

                Revolution is the transitional organisation of the HOUR.


812)         Selfish affection can be great cruelty. Affection that issues out of affectionate nature is true affection.


813)         Man's observation is selfish. The scholar and the researcher observe the world non-selfishly from the point of view of a subject. Supramental consciousness observes the world from God's point of view.


814)         To construct a scale, one needs to know the components of the thing he wants to measure, the forces that move the components, their velocity, and their interplay.


                It is the perspective of the field, and a fuller possession of its ingredients that lead to the construction of a scale for that field.


815)         A scale to measure personality is constructed when the goal and the constituents of personality are known in measurable terms.


                A nation's education, income, transport, communication, army's strength, rainfall, etc. etc. can be measured. To measure its prosperity, we need to know what prosperity is for them.


816)         Spirit expressing as vital or physical skill is art.


817)         Pain in transformation emerges by the lingering ego or the ego in transition.


818)         A negative statement about a positive person makes him more positive.

Knowing the laws of forces, one can know the forces themselves. If you desire to know the Absolute, try to know the process of creation.


819)         Having seen Energy as ultimate, the scientist has stopped short of Existence, its origin.


                Is there an idea that by knowing the strategies of an action one knows the action itself?  It is a stage in evolution.


821)         A problem may be solved in isolation, but yoga cannot be so done.

                Individual problem; collective yoga.


822)         The adult is the body of the past.


                Adoring one's own body is respect for age.


823)         There is no joy in accumulating knowledge. It is similar to abundant wealth.


                Accumulation is assertion of the past.


824)         To explain others in another plane is to invite ridicule.


                Clarity of the capable small is pungent ridicule.


                Ridicule is comprehensive low knowledge.


825)         Comprehensive clarity of higher knowledge is compassion.


Imprecision is the privilege of the incomprehensible.

Incomprehension comprehends through imprecision.


826)         What has been spoken to Mother, or higher consciousness, as your right, if denied, will come to you in double measure.


                Right denied is right doubled.


827)         Skin that is the outer cover of the body expresses the deepest vibration of the flesh and bones.


                Depth being the surface shows the finite is the infinite.


828)         Self-chosen, self-aware, self-discipline is yoga even as creation is Self-chosen, Self-aware, Self-limitation.


                Yoga is creation in life.


829)         The hostile forces will absorb the light of the good forces to emerge out of their hostility.


                Contradictions between the hostile and other forces become complements when the hostiles destroy others.


830)         To be reborn in the soul is to escape death.


                A yogi can acquire the experience of numberless births in this birth.


831)         Man's many characteristics have one centre. He who reaches that centre will be efficient. From there he will see several such centres and all of them will again have another centre. There may be centres of goodness. As you go down the good will change into its opposite. It is the point at which one has to change.


832)     The one thing man expects of the woman is her appreciation, which she instinctively withholds. No woman is foolish enough to offer appreciation, because the very next moment the man will desert her in favour another woman who does not approve of him.


833)         He called His magnum opus The Life Divine and not Divine Mind or Divine Body, because the Superconscient and the subconscient meet only in life.


834)         The stages of transformation are from bad to good, from good to Good, from force to consciousness, from consciousness to Being and from Being to the Absolute and from there to the Absolute in manifestation.


835)         As He wants us to start the yoga in the mind, the first step down is Life. Hence it is Divine Life.


                The partial superconscient and subconscient meet in the subliminal. We cannot begin there in mind or body, but only in life.


836)         When inner dark spots change into spots of light, it means transformation is going on.


837)         Ulcer, headaches, recurrent diarrhea, skin deficiency, hearing problems, an atmosphere of quarrels at home, poor academic performance, uncertain behaviour in adults, unexpected aberrations in children, shortage of cash and all its concomitant expressions are common in middle class families. After a couple of years of knowing Mother, any one can see these problems have been forgotten.


838)         Education or wealth raises status dramatically.

              Mother does it much more dramatically.


                Mother is wealth and education combined and more.


839)         What comes to you from Mother sometimes continues forever, which means there is gratitude in the physical.


841)         Not once life fails you when a warning is needed. We overlook that.


                Caroline Bingley warns Elizabeth of Wickam.


842)         We move against our will or are carried on the wave we are unaware of when work gets completed.


                Work is done often against our best intentions.


843)         Mind may prepare for our preference. Mother will accept it for our luck.


                When Elizabeth dressed for Wickam, she ended up dancing with Darcy.


844)         When you are in transition, you must wait till it turns over, not begin before that.


845)         An idea enters the mind and is registered there only on certain occasions. To address one at such a time is to communicate. She gives that occasion always.


846)         One’s love of the child or duty to marry the children is real, but it is all really love of LOW life.


848)         It is cowardly meanness to attack one who is weak. Nothing excites the mob as attacking defenceless people.


                Human energy pours out in a great rush through the apertures of low cowardice and malicious meanness.


849)         Spiritual greatness lies in the lowest point of the lowest person, i.e. the feet of the criminal and the harlot.


850)         Intellectuality awaits development of arguments as eagerly as an audience awaits the development of the plot in a story. Further scenes in a story are further arguments in the argument of the plot.


                Stories are intellectual exercises for the masses.


851)         The distance we travel after coming to Mother is 30,000 years. But we anxiously return to the present.


                Man + 30,000 years = Mother.


852)         Chastity is a condition of the mind. In practice it is social acceptability.

                In particular it is one's acceptability irrespective of other conditions.


853)         Interest is not only ability to enjoy but also ability to understand.


854)         To receive what another gives in a true spirit of receiving is the highest giving.


855)         Raising oneself ten times is not one-dimensional but multidimensional and the energy needed is not ten times but a few hundred times.


                Rising to Her consciousness, one does not simply rise, but rises out of human consciousness.


856)         Ability that is consummate will not fail to support existence is seen in Shakespeare and Trollope.


857)         In conditions of total ignorance, understanding one of the several parts always gives the impression of complete understanding. This is a constant experience of foolishness.


858)         Symptoms of the psychic emerging


·          The whole past is reviewed in a minute.

·          The waking subliminal knows the entire environment outside the field of senses.

·          There is a velvety softness and chillness.

·          No obstacle to consecration.

·          Silence that descends will stay.

·          Sadness settles.

·          An overwhelming sense of egolessness.

·          Inability to be impatient or annoyed.


859)         When working in a big company one will get a salary for his work, not the profit. Being a member of an ashram, he can at best get the reputation of the institution, not the yogic benefit of the founder.


                Wages for work; profits for the shares.


860)         Any help rendered to a thief will ultimately end in his stealing more. Help to a trait will finally reinforce the trait, whatever the mode of help is.


                Any force entering a system will strengthen its prime mover.


861)         In trying to understand The Life Divine, man does not realise he is trying to become God.


                The Rishi tried to reach God, rather the Rishi’s soul did.

                The yogi tries to become God in his body and life.


862)         The impersonal forces disciplined by personal effort is yoga.


The cosmic forces that are free are disciplined by yogic self-control.


863)         The yogi knows no work is outside his mind or above his mind.


                Not to work is not to be in mind.


864)         The energy of the physical mind that is untempered by thought translates itself into ambition.


865)         Life is Sachchidananda. It is rich and full and full of Power when Sachchidananda is there in all aspects. Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, Love represent Sachchidananda. Any imbalance there is a weakness of life.


                Rishis sought Sachchidananda in the higher world.

                Divine Life tries to express it here.


866)         As social acceptability of chastity varies in practice, psychological acceptability too varies.


                The extent of a man's behavioural purity inversely decides the level of acceptable chastity according to the social context.


867)         Beauty is the surface form that recognises the truth of subliminal horror as the one that needs to emerge in oneself.


Beauty is the surface index that it is the reverse of the subliminal ugliness.


868)         Beauty is of the mind, not to the eye.

Mind is capable of seeing the ugly beautiful and the beautiful ugly.


869)         A process can be known by one who does it, not by those who are at the other end as beneficiaries.  The process of creation can be known only to the Supermind, not to the mind which is its instrument.


870)         The outer is often the opposite of inner, but it is not a compelling rule.


871)         Rely on no man including yourself. Human reliance is sure destruction.


872)         Ignore the one and accept the other.


                Two opposites do dwell in the same person.

                Learn to see them as complements.


873)         Astrology was born when the subtle knowledge was classified, systematised and measured.


                Astrology is a subtle science. Its only limitation is predictability as it confines to Force.


                Science of the subtle plane is astrology.


874)         My discovery in life is there is nothing worth discovering in life.


                If one lives well, others may discover the truth of his life.


                Search is for one who cannot live.


875)         Life responds when the blessing packet arrives. Far greater response is there when the packet is denied, as it is only a ritual. Blessing packet, in its true spirit, transforms.


876)         To trust a false person is to serve falsehood. Thus we serve all known evils.


                We love falsehood and lies, as they are forms of Truth.


877)         To understand the Infinite in its infinitesimal state till we become the very Infinite will help us understand The Life Divine.


878)         Selfish intelligence understands only when the selfishness is served.


879)         To complete the possibilities on hand is to expand endlessly.


880)         Shakespeare expressed universal truths in poetry.

                Prose can only express universal rules.

                Science is of facts now; it must move to laws.

                Science must move from physical to subtle facts and partial to universal laws.

                Prose and poetry excel each other each in its turn.

                Prayer can be selfish; consecration is necessarily selfless.

                Selfish prayer; selfless consecration.


881)         The very best of rules in life is to do what you know with a strong true good will.


882)         SHE must call Herself from inside us.


883)         The impulsive evil self-expression and the uncontrollable availing of opportunities for self-indulgence should give place to inherent, innate goodness of self-restraint that avoids harm to others or betrayal of trust.


884)         The main ingredient of selfishness is lack of control.


885)         To let Her do what we can do is to let Her do it better and it is consecration.


886)         When both alternatives are unacceptable, man seeks God in prayer or consecration. In the event one is acceptable, he relies on himself.


                Consecration is valid when both are acceptable alternatives.


887)         When consecration is commensurate with the intensity of the problem, it is unfailing.


                Commensurate consecration compels solution.


888)         Traditional yogas are achievements of ego. Purna yoga is trying to abolish the ego.


889)         Hiding is to go outside the view of the observer. How can the Absolute go outside its view, unless it loses its view? Can He lose His view? Can the Absolute forget Himself? The Absolute forgetting Himself is creation. It can only be the negative infinity.


                The Absolute must become an Ego and acquire a memory to forget Himself. Ego arises in the universal plane ahead of Time.


890)         Gratitude greatens the event.

                Gratitude initiates non-stop recurrence.

                Gratitude makes the finite act into an infinite chain of events.


891)         Man asks for help from everyone except Mother. Everyone refuses, She alone offers.


                Her giving is in abundance; human help is in trifles.


892)         The organised parts of our personality let in Mother through thought, feeling or habit. The unorganised parts of us let The Mother fully in.


                Move away from thought or feeling, SHE pours in.


893)         Vital is invariably attracted by beauty. It cannot see even obvious defects. Mind unfailingly sees.


894)         When a great opportunity comes and it urges you impatiently, we must respond readily without any impatience. Mother makes our readiness patient.


                Ready response must be patient.


895)         Mind can be pleasantly or unpleasantly occupied. It can remain unoccupied at no time. One should be above the mind for that.


                It is a self-aware mind that can be free of itself.


896)         Rationality goes by the past in determining the future. It is partly true or true in future events determined by the past. The creative future lies outside the past determination.


                Life lies beyond the confines of rationality.


897)         To become God, one should have the view of God and observe the world events with His eye.


                Man observes selfishly.

·          The researcher observes from the subject's point of view.

·          Jivatma silently witnesses.

·          God's observation is supramental view.


898)         Authority is the effective organisation of power.



·          Money is the one thing to which man responds.

·          He responds to prestige more.

·          He would destroy his own prestige to destroy it in another.

Man's evil is that pronounced.

·          Greater is man's response to the Touch of God in him.

·          In response to it, man will give up jealousy, prestige, money and anything.

·          Who can touch GOD in man?

·          God in Life alone can do it.


900)         Mother preceding (in the mind) the work enables consecration. Normally work precedes Mother.


                Anything should come to us only through Mother.


902)         What we adore as human greatness shrinks in the presence of consciousness to wretched smallness of unpardonable human behaviour.


904)         Records and systems maintained by the public on their own is after a fashion. We find a Tahsildar not registering a death in his house.


905)         Man chooses between listlessness and Patience.


906)         Selfless selfishness.

                Selfish selflessness.


                Knowledge is only from narrow experience.


907)         The brute physical force released when one starts learning a work, especially in the primitive man, matures into the strength of capacity through long skill, as in the athlete of long experience or the general who leads the battle. One is crude, brutal energy unleashed and the other is energy converted into power through force as skill matures to talent through capacity and talent.


                There is a difference between a young democracy’s fervour for justice and the British Queen's banquet.


908)         There is a great result for a small effort.


909)         Suppose there are avenues of correcting all one's earlier errors and one achieves it, what will he have gained? He would have become a moral man or an efficient individual.


910)         Man, high or low, will represent the age too. A sage of primitive times will be entirely primitive everywhere except his sagacity. Even there primitivity will not spare him.


                A fool in modern times will certainly be modern and express himself through the latest technology.


911)         To raise the intellect to the level of intuition is like the salaried employee earning as much as through an industry.


                For the intellect to be as effective as intuition is to upgrade the tax collection to a social institution from the administrative function of an organised government.


912)         Soul's understanding is the forgetting of the ego.


913)         The ignorant have the privilege of their own ignorance. It is not given to them to enjoy anything outside their ignorance. Service is not for them. They can well serve their own ignorance.


914)         Action supposes a base that is secure by itself. In its absence action, even if it is service, is self-destructive.


915)         Grammar is born out of literature, not literature out of grammar.


                The word becomes alive by its use, not by grammar. Grammar that is intended to perfect its forms often kills the life of the word.


916)         Positive joy ends in growth. Negative joy ends in pain.

Pain is the growth through negative Joy.


Ego always tries to excel God.


917)         To know all that one needs to know at the given moment is to emerge into knowledge out of ignorance.


918)         Infinity is to be static in movement.

                Growth in status and status in growth is to be infinite.


919)         Fear offers social survival; remembrance qualifies to be a devotee.


920)         To be able to see our general work from a higher point of view is yogic poise.


921)         Generosity of one who has no sense of honour or commitment is dishonourable. It is not generosity; it is the vanity of dissipating dissolution.


922)         Truth is creative.

                Truth alone lived effectuates the creative opportunity.


923)         Action separated from the occasion reveals the Ego.


924)         Generosity which is at the expense of duty is vanity, not generosity.


                Duty first, charity next.

                Generosity that fails in its duty is vanity.

                Vain generosity invariably fails in its duty.


925)         The beauty of language is in its thought. Words evolving to express the beauty of thought become elegant and emanate sweetness.


926)         Neglect of necessities can be made up by the increase of essentials.


936)         Nothing meaningful can ever be communicated to anyone usefully is the realisation of wisdom.


940)         Release of Kundalini enables the being to separate the highest part of being. Retaining the energy of Kundalini, transforming it by descent when ego is dissolved, the Being undergoes a transformation by the higher energy.


941)         Opening Kundalini is to release the energy of the unformed being. Dissolving the ego is to release the being from the hold of its narrow organisation.


942)         Inner action cannot be seen fully reflected till it is complete.


943)         Mother is a source of all mental faculties.


944)         Life Divine Life Divine

The principles of The Life Divine can be explained positively or negatively through any long story.


945)         Foolishness makes kindness inconvenient or even troublesome.


946)         Integral knowledge can be got by analysis if analysis is not intellectual.


947)         Nothing frightens people as an overdose of Grace.


948)         Brahman is in all things; all things are in Brahman; all things are Brahman.


Money is in all products; all products are in money; all products are money.


This is true of thought, light, Silence and all. It is such an obvious fact, we lose sight of it.


949)         Life Divine He and She came to us to give us Brahman in Life. Now their writings becoming real inside and outside is Brahman becoming real all over.


950)         Man lives on the surface by the subliminal.


951)         The world regretted the police-state of USSR. Now it is the mafia that runs the  country. Evolution to democracy for a primitive emotional state is through tyranny, either of the police or mafia.


                It is abundance of prosperity and excess of education that can convert the mafia to democracy.


952)         High mountains like tall aspiring trees are expressions of the earth's spiritual aspirations.


                The lie of the land, the expanse of the sea, the rise of the mountains are symbolic of the life of people there.


953)         To say surrender is difficult is like saying that it is difficult for an employee to save a crore of rupees.


954)         Surrender cannot be demanded, not even suggested to others. To know one cannot suggest surrender to oneself, one must have gone a long way in yogic training.


955)         One can accept Mother if he is willing to give up all his psychological moorings all at once.


Mother is synonymous with yoga.


956)         Scholarship usually does not mature into thinking. If anything, scholarship effectively prevents thinking. Scholarship possessed by thinkers is rare. It is in spite of it, not by the scholarship.


957)         The process of understanding is facilitated by overcoming sensitivities.


                The intensity of the sensitivity must change into its opposite to permit transformation. Sensitivity is hurt when another enjoys your possession. You must enjoy in another's enjoyment of your cherished possession.


958)         Possessive sensitivity is selfish. Its becoming universal sensitive vibration is the change from ego to the psychic.      


959)         All work is to be done outside.

                Yogic work is done only inside.


                The outer is the finite space. Inner is endless space.

960)         The psychic emerges when the all-wisdom is ripe inside.


                We concentrate. At one point concentration covers the whole being and the Being concentrates or is in concentration.  Then the psychic emerges.


961)         Action, feeling, thinking, understanding are the functions of the body, vital, mental and the spiritual. They all are a bar to concentration. When all of them stop, all-inclusive concentration issues from inside.


962)         To forget in the ego and to accept in the soul is to move from the human to the divine.


963)         One can serve in the measure he has knowledge, not while in ignorance when he will only inflict ignorance on others.


964)         Trying to give before one receives is the surest way of self-destruction,

because it makes him subtly vulnerable against the intended beneficiary.


965)         All weaknesses, as the one who tries to give before he receives, are weaknesses born out of overstretching.                                                     


                Dissipation is the enjoyment of self-destruction.


There is a joy in anything, even in self-destruction.


966)         Every man is proud of his intelligence. Especially the stupid man knows

that his own intelligence is unrecognised.                                                                                                                                                              

967)         True love knows what the other person likes which he himself may not be aware of, and offers it abundantly unasked.


                Love is vulnerable by this capacity of giving more than what the other deserves.


968)         To know the past is not knowledge. Knowledge should lead to the future. To know there is no knowledge in the past is knowledge. The psychic is the future in the past. It moves not, but is always ahead.


                To be the future in the past is to be infinite.


969)         Brahman is the fullness of Nothingness.


970)         Don't do; let things be done.


971)         Mental, vital, physical belong to the surface being. Spirit does not.


972)         Man thinks only of himself, speaks only of himself. Others are only occasions.


973)         All decisions are taken in the subliminal. Life is lived on the surface. It is smooth in the measure the surface does not interfere with the subliminal.


An act of heart-felt fullness.


974)         The idealism that wishes to serve the public that is jealous of the idealist himself is not idealism. It is crass ignorance of the ways of the world.


975)         Marriage is a family accomplishment in the society more than a personal fulfilment for the couple.


                A family comes of social age in matrimony.


976)         God tries to fulfil the world's wishes in you. Step aside, let Him act.Can the sea be thirsty?


977)         Concentration does not rise in quality by mere intensity of aspiration which is brute force. It rises by the opening of knowledge from above, or the knowledge gained by Life Divine.


No concentration can rise without knowledge opening from above or brought from The Life Divine.


978)         What knowledge will open to us from above in decades of meditation, The Life Divine gives. Equipped with this knowledge, long years of meditation are dispensed with.


979)         God becoming man is human life.

                Man becoming God is Divine Life.


980)         The evil adores its own acquisition of Power, nothing else.


The good who is trying to win the goodwill of evil is a fool as the only aim of evil is to destroy the good man. This is the only rule of human relationship.


981)         The subliminal that is eternally in delight completes the ignorance on the surface and endeavours to express in the surface ignorance the truth of the subliminal. The problems of the world are the conflicts of the surface and the subliminal.


                As Ignorance is completed on the surface, it must be conquered there.


                Knowledge on the surface is the goal.


982)         To consecrate from another's point of view is better.


983)         Poverty will be abolished in a trice, especially in these days of spreading prosperity the world over, the moment the poor are not hugging their poverty.


                Poverty becomes wealth the moment one aspires for it.

984)         To say creation is by self–conception is the same as saying we have created our entire life. We created all our misfortunes because we conceived them ourselves.

We can create a glorious future for ourselves.


985)         The Self is ever conceiving. Our present life is the result of such a self-conception.


986)         To know that I have self-conceived my misfortunes is wisdom.


987)         Each chapter of The Life Divine has one point of transformation.

To know them as a continuity helps.


988)         Ego is Lila in Ignorance.


989)         Consecration that begins in major acts should continue till we reach the acts of the smallest description for it to mature into surrender.


                In different planes, objects change into forces, forms, beings, conscious-ness, existence, etc. Everything exists in every plane in the size of that plane.


990)         The capacity not to think, to reverse a thought is a yogic capacity of Silence.


991)         Yoga is the conversion of the surface acts into acts of depth.


992)         Sound is matter, subtle matter.


993)         All work, right or wrong, done within one's limits of success is successful. It does not mean they are all permissible.


                Success is not by itself right.


994)         In this yoga, no guru can play a role as one learns whatever he learns from inside.


995)         Om, chanted rightly takes one to the cosmic consciousness. 'Mother' called from inner joy takes one to Her Origin.


996)         As you have accepted Mother, the very best will be done for you by Her from inside. Step aside and let Her act.


997)         Reversal of consciousness is necessary at every step of evolution, as every step of involution is made possible by losing one shade of freedom and ensuring that it cannot be revived.


998)         The outer must become inner in evolution as the outer issued out of the inner for the involution.


999)         Spirit for the tradition is the spirit that is beyond the person.

Spirit here means the spirit in all parts of the being.


1000)       To accept Mother is not so difficult as to give up what we are at present.