Series IX

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        1.  Truisms of Life              

       2.    Extension of Their Thought

       3.    Ideas from The Mother & The Master

1)      The grossest folly of the primitive man is there in us in traces, showing itself occasionally in the subtle plane as distant impulses .

          Choice decides.

2)         Imagination thinks of a possibility that is preparing in the subtle plane of the world, while fantasy has no basis outside one’s wishful thinking.

3)         Events do not repeat, not even in memory, if the energy expressed there is balanced out. Residual energies arise out of non-event-oriented attitudes.

4)       National governments are preoccupied with their own concerns, not the ideal of polity world over. There are leaders of governments, not international statesmen pronouncing political philosophy.

6)       The origin of dress is not to hide shame, but to be attractive. Constant use of dress later gave birth to shame.

7)       A small change on the part of selfishness can sometimes give a Himalayan boon for another’s selflessness. Selfishness finds that small effort as a Himalayan endeavour and refuses to do it.

9)       Military reverses may not upset national leaders. A non-working phone will upset a housewife.

10)     It is easier to part with material benefits; it is not so easy to appreciate another person.

13)     That manners do not reveal the true person is a known fact. How much the world has realised that very good manners can fully screen the very opposite, especially when one can espouse those manners even in his looks?

14)     We go to ten places to accomplish ten pieces of work. Our driver too can go to all these places, but cannot accomplish anything. It is not visiting places, but accomplishing that matters.

15)     In an age that ushers in progress by destroying all good values, it is not necessary to swim with the stream. It can be done either way. The following period will be very high in values. Those who destroyed the values now will be transformed into upholders of  high values. Others who stuck to their values will move up to uphold higher values.

18)    To know something by its expressions is not to know itself. We do not see the Energy in itself, but only its results.

19)    ‘Nihil can be only the abyss of the Infinite.’

                                                 -Sri Aurobindo.

20)       The great men of Europe, especially those of England, were those who saw the ascending ladder of personality in the formed mental capacity which education offered. Beyond that, they were ordinary men, not even ordinary souls. The entire Indian tradition offers spiritual knowledge as a ladder for the growth of spiritual personality. Sri Aurobindo added the mental dimension, too to it.

21)       Foolish greed taking to faith becomes pious wish of superstition.

22)    The free will of man is predetermined by the Supreme.

23)    What we see as Indeterminates are really cosmic Determinations which are the determinations of the Indeterminable.

24)     When acting outside social inhibition, the RAW man is in full evidence.

26)       The imperceptible, intangible, invisible, inconceivable Infinite is the most concrete, palpable form and force on earth.

27)     Man is so constituted -- of contradictions -- that he feels fulfilled in following an ideal or rule only when he breaks it in token.

28)       The light that has once revealed to a sage cannot die later, just as the rain water that falls on the ground cannot disappear. Water is indestructible. One can suppress the light, mutilate it but can never get rid of it.

29)    One man’s perfection can save the world, as man is universal.

30)     The man who has ruined you would not like you to die because he knows he would die at your death. Enemies at one level are friends at another level.

32)     Man’s energy is an important thing. He is rarely aware of how much it is influenced by his own thoughts and other human contacts.

 33)    Man’s emotions open only towards himself and to those who touch him. For the emotions to open to others only for their sake is sympathy bordering on compassion, which is a universal vibration.

35)     To those who know the subtle symptoms, even consummate skill of considerable politeness cannot hide the truth.

36)       He who does not have psychological ignorance will be able to deal with others successfully.

37)       The unegoistic help is the soul exchanging force with soul, true lila in life.

39)       A single man under an attack of a mob has no self-defence. Man is exactly like that in life. Surrender to Mother makes the mob melt away in seconds. One who has a little peep in the subtle atmosphere around him knows the truth of it. Still man wants to defend himself from the mob!

40)     Poverty is the assertion of the ego of its Ignorance in which it delights.

45)    To accomplish a work by an instrument opposed to it is not a need of work, but is one of transformation.

47)     Strong insistence on gentleness will result in violence, not gentleness.

48)     Intelligence, status, power, and age are not barred from silly behaviour. The greater the good endowments, the greater is the propensity to be silly.

49)       Infinity unfolding in the vital is spiritual expansiveness.

             The greatest aspiration is for that which is most inimical.

51)       Inability to give up a relationship till the other betrays is the nature of vital attachment.

56)    God’s attention is a wide focus on the whole universe, enjoying a comprehensive preciseness.

          The Eternal is the Individual.

60)       All evolutionary possibilities are there in life, in humanity. This is what we see in times of crisis. We see a great capacity to rise to any occasion in almost everyone. Only that it is negative. The world need not create anymore these necessary qualities, but only needs to change their character.

61)    Expectation is a crop that grows without sowing. Diversion is a major help in getting rid of it. When one is so diverted in Mother, expectation dissolves and Mother is the only standing crop.

63)     People have the ability to consider anyone they hear of as rivals, even fictional characters. It springs out of the insufficiency of the unformed human substance.

64)       To know the infinite varieties of Ignorance helps one to understand people more precisely. Its greatest help is self-awareness.

68)     Likes and dislikes go by the evolutionary necessity of the temperament not only in marriage, but even outside that. One of them is mean perversity that is relentlessly abusive, likes to be so abused all the time, not by persons of character or standing but by those who are more detestable than they are.

69)    The All-inclusive concentration HE demands of us is one which has not only universal spread, but has the centre in the Individual who has identified himself with the transcendent in the universe.

70)    The Absolute creates its own occasion, for its own delight. In this creation, HE sought that delight in Ignorance which he conceived of.

71)       The conception formed in the mind can be in accordance with the higher light above it. If so, it can mature into an act of energy. Suppose, exercising its prerogative of  infinity, the conception seeks regions outside this creation, not only will the world call him a fool, but his conception may not have energy to lead to any action.

72)       Each man is a dormant universe in himself. He does not open except to sympathetic souls. No man is equipped to handle the universe of energies of another when unleashed and unbridled. It may subconsciously hold the karma of another universe. The ordinary man is a sealed container that is safe.

73)       There are persons in whom the most heinous crime in the society may pass for a light shade of their character.

74)    Supramentalisation is Brahman in the body, as the Supermind is in constant touch with the Absolute.

75)     The urge to serve one who is strong in our own traits and the urge to destroy those of opposite traits have the same intensity.

76)     The closest person will be most closed to you in essential affairs.

77)       Telescope physically opens the heavens for the study of  astronomy. It is the soul that has any perception of the spirit. Spiritual quest by the mind without opening the soul is like astronomy with naked eyes.

78)    As the swimmer cannot rest for a while, the yogi has no respite in his remembrance.

79)     If you cannot bring two women together socially, it is equally true that two men or two persons cannot come together psychologically.

81)    It needs physical energy to look into another’s eyes. Mother gave yogic energy through the eyes.

82)     Looked at from one’s own needs, the whole world appears outrageous, predatory and unpardonable. To the world, we too look so. Not that either is wrong, but each judges the other from his own point of view, instead of the other man’s point of view.

84)       The steam engine’s discovery was stuffed away for over a thousand years. Will the theory of creation be looked at sooner?

             The individual hastening the collective evolution has to wait till be becomes a collective individual.

85)     Conservation gives considerable self-importance.

          Brahman is our patrimony.

88)       Necessity can make a man not only truthful, but pious. It can give him faith also. But, it is a minor insignificant truth. Piety, faith and truthfulness arising on their own, not in the physical plane, but in their own planes, is of value.

89)       Extremely polite people will spiritually benefit if they are ‘polite’ to their inner sensitivity.

90)       Man is either a social being or a psychological personality. He is rarely above both. The problems he has are of that level, not problems as such. Only those who are above both and are personalities can relate to Mother.

91)    The physical giving the right response to Mother regrets it and allows the vital to cancel it by reaction.

          Active constitutional ignorance cancels the gain of a part.

93)    When trying to raise the personality level, the being and the body respond variously. Pain in the body is the result of the physical shifting to the vital. Emotional disturbance accompanied by nervous pain is the vital raising itself to mind. Mental confusion, unrelieved headache, and dizziness are symptoms of the mind outgrowing itself.

          Suffering from psychological surplus.

94)       External appearance is of no value. But it is also true that the inner value is enhanced and completed by the excellent external appearance. It is equally true that the merest external appearance has the innate power to somewhat  induce the birth of the inner value.

95)    Offence is the not-self’s pressure on the self, for inner spiritual awakening.

          The organised part is closed. The unorganised responds.

             The essence of Real-Idea is Being.

98)       The selfish man, living a self-contained life, has all the energy to himself and thus enjoys a better health of a low, dynamic vitality.  The selfless man accepts something of others and thus is drained of his energy, but that enables him to draw forth greater energy from outside. He who gives has less, in spite of receiving more.

             The selfless man will be delicate while selfish men are course.

99)     He who desires to be known as a rational man is irrational. The world will know him to be a rational man either when he overcomes his desire or when he irrationally succeeds.

100)     God instructs man in a hundred ways, by his sight, hearing, what others tell him, what he reads, and what happens around him. Man sees them as events and misses the Instruction. At last God makes the man speak the very ideas he needs to learn. Man does it well, excelling himself in the assignment. But God is defeated even here, as man continues to miss!

101) The reconciliation of One without a second and All is Brahman is the point at which concept moves to practice, mind rises to Supermind, science accepts spirituality, and emotions rise to mind.

          The knowledge can be had in the body, and the power of physical accomplishment can be had in the mind’s substance. They are,

          -- Capacity to surrender the impulse of substance in the mind – that value, and

          -- Theoretical clarity of the very last detail of work.

103)  Nature’s profoundest method of presenting itself through opposites arises out of the involution by self-absorption.

104)     An organisation is administratively effective and efficient when each fully understands his powers and duties. It becomes creative when each is aware of every other department’s powers too. This is true of families as well as individuals. For men to be dynamically creative, each part should know fully what every other is capable of.

105)   Capacity without character, wealth without culture, and strength without knowledge are destructive of personality.

          Science today is power without social culture. Hence it is a BRUTE.

115)  The four points of transition from mind to Supermind-- Reconciling the One without a second with All is Brahman, Man’s aspiration with God’s descent, knowing Matter as fully as the sannyasi knows the Spirit and the greater scruple with the Aryan legacy. They are 1) unanswered question of the Upanishads, 2) occult link – secret, 3) The last step for the scientists, and 4) Integral aspiration.

116)     He who acquires innumerable embellishments in his trade, without first qualifying for it, forgets that all or any of these embellishments will only highlight his disqualification.

117)   The greatest possible attention is conscious neglect.

119)   Man can be jealous of the success of his own work in others; it becomes subconscious intolerance of one’s own progress.

121)     Indian society, - maybe all over the world – is bent on destroying all social, cultural values so that a new evolutionary beginning can be made.

122)   A nation’s integrity is seen in all aspects of her culture. The measure of freedom women enjoyed in England in the 19th century is a function of the truthful character of youth.

124)     Unselfish strength and rightness of the situation make one invincible in all situations.

125)     In a developing country, especially in a developing market, the segment of newly created market is greater than the one in which there is competition.

126)     The husband wants to please the wife which makes him vulnerable. If he wants to be right, he will be strong.

127)  John’s mother’s faith in the doctor.

          Cancer is cured by Force. It is difficult for Mother’s Force to win the approval of the doctor.

128)  The subtle omens in life are far more abundant than what we know as omens – the ones in the gross physical plane. The trained sensitive eye will not miss them. Similar symptoms in the causal plane are by vague, but strong inner feelings. Arrival of good news in thus felt as deeply as joy.

129)     A law or a rule when perceived becomes less effective later. If anticipated – if a result is anticipated based on that law – the anticipation reverses the effect. Effectiveness of the mind, here, is at its height.

130)  Certainly Mother and Her works are great. Work’s greatness subdues the ego. One’s greatness felt boosts the ego and blunts the work.

131)  Man understands better through faith, than through his intellect.

132)  Outer awakening

         Outer conflicts are seen.

         Conflict become compelling.

         It grows strong in the periphery.           

         It moves to the centre and destroys the stubborn physical.

         Better to understand the conflict.

         Compelling conflicts must become convincing arguments.

         The strong growth in the outskirts must change into strong devotion at the centre.

         It will move to the centre and transform it.

         Only surrender can do it.

133)   Man wants to create trust so that he may betray. As long as measures are not there to prevent that possibility, man and the society do not progress. Records prevent it essentially. Now computer prevents almost every possible lapse.

134)   Passion that overcomes one’s heart leading to death, rises in utter indifference to the quality of the love object. Not only that, it can rise from good motives as well as the opposite. Overcoming of the heart or death depends on the intensity of passion, not its ethical source or goal.

135)     Can the evolutionary adult hope to have less dedication than the courage of Churchill or the tenacity of the primitive’s physicality?

136)   One who is offended by his own position of which others may not be aware has  no right to attribute that offence to those who pronounce statements touching his positions.

137)     Spiritual courage is not something known to the world. It may not be exhilarating, and may be sweet in its benevolence, capable of any act God wills.

138)   One’s freedom in speaking to another, if limited to the courage of the other person, will be true freedom.

139)   What is the idea of calling someone mannerless when you choose to talk to a mannerless man. Manners require that we talk only to those who are capable of manners.

140)   As we do not consider animals as our enemies, but protect ourselves from them, those who carry light must carefully protect the light, by totally keeping off beings of darkness.

141)  Surface surfeits.

         Depths decide.

142)   If the role of an event is to give man a certain knowledge, human relationships cannot fare better than one such episode in one’s life.

146)   Mean, shameless, mercenary character can be above monetary  mercenariness.

147) What are Inderterminates to us are really cosmic Determinations. In fact they are the determinations of that which is Indeterminable to us.

149)  He is the Play, He is the Playground and He is the Player.

150)  Mother does not have the limitations of the other gods in sanctioning our prayers. The limitation is ours.

151)     In learning a new language, grammar and vocabulary are gross, while pronunciation, accent and intonation are subtle.

          Electric shock needs the contact.

          Subtle forces act by thought.

153)     That low consciousness cannot be touched is a subtle fact. One can fortify himself only by the strength of inner purity.

154)  Man voluntarily withdrawing from the divine opportunity of service cannot return to it.

155)  There is only one failure. It is the failure to make the right choice.

          Selfishness will sacrifice for its own gain. It will not give up selfishness.

157)     Life is not a straight process of accepting the right and rejecting the wrong. It tries to accept the right in the wrong, for the sake of the attractions of the wrong and very slowly works out the compromise through tortuous paths.

159)     Ideals are accomplished by cooperation, are destroyed by resistance. Great ideals are achieved by resistance. The greatest ideals are achieved by transforming resistance.

160)  It is purposelessness that touches the bottom. Spontaneity rises in full only there. Literature created without purpose remains immortal.

162)  The highest value of independence that cannot bring itself to accept help of any description has its counterpart at the lowest end, where there is a knowledge that no help will be forthcoming. It is true that both meet where the cycle of life closes.

163)   Man accepts a new ideal not by rational appreciation of the concept, but by learning about the practical experience of others. When he has such experiences from which many others can learn, he prefers secrecy.

164)   Professionals are dignified wage earners. It is a pity of human life that one has to earn his bread. Culture can rear its head only when man is relieved of that necessity.

             Mother’s consciousness enables us to do great works. You can make the impossible possible. As it is done in ego, the impossible will land on you and devastate you, as one trying to feed the whole village.

184)     Our urges are biological, social, psychological and evolutionary in succession. Energies of an urge conserved will help build the next higher plane. For yoga, one needs to conserve the evolutionary energies, if he had mastered the earlier urges.

185)   The way in which a person exhausts his last drop of energies in pursuit of the unattainable, reveals his sacred values.

186)  There is no problem other than that caused by hankering after the past.

187)   Physically strong cruelty goes with obscenity of physical love and both are centred in physical selfishness.

188)  The unconsciousness of the parts of our being enables them to assume the right to originality for action. Even the soul suffers this blemish. Only the psychic being can know it is an instrument of Shakti.

190)  The infinity of Brahman emerges in its capacity to play against itself in creation.

191)  Man’s efficiency arises out of his surrendering to his subconscious. Yoga needs the surrender to Mother who is Superconscious.

          Sri Aurobindo’s surrender is not new to the world, but it is to rise from the lowest to the highest.

192)  Capacity to energise your opponent for your own delight expresses one’s infinity.

193)   Anyone can learn the grammar of another language. No one can learn its idiom as the native can.

195)  Surrender belongs to the causal world.

196)  Man can submit when he is overwhelmed, but cannot bring himself to surrender as a voluntary act. His faculties have such an independence as well as a rigid formation.

197)  The joy of self-discovery is the joy of the struggling surface capitulating to the overpowering of the subliminal.

          Ishwara fulfils Himself in his surrender to Shakti.

          Surface fulfils itself in being overpowered by the subliminal.

          Democracy rises to heights of value when one accepts defeat with grace.

          Surrender is the Victory of the whole over the part.

198)   Completion of work:

          Till the physical learns, the work does not move.

          A work awaits surrender to be complete.

          As long as you remember a work, it will be a non-starter.

199)  The Time has Come

          To know this is the Hour of God is to make the distant hour come now. To have that knowledge is not given to mind. It is there in the heart. It arises in the fullness of the heart which comes through surrender.

200)  Generally man does not understand what he can or must do. When he does, he finds no capacity. He is unaware that that capacity can be acquired in a trice by surrender. It rarely occurs to him. So, human problems or opportunities reduce to,

·         Unconsciousness.

·         Absence of faith.

204)  Triumph of the ego lies in its dissolution.

206)  Is there an instruction that can have the power of actually doing the work? It is the idea that arises from the substance of the mind.

207)  To solve a vital problem mentally is evolution, a step towards supramentalisation.

208)     A phenomenon has its existence at all levels – from Sat to Matter. Surrender of that phenomenon in any plane will yield the result of that plane.

209)  Presently it is social values that enable families to survive, especially those below par.  In a culturally developed and stable society, the family values must energise the social structure.

211)  To be sincere is to move to the psychic in that part or the act, as Prakriti cannot be sincere.

          Pain is only for the ego.

215)  Repetition of Om raises one to cosmic consciousness; repetition of Mother raises one to consciousness.

216)  Om chanted from its own depths will shake the earth literally and can take you to Brahman in the cosmos.

217)  An idea will be accepted by the world only when the author withdraws from it.

220)     The retailer often gets more than the manufacturer, which emphasises the insignificance of ownership.

221)  An idea is greater than its author. It is seen in the fact that he cannot own it.

224)   When a troublesome man goes, the same trouble comes through someone else. It means the seed of that cause is in us.

225)     The powers of the establishment are to preserve the old and destroy the new. It is less than ignorant to expect the establishment to foster the new.

227)  Man understands only what has been already explored, not what is to be explored. Each time he crossed a plane, he needed a new tool. To try to discover in the next plane without an appropriate tool for it, is one expression of mental folly.

229)     The only way mind can understand the unknown is by the known which cannot disclose the unknown except that the essence of the known can lead to some understanding. The essence of the known is the psychic. Any unknown is understandable only by the psychic and because of transformation.

             -- The known cannot reveal the unknown unless it contains the known in some fashion.

             -- The unknown contains the known as the known is the involved unknown.

             -- Therefore the process of understanding is the process of transformation.

         -- Any understanding is possible only when the mind is blank and by     transformation.

             -- Therefore only the psychic can understand, not mind.

             -- It is OBVIOUS that mental understanding is to insist on ignorance.

230)     Man  does not understand any event. He understands in the social context and does not try to understand it fully beyond, as long as it does not affect him. It is NO understanding.

231)     There is no known method to understand a new phenomenon except by trial and error which is a long drawn process, perhaps of centuries. Anyone who hits upon a right solution does so by chance. Only the inner self-perception can do that also. Surrender to Mother can always do it.

232)     The profitability of an organisation is decided by its organised strength when its intensity is higher than the social average.

          The relative is the Absolute.

          Truth blossoming as falsehood is creation.

          A relationship is sweet as long as it serves one's selfishness. It is not the relationship that is sweet, but the selfishness.

239)  Mind will get the lost link with the Supermind, if the new thought is expressed in the old idiom.

240)  The free will of the bound person is the determinism of the Supreme.

          The infinity of the infinitesimal.

241)  Brevity of expression brings the substance to the surface.

242)  When there are several reasons for a problem, we wish to locate the prime mover. The prime mover will peep through all other causes.

243)  Efficiency can be deceptive, not sincerity.

244)  Sincerity in the depths becomes complete is its surface expression is smooth and sweet.

245)  To make the mischief maker himself set it right is the method of transformation.

246)     Idealism can learn more from meanness, though it is a negative lesson, than from other idealists.

247)   Problem arises when the work is greater than the personality.

248)  At times of ferment, the minor details will decide the major outcome because they are times when all lids are off and energy is afloat. As any organisation is fully integrated, at such times small things become decisive. 

249)  When an organisation is sinking or life is ebbing out of the body, not all the ideals, principles, great traditions, or high rituals can stop it. Turning inward and restoring the lost touch with the inner light can revive what all these cannot. The word 'Mother' can do it without fail and cheerfully.

250)  Spirit emerges when Existence objectifies itself as Truth between them. Mind emerges when the comprehending Supermind objectifies itself and its activities between the subject and the object.

251)   Public opinion is a personal convenience of selfish limitation.

252)  Sri Aurobindo offers man in life a rich fulfilment of spirit which is a minor version of His spiritual evolution where the manomaya purusha evolves into supramental being.

253)   Generosity in polite men not really capable of it, will, under the stress of life, move to be its very opposite.

254)  Man is spiritually the universe and the transcendent, but we see him in society as a mere individual endowed with the powers society has given him. But in his psychological makeup, especially in the negative forces, he does wield those higher powers fully.

255)  When we pray for someone, it is to invoke grace on him. Sometimes, it may be we withdraw our ill-will by our prayer or neutralise our low consciousness.

256)     Unconsciousness aspiring for Samadhi gets unconscious sleep.

260)  Life is not negative. It is neutral. Man can make it positive or negative by his attitude.

261)  Perfection in the substance will perfectly express in the surface.

264)  Success in life is neither right nor high nor even the ideal. It means integral existence at our own level.

265)   Communication is most effective when the information is translated into the context of the receiver, not when the rules of communication are followed.

267)   When the character gets out of the writer's hands, his writing excels. If the character outgrows his narrow personality, it brings out great life as well as great literature.

268)  The best of men, when grace descends on him, receives it with emotions of surprise but, in a moment, it is all but forgotten. The next time when he is to act, it is not the grace that comes to his mind, but his own helplessness.

          Out of sight, out of mind.

          Work first, anything next.

270)  Man functions only from inside. So, his mastery has to be inside.

          Inner joy makes the outer bloom.

272)  A rebel needs to maintain his rebellion throughout his life. At the point he stops rebelling, he becomes a reactionary.

273)  Conceptions can survive in consciousness. Accomplishments belong to substance. For conceptions to become accomplish-ments, the substance must conceive of that necessity.

274)  Man's primary value is to be conscious. In the measure he is conscious, he feels gratitude. His normal best is unconscious ingratitude. His work can be explained as yearning to be conscious so that he may be grateful.

277)  The joy of self-discovery is the joy of knowing how SHE has been following you, since when and how seriously.

278)  Do you FEEL Her TOUCH? If so, you belong to Her. What else do you need, He asks us? The joy of belonging to Her and to Her only.

279)  Where man is recognised, SHE is forgotten.

280)  Fullness of gratitude is silent awareness.

284)  Birth of Gratitude is a burst of Energy.

285)  Unconsciousness is ingratitude.

286)  Absence of energy is lack of inner contact.

287)  Calling is the most tangible of feelings when you feel Mother as Joy. Knowing Mother is greater still, as mind is a greater part than the vital.

288)  By conceiving the process of creation in full, one's mind restores the lost contact with Supermind.

289)  One who knows the process of creation without a flaw so that he may practise it, is one who creates LUCK non-stop.

293)  Human selfishness excludes everyone with a vengeance. Divine Selfishness includes every soul equally with the same vigour       

294)  The height cannot be achieved without the lowest of the low being satisfied, as both are the same.

300)  He chooses surrender as the transformation of the self-absorbed Brahman is the evolution. Surrender is the right counter5movement to self-absorption.

301)  From the top to the bottom, the substance is the same. So also the structure from the atom to the Absolute.

302)   Computer is new to the world. In the long run, it will integrate with every walk of life in the society. For enterprising people in the field, there is an infinite scope for innovation and even creativity. As the whole of USA once offered a vast scope to the settlers, the field of computers is offering to those in the field, especially the Indians, a vast scope for a rich, lucky harvest.

303)     The least we can do is to feel grateful to Mother constantly, or when such a feeling is there, to convert it into a sensation of gratitude.

             Man has miserably failed to be grateful to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo for their Presence on earth.

304)  The whole trying to raise the part to its level is an exalted ideal. For the whole to rise to the occasion of the part is noble. For the whole to identify with the part and rise is what Sri Aurobindo wants.

305)     Capacity for self-justification or self-depreciation is an indication of unaccomplishment. To accomplish, one goes after the goal with an energy that is self-possessing.

306)  To discover Brahman in matter, one needs to have all the energy the work needs at the material level organised into effective skill by the mental interest, motivated by the spiritual attitude of veneration.

          Brahman reveals if the spirit is evoked from the work.

307)  The first step in spiritual wisdom is to know every man must act and can act only according to his light. Thus, each is doing his very best or honest best.

308)  The best way to read fiction is not to see it with the eyes of the author, but to feel with the sensations of the characters.

309)     That which you enjoy or resent from the past still lives with you. Even its memory is a link with it.

310)     Involution creates the surface mind and perfects Ignorance there. Evolution achieves the fullness of the depth in the surface.

311)     The urge in the nerves to work is not so great in India as in cold countries. Man sitting idle in dhyana was less frowned upon here than it would have been, say,  in USA in the last century. Maybe such a social climate was one reason for people to take to meditation.

312)     The Truth that a man lives as long as he wishes to live is scarcely known, since men are aware of their surface selves only, while the decision is taken below the surface.

315)     Even when impediments or obstacles are not there, limits arise.

316)     Generosity and graciousness, as every other thing, have their significance in the planes appropriate to them, not outside them. Outside they will fall flat, or even be taken mean advantage of.

317)     Revolutionary transitions still rest on the base of wealth but status changes colour. There can be a spiritual revolution when only the base of values can remain. In periods of spiritual transformation, the core of the values will not be lost, but values change diametrically.

318)  He who wants to live the lives of others, is aiming at becoming the soul of the Universe. When that objective experience is internalised into subjective experience, the Universal Soul rises to the Transcendence. It is the Supreme.

          Exam is in the physical plane.

          Acts of goodness are in the invisible, subtle plane.

320)     We see in the hartal that society protests; a news announces a new discovery. In an overcast sky we see the approaching storm. Do we see the touch of Life in events? We must be able to see the hand of Mother in each event.

322)     When the soul changes the body, the old one dies. When the body changes its consciousness, it feels almost as if it is dying.

323)     We work to survive. The Europeans worked to learn. They learned by doing. We learned by sitting in meditation. Work is anathama for us. Sitting quiet is inconceivable for his buoyant energy.

             They must be in sitting to see the truth of work. We must express the depth in work.

324)  Abuse is violent recognition of oneself in others.

          When abuse arises in one, he should turn his look inwards and see the same thing he disapproves of in another.

          It is not in human nature to develop that in-look.

          To endeavour to eradicate what he sees is SINCERITY.

327)     Rather than building character in India which is inconceivable, better pray for the Force to raise us past the need of character.

331)     When you read a written work – play, story, essay – and know all that the writer has put in consciously, you are a good reader. To identify with the characters or thought which exceeds the author's intention is the most one can get out of it.     

332)     The intuitive knowledge of the seers was not in a form that intellectuality could have consumed. If the theoretical knowledge of prosperity is possessed in a discernible form, the masses will rush for it.

333)  The strong part that denies the rest its own privileges grows into being the whole by being denied by those who are now denied.

334)     The maximum psychological effort man is willing to undertake is to pray or to buy a lottery ticket. He may be available to God when He is that close!

335)  To relate to another as he is and fully inside and outside is not given to man unless he is thus awake in himself and is endowed with the subtle, universal vision.

336)   People resort to reading to pass time. Writers write to pass time.

340)     Before the will goes silent abandoning its right of expression, it has to take a form.

341)  Achievements through enjoyment are greater than achievements in austeity.

342)     Love is noble; manliness is magnificent. That manliness which denies the touch of even love at its own sacrifice is, of course, elevating.

343)     Creation is a field of play. Its intensity is heightened by the differential existing between the two ends. Nature provides for it in its eternal oppositions that find their crux in the difference between the male and female.

344)     One who aims at a social life can overlook events in his life, as besides social life there are a great many elements in his life. Yoga that aims at perfection cannot afford that luxury. The yogi knows that as long as the memory of an incident rises to his mind, he has work to do.

345)     Matter tempting the hidden consciousness with the secret godhead is for its delight.

             The Force in the Form resists.

             Awakening the knowledge in the Force turns the bitter discipline into sweet transformation.

346)     We need not build character and ego and then dissolve it. The Force can escape those needs and raise the consciousness straight.

347)  There is no known method in life for the weak to win over the strong. If the weak moves to Mother, it emphasises his Truth, and his Truth becomes stronger than the strong. It wins surely.

348)  Enjoyment, when it is real, increases energy.

349)     For several centuries human kind is at pains to discover harmony and concord in an institution created to nourish disharmony. Its intensity of persistence is only equalled by its utter impossibility.

350)     Tradition gives birth to rich blooms; evolutionary vistas put forth blooms of innate vigour whose fragrance is enchanting.

351)     Start any inquiry with, "I am always at fault", then there is no way you can fail.

352)  Conception of Brahman:

          Before one conceives of Brahman, one should have experienced the 12 aspects of Spirit.

          Infinity, Eternity, Truth, Goodness, Consciousness, Knowledge, Power, Beauty, Love, Joy, Silence and Peace.

          One who is utterly Truthful can realise any of them or all of them.

          Having realised them, one should rise above them in conception. That will be the conception of Brahman.

353)     "Good will is the best bet for Ashramites."

                                                                --The Mother.

             All will has a bad character.

             The bad will becomes Goodwill when it passes through Mother.

             Harmony is Mother's first value. Absence of rivalry and competition are Her rules.

             To generate Goodwill one has to shed rivalry, competition and reach others through harmony.

             Goodwill is unselfish, harmonious appreciation of other devotees.

354)     The distant symptom rightly understood will lose its significance and what it signifies will lose its existence. When not understood, it comes closer until you  recognise it.

355)     Supramentalisation is the body thinking with the Supermind.

             Now the body thinks with the subconscious mind.

             Life thinking with the mind is prosperity.

             Body thinking with the mind is luck.

             Mind thinking with the Supermind, life thinking with the mind or even body thinking with the vital mind are prosperity, luck or overflowing abundance.

356)     An impulse can be identified as non-egoistic if it is devoid of the insistence of the limited.

357)     Instead of reading a novel as a story, one can read it as a gradual unfolding of characters in the field of life or forces of life seeking a confluence in events minor and major, one leading to another.

358)  Ego restraining itself by force of circumstances will not lead to progress. Any real progress begins with ego realising its need to dissolve itself.

359)     What is held as a collective ideal today, the individual has upheld long long ago as his own ideal. The progress is not the discovery of new ideals but to accept collectively the ideals of the individuals.

360)   A system cannot be corrupted beyond the point of collective sensitivity. Reversal is not possible before that point.

362)     When Mind that works in Time concentrates away from the past and future and into the present, it regains its origin Supermind.

363)     The full knowledge one gets after reading The Life Divine is given to him when he is touched by the Spirit. As it is an inner knowledge, it is better in that sense.

364)     The crude raw man of primary impulses as well as one possessed of godly emotions are insistently in the present, not allowing themselves to be hampered by ethical considerations by allowing the past to intrude into the present.

365)     The 1943 Bengal famine was the forerunner of the 1946 communal riots. Life struck before base human energies took revenge over to rigid mental stupidity. Gandhiji represented the facile hope of the fallen Indian spirituality. The 'spirit' that denied itself to the whole community is destroyed by that wider community by its primal energies.

367)  Our maximum efficiency is seen when our interest is maximum in a well known work. There we excel ourselves but that too will have a limit, a limit set by our capacity and skill. Any prayer that receives that efficiency will not fail, not because the work has received its all, but because Mother had taken over where we have finished.

368)  Have you ever failed to get whatever you needed while you were in earnest?

369)     "Remove the anomalies and restore health" is equally good for any ailing organisation.

370)     Positive thought blending with creative diction reaches the acme of language. It is capable of social creativity.

371)  An avatar or a genius is known to be a gradual development that finally reveals. The creativity of the evolutionary flux provides even for the opposite, as the opposite movement also ends at the same point.

372)     Abundance without the reinforcement of power matures into affectionate, emotional culture. Power renders the strength of abundance into perverse meanness.

373)     Thought is stimulated by a field of Thought.

             A person desirous of understanding is such a field.

             One who thinks on his own is better than one who understands.

             Emotional endorsement of thought is a rich field to stimulate thinking.

             Trying to reach another's emotional understanding, one gets an inspiring field for intellectual stimulations.

             The finest arena for mental, intellectual inspiration is an uneducated person's desire for understanding in her physical mind when it is endowed with spiritual clarity.

374)  Law is conceptual and mental. It is not for the whole population. Law expressing itself through a human example will vastly help in understanding the example, not the law. A wider human context such as a work of fiction will help to express the law better than explain the example. The reader will be able to see the significance of the Law if the universal version of it exactly touches his personal experience.

375)   Ideal work and its requirements are squandered in dissipation, just as stray cattle destroy hybrid seed beds. It is out of bounds for rational arguments.

377)     Absence of understanding of the environment or oneself or both generates anger.

381)     Meanness and perversion assert and when hurt try to restore normality not by good pleasent behaviour, but by sombre gloominess.

384)  The selfless man active in life deciding out of right values to act exactly as a selfish person would act, is progress for him.

385)     The impulsive urge to deprive someone of his right to enjoy an unfair advantage and the impulsive urge to give another generously what he does not deserve are basically the same impulses that urge. In that they both urge, they are the same. As instruments of equality, they both are equally unfit.

386)  Prejudices are often formed with a vengeance and castles are built on those shifting sands. A whole course of events is shaped on that basis, only to discover at the end it is shadow boxing. Still, it was not without a seminal truth, and that is the real, but subtle, truth of life.

387)     In the mean deceits of the lowliest that are successful, one can see the highest wisdom reduced to practically successful strategies.

392)     Surrounded by the finest allurements of the heart, formed character finds it incapable of responding to them even to the point of recognising their presence.

395)     Anachronism is the sentimental intensity of the emotion for things missed in their own time.

396)     When revolutions are avoided, the transition is expressed through the temperament of the people, which does not fail to express the roughness of the change.

397)     A crisis in law that baffles the very constitution and is further complicated by the procedures of administration is not any of these but is a sign of changing times. Will it give thinkers the clue?

398)     Life cycle brings you exactly the opposite experiences to the ones to which you have devoted yourself passionatly. One who has been maintaining order in a place may have to fully disturb it later. This is how contradictions become complements.

400)     Life and divine life have the same or similar style. What differs is the basic motive of life or the plane where they function and exist.

402)   The wisdom of the wise is the psychological biography of their human environment.

403)   The first expression of power is uncontrollable urges.

404)     The very first expression of further access of power is uncontrollable urges. Having expressed them, man will anxiously look for higher reputation.

405)     In the measure we are open to Her, not only will our character reveal in us, but the wider areas of our community, nationality and humanity will surface.

406)  Though intuitive knowledge is of a higher order than intellectual knowledge, for the purposes of making this world richer in content and life, intellectual knowledge is superior. As with all others, intellectual knowledge in the descent is expressive of Supramental creativity.

407)  Physical affection is an affliction. It is fostered by proximity. Once there, it will stay. It can be worshipped as an ideal, an ideal of the uncouth.

408)     All revolutionary ideas meet with not the best in the society, but the worst.

409)     'Mother is Great' are words to us. Is She great to us inside, greater than our cherished possessions?

410)     Suppose everyone who matters to you now is shed by your mind and memory. What is left? Our world is our relationships.

411)   Man's natural relationship with his friends is to try to destroy them when they rise. On failing this, he will, on his own, try to submit and adore him whom he tried to destroy.

412)  The more hopeless a situation, the greater the opportunity to raise our faith.

          Call never fails. Man may fail.

413)     Those who are making history may not be aware of it. Often they rant against the ideas that recognise their achievement for the future.

             Achievement is unconscious, often hostile in its understanding.

415)     Gratitude of a plane leads to understanding in the next plane, perhaps in the next generation.

416)  Love survives betrayal, but cannot resist the call of love from behind the betrayal.

417)     Bill Gates is an illusion whereas ©õª¯õº is Reality.

418)     Mother reads the letters of those who send Her their minds. Others who need Her touch receive Her Touch to their messages.

422)     Marriages are made in heaven in the sense heaven alone can choose the right opposite vibration one needs through the husband or the mother-in-law or in those circumstances around the wife's family.

423)     For the truly wise, new knowledge awaits in the next plane to be reached by a chink in present perfection.

424)  Possessiveness possesses. Man exercises this on his woman fully. As education and urbanisation advance, he acquiesces in her coming out. At the level of soul, a complete interchange of forces is called for.

425)  The conscious genius is aware that that is possible by total ignorance that is delightful stupidity of all the other parts.

          Realisation is conscious for one who sees all his darkness in all the other parts.

427)     A project is to be prepared in consciousness before it can succeed in the physical plane. In doing so, several subsidiary issues will crop up. Instead of socially handling them, should one cope with them by the attitude and power of the central project, it is sure to succeed on that score alone.

430)  Man's conscience is awakened by social pressure or material interests. At best, it awakens to his present prospect of pleasantry. It is so because conscience is a social product. Even when you consider it a psychological product, there is no   other psychology than the social milieu.

432)     Mother becomes real when prayers fail.

434)     Is this not the Hour of Mother for us?

435)     Mother comes to us not only as love personified but as the urges of the physical in a dying man of no culture.   

             It is like the caress of the leper. St. Francis enjoyed even that.

             The  Divine who, as a joke, presented fangs to Mother, after it was accepted revealed the unearthly beauty of venom.

436)     We have heard of the 'rule' of karma. We know all the 'rules' of Life. It is possible for us to know something, or at least a few of God's 'rules'? Does He have any rule?

438)     As man has not responded to the Force, or rather the idealists who organised themselves to work for Supermind have betrayed the descending Force, the Force is working in the subtle plane, and through governments.

439)     We wonder why man becomes vulgar as soon as money or power comes. It is natural for the unorganised energies to emerge at the outset of freedom.

440)  The mother enjoys the vehemence of the child, never finding it vulgar. The nascent energy of man is always frowned upon, never appreciated. As in man new unformed energies emerge in uncouth form, so the society meets it with similr energies.

442)   The freedom you need must be sanctioned by the environment. Or at least you must deserve it inwardly so that it may be secured when sought outside.

444)  To feel the touch of grace is the beginning of delight. To emerge out of involution in response to that touch is The Delight He is after.

445)     Great decisions are made on small circumstances. It is life that offers these circumstances. Whether true love was achieved by such occurrences may be a question to many. All those who knew true love, know it is not those small circumstances, unless they are of spiritual import, that generate true love.

446)     Absence of utterance allows inner strength to be organised, though feebly.

447)     Character is the result of work that achieves inspite of adversity and has the truth of spirit in it. In the absence of such accomplishment, it is behaviour that readily rises to the occasion of a material need that is mercenary.

448)     Man who has survived tragedies is often overcome by the emotions surging    to the surface. HE was similarly overcome by the tragic constitution of life and matter. Mother called it psychic sadness.

449)     True love disregards honesty honestly.    

454)   When a society readjusts in terms of a new life style, it does so essentially at its most sensitive points of culture.

455)  Mind taking a stance can enjoy the luxury of prejudice, not the vital that wants to accomplish. The recesses of life open to it, demanding the pliability of apparent want of character.

          Existence is incomplete without Non-Existence.

456)     It is ends that prevail, not the fond means piously cherished. In the process, the varieties of folly are creatively abundant.

457)     Recovering the lost senses at a higher level is to move to the Supermind.

458)   When a difficult idea is suggested, the mind knows it is difficult to follow, while the vital is offended that it is wrong to offer something impossible.

460)     People having sleepless nights sleep over their problems.

461)     As when greater organisations emerge in the society, man needs greater personal capacities to avail of them, the descent of Force demands greater organisation of consciousness in the devotee.

             The greater the social service, the greater is the individual ability.

             Comfort is a function of receptivity.

             Inaccessible proximity.

             Incomprehensible revelation.

466)     People who are unable to take note of their immediate sourroundings and therefore appear foolish, are capable of knowing more inwardly by the little they take note of.

471)     To perceive God, it is necessary to overcome human emotions, sensations and perceptions. What reveals beyond that is unconditioned godhead. There is still a beyond. It is the unconditioned observing the conditioned in action.

472)     Suicide 'comes' to one from several sides when he seeks to submit the Mother's consciousness in him to the social consciousness in him which is a symbolic suicide.

             Man grows by knowledge. Knowledge becomes emotion and emotional sensitivity. Beyond that point, life events contrary to that sensitivity rub salt on the wounds.

             Truly man grows in spirit, rather by the spirit, in his embodied being.

             As we are not aware of the spirit, we see only the mind. It is first accepted by the mind of the emotions and later when that knowledge reaches the physical of the vital, where it turns into emotional sensitivity, it becomes allergic to the touches of life.

             Yoga, as He describes, it to overcome the physical sensitivities in the body and be free to receive the Force.

474)   A gentleman is a complete product. Defects like pride disqualify one to be a gentleman.      

476)   An uncultured instrument endeavouring its best to fulfil a cultured commission is sure to fail, as it may master the details, but cannot lay its hands on the spirit of the culture.

478)     It is true that true love is more easily consummated between the male and female, but when consummated between members of the same sex, it is of a higher intensity, if not higher order.

             As beauty and love are aspects of ananda, one easily consummates the other. Lavanya does it readily. If failure is there, it is in soundarya as it is external. The gap starts being creative perhaps!

479)     People treat you according to your status generally, but when they are keen, they treat you as you are to them.

480)     Human relationships constitute only our psychological personality. Beyond it lies the physical personality of the environment and the vital personality of sensations from that environment.

481)     Harmonious conflicts raise one from the vital to the mind.

482)     Yoga is beyond society and mental understanding. To know the extent of our social, psychological conditionings is a yogic self-evaluation.

483)     At moments of crisis, one makes statements repudiating all his behaviour so far to justify his present predicament. Is it not honest? Or is it dishonesty?

484)     Man repulses luck, gravitates to misfortune.

             Conception comprehends, perception acts.

488)     One tolerates folly with an indulgent smile. He goes beyond to tolerate wisdom with the condescension of inherent superiority. To be able to see the loveliness of folly flouting with a cocksure wisdom makes life indulgently expansive.

489)   Authority -- parental or social  -- stifles affection. The avenues along which passion stubbornly subsides under authority may differ but the common trait of the various expressions is intensity.       

491)  Mother's consciousness being evolutionary, it works through reversal of consciousness.

492)     The soul progresses in mind's trance. The psychic awakes in mental awareness.

             Mind regains Supermind when the soul tries to awake in the wakefulness of the mind.

493)     The world is neither disappointed, nor fulfilled. Man is.

494)     Intuition giving a FORMULA for the mind is the ascent resulting in the descent.

495)     Ego

             Pronounced ego is insatiable, but can enslave itself.

             Ego thrives on fear and timidity, especially nourished by social sentiments.

             He who secretly cherishes an ideal, dare not proclaim it, if he is unformed, low, and weak, as they nourish him.

             That is THE POINT of personality that reverses itself as Mother.

             Everyone does have that point and jealously guards it.

             It is difficult to be self-aware THERE.

             Self-awareness will be distasteful at that centre.

             Self-awareness is liberating as well as expansively pleasant.

             Self-awareness is a resolving psychological experience.

             One can best see it in a child or parent.

             Surrenders transforms.

             Resolving self-experience too transforms.

             bõÚ® is Self-Knowledge, knowledge of That in us.

             To know what one is really is a realisation of the Self.

             It must be expansively sweet. Social attitudes embitter it.

             To know what you are in your Self and delight in it is the key.

             Trying to understand the other from a similar attitude gives the same spiritual opening.

             Calling Mother from that perception solves the problem on hand, temporarily if vitally approached, permanently by mental knowledge.

496)   The male seeks the approval of the female to fulfil his psychological need. Women know it instinctively and withhold that approval, in order to hold on to the man. Any woman who ever expresses her whole-hearted approval of her man will lose him instantaneously.

497)     A technology is commercially viable or valuable only when it is economically affordable and is available in a usable size. A philosophy is practicable when it is comprehensible to the average intellect and is usable in the daily work.

498)     Man's capacity to wait for events to overtake him is the female principle in him and therefore more effective.

499)     Conscious oblivion is what lets accomplishment overtake us.

500)  Consecration of impulses, reversal of consciousness, etc. widen the personality.

             Perversity rejects the call.

502)     Contact is cure.

503)     One who is oblivious of great inner endowments and outer opportunities pressing on him, enjoys his obliviousness.          

504)  Instead of changing the body to house the developed consciousness, the present body must evolve to its new requirement.

          Go not after the new.

          Evolve the existing body to suit the new consciousness.

505)     Rational understanding is of the mind. True understanding is of the emotion. Know one by his emotional sympathy, not his mental understanding.

506)     Physical ailments in higher consciousness is like our being kept in lock up for a day. A pick-pocket being in the lock up is not a serious loss for him.

508)     It is not common that one discovers the social opportunities as they are. Only when it comes through the established power centres, do we recongise these opportunities as such. In that case we have recognised only the part.

509)     The new revolutionary opportunity for its full exploitation needs a new kind of receptivity that longs to serve Truth, not feel cosy in falsehood.

510)  Rationality and logic will be able to express intuition if they lose their rigidity and take on the flexibility exhibited by life as well as the Spirit.

          Treachery turns loyal when betrayed.

513)     The physical body is capable of very hard work on starvation diet, though the constitution will seek its equillibrium in anemia. So also, the personality can become socially functional at any level, from that of the brute to that of a cultured person.

514)  Collecting strength to spend is the way of life. The higher life allows one to spend and enables the spending to generate higher incoming energy.

515)  A new field creates its own language or at least its own jargon at first. Supermind is yet to develop its own language.

             The finite will not even concede equality to the infinite when it comes into its own arena.

517)     Man uses the mind as brain, the centre of the central nervous system, not as an instrument of thought.

518)     Chastity is essentially a social value. In ideal instances, it acquires an intense psychological value when it can even evoke spiritual responses. But it has no spiritual value on its own. In fact, the spirit, in its own domain, has no values.

519)     English has not produced prose of the order of Sri Aurobindo's writing and cannot do so for a long time to come. No study need be made to confirm this. Language rises in its literary quality by the thought it expresses and His thoughts are not yet fully comprehended by the English speaking world. Till thoughts of His level arise, there is no danger of English prose equalling His, much less excelling it.

520)     Concept formation is that of mental life, propelled by mental curiosity. One's observation may lead one to the understanding of the mind but it does not constitute a mental concept. For the majority of perople, a social concept is a mental concept. Only to those who have mental discrimination does a concept of the mind present itself as an opportunity.

521)  Sri Aurobindo's philosophy can create mental personalities. Devotion to Mother creates emotional bakthas. A sadhak is born if he accepts Them.

522)  The organised part is a finite rigidity in man. The unorganised flux is an infinite possibility.

523)     Fullness is the deepest part coming to the surface. Richness is that depth enjoying to the last drop.

524)  Earth is an efficient organisation because the atom is structured and shaped well. Man is the atom of the universe who is yet to be discovered by the society as an individual. He too must discover himself as a psychological and spiritual individual and organise himself as such.

525)   If the first response is complaint and the second is correction, men stop with the first.

526)  Food gets its taste from the consciousness with which it is made.

          No loss in losing what is to be lost.

528)  Marvel is the supramental vision. The psychic too can be sad. Reaction belongs to the vital. Change frustration into a sense of wonder.

529)  Ignorance, inertia and division are the modes in which matter resists as ignorance began with division losing energy.

530)  The Life Divine starts with our mind, goes to matter, shows it is Sachchidananda. Page 239 is really the quintessence of the BOOK.

531)  To know Mother is to have the call for yoga. It is undoubtedly a special spiritual privilege. Having come, one has the prerogative of fulfilling this yoga straight away. It is equally true that there are millions of bypaths. Will you wake up?

532)  She is knocking at all our doors. Would you open one of them?

          Page 239, last para of the chapter 'Matter'.

535)  Initiation is Infinity emerging from the Finite.

539)  Mind is an instrument of division. Supermind is a field of unity.

          For the mind, acting as an agent of unity is supramental transformation.

540)  The heart that remembers its origin is the spark alive in us.

541)  The collective is waking up consciously in the individual. The conscious Individual cannot wake up the collective by external methods. His inner awakening will lead to the collective outer awakening.

          Service is inside; work is outside.

          Man becomes the Absolute if his own thoughts come true.

544)  Life coming under one's control is his moving to simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness.

          Loss of memory raises man to divinity.

          Brahman is the Reality, not the Superconscient.

548)  Creation exists at 8 levels creating Seven Ignorances.

          Lila yields Ananda when evolution ends in Brahman.

550)  Mind sees Brahman as Sachchidananda Supermind keeps its touch with Brahman unbroken.

          Creation is for the taste of Ignorance.

552)  To transcend law and to act in utter liberty, one needs to shift from outside to inside even to act in the outside.

557)  Search for knowledge once begun cannot be stopped.

558)  Inner light is outer power.

          Falsehood insures human life against transformation.

560)  Supermind acting in the finite of life may not honour the rules of the finite, but will be fully of the power of life that grants it the moral right of action, evidenced in the wholesome joy of the psychic.

561)  Supramental reason, logic of the infinite are best seen in infinite expansion. Its value is a value acceptable even to the opponent.

563)     Problems of material interest can very well be approached by higher human values. So far the world knows of the lower human interests. It will be a great day when that appears on the horizon.

564)     The highest accomplishment of one is determined by the greatest enjoyment that his highest values permit.

          Capable values cater to accomplishment.

          Status is sealed by the values of capable organisation.

          Status is the values of capacity.

565)   Prices rising a hundred times means that the value of man has risen a hundred times.

566)   An idealist even after his success will evaluate himself by the acceptability of the society while the society adores his success for flouting it.

567)   People think of a possible convenience and try to take advantage of it as of right when they are unconscious of any sense of mutuality or obligation.

568)   Every man of affluence concedes to himself the right of indulgence with many woman in a society where the ruling power is money, not conscience.

569)   Friendship is governed by human values more than moral values of possession which envelop a man's relationship with a woman, though intrinsically both are the same.

572)   Social cultural values are another name for social authority in action in the field of culture and behaviour.

573)   Though it is true that character is independent of circumstances, it is also true that affluence shapes it. It is a strange fact that a belief in the absence of affluence too shapes character.

574)  Yoga can be begun only from where man is. He wishes to begin with fulfilling his desires.

575)  Absolute justice of the higher worlds converts itself into absolute injustice in our depths, but our subliminal enjoys it as pure justice.

578)  May Thou reveal Thyself in everything.

579)     The lower gives birth to the higher. Then work is with the higher, no longer with the lower.

585)     Yoga is a horrendous experience, as it has to transform dark, hostile forces.

             That was for Him and Her and not for us.

             Until we overtake them, it is a sunlit path for us.

             We do meet with horror. It is true.

             Horror is not because of hostile forces, but we invite them because of our rigid, dark attitudes.

             We can change the attitude and there will be no earthquakes or nightmares.

586)     The finest way of understanding The Life Divine is to construct parallels in life for His arguments.

588)     Emotions are born but once and that is why the first love is the best.

589)     The dead attempting creation kills the entire field.

             Thomas Underwood in 'Ralph The Heir' tries to be creative in writing and his constituency is disenfranchised.

593)     When you are constantly looking for The Mother, the next person you see turns into Mother.

          The subliminal will be on the surface if the surface enjoys and endorses the pain the subliminal seeks.

595)     Past consecration is a conscious attempt to bring the psychic to the fore. It is a miniature of the psychic emerging before death.

596)   Selfishness is the source of all ill-wills. It is incapable of true good will.

597)  When sending Mother to another, we send what we can.  By consecrating the person, the whole of The Mother goes to him.

598)     The selfish man's gift is the cobra's venom.

599)   To have value for money is the best way to prevent one's abilities from earning money.

600)  He who sees the undivine as Divine is the Divine.

601)   Let him who is sweet deep down look for its opposite either in the depth or on the surface or both.

609)     Cooperation in yoga may be likened to teams playing for the victory of the opposite side, though this is not so good as to play for the victory of the Play.

610)  Mother, when SHE gives, gives infinitely.

611)   Man's enjoyment is conditioned or rather limited by other social emotions, i.e., he can enjoy only to the extent his other emotions will permit.

          For every one act of admitting grace, we have refused it ninety times.

613)     Confusion that powerfully enters at any level has nothing to do with intelligence or capacity or even experience. Man going off the track often confuses himself. Not to be confused is an ability unconnected with our other endowments. It is called the clarity of the personality.

614)     Without a native element of goodness, even a good behaviour or cloistered virtue cannot be seen.

615)  A child of Mother is Mother born as a child.

617)   Contextual comparison leads to frustration. Even its satisfaction is a frustration. Evaluate yourself against your best potential to make yourself happy.

          Enjoyment is expression.

          Higher enjoyment is in inaction.

             God wishes to be man's spouse in very deserving cases.    

623)     Human sex act enjoys the relief of getting rid of the excess energy. The accumulating spirit enjoys the increasing intensity of the ingathering excess.

625)     There are moments when you feel things go extraordinarily smoothly. Sometimes you may not be quite satisfied by the rightness of the acts. In life there are moments when man misuses a glorious opportunity. While in Mother, these are the most glorious moments where one's conscience is the adversary.

631)   Things that are valuable in themselves like precious stones, money, and women are a class by themselves which get a social dimension of values. Whereas, furniture, utensils, and books have only functional values. In a cultured society, the former too will have only functional values.

          Spiritual society will have only spiritual values.

             Want leaders, not leadership.

             Leaders, not leadership.

633)  Self-existing bliss is the highest even in evolution.

634)     Comparison constricts.

636)     It is self-evident that Spirituality is greater prosperity.

637)  Realisation is to know the Reality.

639)  Successive perception is knowledge. Simultaneous sensation is power.

          Time is great. Timelessness is the greatest.

          To go beyond Timelessness is to be Transcendent.

641)     Comprehensive fullness, if the consciousness does not already possesses it, is not attainable even in a flimsy work.

642)     Ignorance

             Man is indifferent to anything that does not concern him.

             Man is incapable of knowing many things because he has no skill to know of them.

             Often man finds he does not know what everyone else knows, especially when he is concerned with it.

             As there is a system of knowledge, there is also a system of ignorance, a protective ignorance.

643)  The devotee is in a unique position of transcending social, human values to let grace work in him. Rarely does he understand it. When he does so, he powerfully shrinks from availing of grace. Invariably he prefers karma to grace.

          Mother cannot be caught into the net of human values.

644)  Man scarcely knows the extent of freedom, the types of freedom Mother offers him. She creates new dimensions of freedom and offers them to him. As long as he is outside the social capillary, She gives him unlimited freedom to experiment with.

645)     It is not the method by itself which gives the result, but the readiness of the substance of the plane enables the method to yield the result.

646)   The Chinese missionary who was carrying a fish everyday to a poor farmer, was told to teach that farmer fishing skill. A skill learnt by one person is equal to one man day. The whole nation learning one skill is equal to so many man days or man years. Skill, thus raises productivity at a million points.

647)     Perpetuity is dead wood. Purposelessness is spiritually creative of immortal movement.

648)     Children who are all the time away physically are really closest psychologically.

649)     Enhancing the enjoyment eternally is evolution.

             This is a process of ascent and descent.

651)     Need based value is no value. It is mercenary value. But no value can form without a base of concrete need. Though the value is need based, it must tend to move away from the need to be a valuable value.

652)     Man has an irresistible urge towards his own past human life. Yoga is for one who has a similar urge to higher life.

655)     Each man is a whole personality and includes the subtle plane, the planes in which forces after death dwell and every other conceivable plane. They are dormant all the time and become live only when the appropriate atmosphere is evoked. For a subtly sensitive person, human contacts are always explosive and dangerous.

             Life will be an operation in open air with unsterilised instruments.

656)     For all extraordinary personalities to function effectively or even to survive, an insular atmosphere is the first need. Without it, the biological, material, subtle infections will be ever present and he will soon be wiped out.

657)     We act out of an urge. The result is according to the personality or social context. We often think of the result and urge ourselves to act accordingly. The results are not as expected but again according to the personality that felt the urge.

658)     Social Progress

             Social progress is determined by social values.

             Social values are determined by leaders of the society represented by fashion setters.

             They go by their spiritual guides, viz. astrologers, priests, bosses, etc.

             The values of astrologers are in turn decided by the balance in the struggle between values and urges.

             Each man is a follower as well as a leader. Socially each man's value contributes. Personally each man's following the society decides.

659)     Society is shaped and guided by those universal personalities in their inner lives by their own inner values, who are often unknown to the outside world.

660)     All major trends of social culture in static periods are silently set by unknown men of universal personality which reach the society through the fashion setters who are always the leaders. In revolutionary periods, similar values are determined by the dominant social force unleashed by evolutionary leaders.

661)     Social values, trends, fashions, and achievements are determined by those who in their inner lives represent social aspirations, known or unknown to the society. Revolutions are determined by evolutionary personalities.

          Progress cannot organise collectively.

          It can only be done by an Individual who represents the collective.

          Progress is not given to an idea, organisation or even an institution as they are results and not causes.

          Man is the cause when he takes the society inside.

663)     The future values of the society are abolition of property and marriage. He who represents it now will have his evil persona. He succeeds in the measure he overcomes that persona.

665)     The deep-seated values of spiritual culture of India are today fully seen in the life values of the rural illiterate.

666)     Yoga begins deeply when the body falls ill. Its first symptom is headache and stomach disorders.

669)     When the insignificant human acts become the significant divine movement, what arises is the marvel.

670)     Yoga makes a man into God. But, anyone can become the god of his own life, if he is utterly truthful to Mother.

             Truth makes one God in his life.

673)     Sri Aurobindo took upon Himself fighting the world wars in part fulfilment of his personality -- the dharma of Kshatriya. Maybe a Vaisya can make the world prosperous.

             Brahman revealed itself as Sachchidanandam to the mind. Now it can reveal itself for fullness of sight as knowledge to start with.

674)     Perfection of  a work not only depends on the skill of the professional employed but essentially depends on the knowledge of the skill needed for the work by the boss who employs the professional.

675)     He who individualise the world experience is, in that respect, the universal Purusha.

676)     We are the mind when we express thought. When we create self-conceptively, we are Brahman. To know a thing from its expression is to know its spiritual origin. Do we really see the great heights man often rises to?

678)     To be able to see the essence behind the expression is insight.

679)     Partiality reveals itself as such. Partiality is capable of seeing impartiality as partial, as it is NOT partial to itself.

680)     Ego acts from its own strength on others' weaknesses. Action is impersonal, has no motive other than action. Ulterior motives always belong to ego.

681)     A sweet character does not lose his sweetness because you are sour to him sometimes; a stiff character is not less stiff because you are generous to him.

682)     When you receive something from someone, it goes wrong which means you have received it from his becoming. Receiving the same from its Being, it will never go wrong.

687)     Mind is lost in its own functions and their vital, physical expressions. The Supermind recognises its origin and its expression in all the others.

688)     That which is insistently aware of itself is the small. The great is painstakingly aware of the seeds of great in the small. The small can become great when it is willing to recognise in it what the great is seeking.

689)     Greater political power than what the personality can support brings out the undeveloped parts in him in ugly manifestation. Should he rise to the occasion, the process of growth is loveliness itself.

690)   Accumulation of wealth can be prevented by law in one form - say lands -- not as accumulation as such because it will dry up the nation's sources of increasing strength.

691)     Ego can submit happily to stronger ego and that too will serve its own egoistic purpose. Surrender offers to dissolve ego, to which ego cannot respond, but the light buried in it can.

692)  As manners, behaviour, character, personality are grades in which each transcends the previous level, Surrender is a method aimed at reversing self-absorption that ends in its opposite, that reaches out to the opposite end by virtue of the fact that in it there is no substance to which anything can cling.

693)     When a great opportunity arrives by itself, we often find it turning sour partly or sometimes even fully. It means the attitude of reception is stiff or insincere.

694)     A defect hurts. When recognised and removed it may rectify. When consecrated and surrendered it is transformed to infinite heights. We see cruelty thus being transformed into generosity. Hence the yogic value of transformation instead of enduring or solving the problems. Progress is for the one who goes back to all events of his life and consciously transforms them all.

695)  Surrender

          It is better to do with an understanding than without.

          Instead of understanding, it is better not to try to understand.

          Surrender gives the SAME result to understanding as well as not understanding.

696)  Surrender completes the positive, converts the negative, achieves the fullness at once.

697)     The first successful attempt at surrender is a long effort. But that too, though it breaks a barrier, does not straight away mean that surrender can be followed everywhere.

698)  Thought is the highway, surrender is the wide world.

699)  In surrender we give up the enjoyment of a thought or act. The personality faces the double option of enjoying or giving up the enjoyment.

700)  When the most earth shaking thought occurs, know, surrending that thought is for greater than expressing it.

          Even the formula of the universe is not so good as surrendering it.

702)     The key to the mind is to know all the facts and the occult process. The key to the vital is to separate the senses from reason and change it into intuition. The key to the body is to keep in touch with, remove the sensations and know all such facts.

703)     Yoga expresses as evolution when the motive is to see the joy of emerging knowledge.

             When motive becomes the motive of Lila, yoga unfolds.

705)  Where is the secret of Supermind in us? We don't understand we are the Supermind. To know that is the secret.

             The laws of bankruptcy in USA do not touch the house or car. Even insurance is spared. In our country they are still status symbols. Let them become necessities to the devotees.

712)  Let the motive look for the marvel, it will see.

714)     He who generously gives to unreceptive people defends himself because of lack of culture, by putting his foot into his speech. The best course for him is not to give. Better still is to wait for his help to be asked. If he gives and restrains from being crude, he will outgrow his community as well as himself.

             Generosity compensates defects by crudeness.

             Crudeness is compensation of generosity.

715)     Knowledge is that which reveals the whole in one sweep of vision as subtle vision does. That is how the wholeness of vision emerges.

716)     The physical is unable to see unless it is touched. Ego refuses to see. When pressed, the ego sees upside down through the physical mind.

             Every cell will enjoy the intensity of the whole body when the enjoyment rises (Individual intensity of the general order).

718)     Bengal where He was born, and Gujarat where He stayed for 13 years responded in the 20's and 30's. As the receptivity grew scanty, Bengal suffered in 1943 and 1947 during His life and Gujarat suffered in 2001. Receptivity should continuously grow. Otherwise it will backfire.

719)     Growth from below follows human logic. Growth by the descent from above follows the logic of the Infinite.

720)     The most silly act by one who lives at the centre of silly atmosphere DOES have an inner possibility to represent its very opposite. It can be brought out by social politeness or supramental insight.

721)     Societies develop not all at once, but gradually. Once a section has done it, the example holds out the possibility and knowledge with it. The fact is, for others to follow suit, it must be accomplished in the physical, in the subliminal substance and requires vast energies. Man thinks or feels expending his energy fruitlessly.

723)  For a spiritual vision, earth or the world does not suffer. It is in travail. The time has come to hasten the evolution of earth abolishing ego, thus raising delight to rapture. Otherwise HIS decree will fulfil itself in Time.

724)  The Infinite fixing the finite's course, fixes it in infinite freedom known as free will.

725)     Quality Indian products far excel their predecessors and are a near approach to foreign products. Still, on many of them the name cannot be printed in a straight line showing how much the psychological infrastructure for technology needs for perfection.

726)     As the level of enjoyment rises, so does its intensity.

727)     The body, as it ages, loses its capacity for sensation, as the mind its thinking. Mother's Force prolongs these capacities or revives them when lost at a higher level.

728)     The utmost regard youth had a century ago for the parental consent for their marriage itself shows that the emotion of human love is social. One reason for romance having the greatest of attractions is its capacity to break barriers.

729)  The highest conception of the mind is to conceive of the inconceivable.

730)  Supramentalisation is to view the world by the spiritual term of the physical being.

731)     Individuality can degenerate into aloofness or even assertion. At an extremity it can be selfish arrogance. An ability to function on its own, thus, is given an egoistic stress and is converted into self-defending impotence.

732)     Independence that refuses help, in extreme cases of egoistic insistence, has a way of looking to receive what they deny as their own desert.

733)     In a backward nation infrastructure needed by computerisation will be absent. But, it is a fact that nations will take decades to realise the necessary right step, as in India or Russia. Here is a great opportunity for such a nation to devise computerisation for the existing context. It can replace fresh institutions growing over several decades. The new computer system can grow into the texture of society and integrate itself.

734)     One becomes a friend not only by sympathy but by shared values. Lasting friendship, if ever possible, is given to complementary souls.

735)     Correspondences can be conceived in a wild superstitious fashion. Factual indications or those based on subtle vision will be of value.

736)     Vital issues of life, as viewed by mind through its temperament, selfishness and education are clouded enough. At a higher level of culture, one has only the above, the natural confusions. At lower levels, falsehood, tricks, mercenary motives too rise to distort the issues. India is at the latter level while the West is at the former level.

737)     For solving problems of health, family, etc., there need be no sustained prayer, if the issue is one that touches the emotions. The wish of the heart directly sends the Force through itself for solution. Sustained prayer is needed only when the problems are national or for one who has not touched the heart.

738)     Mind touches on the infinitesimal, whereas the psychic comprehends the infinite. Only when the psychic needs to decide its next place of birth does it push aside mind and emerge to the surface to review in a trice its whole life in this body.

739)     Mind concentrates on the infinitesimal while the psychic sees the infinite. The physical does not see what is exactly not before its very eyes and begins to clamour in fear. Hence the incurable doubt, disbelief and constant fear of the physical mind.

740)     Languages develop their idiom in several fashions. Of the many ways English has done so, the use of the article and the development of the preposition are two. It is particular or peculiar to English. Moving from one language to Language, the same phenomena become more wonderful sometimes when they disappear. Such an incipient state was witnessed in the earlier stages.

741)     Evolution of linguistic idiom is mostly based on its cultural expressions -- Ga\À, wmk, hardly true -- but those based on linguistic structure such as articles and prepositions in English, inflexions in Tamil are inimitable

742)     The sweetness of a language emerges at the points when it becomes musical or poetic. Music is by sound, poetry by thought. Both are partial expressions of emotion. Emotion enters both these fields enriching them to express power. Then it becomes mantra.

             Mantra is the word of the soul expressing devotional power. The same word moving to Self touches OM during its journey.

743)     My own appreciation of His thoughts are in the fields of life where they formulate themselves into expressions of abundance and in language where they transcend poetry into mantric poetry even in the phrases of prose.

744)  Neither at the level of universality nor at Infinity can there be personal possession. Feeling that the Mother belongs entirely to you means the finite in you is touched by the Infinite.

745)     When one reaches near perfection and consummate organisation, life brings him the necessity of facing utter imperfection and organised chaos. It means the growth for him hereafter lies not in perfection and organisation but in surrender to the opposing forces.

746)     The only service a man can do to humanity is to find his own soul, as that way he reaches others' souls which are incapable of offence in retaliation.

747)     The adorable values of patriotism during the days of Freedom struggle are only the values of the period, not those of the individuals. Only those in their personal lives who had values of soul had any value beyond their times.

750)     Unless and until the masses eschew violence, democracy will not take root.

751)     Philosophy blooms when the urges of the physical have been conquered by the light of the mind. South India that has developed all the philosophies of India, need not go through the physical earnage.

752)     To recognise there is a SOUL is the beginning of awakening, if not the awakening of the soul.

756)     Opposition in action or thought appears before us. Mind is unable to see its rationale. If accepted as valid, greater opposition will arise. The greater the opposition mind is able to accept, the greater is the true status of mind.

757)     Having heard of some great man, man believes he knows him. Thus he makes conception sensation. The wisdom of the folly conceives that conception is sensation.

758)     The past energes into the memory of the surface so that the unassimilated will now be assimilated.

759)     A drop of sincerity moves mountains.

760)     The material, historical fact enriches a report or an essay. What gives life to fiction is the fictitious character. Otherwise it will become a lifeless chronicle.

761)  Constant Presence goes with the constant emotion of gratitude.

762)     Compassionate help to weakness is considered by it as indulgent patronage. Therefore it resents.

763)     There is only one way of learning. It is Self-learning. Learning from another or one's teaching to another is to maintain the unmaintainable.

764)     He who teaches the world in such a fashion that it receives the knowledge given as if they learnt entirely on its own is a leader of Thought. For this he must disappear from their view.

765)  The more invisible a leader, the greater is his effectivity.

766)   Longevity has increased far more than justified by the increased prosperity because of modern medicines. This illustrates the principle that a right combination of strategies can yield greater results than the effort as the micronutrients have demonstrated. There is a formula for every field, especially Prosperity.

767)     Let the country be honestly enthusiastic about the 'micronutrient', for prosperity, education, health, commerce, etc. before they learn the full formula.

774)     Clear understanding of the situation vanishes mental fear. More vital energy than the field one is in will not allow fear in the vital. Energy of that level, and understanding of that clarity reaching the physical consciousness help the man rise above physical fear.

776)     The very best method to convey the MESSAGE of an era, better still the coming epoch is NOT to speak of it at all, but to write from that perspective. It is best done by those who are in the thick of that movement and do NOT know the message themselves.

777)   Churchill in winning the war, and Gorbachev in preventing the continuation of the cold war have become the men of this century. He who saw the revolution of rising expectations and located the instrument for its accomplishment will become the third man of the century if he also ushers it in.

778)   Roads and markets are economic infrastructures. Education is the one powerful lever that gives the spurt to a nation's development. But the prime lever to any of these secondary phenomena is the expectation of people to a higher standard of life. When the expectation rises, it releases a revolution.

          The thought expressed by the phrase 'revolution of rising expectations' is the most original thought of this century in economics.

          The social strategy that would release such an expectation can now be fashioned.

          Society in all countries has already released that energy. That energy will achieve when it gets organised for action. This is the hour, or the decade, when knowledge through information can arrive at that ORGANISATION.

779)     Health is a battlefield or a micro social organisation carring within itself all the revolutionary turbulance possible for the society. Diseases are foreign invasions or local law and order problems. Treatment, coupled with a right diagnosis, is capable of winning a war, averting a social upheaval, or sowing the seeds of protection on the borders or peace at home. The doctor is a captain of so much in store.

             Doctor is to a patient what a general is to a nation.

780)     Doctors, especially cabinet ministers of health, thinking of the nation's health over several decades, would find that the nation's health, in fact, its physical prosperity very much solicits their loving consideration and offers to reward their thought like a rising stock value.

             The amount of organisational power in the society today, along with the vast medical knowledge, is enough to wipe out most of the diseases from the face of the earth, if only the health perspective is there.

782)   Writing that is cast in modern phraseology especially creating a special idiom by extending other fields to our writing will fully catch the attention of the reader, surely. To what that attention is caught depends upon the thought content of the writing.

784)   Community does not take notice of social activities in its member organisation, but it responds to the status of persons in the activities. 

786)   Binding a physical man to the written word is inconceivable. But in a nation where the legal norms of social culture are sufficiently recognised, even that will hold good. It is significant that on one occasion it was effectively used to insure against drunkenness!

          Eliza is not meant for the love of Higgins.

793)   Whatever subject you speak on, that which expresses is one's own wisdom or folly.

798)     Root of failure is selfishness and its prestige. The greater the sense of prestige, the greater is the pain the Not-self gives. Faith in Mother works as long as that limitation is not confronted.

799)     The All-inclusive concentration is a concentration spread over all the universe represented by all the parts of the Being.

802)     Of all ignorances, the ignorance of converting the ignorance to knowledge without its own consent is the capital ignorance. This is an ignorance that forgets creation is for the taste of Ignorance.

803)     He who looks for no initiative in the future must get rid of the faculty that initiates -- the ego.             

806)     The low who are fated to rise work themselves to death, not losing a single opportunity, but in an atmosphere that presses opportunities on them, choose to lie dormant for long, cursing or adoring according to their cultural predilections.

          Man loves to destroy what he has created. His own creations will rise to the occasion, offering to be destroyed.

808)     Capacity to nourish an unpardonable grudge against one who has never remembered you is the extent to which the vital demands recognition, admiration and expects to exact adoration.

809)     Moving from thought to mind, it is vast. Rising to Silence, Light, and Knowledge, it is more and more subtle and more powerful. Descending into the vital, the physical and further reaching the substance, Mind becomes profound, whole, mighty and discovers itself as the Absolute dissolving itself in the Process.

810)     Understanding lessens bitterness, dilutes sentiment and detaches itself from mind.

811)   Meanness does not spare any opportunity to gain; nor does shame constrain it. In the final analysis, it is immediate gain that is irresistible.

812)     No thought can come back exactly, as such repetition is only in the physical which is incapable of thought.

813)   The Indian spiritual light stays on as intelligence, not as values.      

814)   The precise, exact impression remembered issues out of a vague hint of possibility.

          To know that God needs us is Supramental knowledge.

816)     The imperfect man, not the perfect one, by virtue of his imperfection is most qualified to search for perfection.

817)   Human relationships are too small as concepts to sustain themselves in wider fields. The wider fields can be benevolent to such relationships within their own limits and purpose.   

819)   Stealing is done on the stealth. Stolen pleasure too is sought after without the knowledge of others. But there is the robber, the concubine who take what they want by the force or authority they have. Cultured societies conceiving of such aberrations as clandestine activities are foolish to expect such behaviour in other societies not endowed with culture.

          He who passes even in the final test is no longer a human being. He is out of the ordinary.

820)   It is true problems come to devotees from outside. It is equally true that our problems are passed on to others. Only when the psychic emerges, in the measure it comes out, does one receive and not give the problems. The doctor can be infected by the patients, but the patients cannot be infected by the health of the doctor.

828)     Process and Theory of creation

             The Self-existent Infinity of the Absolute self-conceived of a Bliss, in pursuit of which It created by Self-limitation and Self-absorption four planes which turned into their opposites by involution for evolving back to their original status.

             To uphold this creation, the planes of Time and Space were created at Chit by the process of objectifying the Subject.

             The AIM of joy is eternally fulfilled by the emerging principle from its involution.

             To make the involution possible, the ONE indivisible is divided into the Many which enable the play of one with the other.

             Faith not only gives strength but achieves what only non-existent faculties can achieve.

831)     He whose mind is determined to see and succeeds in seeing only the right side of another is in the overmind. The Supermind descends into him if that turns into the marvel.

832)     An understanding intelligence by its devotion can serve a cause better than the one who understands. But the service is invisible, because it is in the subtle plane.

833)     Those who can learn by teaching become teachers. To learn a thing directly from its own presentation needs a keener, though narrower, intellect. Teaching, as other fields, will reveal the divine consciousness in learning, if the teacher looks for its divinity from his own divinity.

834)  When there are two unpalatable alternatives, we are non-plussed. It is possible to call Mother in such a situation. When both alternatives are what we like, sometimes we still resort to Her. That is true surrender.

835)     Conceptual understanding is, of course, helped by an illustration or analogy, but in that case, the concept is the extract or essence of the example, thus making the concept imperfect. Concept formation from a higher intuition, untouched by life realities, is pure, powerful and even divine.

836)  The Absolute is realised in matter by sensation while in mind by conception. To realise the ABSOLUTE as the Absolute, one should move away even from conception.

837)     There are many whose efforts in life are fully rewarded. They are on the surface. There are others whose efforts are meant in the inner life where great response awaits them but, mistakenly, they endeavour on the surface and meet with poor success.

             Potential success poses as apparant failure.

838)   For romance to survive the wedding, the energy of the vital spirits must replace the energy of youth. A practical alternative is to put off the wedding as long as the romance is desired.

          Two good emotional personalities growing non-stop in their emotional sensibilities are not likely to outgrow the romance of their youth.

840)     Ones' personality is 'constituted' by what he remembers emotionally of his past. Rather, it is an indication.

841)   As understanding all the words in a book is not understanding the book, so to understand all the sentences or even all the arguments cannot be said to be an understanding of the book. There is a thought, ONE comprehensive thought which is explained in many arguments. Understanding that thought is understanding the book.

          It is the strong that gains by an alliance.

          An alliance makes the impossible possible but the greater gain is always for the stronger one.

843)   Polished behaviour is difficult to learn but is teachable, but one's energy level is not so easy to raise as teaching behaviour, as it is the acceptance of a higher motivation that energises one.

844)   Those who want to catch a prey, often against its wishes, want the prey to love being caught.

846)     In the divine life of the supramental being, the individual acts in tune with the evolving spirit in him, whereas till then, his own actions have been determined by his physicality or vitality of his own society or the mental individual he was. The drama of his life is lived as the denouement of the forces of life.

847)     The small decisions of life determine the final decision of Life, as an ACT is a miniature of life as well as creation.

             Evolution can be decided in the act or in the thought, as well as in the form or in the Timeless state of Being.

             You are what you are by your choice, whether in Matter or in Being.

             Man is Brahman in the measure of his realisation.

850)  He who sees himself in the ant, can see he is Brahman.

854)   Individual ego acquiring the various forms of social ego and clashing with others is human life.

855)   Man creates difficulties for himself in the shape of strife, quarrel, problem, etc., only when he crosses the limit of taking initiatives without being calm within his limits.

857)  Man's mind is one, expressing in many. His body too is one which appears in many points as different individuals.

          Every man enjoys each man's sorrows or joys.

858)  Experiments and their results eliminate the senses and their impressions from physical facts which are the units of man's tool of rationality. Neither science, nor life has similarly tried for rationality in matters of vital life. Rationality at the physical plane of bodily sensations will lead one to supramentalisation.

859)     We know of life sciences. We need the science of life. Making life observations rational, first shifting the senses and sense impressions from vital facts is a beginning. The vital facts have the capacity to change colour on different viewings.

860)     The sinner will be absolved of his sin or at least will escape punishment to the extent his victim enjoys the transgression, as the victim always invites the sinner, participates in the crime, enjoys the process and with his own soul thanks the sinner for his outrage.

             There is no crime for which the victim was not in tapas for long in intense emotion.

861)  Desireless enjoyment generates Ananda and can take it to its acme. In practical terms, man can do everything he does actuated by desire without desire for greater enjoyment.

862)     All the rules, when transgressed, that lapse man into sin, usher him into the virtue of Ananda when transcended.

869)  Ego

          Mind that divides the Force put out by consciousness meets with the atomic existence that defies further division, thus creating the physical ego.

870)   Religious fanaticism can rise in a woman who herself married and got a child, to self-righteously believe that marriage will deliver her child into the hands of the devil. If this is not a devilsh attitude, what else is?

873)   When we see positive changes in a person or enviornment, there is a tendency to take one symptom for the final change, actuated by our desire to assume a full transformation. Change is real only to the extent we have, not one step more.

874)   Kind indulgence is often mistaken for complete rights where none exist.

875)   To get rid of one in power, it is not enough one is right or smart. One needs to espouse the survival values of the forest.

876)   The temptation to dominate over the betters is greater than its ordinary expression. Cultural softness that appears to be personality weakness invites that catastrophe on one's head.

          Man is functional, not humane.

877)   A working principle in life, if not a culturally desirable disposition, is to honour what is honoured. To cross that limit is to risk the sense of comfort, self-respect or even survival.

879)  Spirit is the only substance of which the whole creation is pervaded in varying densities in different planes. Spirit is the Self-experience of the Self-conscious Being.

880)  Self-conception, Self-limitation, Self-absorption are the only processes used in creation apart from the inner Subject holding itself as its outer object.

881)  Supermind is the nature of Divine Being, known as Satyam, Ritam, Brhat (Truth-Consciousness). It is the native source of cosmic determinism.

882)  Mind is the subordinate function of Supermind, created by the apprehending Supermind placing the working of the All before itself.

883)  Life is created by the knowledge of consciousness working on its will thus releasing a plane of energy known as life.

884)  Matter is created by mind viewing the spiritual substance through sense. What is thus created is the material substance.

897)  Mind dividing the Force issuing out of consciousness till it reaches the atomic existence beyond which division is resisted, is the process of creation of ego.

900)                             Mother, an Institution

          Mother is a subtle institution of consciousness all over the universe.

          She is akin to the system of democracy which when franchising the individual, opens the scope of becoming the head of the state.

          Sri Aurobindo says that the only aim for man is to find God inside and help others to do so.

          To Him, Quantity is an illusion, Quality is an illusion. Work at micro unit can equal that done in the country. Idealistic work and its opposite are the same.

          So, what can one do?

          Think Universally, act at home. Think beyond the ideal and the non-ideal and express personality in work.

          Ego elates or deflates. Soul exists, exists cheerfully.

          Cheerfulness issuing out of family, school, etc. is limited.

          Cheerfulness issuing out of soul poise is the same in our village work or in UNO.

          Can you go in, find the spring of cheerfulness and try to spread it around? If not the soul, let us reach the cheerfulness of the soul.

          The intensity of that cheerfulness has the capacity to take one to the top of the society.

          The minor version of Sri Aurobindo's ideal of finding the soul is to find its 'cheerfulness'. I find working  for the world at the international level from inner cheerfulness can be HIS own ideal. Mother is there as an institution everywhere to uphold our effort.

902)  Mother asks us not to eshew human love, but to transform it into divine love. Instead of denying thought in favour of Silence, She wants us to upgarde human thought that is separate from us to the Real-Idea in which we are one with the thought.

          All is in each; each is in all.

904)     To know the process is to know more fully than to know the result. To know the result as a result of the process is a comprehensive comprehension.

905)     Mother's Force is descending from above into the higher planes of Mind, and is filling up the physical substance below in the sub-conscious and the subliminal. Those who are open in either plane, will receive it.

906)     The process of legal justice is slow because the wider sections of the population are slow to appreciate the legal process.

             Our institutions are reflections of our inner convictions.

907)  Shed the ego, realise the Jivatma, further realise it as paramatma, return to the poise of Jivatma live on earth the life of Transcendence extending it all over the universe.

909)   Carry the work on your nerves and you will have little capacity for action for you can carry only as much as the nerves physically permit. Carry the responsibility on the mind. Then your capacity is endless.

912)  Nature presents consciousness as Time and Timelessness to us. We can go beyond Timelessness into pure consciousness as we can go beyond Time into Timeless existence. One can, theoretically, go beyond consciousness into Being.

914)  It is an Idea differentiated Chit and Ananda from Sat. So, we can reach Sat by such an Idea. Brahman became Self-conscious Being by a choice. By such a choice in the reverse - of not choosing to be a Being - at that level, one can go back into the Absolute.

          Acquire no personality, you can move upto the Absolute.

          Personality fixes on to a plane. Personality of the plane sticks.

          Impersonality does not stick.

          Let nothing stick. You will remain Brahman anywhere and at all times.

          Man has the right of choice. It is the human choice.

915)     One becomes Mind when he is able to see an act of the body from thought. One becomes That which he chooses to become. Man is free to choose to be man or god or Brahman. That capacity to exercise that choice belongs to Brahman.

916)  It is by an Idea that Sachchidananda creates three out of ONE. Therefore the idea and the thought that carries the idea can reach the Self-Conscious Being.

917)     Sri Aurobindo took that overt initiative about Cripps Mission with no result, but there were full results to all his inner initiative with the war and other national issues. What is rule for initiative?

             Is there an initiative on behalf of initiative?

             We can take initiatives in the measure we are HE.

918)  To be above to go to the depths and to be able to stay there in concentration is all what is meant by Yoga.

          The yogic centre is your centre.

919)  One essential ability in yoga is concentration capacity to concentrate at one level is equally to all the work done at a previous level. In this sense we can say YOGA is the concentration from the deepest possible level.

          Go to the depth of the body and its substance, or rise to the Supreme in the centre behind the heart and learn to call from there. The whole yoga is abridged into that call.

920)     To understand a book means to understand it as the author originally conceived of the ideas when he was inspired.

921)     The respect of the father is expressed as not contradicting his knowledge when it is ignorance, not trying to learn more than the father did. In no society it is considered imermissible. Still today there are aspects of life where one is not permitted to seek higher delight than that is possible in social relationships.

922)   All revolutions are necessarily to be clandestine till the break out.

923)  One can know his great achievements are, in the main, according to what he had once conceived. In it there is a ----- expression of the Self-conception of Brahman. When he has the clarity to see that the rest of his 'achievements' were in him inversely, he sees the otherside of the Self-conception. His being able to see the complementary nature of the contradiction gives the touch of completeness for the vision of Brahman. He becomes Brahman when he is conscious of that Proess and knows he is its author.

924)     Chartity is the mental Idealism of the physical fact of private property and the vital habit possessiveness.

925)     The physical work one has done gives him the security while the reach of his thought shows the maximum he can achieve. His emotions achieve, and only the emotions can ever do so.

926)   Fanatics enjoy the intensity of morbidity.

927)   Fanaticism is a counterpart to dissipation. Absence of wholesome affection on the part of the parent is another emotional desert. Reading any story as a revelation of the psychological map of the characters will be of great interest. Undue sufferings of untold measure is combined by the above qualities.

929)   Progress is to know the stream of national movement of personality and come forward to TUNE one's own personality to it.

          Catch the crest of the wave.

930)   Challenge of work is challenging. More challenging is to with hold the capacity that is capable. Surrender demands it.

          Capacity finds it more difficult to deny a challenge than incapacity to accept it.

931)   Value forms when the depths survive the surface. Filial affections prevailing over surface social appearances generate energy for value formation.

932)   A thing is useful when it loses its importance to you.

934)   Duty to the parent, the spouse, the child, etc. is social. It cannot be above the duty to one's conscience. Nor can they be in conflict. That duty which is ultimate, if it can be called DUTY, must be inclusive of all other duties. Any conflict is only incomprehension.

937)   The major truth of Evil is that those who are preoccupied with Evil are the really evil ones.

938)     The purity of marriage decided by a ceremony is social, by law legal, by emotions psychological. There is no plane on which it is pure by virtue of its being pure. Spirituality has nothing to do with marriage.

939)     When we find crooks and liars serve Mother, we understand how SHE can ----- falsehood too to Her service. The credit is to Her, not to the falsehood.

940)     Ruth, mercy, emotion, compassion are NOT known to the mind. Either the emotions or the soul is their proper plane.

941)  The joy that the Reality seeks in creation is the Jivatma remembering its Origin and turning towards it. It always faces the option of responding to the prakriti. That JOY is evolution. Its response to prakriti is involution.

942)  Mind that saw partial Brahman in unconscious Samadhi was unable to explain it. Mother is born amongst men so that Supermind in him may effectively express Brahman in his waking consciousness in the fullness of Brahman.

943)     Love is a greater right.

944)   To live with people who cannot suspect comment unsavourly, are incapable of being cross, is a privilege of a cultured community.

947)     Methods in Science or in Yoga are of prakriti.

948)  One can become conscious off and on. It is the consciousness of prakriti, unconscious consciousness. Prursha's consciousness never disappears.

949)  Desire to possess is one obvious expression of the ego, seen clearly in money, acutely in the vital possessiveness of the wife.Capacity to withdraw from it, to transform it into one of duty, is the surest sign of ego giving way.

956)     Pain often increases inspite of calling when we give up. It means we have faith in our own calling. This is self-confidence, not Faith. Mother says, it is the finest hour to call Her. SHE unfailingly answers. To perserve at that point is to create FAITH. Such a faith curse.

957)     Vice is the best ------ to expose and destroy vice, but it can only do so at its own total annihilation.

958)  Spiritually taking is the best giving. Gods' Self-giving robs us of all, sometimes violently.

959)     In the hope a lazy man may move to activity, we give attention. It will make him infinitely lazy as the laziness will receive the attention.

960)     Law, at its best, is public conscience, not justice or dharma. It is implemented by a judge's opinion whose one concern is to fall in line with public prejudice. Law prevents injustice effectively, cannot equally deliver justice.

961)  A new creed or ideal has to be reinterpreted at thousands of points. At the end what will prevail is the old. The new should break the OLD into smithereens and create itself anew.

962)  Impossibility attracts the Person whose personality is impersonality.

967)     External incentive is for work. Inner urge is for self-giving.

          Supermind which is unity cannot complain.

          Refusing to see the concord in discord one is defeated by Nature's presentation.

971)     Silent sarcasm is cultural superiority imagined.

972)     Ego can change before perversity responds.

974)  He who takes giving the other they joy of receiving, gives spiritually. It is spiritual JOY.

975)  It is a rare privilege to know Mother Rarer is the prerogative to live with HER. Man can use them fully, positively, negatively. The choice is human.

976)  Greater the threat, the greater is the faith.

993)  Surrender must be learnt, practised till it becomes subconscious as breathing. The one major difference between breathing and surrender is there must be a conscious JOY in the practice of it as it is the very living.

994)     When education came to be accepted, it became of prime importance as it cannot be all-inclusive. Each new thing society learns becomes so. But consecration being all-inclusive, becomes the only thing when he learns it. So, it will be with the society.

995)  Once consecration is possible, there can be none other. Work is consecration, not work is to be consecrated.

996)     Surrender presupposes Silence and the Silence behind the Silence. It is the Silence behind thoughts and Silence behind energy as well as action.

             Surrender is the Silent Flame that rises from the Silence of Being.

997)  What realisation surrender can give? Surrender is itself the highest possible realisation.

998)  Consecration from the substance is of the psychic in the physical - a supramental consecration.

999)  The preference for consecration over any other work, shows consecration has come to stay.

1000)   One forgets out of unconsciousness. We also forget when the thing goes out of mind as it is consecrated. The latter is the ever-present memory of forgetfulness.