Series XIV


1)             The dissolving ego removes the teacher, the school and perhaps education.

                In the company, the boss is replaced by a system.


The supramental force that possessed the governments in 1967 has now begun to possess ORGANISATIONS.


2)             We may believe evil is only an appearance and surely that helps transformation. The truth of evil is, it is really a marvel.


3)             The Absolute in creation or evolution is devoid of everything human, the mind, the vital as well as the body.


4)             Skill in the physical is the sensation of the vital perception.


5)             Give up the one thing you cannot do without.


                        Do the one thing you cannot do, as St. Francis embraced the leper.


6)             To be emotionally selfless is to FEEL happy in what anyone does in pursuit of his own happiness, in spite of how it touches him.


The loss of property, honour, and prestige to oneself that affords joy to another will be a source of joy for the selfless person.


7)             “Impossible” means it is impossible for Her Force.

                Darcy and Elizabeth changed really, as we insistently refuse to change. Have we changed as they did?


8)             Consecration of the most difficult problem or an ordinary small problem is consecration. If one is possible, the other too will be possible.


                Consecration is the same for all issues.


9)             The blindness of selfishness understands selflessness as a word, not at all as a reality.


                Self understands only itself, even selfishness as itself, i.e. selfishness.


10)           A devotee sees Mother as a greater power that makes him stronger.


The very concept of selflessness is totally alien to man.


11)           Man abundantly concedes and assumes that all others must be Selfless. Selflessness enters man only in that measure.


                “The world must accept selflessness but I must remain as I am” is the formula of man.


12)           When a friend or a crew or a spouse acts not so much to desire a benefit for himself as to humiliate you, know life is at work to make you free of selfishness.


                Life that has outgrown the need of selfishness tries to destroy it in the individual.


13)           Every move of others or life is to deprive one of his prestige or honour or benefit. These are the moves of life to render man selfless.


14)           The whole truth of one’s temperament will emerge in one act of man with a force that is irresistible.  Man’s changing here is real change.


                Mother gives all the positive circumstances to a person for him to change and awaits his choice.


15)           To realise that I who find all others selfish am equally selfish in another fashion is the very first realisation of Selflessness in practice. Till the psychic emerges, one is selfish.


 16)          There is no shortcut to accepting the defects of all people with us as our own defects and changing there. That will make the finite man infinite. Till then, one can see life presses only at those points.


17)           Folly of meanness heckles another at his strong point. Perverse meanness convinces him that it is useless. The cleverest of meanness raises a doubt in him by withholding its approval of his strong point.


18)           What you detest and avoid most, something in you will seek. It is the seed in contradiction for the complement. To give way to that is catastrophe. To recognise its value, and endorse it by your being and express it in the measure of that endorsement is transformation.


                What matters is not the move, but the move that is the change.


19)           Seeing the Brahman in trance is like seeing the stars through the telescope.


                Black magic is the falsehood of spirituality. Tricks are vital falsehood.


20)                The truth of the mantra reveals that the idea in the word can achieve in the material plane.


21)           The servitors of Truth are free at any moment to serve falsehood, even as the slaves of darkness can choose to be soldiers of Truth at any time.


22)           Sound is movement.

                There is no sound without movement.

                Mantra is the movement of Truth.


23)           Insistence is loyalty.


                Falsehood can become Truth, not when man is loyal to it.


24)           Should the human voice reach long distances, one should speak into the radio.


25)           The finite is the frontal appearance of the Infinite.


27)           Curing the disease is conquering death a little.

Judgement of the court is to defeat vital falsehood.

Discovery of a law is Truth emerging in the mind.

Mantra conquers falsehood in its own plane of movement.

Mother establishes Truth in the soul of the body.


Mother is the Truth of body.


28)           To see the defect of another and attack that leads to destruction of both. To appreciate another’s good and support that is construction at that level.


29)           Matter is the tangible result represented by the mercenary motive of the human mind. Brahman is the ultimate source represented by the Nirvana behind the soul. Behind the result lies the capacity. Beyond knowledge is there. The Spirit and its source are the ultimate.


30)           We seek the infinite speed of the Infinite’s action in the finite.


31)           To consider the wife’s lover as a brother because of that commonalty is the acme of Mental Idealism.


                When that right was conceded, the wife gave up the lover as well as love.


32)           Doing, accomplishment are acts of self-limitation.


34)           Future possibility is open by the present failure becoming persistent.


35)           Man’s initiative inimical to the atmosphere of the organisation will end in his initiative being ejected.


                The beneficiary refusing the benefit shows the offer is absolutely opposed to the existing setup.


36)           Courage is Truth.

                Fear is falsehood.


37)           The soldier of Truth is a fish of truth living in an ocean of falsehood.


38)           How can truth prevail and falsehood perish, long as falsehood socially thrives?


                No one will copy in the exam or seek a degree false or true when people are employed for their talents.


39)           Society organising itself so that each man’s truth serves him best will release the truth of the individual.

40)           The whole of human nature can be seen in one man or in a few men. It is seen fully in oneself.That one man is the one who reveals the ONE. One who reveals the ONE is the one man I look for.

41)           Organised falsehood becomes hostility when its intelligence becomes perverse.


                What matters is self-awareness.


42)           A characteristic of hostility is to convince people that their greatest strength is their greatest weakness.


                Falsehood of intelligent perversity organises itself as hostility.


43)           Grace deciding to give a man an undreamt of popularity at once, asked him to exercise his discretion intelligently. He did so unintelligently.


                When grace knocks at your door, do not escape through the back door.


44)           Having had his salary doubled without any expectation at all, one finds the extra drained off for his brother’s debt elsewhere. Grace is vulnerable to organisation of temperament.


                Grace gives, personality refuses.


45)           Civilisation changes murder into fist fight, poison into salty food, swords into sharp tongues.


46)           The distance between the first distinct possibility and the final fruition is as far as an interview with the head of a nation and occupying that post.


                From 1910 to 1947 or 2001 it can be 37 years or 91 years. It can be as many DAYS as well.


47)           In getting rid of ego, selfishness, stinginess, meanness, etc. the quantity of effort does not matter. After a prolonged effort, we expect it to give way. It only gets more organised. What matters is the quality of effort which is expansive.


48)           No value shapes when there is the cold calculation for money.


                Capacity to calculate arises when there is no energy to create values.


49)           The joy in being dominated is equal to the joy in dominating, maybe better.


                Man would prefer to be dominated, than dominate himself.


50)           Detachment first, calling next.


                Calling to get rid of a bad influence will help it grow, if you do not detach yourself first from it.


51)           World fame is an ideal. It is better to have an ideal that this world should become famous.


52)           The future is for the Spiritual Individual, not the informed ego.


53)           Consecration, like all great movements, has two components. One is initiated by the energy of the individual and the other wells up by the strength of the atmosphere.


                It is equally true that each when it exceeds its normal strength can initiate and fortify the other.


54)           To be engrossed is to forget, particularly the possible results of this experience.


                Forgetting is being overpowered.


55)           Human relationship which is two people meeting each other, becomes a channel to move to the supramental plane if both meet in their souls.


56)           Man, who sees the world from his mind and through his senses is a speck in creation. Moving to the psychic, he knows he is the evolving godhead embracing the whole universe.


                Senses shrink the universe into a small personal world.


57)           Any accomplishment so far is by men who rise above the circumstances.


58)           What we know as consecration is not a mere method. The human centre moving to the psychic centre is consecration.


59)           Consecration is the difference between man and God.


60)           The point where the yogi has to exert himself is not dhyana or reading or even thinking. His exertion must be at the point of psychological attitudes.


                He who is willing to change his attitudes is doing yoga.

                Consecration changes what he cannot change.


61)           Physically expressed affection is as satisfying to the adult as the child that enjoys being in his mother’s lap.


63)           The idea that one can act for another’s benefit or the benefit of all is not part of Man’s scheme.


                The selfless man finds himself acting for his own enlightened selfishness. True selflessness is not born in Man yet. Nehru was the exception.


64)           Knowledge of process, the instrument of Science can explain after the event and also can make the object. Knowledge of the essence, the instrument of spirituality, can know the outcome before.


65)           The Himalayas let their height be measured if man possesses one geometric principle. That is the power of knowledge.


                The power of  knowledge is so great that it can possess one aspect of any great thing.


66)           Efficiency


                At the end of one’s career a most efficient man may not know what he is about. Let him explain to himself theoretically what he does and his efficiency will rise several fold.


67)           Great ideas as in The Life Divine are clear as we read it, but do not stay in the mind. Memory retains a fact when the whole mind has accepted it.


                Understanding is a faculty of the mind, not the whole mind.


68)           When an idea is real in the imagination, the emotion of excitement too will be real.


                It is not easy for consecration to handle the emotions, even in imagination.


70)           Computer can eliminate all falsehood that will enter into it, but the falsehood of the person will remain.


                Man must choose to be true, cannot be compelled.


71)           Computer is an instrument of Truth and therefore it will help establish Truth in society.


                Install computer in such a way that every event is recorded in it, then falsehood will be extinct.


72)           If one can survive only by Truth, social life may shift from falsehood.


73)           A system where the individual seeks efficiency for his salary will be efficient. Presently salary is for attendance, not for work.


                Self-employment is the only employment.


74)           Heavy sleep is bodily unconsciousness.


                Rituals rarely paid with Mother, rather they banish Her forever.


75)           Any life problem can be seen in the context of a story and answer found. The Mahabharatha was thus used for long and is still being used.


                To see the right parallel between a problem and a story itself is spiritual insight.


76)           Any one idea can expand into one million ideas is the experience of creative minds.


79)           Culture by itself cannot serve as consciousness.


80)           Whether one can conquer death or not, he can certainly conquer the sorrow caused by death.


                To restore the dead, there must be Truth organised in the substance of the body.


81)           Urge for action is the urge of the mutable soul.


82)           Agreement creates.

                Difference destroys.

                Agreement preserves the present defects.

                Difference creates new Truth destroying the present falsehood.


83)           He who wants to create at his own level insists on his strength and the other’s strength. Creation at higher levels insists on defects.


                All the evil forces are determined to create a new world destroying the present one.


84)           The door is never closed. The earlier, the easier.


85)           The whole creation is material creation, as sound itself the first extension of Matter.


86)           The world is a workshop where millions of new material creations are forged. We lament over the changes.


87)           Evil uses the imperfection of the good to destroy the good and establish evil, but it does not see it is destroying itself widely.


88)           Moral perfection cannot become perfection of the soul.


89)           As bodily life begins at birth, the life of the soul sets on its journey at death.


91)           Gratitude is the mantra of the body.


92)           Man, the conscious soul, alone can give life to anything.


93)           Soul alone is conscious. All consciousness comes from relating to the soul.


94)           Mantra is a movement of Truth while movement itself is false.


                Mantra is a movement that changes the field of falsehood into one of Truth.


95)           The life of good men or any story reveals God’s accomplishment in a small measure, but the process here is the same process of creation.


                Life permits one to serve falsehood and perish or serve Truth and emerge immortal.


96)           Telegram, telephone, computer demonstrate that matter can conquer Time and Space.


97)           A small falsehood can destroy a great Truth. It shows the infinitesimal is equal to the infinite.



                Perfection fortifies Truth.


98)           When the atmosphere triggers personal consecration, it is a pity the benefit of its strength should go to personal desire.


99)           Falsehood can have life as long as Truth is partial. Falsehood can never create or construct but can destroy what Truth has created.


100)         Total dedication and concentration can accomplish moving from any plane to any height if accompanied by the organisation needed.


                Trouble is attachment.


101)         The individual is the concentration of the universe which is the diffusion of the Transcendent.


102)         When a sadhak who while in life quarrels with others even in the subtle plane, leaves the body, he enters those with whom he quarreled and that is why death of a sadhak or devotee is full of peace. He elevates those into whom he enters.


                A dead man’s vital feeds on the vital of the living. To ward off those influences, rituals have come into existence.


103)         Any great man gives his discovery to the world. No one is interested in how he discovered it, nor does he give it out to the world.


104)         The youth of the Spirit knows no illness nor problems.

                Overflowing spiritual energies overcome problems of life.


105)         Yoga needs psychological pioneers. One who is not even a social pioneer is not meant for yoga.


107)         To value anything in the world is to value the world, is to be vital.


                You belong to the plane where you are centred, not where are acting.


108)         To create true humility, society humiliates you.


109)         Applying the rules of logic to life or that of reason to intuition is like playing tennis by the rules of football.


110)         Whatever genius man is endowed with, he does not have the rationality or common sense to apply the rules that are appropriate to each thing or not to apply irrelevant rules to a thing.


111)         There is no injustice in the slow ascent. Only the descent made it possible.


112)         There is no tyranny in the animal kingdom or in early societies. Tyranny arises only when the evolved part offers the unevolved its own fruits. Tyranny is from the high towards the low. It is the gap that enables tyranny. One from above and the other from below.


113)         Mental mantras are of words.

Vital mantras are attitudes.

Physical mantras are products.


Internet is the Mantra in material plane that can change misery into joy, poverty into prosperity.    


114)         As the eye develops new dimensions of vision to act as the telescope, man develops Supermind.


116)         Interest is full engagement of the energies or engagement of full energies.


                Interest is engagement.


118)         The Spirit of India has become untruth and falsehood to protect itself from the environment of falsehood, as  Ammayar had turned to ghostly appearance.


119)         Suffering is caused by imperfection. Imperfection is seen as indecision or wrong decision.


120)         Marriage is the hell that brought us the paradise.


121)         The unfailing perfection we know is never failing as it is physical and low.


122)         The centre cannot be in the head for one to act from the psychic. It needs to rise above the head or behind the heart.


                The two centres of the being are above the head and behind the heart.


123)         The yogi needs no occupation as It is occupying him fully.


                That which needs occupation is the physical in the mind.


124)         Every point where a decision is to be taken and no experience is there is an occasion for the generation of superstition. Such occasions are plenty.


                Action without understanding creates superstition.


125)         Writing a comprehensive definition of each human trait defining it with great precision, makes one educated, if not wise.


126)         Adventure is an act of intense enjoyment of challenge that constant danger offers.


                The greatest joy is in the greatest danger disregarded.


127)         When a man chastises good emotions as they have a questionable appearance, the life that is protected by those emotions is endangered.


                Kennedy was attacked when he forbid Finn to visit his house on Sundays.


128)         We know the effects of the past can change by consecration. Do we believe that change of present emotions will convert past tyrannies into present enjoyments?


129)         One move will accomplish when the atmosphere is saturated. One thousand words before that would go into the millions of words required to saturate it.


                Mother is the energy of centuries and millennia.


130)         Misunderstanding is the rule, understanding is the exception. The force acts through both.


131)         Human choice is the Divine choosing in man.


132)         When one is in love or adores another as a leader, he idolises the other man’s formal words as true ideals lived. Hence the disillusionment when it comes is great.


                Love loves to be fooled with eyes open.


133)         The rich seek the costliest of articles, but bargain for the cheapest price.

The rich seek status in expensive articles and in procuring them at the lowest price.


134)         Self respect is preceded by corruption.


                Corruption is pride in destroying one’s vestige of self-respect.


135)         For one who finds consecration impossible, taking initiative is possible. Not to take initiative becomes the discipline at that state.


                There is always a thing that can be done. There is no moment when we can say ‘I don’t know what to do’.


136)         Chaos is the sequence of the next higher plane.


                Clarity comes through confusion.


                There is no confusion anywhere in the world, at any time.


137)         Formality organised as death takes the ritual as the result.


                The reasoning of the physical is ritual is the result.


                Awakening is, ritual is not the result.


138)         To believe the high rewards are not for us is to become a victim to the hostile forces and their intention.


                Covetousness is followed by temptation. Falling a prey to temptation is consecration to life forces.


139)         The future discipline is written in the reverse in our past.


                Repentance is vital transformation.

                One can know what to do just now.

                Transformation can be in a trice.


140)         If you know all that Mother has written, then you can KNOW what to do just now.


                Doing what you know, life is transformed.


                If transformation is delayed, it is consciously delayed by us as we do not want it.


141)         The ideas of a plane will be so formed as to reinforce the life of that plane.


142)         The words of older languages would admit fresh meaning to old words.


                New words will be inflexible.


143)         To find fresh uses or more uses to an object is to discover the hidden Brahman in it. To discover the good in the evil is transformation.


                Limit is in the search.


144)         A point extends into a line, a line into a plane and a plane into a whole atmosphere so that one end of the point can discover the whole line knowing the other end and so on, till the limited becomes the limitless.


145)         A right idea fulfils itself through the long path of becoming energy before it becomes a fact. When the idea is consecrated, it fulfils itself at once or is fulfilled better by other means.


                Memory of successive events is to be in Time.


146)         We belong to Her when we think of Her.


147)         When the love of hatred is enjoyed by the very cells of the body, its removal is intolerable.


                Physical sensitivity is the love of the physical for what it should part with.


148)         Hatred is emotional ignorance.


                Disgust is an intense emotional ignorance which loves being ignorant.


149)         He who says he never knew will be enjoying the low consciousness. He who says he could not resist the temptation would have relied on his own decision rather than consecration.


                Grace informs the body, vital and finally the mental.


150)         Inability is unwillingness.

                Not knowing is unconsciousness.


151)         The very first expression of grace is the subtle symptoms. Grace persists till you respond. It moves from the subtle ranges to the gross range of physical, vital and mental.


                At any point if we fully use all available knowledge to respond to Grace, Grace will act.


152)         Imagine what others should do to you and do it to Grace, it will begin to act.


                Is it true you have exhausted all your energies in pursuit of Grace?


153)         Unconsciousness, lack of understanding, doubt, difference of opinion,etc. of the Divine is at  bottom hostility.


                Man is hostile to the Divine.


154)         Unconsciousness expressing through the memory is forgetfulness.


                Memory is Grace.


155)         Initiative is initiative to keep grace out.


                Failing memory may issue out of conscious, wrong initiative.


156)         Recall all that you know as wrong in others, and act rightly according to that standard. You will see the Force acting in full.


                Grace does not stop acting, if we do not consciously stop it.


157)         You become what you call in.


                Call is conversion of consciousness.


158)         Man avoids the best possible course in favour of the second best. It leads him to the worst possible.


                The worst came to us as we refused the best.


159)         Knowing where you are, you can move to any plane.160)Consolidation is conservation. It is more important than progress.


                Progress is energy, preservation is organisation.


                Preservation, not progress.


161)         Ironic modesty is a devastating irony of life.


                Any good thing is good in itself, not when it is assumed.


162)         Replace conscience by consciousness and live up to it.


                Yoga is to exhaust ourselves into The Mother.


163)         Not knowing what is there around is not inability to know or lack of interest, but a determination not to know.


164)         Mantra is spiritual power expressed in words to accomplish in the plane of matter. Change of attitude is mantra of life that accomplishes vastly in the planes of life and matter.


165)         Mind knows what eyes do not see, ears do not hear.


166)         Should your entire past flash before your mind’s eye, know the psychic has surfaced.


167)         Perfect humility puts perversity to shame.


168)         Joy issuing out of confidence is unsullied.


169)         Violence heckles ahimsa rising in uncontrollable waves.


                Violence obeys the strength of the soul, not the fad of the mind.

                It is not given to ahimsa to dominate violence.

170)         Incapacity to speak is Silence.


                There is a Silence appropriate to each plane.


171)         Experience explains; realisation raises.


172)         The Many will be elusive at their level of form. They unite at their essence in One.


                The strength of the ideal dominates the following, not the lustre of it.


173)         The psychic coming out is seen in our initiative that is the result of consecration.


                Consecration ends when the psychic emerges.


174)         At the first symptom of real opening the Force flows down when the body clamours for it to stop.


                Body stops the descent at its first touch.


175)         Condescension compels the secrets out of the beneficiary.


176)         The distance between the potentialities and actualities is a measure of frustration. The more imaginary it is, the more the frustration.


                Frustration is the intensity of awareness of inability.


177)         Descent is important for evolution as it is all His play that must continue by His initiative.


                To know the importance of the descent is to know the whole of  Reality.


178)         Human life is a field that discloses hell as a paradise to one who sees hatred as long lasting love and contradictions as complements.


                The subliminal whole rises to the surface part in human life.


179)         What accomplishment and wealth accumulated over tens of generations education offers in a few generations. Mother’s consciousness offers it in a trice through total surrender.



                Mother needs no Time, karma needs it.


180)         Everything has a meaning, a use and a right place.


181)         An article written about the best child is appreciated universally. The truth is every child is the very best to itself and the teacher who discovers it, discovers a universal system of education.


                For the worst teacher there is no best pupil. For the best teacher all are best children.


182)         Universal love cannot be shut up in social marriage. Can we raise marriage to universality?



183)         Body accepting the supramental consciousness begins in our accepting the opposite nature.


184)         The lower the consciousness of the woman the more attractive she is to men.


185)         Life needs love on the surface and tyranny in the depth.


186)         A writer becomes great when he reaches the depth of human existence in his personal emotional experience.


187)         Pride is in status, not what status does to you. There is pride even in status humiliating you.


188)         Selfish interest, selfish affection are further organisations of selfishness.


                Selfish affection overcomes selfishness as affection. As it is selfish in the domain of affection, it is more unpardonable.


189)         When the infinitesimal is interested, it defies the Infinity.


190)         The yogi gives up thinking as a luxury. It is the domain of the thinker.


191)         Man without that spark is no man.


192)         Aspiration is Grace.


                We cast our vote, as our name is in the electoral roll.


193)         Disappointment gives depth denied by shallow fulfillment.


194)         Man prefers intensity in cruelty to absence of it in love.


195)         Women love animal nature on the surface often expressed.


196)         Symptoms of siddhi

·          Memory of whole lifePast passing away as a weight on the memory.

·          Body finding itself enveloped by the soul.

·          Memory of the past lives.

·          Absence of edge in emotions.

·          Love for the object of hatred.


197)         The limitless freedom gives the limited institutions the opportunity of creating unending higher standards of culture and wholesome human relations.


198)         Atom bomb emerged to abolish war. When wrongly used it can annihilate mankind.


199)         Children are the physical extensions for the psychological growth of the soul’s experience of the previous birth.


200)         A broad-minded woman marries a rigid-minded husband to discover their point of harmonious meeting. In the freedom of her broad-mindedness, his rigidity can find the self–disciplined culture that values warmth of human relationship. Refusing to do so, he goes mad and she flies.


201)         Rising expectations rise as nothing else can ever rise.


202)         Non-verbal communication is effectively practised between two people of spirituality or vitality.   


203)         Man can live in a social or psychological life having given it up inwardly. To live in the Becoming giving it up is to live in the Being of the Becoming.


204)         Feeling of power in utter freedom will egg a man on to acts from which heads of nations will desist.


205)         To have the future knowledge now is to conquer Time. We must conquer Timelessness too. As Time wastes Time, Timelessness wastes existence. We need to move to the action of Time with the stability of Timelessness.


206)         For consecration to have the force of our initiative, whether it is mental or physical, the Person that we are must cease to love death and feel enamoured of the freshness of spiritual freedom.


207)         Social prestige precedes individual psychological honour. Its physical version was the duel. Its vital expression is their incapacity to lie.



                The psychological vital version of honour in women is chastity.


208)         Psychological culture that one can learn by fetters of love is given by marriage.


                It is not the fault of marriage that it is used as a breeding ground for contempt.


209)         Emotional understanding comes from the experiences of the heart and nerves. There is no other known way to acquire it.


210)         Charity idealises poverty.


                Poverty of perspective idolises itself through charity.

                Psychologically, charity is the most magnificent emotion.


211)         For a mental civilisation or for a civilisation to be mental, it is necessary to know the theoretical value or significance of everything he does.


                Theory is a civilising force.


212)         To feel God’s Delight in one’s sensation of the body is the goal of yoga.


213)         A crisis is an event that gives one the real sensation of total dissolution.


214)         Mind makes the dull information into live mental force by the process of concept making.


                Conception energises the information into a fact of mental value.


215)         Philosophy is the mental conquest of the world or even existence. Theory of social evolution, when it is right, is complete conquest of the mental life on earth.


                Mind can conquer the world, even the world of power.


216)         Ego insisting on stupidity generates Amish culture.


217)         Analogy is to understand the abstract in the concrete.


218)         To be God is to be effortless.


219)         Only the ego longs for companionship.


220)         True surrender is without resentment.


221)         There can be no human relationship in yoga as the evil man avoids us the moment he knows we know him. Should he consent to live with us, it offers no relationship.


                Human relationship is relationship with evil.


222)         The small dominates, the great submits.


223)         Consecration of all the movements of the mind, gross and subtle will open the inner mind.


224)         Life is full of a filler that is chaff without life. At each turning point it becomes alive. For that short moment of life, this long dead living is necessary.


225)         Patience is great as a virtue.

                We need no virtue.

                What we need is the steady joy that wells up from stable patience.


226)         Explaining successfully to the dull mind enables the deeper layers of our ignorance to emerge out of it into knowledge.


227)         When a man’s urge exceeds the social sanctions or the intensities of the personal values of the people he deals with, he errs, errs grievously.


228)         No generalisation will apply to particular cases; nor will another particular event  apply. Any event is unique.


229)         Defects in life and mean persons who insistently expose them are the means for Nature to change the contradiction into its complement.


230)         Mind develops by exercise which is education. Disciplining the mind not to exercise, it reaches the inner essence and all knowledge.


231)         Perfect perfection is preceded necessarily by imperfect perfection which means the ideal of perfection is being pursued by a growing perfection.


232)         To ask for a favour is unbecoming. To refuse to ask for what God has sent you is to miss grace.


233)         It is impossible not to know whether one is idealistic or mercenary.


                If anything is crystal clear to one, it is his motives.


                Motives are self-aware.


234)         An unintelligent man who wants to understand is a better audience than an intelligent person who is conceited.



                Willingness is better than intelligence in an audience.


235)         Life demands adjustments. Marriage dictates obedience, since the freedom life sometimes offers is denied by marriage.


                When marriage is abolished man would have outgrown the need of these fetters.


236)         Marriage becomes a failure when the opportunity given to two is appropriated by one of them.


237)         It is possible to move the centre of concentration to the point of pain in the body. A call from there will instantly remove the pain. The same can be done to other persons or problems.


238)         A work admits of slips out of carelessness, lack of skill, forgetfulness, etc., etc. all of which are expressions of unconsciousness. One who avoids all of them will surely meet with success.


239)         One who neglected his duty was removed from it. Before he started another venture he decided to compensate the loss in his previous work and did so. The work itself showed a resourcefulness by losing further under the new manager. It shows the man’s karma is deeper than his cash compensation.


240)         As the tree awaits flowering in the season, mind awaits in mature saturation to put forth a million possibilities at the touch of a single possibility.


242)         -Is it possible is not the question. Whether you need that possibility is the question.


243)         Shrewdness is the intelligence of meanness.


244)         Love is the emotion of the vital psychic that enjoys mental idealism and spiritual values.


245)         Past events that were unpleasant during their occurrence can give terror and make the body shiver now in consecration.


246)         Our calling is on the surface; Her calling is from the subliminal.


247)         The world has entered into a culture where a man’s pure relationship with his mother or sister is recognised and valued. It still has to make that cultural progress in man’s relationship with women, money or power.


248)         The Absolute dwelt on itself to create which was its concentration to create or creative concentration. Now it dwells on itself similarly to evolve, which is evolutionary concentration.


                The All-inclusive concentration is what is above described as evolutionary concentration.


 250)        Joy is for the present to become the ever-present.


251)         For the inner being to awake and extend above the head and below the feet is for the vital to be emancipated from the thraldom of the body.


252)         No love can become Love without freedom emerging in full.


                Love matures into Ananda in Freedom.


253)         The emotion of loyalty in love that matures into chastity begins when that emotion begins to be the sensitivity of the body.


254)         The capacity for the mind to go beyond the work on hand, except as forethought, is the measure of inefficiency arising out of lack of concentration.


255)         Man was unable to understand the meaning of dirt and oscillated for centuries in spite of the bad odour it generated.


                Mental knowledge is important to guide man.


256)         ‘’ ‘’ are rich expressive phrases that stand for a world of experiences taking vital forms.


Normal emotional behaviour needs the temperament overcoming the above two states.


257)         Poverty, disease and ignorance are insufficiencies of the material circumstances of the body.  Pleasant behaviour will not issue from the body in the vital as long as they are not overcome.


258)         Values are knowledge of the whole.


                Partial knowledge necessarily fails; knowledge of the whole never fails.


259)         Life is full of hostility or hostile forces in the sense it is unstable.


                Mother gives stability. Man weans himself away from it.


260)         The onset of a fever that can oppress for a few days defying medication, gives way for calling, maybe two or three times. It is true for warding off earthquakes where symptoms are seen by one.


261)         Travelling is the hangover of the instinct of the nomad.


                Nothing once born will die. It lends itself to transformation.


262)         Restful sleep is the meditation one needs to cure his ailments.


263)         Man’s existence has a centre and it acts with reference to something which is usually of self-interest or an ideal. That centre can be the psychic which is universal or the Transcendent inside himself.


264)         The organised saturated selfishness rightly accuses the selfless man of selfishness when his selflessness drastically affects his own selfish interests.


265)         Whatever one knows about himself, all those who know him will surely know through their subliminal. Its surface expression goes by the name of public opinion, rumour, gossip.


266)         The emotions that are disturbed are human, egoistic and are incapable of accomplishment. Calm emotions can achieve at their level.


267)         To be uncovetous is no great virtue. Still, one who deals with his mind and its emotions knows how difficult it is to be so.


268)         Open-mindedness is consecration of the mind.


269)         When ego is shed, mind becomes open-minded.


                Open-mindedness is purity of mind.


270)         Nehru who went to USA for aid could not ask for it as he was very sensitive.


                Self-respect for Indians and generosity for the Americans will make them receptive.


271)         Life is inside, not outside.


272)         The very fact that spiritually capable people are not earning shows they are capable of earning infinitely.


                If a spiritual country is poor it means it is only by its choice.


273)         Smallness expanding in vain too is expansiveness.  Mother’s reward is great there, though short-lived.


274)         Spiritual people are poor is a contradiction. Either they are not spiritual or are poor by choice.


275)         While concentration is a strain, what we call all-inclusive concentration is not such a strain. It is natural.


All-inclusive concentration does not come in response to intensity, but to raising of one’s consciousness.


276)         Sri Aurobindo said that this yoga is not for man. His part is surrender. Yoga is for God, He said. He never disclosed the secret that surrender too is for God.


                Desire, ego, dharma are to be surrendered according to the Gita. Surrender itself is to be surrendered is the truth.


277)         One can surrender to anyone because he has to surrender to everyone.


278)         What took Buddha forty years, surrender gives in a minute, but surrender cannot be achieved by effort even in forty years.


                Surrender is there when you want it.


280)         Non-ego is effortless, has no memory, seeks no friendship and does not strive for anything including being good.


                Non-ego is not psychic, but helps the psychic emerge.


281)         Falsehood cannot bother one when he fully realises its true role. A vibration persists as long as it is not fully understood or appreciated.


283)         Is it not a living wonder that God submits to all the atrocious assertions of man?


284)         Man has unconscious double consciousness. God has conscious multi-consciousness.


285)         To appreciate virtue, one must be human. Only God can know the value of sin.


286)         Wisdom is to tell the population what they do not know. Leadership makes the people do what they already know but do not follow.


                Wisdom instructs, leadership leads.


287)         Life sets limits to our exuberance. We can ourself set them reluctantly or with understanding. They are the breakdowns, restraint and culture.


288)         Nearness is always mistaken for equality.

                Misconception serves the mercenary.


289)         It is common for the next generation of idealists to be opposed to it. In rare cases, the founder himself goes against his own idealism.


290)         Neither urge nor impulse is generosity. Still, we know of generous urges and impulses.


                Generosity is pure, simple and inviolate.


291)         Unpardonable ambition and greed are the other side of the ever-present universality as a live vital vibration.


292)         A fight against a tendency inside yields slow progress when one is unwilling for it while inner resistance increases the strength of what one tries to get rid of.


293)         If your enemy benefits by your hatred, it means he is working for your ideal.


294)         Nothing surfaces if you do not have something to learn from it.


295)         In the second chapter of Book II, Sri Aurobindo makes the Spiritual Reality self-evident to us through the right massive language and comprehensive statements. He wants us to place ourselves in the position of the Infinite, Formless, the Identical, the Silent, the Self, the Purusha, Ishwara, the One and the Being of the Becoming. This He does in all the chapters.


                TheLife Divine.


                Through understanding, HE takes us with Him.


296)         Man always has double consciousness but is aware of only one. Sri Aurobindo asks for double awareness too.


297)         All truths are not explainable, though speech may permit. Man is not ready to hear them. Life makes him see what he cannot hear.


298)         Decisions taken on the spur of the moment govern the life forever thereafter. Decisions are taken in Time that govern the movements of Space.



                Space is the objective expression of subjective Time.


299)         The joy of Self-discovery is greatest when the Self forgets itself. It is also greatest when the differences are greatest making each item unique. Prakriti insists on offering the Purusha the greatest opportunity for unity in diversity.


                Uniqueness makes possible the maximum difference.


300)         Sensitivity will render man senseless.


301)         What makes one shy in public, becomes sweet in private. The same is true with varying distances of intimacy.


                Intimacy changes disgust into discretion.

                There is no intimacy without freedom.


302)         Jivatma is the individuality of the spiritual part of man. The Individual Sri Aurobindo speaks of is that of the embodied being of the man that fulfils the evolutionary aim of the Spirit which is the Self-Conscious Being.


                Man maturing into a citizen is social evolution.

                Jivatma maturing into the Individual is spiritual evolution.


303)         Energy that is incapable of rising further in action is capable of turning back on itself with vehemence for destruction. Then it is called evil.


               Frustration is incapacity. Incapacity to understand dissents and frowns. Evil is the weakness of goodness.


304)         Sensation is of the body and nerves, emotion is of the heart. Bliss is of the soul that is static, while Delight is that of the whole being that evolves.


305)         To realise the folly of the past is wisdom. To realise the folly of the past as the necessary step for the present joy is yogic wisdom.


306)         Ananda in samadhi is tapas.

               Delight in work is yoga.


307)         To be awake in the being is awakening of the Soul. Aspiration is the awakening of the Being in the Becoming.


                The psychic can awake and give you moksha. Unless you aspire for evolution he won’t evolve into the supramental being.


309)         Human opportunities are vast; even the greediest calculations of man are small.


310)         Love fails often, not because it is bound to fail, but because it commits the error of seeking a social goal.


                A psychological force cannot reach a social goal.


311)         Prices do not rise proportionally in all products or commodities. Price is the social value of a product. Commodities change in their social value. Inflation inflates the value of a cherished product.


                Inflation indicates the direction of social progress.


312)         Teacher is a bar for teaching. The computer eliminates the temperament of the teacher, not the teacher himself.


                The child needs a centre of learning to use the computer best. Till then the teacher will linger.


313)         We act on impulses of the body or mind. That is the only way we always act. All that can be suspended as we have overcome the bodily impulses in favour of mental ones. Overcoming that the Spirit will urge us.


                Mother’s impulse shows only when the Spirit also is overcome.


314)         The fullness of inaction is the fullness of the Whole in action.


315)         Mother who asks you to work for luck, first gives all the luck and asks you to preserve it.


                Effect first, cause next.



·          Education is the yoga of the Society.

·          Management is the education of productive forces.

·          Administration is the management of the collective living.

·          Culture is the education management of the entire life on earth.


317)         Calling the Mother orally or mentally helps one to get out of that plane. Calling Her from inside or Her calling from inside is one getting into the inner mind.


318)         Teaching once meant beating. Now it is scoring high. Computer has made teaching learning. The computer has no temperament.


319)         Moksha is the desire to reach the Superconscient of the spirit that was unconscious in the inconscient. Evolution is to fulfil consciously the Lila of the Self-Conscious Being as an act of self-giving.



                Moksha is the act of human soul for its own sake.

                Evolution is a selfless act for the sake of the Absolute.


320)         Pronunciation and spelling are accepted habits of social superstition. There is no virtue in itself.


321)         Disciplined learning will acquire facts, not ideas. Original ideas are not learnt. Real-Idea too can be learnt in freedom.


322)         The uncultured man is ashamed when he recognises his uncultured behaviour. One who is unknown to culture offers those offending behaviours as his pride of possession to others.


                The loafer offers liquor to his cultured guest at a substantial sacrifice to himself.


323)         Man becomes a yogi replacing his thinking by consecration.


                Thinking is mental; consecration is spiritual.


325)         Man exclaims “Mother’s Grace” when his selfishness succeeds.


                Given up goals in selfishness are grace in yoga.


326)         See God’s laughter in the vulgar freedom of the filthy low when you desire His vision.


                Vulgarity makes one vulnerable to God’s Touch.


                Another’s vulgarity gives the Touch. One’s vulgarity is the realisation of the Reality on the wrong side.


327)         Eternity of Time is the everlasting exuberance in the existence of everything.


328)         Incapacity to expect or wait for is the capacity of eternity.


                The All-sufficiency is what we exist in.


329)         As Silence deepens the Timeless reveals in Time. One can see in one second the potentials of several years.


330)         Human unconsciousness is God’s secrecy.


331)         Availing of an opportunity is to organise a discipline. Abandoning of a discipline is done in a trice. It is like destroying a good work by one wrong move.



                The ultimate accomplishment of a man is by a woman, as Ishwara does through Shakti.


                Evolution is by evolving, not by rules.


332)         To minister to one’s selfishness is not right.

                One should do what is right or right for the Mother.


333)         Instead of surrending one’s capacity for thinking and the mind that thinks, the ego usurps surreptitiously the effort of surrender and tries for the right thought.


                Ego is deceptive to the end.


334)         The starting point for this yoga is one should want it on its own terms.


                Our prayers are prayers of ego.


335)         The individual ego expands to be the ego of the family, community or nation. For him to serve God or mankind, he must first shed the ego of any form and become an Individual free of ego.


                Ego grows under any pretext.


336)         Selflessness learns patience by dealing with selfishness.


                Patience creates and preserves values.


337)         Patience is maximum demanded of one who descends one plane and tries to live according to his own values in the lower plane.


                Lower work teaches higher values patience.


338)         Prayer is Hers, not man’s.


339)         The world has recognised the value of moving away from the ego to the individuality. Yoga needs it to be the psychic being.


                Ego offers precarious success, individuality luck and the psychic Love.


340)         Man is egoistic, society is egoistic, his worship and religion are egoistic. His science too is egoistic.


Does anyone desire the dissolution of his ego?






341)         When the gross mental will is surrendered, one will see life as he sees it in the dream, as the subtle mind opens.


342)         Individuality has taken form in him who desires not to be known for the ultimate sacrifices he has made.


                Culture is unconscious of its sacrifice.


343)         Things elude, people turn unreliable, work fails so that you can think.


                Willingness to learn immunises one against failure.


344)         Inflation in the absence of deficit financing is the real index of human development.


345)         Energy is the only reality in life as it sustains life. Biological energy rests in the opposite sex, social energy in money. The rest are for discussions and the future.


346)         The idealist quests for a goal in the world which is not there in him.


                The intellect conquers vast domains of territory which are to be fully abandoned when intuition rises to rule.


348)         As consecration needs concentration, any level of consecration needs prior penetration of personality to that level.


349)         The ideal of one who is unaware of the goal will help him serve himself in the name of the ideal.


350)         As the idealist is not permitted anything more than patience of forbearance in a refugee camp, the yogi, in our world, can acquire God-Vision to see the marvels of human intensities.


351)         It is not yet time for direct action by the force of Supermind on human thought. Presently it acts behind the physical urges of humanity pushing it in its own direction.


                It is time for fundamental research, not commercialisation of the product.


352)         To absorb the supramental force in the precinct of intellect so that it may develop insight and intuition by self-dissolution is service to the descending Force.


353)         Those who desire to understand the many dimensions in which thought organises itself in the bypaths, can beneficially take a close look at the neo-rich spending his excess funds.


                Neo-thinkers build up the national body for thinking.


354)         The web of lies poverty weaves is as much required to preserve the light in the body as the sweat of 20 miles riding needs preservation for the protection of physical darkness.


                Protection is needed till its own time arrives.


355)         Consecration avoided will always wait elsewhere.


                God never deserts man as He is the man.


356)         The ever receding target in its infinite mercy changes into a moving target.


357)         Increasing popularity must be sustained by increasing strength of leadership.


358)         To know is to be happy. To take Delight in life one should dominate life benevolently.


359)         Secrecy of the selfish may be more due to the nature of selfishness of not knowing others, than a desire to hide.


360)         Not taking initiative gives a great calm. Surrendering that gives the occasion for the psychic to emerge.


361)         Even an excellent reply can be excellent, will not be the right answer.


362)         The thoughts that move are of the surface and of consciousness. The thoughts of the substance do not move, are not seen or felt, but will be there. Purity is that which will disregard even that to rely on The Mother.


                Pure dependence is purity.


363)         The scope given by life for growth does not affect man even when he makes the wrong choice.


364)         Man understands exactly why something goes wrong and how something goes right. Only that he eliminates himself from the first and all others from the second.


365)         To instinctively flow into another and not out of preference indicates the absence of ego.


366)         Gradualness is in Time. Timelessness is instantaneous.


367)         Obsession precedes identification.


368)         Education makes man what he is not born with. Yoga makes him what he is not ever.


369)         The energetic man acts endlessly. Something must be endless in great men – action, thought, concentration or inaction.


370)         Memory is a faculty which is different from expectation that is an attitude.


                Memory is a neutral faculty while expectation is a vital urge in the mind that has a goal.


                Expectation is a mental urge.


372)         A good man does what no one else does.


                Neglected people are served by good souls. Good souls are served by The Mother.


373)         Success in life is success of Spirit.


374)         To energise the rival is one important process of evolution as the opposite is also a part of ourselves.


                To destroy the rival is partial; to energise him is to be whole.


375)         Ideal friendship enjoys the devoted service of an obedient servant delivered in grateful appreciation.


376)         The very first rule of consecration remains the very last requirement.


377)         Water that represents emotion symbolises grace.


378)         The instrument that compels action is from the energies of existence. It is the supramental that enriches the instrument.


379)         Cause leading to effect is the divine law of supramental action. But, one can rise further too, if he chooses.


380)         Cause and effect is a better law than karma of reward and punishment.


381)         One cannot be unjustly ousted now, without his having entered earlier unjustly.



382)         He who repeats the age old wisdom still expresses a new shade of its deeper truth in the present context.


383)         The orthodoxy of bathing cannot be maintained by a bath in dirty places or in dirty water.


                Cleanliness is cleanliness, is not a ritual.


384)         Behind all subtle events one can see the physical realities, stark naked.


                If the subtle is true, the gross is truer.


385)         The physical is unidimensional and myopic.


386)         Memory retains till the end words that are significant for progress.


                The inner voice of the simple man is the world’s voice which he neglected on first hearing.


387)         Broadminded idealism cannot escape strangling when it steps down to practical realities of mercenary motives.


                Idealism cannot be hurt by other things.


388)         If the ACT is the miniature of Life, we can say decision is the miniature of mental life.


389)         The psychic being is the point at which Prakriti submits to Purusha in it.


390)         One who rushes to people with a human attitude finding them responding according to human nature, is best fitted to discover all the truths of human life.


391)         Born stupid people, by excellent training, can expound high ideas of philosophy.


392)         Experience educates by information. It can ennoble by its essence.


393)         Thought translating into an act is part of the process of creation. One who is utterly bad wanting to pass for a good man sees his good acts result in bad consequences.


                Judge the man by what he does, not even by what you understand him to be.


394)         Marriage, through the spouse, educates the man who aspires to leadership, all that he needs to know of the nether world.


                Mastery comes from knowledge of the other side. Ourside can give only efficiency.


                Efficiency achieves. Mastery protects.


395)         Politicians seeking knowledge of the society need to know the underworld, the inner city, the world of gossip and crime.


396)         Computer is the psychic of technology.



·          Learn to be neglected.

·          Understand insult as interest.

·          Disobedience is desire to discipline.

·          Betrayal is of the Beloved.


398)         Evaluation is the basis of expectation.


399)         Commonplace capacities giving way is an indication of old age. It also shows the old consciousness giving way.


400)         Calling brings energy,

                Determination, Force,

                Character, Power,

                Skill, results.


                Possession of skills of the Spirit brings the results at once.


401)         Equality is the strength of substance.

                Strength is the equality of substance.

                Equality is the strength of consciousness.


403)         Knowledge offers itself to compress itself into a mantra.


404)         Those who respond to a philosophy should base themselves on a philosophy. At least they must offer to be logical.


405)         Perfection is the form of essence expressing in the externals.


406)         Instructions to the immature who have no potential of receptivity are to be implemented finally by the giver.


407)         A consecrated act reveals its whole past.


408)         Consecration is a complete act in the sense where nothing can be done if all is not done.


                Consecration is a spiritual value.


409)         Immortality was accorded to the soul by the Vedas. Sri Aurobindo asks for immortality for life and acts.


The concept of immortality began with the soul. Now it must come to life.


410)         The soul, losing the ego, preserving its form in the higher planes is the immortality of the Vedas.


411)         The impulse never dies. It changes into an impulse towards the Divine.


                Impulse towards the Divine is equality.

                Equal fulfillment in the opposite is equality.

                Impulse towards the Divine is a non-movement.


412)         The urges of Nature going out changing their direction inward to pass through the soul before reaching outside is consecration.


                Nature finding her soul is consecration.


413)         The first touch of The Mother is the best touch.


414)         Man appreciates another man’s common sense when the latter approves of his lapses. Then common sense will be upgraded as wisdom.


415)         Human prejudice is capable of assuming any possibility of its imagination as real and building the future attitudes on it.


416)         In the lower plane of mind the selfish aim of moksha is held up as the ideal to be pursued.


417)         In a static society aspiration is branded as ambition and is condemned as the aim is to preserve what is.


418)         Obedience is exacted by power exercised. Culture is the emotional rising to the expectations of the higher power of society present without pressure.

419)         Sri Aurobindo’s knowledge and power are there on earth as Shaw without his books.

                The word will survive but only an organisation can effectuate it.


420)         Humility is the power of harmony.


421)         Body is true when we do what we know.


422)         To develop the ego in Her name is worse than unpardonable.


423)         Power organises in freedom. Human choice determines that organisation.


424)         Choice is made by character.

Not to choose is to surrender.


Choice is Hers, not ours.


425)         Interest in the small becomes intense when there is no energy for interest in the great.


426)         Karma is choiceless.

                We can choose to overcome karma.


                Freedom works through choice.


427)         Human choice decides whether the high serves the low or the low serves the high, as both are possible.


Man becoming God is by choice.


428)         Destruction is construction at a wider level.


                Destruction leads to wider destruction.


429)         Growing by giving is His growth in us.


                Giving and taking are necessaries of balance.


431)         A crisis threatens survival.

                Crises are at all levels.


434)         Man thinks and gets an answer. To surrender the capacity to think gives you Her answer.


                Surrender is in grades.


435)         The Spiritual Individuality is the future.


                Money, technology, education, media are organisations of economic, scientific, mental powers that help organise the individual and society.


436)         Education organises information and knowledge. Money organises power. Democracy organises social power. Technology helps now to organise economic power through money.


437)         Religion is the social organisation of spirituality. Magic is the individual power of spirituality.


438)         Education organises knowledge, money organises power. Technology organises power by knowledge.


                What prevails ultimately is the individual’s organisation of the collective.


439)         To be human is to be possessed, by what it does not matter. Even if it is the spiritual consciousness, to be possessed will not qualify for freedom.


                Freedom qualifies for spiritual life.


440)         Incapacity for superstition makes one rational. Not to be possessed by any plane qualifies one for spiritual life.


Utter freedom accepts Spirit.


441)         Sri Aurobindo tries to get a clue for the workings of Maya through the three powers of creation – Self-determination, self-absorption. Here lies a clue to the scientist to move from the processes to the mystery of creation.


442)         Good will is God on earth.


443)         Strength of human life is jealousy.

                One is jealous as he tolerates others.


444)         One who knows the full significance of his family will know his society or country. He who understands the evolutionary history of the Ashram knows the universe.


445)         The poor have the joy of earning while the rich have the joy of giving.


                Joy is the sensation of a widening movement.


446)         How can man be rational while he is subjective? Even the ideals he espouses are subjective.


                For each man his profession is important.


447)         The more capable one becomes, the less urge there is for action.


                Urge for action is capacity in formation.


448)         To create an organisation for the support of an ideal is the crux of physical superstition as they are antithetical.


449)         Nothing challenges as an absolute contradiction. The greater the challenge, the greater is the result. The woman does offer that to the man in marriage.


450)         Personality is strength of clarity.


                Clarity is difficult; strength needed by that clarity makes one a great personality.


451)         Life energy is sex energy till the day of death.


452)         Capacity to give a little of what one has received is generosity.


453)         Generosity recognises the other as himself.


                To recognise the other as the same divine one is, is generosity of Spirit.



·          Nature annihilates.

·          Life is violent.

·          Society is tyrannical.

·          Civilisation imposes the majority on the minority.

·          Goodness leaves the evil to perish unheeded.

·          Humanity’s compulsion of Muslims to be democratic and civilised is in order.


455)         A patient good man who tolerates endlessly our dull slow laziness, will not wait a moment left to himself.


                The Indeterminable determines itself as infinite as well as finite.


456)         Not to be occupied is detachment.


457)         As long as people have the habit of stealing, it can only be controlled, not abolished.


458)         Man’s longing for woman is the body’s aspiration for completeness.


                Biological incompleteness is at the bottom of romance.


459)         Mind is so refractory, especially the vital in the mind that it will not allow you to hear the right answer to your problem. It will insist on its own wrong answer or confusion.


                The one characteristic of mind is blind refusal.


460)         Civilisation compels people to be civilised. The world community has a right to compel every nation to conform to a standard of civilisation.


                Compulsion is present everywhere compulsorily.


461)         God looking through human eyes is love eternal.


462)         The Spiritual energy is the source of all energies. Sex energy is really spiritual energy felt in the nerves.


463)         Surrender to Mother means surrender to one’s own ego as their own ego is The Mother.


464)         The strategies of all successful men are well known. What is not known is what makes him do it.


465)         Success is not a desirable goal nor happiness a laudable aim. Progress is better than both.


466)         The manners of a gentleman are the best description of yogic attitude in life.


467)         Preaching is the outer process of educating oneself inwardly.


468)         Devotees in Mother are like children in the central cabinet.


469)         Knowledge of the process gives the result. Theory of the process opens higher fields of knowledge.


                Science has opened millions of processes and consequently millions of products. Their theory will unravel creation.


470)         Charity becomes unwise destruction by the rival when you are not stronger than him.


471)         Psychic awakening is seen by the symptoms of


1)       Knowledge of the past birth.

2)       Past life flashing before the eyes.

3)       The thinking centre rising above the head or the feeling centre going behind the mind.

4)       Vision at a distance.

5)       Inner voice,

6)       Opening subtle spiritual vision.

7)       All-inclusive concentration.

8)       Capacity to consecrate.


472)         As rationality completely reverses superstition, yogic perception turns the rational world upside down.


                Rationality loses all superstitious fear. Yogic perception finds karma and time non-existent.


473)         Man talks loudly about what his mind understands. Knowledge of his heart are secrets known only to his God.


                Body’s knowledge of God is the broad smile that breaks out, out of gratitude.


474)         To think of The Mother when something is possible is bhakti.


475)         Woman sees her own attractiveness in men taking liberties with herself.


The unformed social woman appreciates an advance that hurts a formed cultured person.


476)         Man seeks progress as he is in the wider movement of the mutability of the Spirit. Situated in Timelessness, he may not seek progress.


                Progress is a laudable human ideal, not outside it.


478)         Atma, Purusha, Ishwara can be likened to nature, character and capacity.


                Atma is conceptively creative, Purusha is dynamically executive and Ishwara is both conceptively creative and dynamically executive.


479)         Sense perception of the physical is limited to its size. The vital extends its perception by the energies of sight, hearing, etc. Mind’s energy goes all over the world by thought.


480)         Sudra gives the service of the Spirit, even as the Vaisya offers the prosperity of the Spirit. Kshatriya’s courage is that of the Spirit. Jnana of the Brahmin is the Jnana of the Spirit. He who is at the top in one evaluation goes to the bottom in another evaluation. Integral yoga asks for all in each and each in all.


484)         The finite delights in being finite in the conviction that it is the infinite.


485)         Joy issuing out of victory of the right is higher than the joy of success.


                Ananda is the joy of existence which has no need for creation.


486)         Character is the greatest possession in life. In spiritual life even that is of no use. What matters is consciousness.


487)         With good character, one can transact even with rivals or enemies. Without good manners, even partners or brothers become intolerable.


                Though manners are shallow, life without them becomes intolerable.


488)         Negativism is the first active recognition of desert.


489)         The idealism of smallness is to take generosity as meanness.


                An ideal cannot lower others in its eyes.


490)         Successful people are a success because they DO what we know. The key lies in finding what made them DO it.


491)         Patience with organised stupidity is pure patience.


492)         Consecration is a complete act. It cannot be undertaken piecemeal or partially.


493)         Life’s wisdom lies in knowing the demands of transition.


494)         It never strikes one to help another except out of self-interest. In the help that comes on its own, this will be mixed with the moves of grace.


                Self-knowledge begins when he knows the meaninglessness of emotional relationship.


495)         A move anywhere is a move everywhere.


496)         Mind becomes Supermind when the outer becomes the inner.


497)         Phineas Finn is an excellent example of how man responds to grace coming to him through life and through good will. He is uniformly unreceptive and often mean.


                Solicitude is suspect.


498)         Bhakti is human emotions experiencing the touch of God.


                Man’s sensation touching God’s body is gratitude.


499)         Progress requires one to consider his own defects and the other’s strengths.


500)         Friendship is an emotion felt in the company of the other person, irrespective of the differences in the levels of other endowments.


501)         No trouble can defy native cheerfulness.


502)         To seek Mother in inability is to seek ability. To seek Her while you are able is to seek Her.


503)         Dead knowledge cherishing its living death and intensely enjoying it is called orthodoxy.


504)         Unless a man is incapable of expressing his feelings to another, he would not really feel.


                Words are not the medium for feeling.


505)         Words expressive of emotions are like pictures of persons.


507)         Problem is resistance to growth.


508)         Consecration of the physical made civilisation possible.

Mental consecration will lead to yoga.


Progress comes by need.

Mental, vital needs have given present progress.

Supramental need will give yoga.


509)         Man’s growth is a pyramid of growth based on widening support. Growth is determined by his seeking, support by his physical accomplishment.


510)         To know what one is is the quest.

                Quests range from the physical to the spiritual.


511)         Man grows inwardly and expresses it outwardly.


513)         To know the social outside, one should know his own outside in his family and himself. Life of man is a series of experiences of that description. It is his physical, vital, mental, spiritual, supramental growth.

Sri Aurobindo moved us from the body to the supramental. We love what we are. Mother loves our opportunity.


514)         From Viswamitra to Sri Aurobindo one’s own life travels through Jesus, Buddha, the Rishis, the Avatar of Krishna. Man making his own choice is human history.


                The Life Divine is the mental or conceptive history of the Absolute seeking Himself for sheer Delight. Man joining this unfoldment at some point is the life of the individual.


515)         A story is fascinating as we know what a story is. The Life Divine is the story of the Absolute in Man on earth. For that book to become a page- turner, one needs to know the story of the universe. The Mother rewrote that story as a play and lived it in Her own life. That is Agenda.


516)         The Life Divine will be a page-turner to the mental psychic; Synthesis of Yoga will be an interesting guide to the vital psychic. The Agenda is the history of the evolving psychic in the physical.


517)         A form can evoke a response as if there is content when there is no real content, but the spirit of content is there.


518)         The maximum one can do is to be in a constant state of consecration. The next best is to act through understanding, while the minimum is full protection.


519)         Memory brings events to the mind as long as one needs to learn from them. It goes out of his memory the moment he has learnt everything he needed to learn.


520)         To be able to explain an event after it has happened, to be able to plan a work and do it successfully are great endowments, but they are not the full possession of effective knowledge.


Complete possession of theoretical knowledge will be able to predict the future precisely, even if prediction abridges the possibilities.


521)         India experienced the birthpangs of Freedom in the communal carnage as she first divided herself. Bharat Mata gave the ecstasy of Freedom in a bloodless transfer. Human mind made it bloody.


                Let harmony heal the division. Poison will turn into nectar.


522)         Evolution that begins with the physical energy becoming physical skill ends with the talent and ability of the psychic in the physical being.


                Man works in the body by his mind. God reveals Himself in the Body as his evolving Spirit of the psychic.


523)         As USA started afresh in the last few centuries to build herself in the image of Europe and overpassed her, so USSR is now starting afresh to catch up with the industrialised world. She will outdo USA.


525)         The Mother living among men and working was the Universal Mother taking a human body and guiding the unconsciousness to consciousness by identifying Herself consciously with the human unconsciousness.


                Mother’s Life was the unconsciousness of Her own evolving consciousness.


526)         Thoughts and Aphorisms is the summary of the evolving supramental consciousness in the mind of man.


527)         Evolution is the lower planes learning from the higher planes that descend. Abandoning physical destruction, seeking higher comfort, quest for wider, deeper understanding, aspiring for peace, acquiring the spiritual capacity to move matter are the stages of civilisation.


528)         The ideal that begins by demolishing the society aspires for social approval.


You cannot destroy something from inside.


529)         USA has successful practical work organisation at the individual and collective level and is left with no energy to develop emotional appreciation of the emerging individual. Russia is emotional and would not accept any organisation that is not already endorsed by its collective emotional enjoyment. Indian spirituality must organise the one in the context of the other.


530)         Man resents demands on his attention, but feels lonely when all such demands are withdrawn.


                Loneliness is for one who longs to repel friendship.


531)         Depression cannot be self-existent as it arises out of a dependence or relationship with someone or something outside.


                Depression is social or psychological, cannot be spiritual.



·          A no-story can be filmed with all others aspects being excellent as an interesting view.

·          By a captivating delivery, a piece of no-news could be listened to with spellbound attention.

·          Excellent externals can give full life to non-living content.


534)         Indifference that leads to forgetting precedes consecration.



535)         Movements in the gross and subtle planes are irrevocably interrelated.


537)         Emotional disturbance is vital’s understanding.


538)         Aspiration is actual burning of the being for the goal as Karna desired to know his father.


539)         Warm emotions rising giving an idea will disappear in minutes as it is ascent. Formed idea descending giving warm emotions is lasting loyalty.


                Loyalty is mental. Sudden bursts of emotions are vital.


540)         The power of the letter of law depends on the spirit with which the unwritten law is accepted.


541)         The emerging individual was the centre and life of democracy. Spiritual communism centres around the Spiritual Individual.


                Spiritual communism


542)         Martin Luther, the mental individual, wanted to find God himself. The spiritual Individual wants to discover himself as God.


543)         A right, better still a product, can make world union a reality. In fact, it should be a formula whose powerful reality can be reached through modern technology – the Internet.


545)         Even the unremitted curse will have the force of curse.


                Curse is the formula of the intense vital.


546)         For the Being of Becoming there is spiritual relationship above the mind; there is no social relationship which is below the mind.


547)         Betrayal is possible only when something is thrust on another against his own will.


                Betrayal betrays one’s ignorance of the law of action in the existence of life.


548)         The higher cannot benefit the lower nor the lower seek such a benefit from the higher, unless the higher in the lower awakes and acts.


                The seed cannot become the tree unless it is live.


549)         The good health of the forester is the balance his body strikes with his work. The Rishi’s health is governed by the light of the Spirit.


550)         As urges rise in the scale, man becomes God to witness the Marvel.


551)         Interest is released when the capacity is born.


552)         To disregard the result in favour of learning the process is the force of civilisation. Sensitivity enables us to move.


553)         The world union when it comes into existence will do so on a principle that transcends religion, race and language. If there is a right to be gained or a thing to be acquired that represents this transcendental stage and to acquire which race, religion, etc. are a barrier, the coming into existence of the world union will be facilitated.


554)         The truth of Mahatma Gandhiji is the overgrown vital in the mind espousing its own truth as Spirituality, as the charity of Christian Love has turned into material help to the poor.


                Charity of the soul is Love that is Ananda.

                Charity that is material help is ego usurping the soul.


555)       When the energy of the force in a form expands or contracts it is felt as heat or cold.


556)         Brahmic consciousness in the body will not be affected by heat or cold or weight.


557)         Truth is Truth of Brahman in the body which is unaffected by heat.


558)         The accused must prove his truth, not all others.


                Society has fashioned a cruel test as it has known the Truth of Brahman while it is selfishly cruel.


559)         A witch was to be burned when she was so accused, whether she was alive or dead.


                Approach to Brahmic knowledge enabled the selfish French to kill those suspected as witches.


560)         Ego is the result of mind dividing the Force coming to an end in atomic existence beyond which Force is incapable of being divided. It is the physical ego.


561)         That abacus can still win over the electronic computer in calculation shows the enormous potentials of methods left untapped.


                The finite contains the Infinite, if you care to unravel it.


562)         Mind can choose to be closed or open but the vital can only be closed.


                Ramakrishna’s experiences were vital.


                Spiritual awakening can occur only at the highest point of personality.Once the mind is somewhat awakened, the Spirit can only show up in the mind.Vedic Rishis opened their bodies to the Spirit, Ramakrishna his vital, Ramalinga Swamigal his mind.563) Authority that is to be exercised from above must be exercised for work. To expect it to come from below before its time is ignorance.


564)         Effective instruction educates without provoking.


                Provoke the thought, not the person.


565)         Whatever happens happens by consecration at different levels. What we are not able to consecrate, the wider forces of society, law, life do in their own fashion.


566)         The perverse evil that understands its possibility for the future is its death feels a joy in the understanding.


567)         The new world must be created by pushing the frontiers of the old world. Before they are established in physical concrete facts, they must be done so by ideas and attitudes which must be true.


                The new is born in the old. The old is ego, the new is the psychic.


568)         One who is awake in the present need not know the past as it is in the present.


569)         As age advances, men in foreign climes long for their native countries, idealists seek the support of society they had eschewed, sannyasis cherish their relatives. This is true when the psychic is not awake.


                Age, Time do not abridge human opportunities as youth is replaced by experience.


570)         Sri Aurobindo, who was the first to declare complete independence as the goal even in 1904, advocated dominion status in 1942. Opposition to Indian self-government in 1912 was more from Indians than from the British public.


                Love of chains is a tangible emotion.

                To the final goal, the stepping stone appears to be contradictory.


571)         Mental leadership learns the large details by their essence.


                Organisation for effective leadership requires men who can report the essence of enormous details. Leaders act by temperament. Leadership must act on the composition of the temperament of events.


572)         Physical prowess as the furious energy was the beginning of physical leadership. Future seeks the leadership of one who is above good and evil. In between it has moved from power to ideas, from personal ideas of the leader to the capacity to learn the ideas of the masses.



                Leadership always enjoyed perfection in its endowments.


                The history of leadership is the history of humanity.

                Power goes to perfection in leadership.


573)         Excitement in enjoyment is for the ego. Enjoyment that is quiet like that of quiet efficiency is of equality.


574)         Complaints keep one negatively alert. The wife excels there.

               An awakened soul replaces complaint by appreciation.


                The weak are enlivened by prodding complaints; the strong are motivated by praise. One who needs neither is a soul awake.


575)         New experience of old wisdom carries new dimensions of thought. If not thought, it carries or conveys new temperaments absorbing old ideas.


                Nothing present can be entirely old or useless for that reason.


576)         It is not as if new energies are not continuously released. What matters is whether they go to the old ways or the new.


577)         Human subjectivity is Ignorance.

Divine objectivity is Knowledge.


578)         The process of creation is described in the chapters of Matter, Life and Mind ending in Sachchidananda presenting itself as Matter, the basis for objective action.


579)         The reversal required is that of the selfish man discovering his inversion of selflessness into selfishness.


580)         Drive requires tact. Tact that inspires the other is the policy in action.


581)         Tactics work once. Policy is permanent. Permanent tactics of the policy is the strategy of good will.


582)         He who needs the first experience is mentally alert. Vital intuition does not need even that one time casualty.


583)         Tactics are to attack someone where he cannot defend himself. Physically it is done by overwhelming strength. The vital traps another. Mind uses no tactics. To enable another to see his own ignorance can be called mental tactics. The Spirit has no need to conquer, as it is Self-existence. To help another discover his Spirit, a tactic may be used.


584)         In a confrontation, the Spirit works for another’s victory who seeks the rival’s defeat. The Spirit emerges stronger by its defeat.


585)        The conqueror marches into other lands. The Guru awaits his disciples.


589)         Going down of the psychic to the body ensures the victory of its going up.


590)         No work of ours is spoiled without our invitation and contribution.


                This is true even when one loses a misfortune as when Wickam moved away from Elizabeth.


591)         The Internet gives electronically wide ranging information, as the clairvoyant gives vitally information of the past.




The Internet is an electronic crystal.


592)         When the Indian rulers moved to ideas from power in 1900, imperialism        

                gave way to democracy or freedom.


593)         A system emerges when the action is error-free.


594)         Factual memory differs from the impression of memory which appears to be false, but all ideas and impressions are formed out of the latter.


595)        Grace can move away from rain to wealth. It can either include it or           

                exclude it.


596)         All acts are acts of ananda. Man’s greatest joy, says Mother, is the moment when the woman conceives in her womb his child. The woman’s hour of ecstasy is in the moment of delivering it. Mind has made it the most painful experience.


                Life will acquire freedom when delivery is enjoyable.


597)         Adoration is ignorance of the obvious.


598)         When people say, “I do not know how I lost all my wealth or where it went,” they declare that they unconsciously indulged to satiation.


                When full dissipation it crosses the border, it becomes full spiritual realisation like Vipra Narayanan.


599)         Mental individuality is well formed in the West. What the world needs is  Spiritual Individuality.


                The Spirit too has a personality.


600)         The house is so arranged as to make family life possible. A child’s freedom always upsets it. Can there be an organisation of the house where the child can always move freely, enjoying the movement and educating himself and still be in harmony with the functioning of the family? It is the harmony of organisation in freedom.


601)         Personality is of Nature. Individuality is the result of Purusha individualising the experience of the world-being in one soul. It is that which seeks uniqueness in the very thumb print.


602)         Superstition is vociferous. Knowledge is mantra.


603)         Insufficiency is never insensitive.


                Offence is the vigorous self-defence of insufficiency.


604)         Human nature never pardons those who helped. Even when that knowledge is not there, it never fails to offend.              605)         Character does not surface in daily work. Only we see manners then. In critical moments only character emerges.


606)         The silent soul evolves when it is conscious of moving into Nature.


607)         Man who sees the process of creation is a realised Ishwara – the psychic being.


The evolving Purusha witnesses the process of creation in his own life.


608)         To arrest the Becoming into Being is the office of concentration.


                Creation is Purusha moving into Prakriti.


                Concentration immobilises movement.


609)         Ununderstanding irresponsible apathy is unconscious surrender.


610)         The ultimate satisfaction for the intellect is to know, not to act.


611)         Mind acting through the matter in the brain is intellectuality.


612)         The low is the real great that comes to consider itself low. Brahman, forgetting himself, can appear as low even to Himself. The great who are great can know themselves as low when they identify themselves with the social consciousness.


                We choose what we are and we can do it consciously or unconsciously.


613)         Can the Absolute forget itself?  That which can forget cannot be the Absolute. But it has the right to create Ignorance into which it can forget Itself.


614)         Energy not organised for work generates tension.


                Work and energy not in organised harmony is tension.


615)         The 20th century was one when the major wars came to an end. Till then the role of the Kshatriya was pre-eminent. Before that, the quest for knowledge was in the forefront. The 21st century is one of man’s service to his fellow men. Therefore the Sudra will rise to prominence after the Vaisya exhausts his mission.


616)         Man moves from physical, mental illusion to objective intellectuality; from there he touches outer intuition, which when moved inward, reaches Supermind.


617)         Vital infatuation equals that of superstition.


618)         Present equality is ours; the future results are not.


619)         For the Force to act, ego – physical, vital, mental – is the obstacle. Later even the structures of mind, vital, etc. can be obstacles unless their structures are transformed.


620)         What inspires is not action but an action in tune with the social     consciousness. No wonder bright ideas remain bright.


                To prepare the society to respond one must universalise himself. It is Transcendent grace for the individual in the universe.


621)         A great idea of one person will work for another who is in work, not for him, until he works successfully.


622)         The first move to overcome the influence of money is not to earn it, but to perceive it can be earned more by moving away from it.


623)         The lure of money cannot be successfully used to lure man away from money. It grows on what it feeds.


624)         Surrender is for the initiatives. Not to have initiatives is a state of ever-present surrender. Equality is of that state.


625)         The opening paragraphs of The Life Divine are inspiration and the rest are explanations.


                The Life Divine.


626)         Silence, drshti, intuition, knowledge are the steps to self-knowledge. Consecration skips all the steps in between.


627)         Power, rather skill that can use the power gives the result. Knowledge sees the process. Neither the result nor the process is ultimate. Essence of Brahman is.


628)         Reversal of consciousness and past consecration are expressions of the sincerity of soul.


                There is no shorter cut in foreign travel than air travel.  Despising the plane is despicable.


629)         Surrender is for the conscious Soul, not for the active mind or energetic vital.


                Thinking is of the active mind that is asleep.


630)         Domination is the pleasure of power expanding its territory. JOY is the ananda of the soul and the evolving soul dissolving in creation to expand in evolution.


631)         JOY is not for the vital which knows only pleasure.


632)         Man, in asking for his rights, awakens to his own inner depths which will happily renounce all rights.


633)         Capacity to own is love of our psychological fetters.


634)         Emerging knowledge is the first perception, while JOY finding the new height is final.


He asked us to emerge as knowledge and said the supreme discovery is the creation of the Superconscient.


635)         Beginning with the mind, one meets the first realisation in the vital as the Pranamaya Purusha.


636)         One who can meet Vyasa, Valmiki, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or Newton won’t like to spend his time reading newspapers.


637)        To know that the longest route is the shortest is Supermind’s comprehension in life.


                There is no shorter route to earning than taking crores by counting.


638)         The same goals can be reached by total frankness or total secrecy. Each has its own route.


639)         Absence of mental consideration of an issue is the penultimate step for consecration.


640)         Affection received as attention is still sweet.


641)         Explaining His logical thought in terms of the logic of life is to apply His thought to life.


642)         Surface is disgusted by what the subliminal longs for.


                Repulsion is the seeking of the subliminal.


643)         We came to Him to discover ourselves as God; we ask Him to do it for ourselves.


644)         To realise one’s soul is moksha. For the soul to become the Superconscient

                and realise itself in the trance of the Inconscient is our aim. That soul living its life on earth in mind or body is the new definition of trance of Sri Aurobindo.


645)         To be aware of the process of involution and consciously reverse that is surrender.


646)         The art of ruling is simple to understand, not easy to execute, because it is fairness and common sense exercised by power.


647)         Creation can be explained in terms of the eight planes – Sat to Matter – which means one fully understands The Life Divine.


                Life Divine


 648)        To know the process of creation 1) in terms of its powers, 2) planes,

                3) processes,  4) Time, and be able to unite all of them into ONE idea is to know The Life Divine very well.


The Life Divine


 649)        Sat becomes Truth by objectifying and again creates the world out of Truth by apprehending Supermind which is objectifying again which by becoming subject creates life and matter.


650)         To become objective is to become intellectual, which makes earth matter. For the intellectual to become subjective is to become Sat.


                Objectivity first, subjectivity next.


651)         Man discovers capacity in himself. His luck lies in his capacity to fully understand the role of his rival and enemy in his own life.


653)         Action of a full heart in circumstances that are organised appropriateness is unfailing – it is initiation into Luck.


654)         Anger is the desire for domination by the hasty unthinking vital.


655)         Intelligence understanding leads to intellectuality, a state of matter. Surrendering abolishes intellectuality into spirit by reversing the objectivity into subjectivity.


                Mind’s objectivity is intellectuality. Making intellectuality subjective, intuition is born.


656)         What computer has achieved in speed, thought achieves in brevity.


                Latest is fastest.

                The briefest is the present.


657)         Repetition looks foolish till one reaches the physical substance. Calling can be replaced by being in the mind, vital and in the physical consciousness but not in the physical substance.


658)         Mind tries to understand when a doubt arises and succeeds after several decades. Surrendering that doubt clears it at once.


659)         Mental silence is mental will pushing away mental thoughts. Mental will dissolving or surrendering to the Divine will generate the silence of Supermind.


660)         The subjective selfish human being becomes an intellectual by objectivity. His objectivity when it becomes subjective at that higher level develops intuition and insight.


                Human life is superstitious.

                Intellectual life is superstitious for the Spirit.


661)         Millions of people coming to the site of Britannica shows how eager people are for facts. For the world to appreciate the theory or seek it, people should similarly seek ideas.


662)         The high self-respect we witness in the debtors’ prison in England will be a high standard for us to reach.


663)         Those who have espoused any ideal will accomplish it when their character endorses it. Sri Aurobindo’s ideal will be well served even if appropriate manners are forthcoming.


664)         Mental individuality is born by refusing any help and refusing to help. Spiritual individuality enters into all others and asks for the help of everyone.


665)         Individuality is the greatest achievement of the West which expresses self-respect and organisation of personality based on truth of life. The present western civilisation is the achievement of that Individuality.  Its value is not accepting help. For the spiritual individual to emerge, the present one must be shed and he must go to all others which means to ask everyone to help.


666)         Our best effort at consecration is a mental belief. For consecration to be consecration mind and all other parts of the being should move away, leaving the psychic to come forward to consecrate to the Divine.


667)         What Shakespeare achieved in language was in Life. Sri Aurobindo had the same level of linguistic achievement in yoga.


                A linguistic achievement in thought lies between them.


668)         He gives most who refuses.


                Capacity to refuse to give when you can to an undeserving man gives him the capacity to earn what we want to give in multiple measure.


669)         During the difficult endeavour of consecrating a thought, the impulse to communicate it to another will be powerful. If done, it cannot be consecrated.


                Communication prevents consecration.


670)         Removal of all anachronisms that are obstacles will be total development.


                The entire theory can be fully explained from any one point of view.


671)         Intellectuality seeks oneness as it is a product of Matter. Thought seeks the Absolute as it is not of the absorption. As the Absolute created the pure existence by self-conception, thought seeks its origin.


                Intellectuality is the comprehension of the inverted Spirit.


672)         When you stop running after someone, he starts running after you and succeeds in catching you.


                This is an example of contradictions becoming complements.

                The best way to catch is to be caught.


673)         To do a work one likes is rest and even relaxation.


674)         “Is there anyone who needs me? What is it that makes me seek people who do not need me,” is the question an emotional idealist often asks. That is God-seeking in him.


                Grace is the action of the Superconscient trying to awaken the Inconscient which is unaware. Grace in man seeks indifferent men.


675)         Mantra is the word that contains all that long explanation can give in a few words, bringing the power through the subtle causal planes.


676)         Man is selfish matter.

                Matter that is self-giving is the Delight of Existence.


677)         Subjective selfishness becomes objective intellectuality, rises to intuition through insight, again by subjectivity reaches the Spirit, the Sat Purusha.


678)         Self-conception, self-extension, objectification, division, aggregation, self-absorption through form and force are the different stages of the process of creation.


                It begins as choice, becomes extension, hiding comes from absorption.


679)         Concept that matures into perception is an intuitive concept. An intellectual concept insists on perceiving itself, prevents it from becoming a perception.


                Eternal choice is man’s eternal freedom.


                Progress lies in choice.


680)         To give up wealth is the ascetic path. To earn money is progress for an incapable man in life. Progress is to move to the next step, not doing what others do.


681)         To be quiet is to be awake in the soul or to be awake as soul inside action.


682)         A small man wanting to be great and finding it not possible, bloats in his body.



                Obesity is the hunger of the cells of the body.


683)         Victory, domination, success, looting, destruction of enemies are the rationality the human heart hungers for.


684)         Vital cannot be rational, but can be pleasant. The vital finds it disgusting when another does to it what he does to him. The rationality of the vital is to enjoy what he now detests.


                vital rationality


685)         Punctuality, or any work value that expands the work, will constrain the scope of the personality.


686)         Stealing as well as non-stealing is a habit.


                An act is social or moral or spiritual or functional.

                There is no superiority in any act.


687)         Consecration is self-giving. Self-giving is consecration.


686)         The embodied being energises the I.


689)         Imagination is the subtle mental perception of what will be. The reality of imagination is realisable. It can also create by the faculty of imagination.


690)         The correspondences we see in life are indicative. That which we determine is our own self.


                Man is granted a freedom from life. It is for him to exercise it.


691)         The best way to destroy someone is to persuade him to help you.


692)         Idealism for the practical man, rather the mercenary man is like loyalty for the infatuated.


694)         Either outer crisis or inner seeking creates discipline, opens one to higher opportunities like Mother’s atmosphere so that values of that order are formed.


                Distress gives discipline.


695)         Values form in low status in those who preserve or foster high values even in low conditions.


                The exertion of the low to be dutiful creates high values.


696)         Presently if rationality can be evoked from man, it can be done if he is excluded from the field.


                Mind can rationally exercise itself about others.


697)         For one to be full, all the four endowments are indispensable even if one will serve as a spearhead.


                The Spiritual values in mind, vital and body are knowledge, courage, capacity and service, not the faculties of the part.


698)         The criminal sitting in judgement of himself reveals the fairness of his mind.


699)         Evaluation of oneself on a scale one devises reveals one’s rationality.


                The collective rationality is seen when the criminal awards a judgement to himself.


700)         The objectivity of man is seen when he applies the impersonal rule to himself.


701)         (objectivity).

                Man reaches the original Matter when his inner and outer are the same.


702)         Objectivity is freedom from superstitious illusion.


                The latest ideal expresses the old philosophy in one word.


                Buddha is objectively valid, not subjectively.


                Shankara’s illusion is subjective.


703)         Desire to prove oneself right is the vital’s quest for power, not mental quest for knowledge. Still, it is one form of curiosity.


704)         To surrender the whole being, one needs to know the whole being which is not fully given to the will only, as the knowledge is left out.



                He who surrenders wholly knows his being wholly, which means at the moment the One became the Many.


705)         That which initiates surrender is the will of the Individual being which includes the mutable and immutable aspects.



                Surrender is an act, not meant for the immutable being, the witness Purusha.


706)         The energy of surrender issues out of the idea of spiritual evolution.


                The psychic comes forward by bhakti and can give either moksha and lead you to evolution. The choice is ours.


707)         Energy meant for surrender becomes force fit to achieve surrender by the will that directs it to evolution.


708)         The force of surrender is organised into power to achieve surrender by one’s character organised by humility, not by ego.


709)         Surrender requires a skill, even when it is an organised power. It is a skill that steers clear of ego.


710)         The universe is a self-conceptive extension. Surrender is the self- conception of the being that begins to evolve.


                Surrender is the counterpart of the Self-determination that made creation possible.


711)         Surrender begins when the taste of Ignorance is over.


712)         The light of surrender is the psychic light.


713)         Sensation of surrender is joy in the nerves.


                Joyless surrender is no surrender.


714)         Surrender is in Simultaneous Integrality of Time, while in Time it is submission and in Timelessness it is identification.


715)         Surrender in the finite is the Infinite suffering form.


716)         The psychic is the result of Nature surrendering to the soul when the entire Nature is willing.


717)         All problems belong to the same plane. Surrender is in the next higher plane.


                Search for a solution in a higher plane.


718)         Mind moves horizontally. Surrender is an upward movement.


719)         Surrender has NO limits. Faith in surrender has limits. Learn to create faith through surrender.


720)         The helpless woman’s inaction is surrender in a strong woman of inner equality. When she enjoys full freedom, her present absence of initiative will become surrender for higher progress.


721)         There is no act where a little of surrender is not in-built.


                Freedom is the condition in which an act becomes surrender.

                The fullest freedom emerges in surrender.


722)         When Nature is self-creative she comes forward to surrender.


                Surrender is the relative becoming the Absolute.


723)         Accidents keep away if understanding is practically honoured.


                Surrender of sensation to perception is protection.


724)         Outside it is a labour; inside it is a joy. Surrender is the link.


                Labour of outside becomes joy of inside by surrender.


725)         Concentration that converts conception into one’s sensation is the precondition for surrender.


726)         Surrender is the will agreeing to enjoy the full delight through reversal.


                Delight changes into gratitude through surrender.


727)         Tragedies occur when the body is ready for surrender but the will of the body resists.


728)         When the body does not understand the ideal accepted by the emotions, God wants your child to be cooked.


                Surrender of the body is hastened by God’s demanding the child’s life.


729)         Surrender raises itself to its full stature only when we realise that it is really the conquest of the universe.


                Surrender conquers by humility.


730)         We live in the past, enjoy it, call it nostalgia. To surrender the past is to conquer the future to enrich the present into eternity.


Surrender conquers Time.


731)         A poor man getting the greatest conceivable opportunity becomes miserable plagued by expectation that will ruin it. The knowledge that expectation is ruinous makes it worse. Surrender of the expectation is not possible, but surrender of the past folly, assertion, failures is possible which will quell expectation.


                Surrender dissolves expectation when the past is surrendered.


732)         When the global market is in a downturn, there is nothing anyone can do, much less a sole individual. Not so when the past is surrendered.


                Past surrendered will reverse global market going down.


733)         One can conquer the enemy at the borders or stave off famine, but the rain that falls is not in his hands. One may have any prayer answered but cannot consecrate a single small act.


                In yoga consecration is like the control of thoughts for an ordinary man.


734)         The miser is miserable in enjoying his accumulation. He enjoys misery miserably. Surrendering the Form of his energy which is misery, the miser will be ushered into the wealth of the world to enjoy it universally.


735)         The centre of personality decides the scope of surrender.


                Surrender is limited by our centre.


736)         Ego, permitting the divine inside, by coming forward to surrender, becomes divine.



                God acting in man is surrender.


737)         Surrender converts the greatest tragedy in the gross plane through subtle and causal planes into the greatest opportunity.




Surrender walks through the subtle to the causal.


738)         Surrender makes the idiot realise that he is a genius.


739)         Sri Aurobindo working through Churchill and Wavell to stem the Bengal famine is to work through the loyalty of the traitors, a method of Supermind.


                The traitor’s loyalty serves the Transcendent. It is His surrender to betrayal.


740)         The victim of tyranny when he penetrates it and reaches the truth inside can surrender to it if he wants to transform tyranny into Love.


                Surrender is the alchemy that transforms cruelty into Love.


741)         All-inclusive concentration gives a subjective vision of the objective world.


                Subjective vision of the universe is all-inclusive concentration.


742)         As the urge rises, before the mind enters, it should be consecrated.


743)         Human relationship is based on honest confidence that is energised into expansive inter-relationship and is raised by social values transcending society into personal intimacies.


744)         A creative work is a vision of the poet or the writer and it cannot be changed in translation or filming without violence to the original.


745)         Surrender of a capacity to Mother is to become consciously unconscious of it.


                Surrender is conscious unconsciousness.


746)         Concentration is subjective.


747)         Learning is like typing where each letter is to be printed in succession while surrender is like printing where the whole page is just impressed all at once.


                Learning is successive, surrender is simultaneous.


748)         Surrender, if understood as a means to initiate transformation can be fully comprehended.


                As transformation is indispensable, so is surrender.


749)         Surrender can be seen as a method, a power, a knowledge in action, a movement of evolution opposite to the Self-determination of the Absolute, an energy in action, a discipline, an attitude, a motive, a quest for joy, a trait of humility, etc.


                As you approach surrender, so it reveals to you.


750)         The dirty man is physically untouchable. The false man is spiritually untouchable.


                Spiritual light protects itself from extinguishing by a thick cover of falsehood.


751)         Intelligence is to know what the other man means. Intuition is to know what the other man is.


Intelligence knows the externals, intuition, the inner.


752)         Many people occupy our thoughts, even become pre-occupation. How many do you love? Memory is not love, nor even affection.


753)         The soldier, genius, artist, the Rishi, etc., can master life in various fields. For the final perfection a man needs to come to the arena of his greatest complement – his woman.


754)         Thoughts are in Time.


755)         The silence of the physical is the silence of the substance.


                The full range of Silence compresses in it the history of involution and evolution.


756)         Spiritual awakening for Sri Aurobindo is to open oneself to the fourth dimension.


                To know Him, it is not enough to be spiritually awake.


757)         Sri Aurobindo says that the first realisation is Pranamaya Purusha, though His yoga commences only in the mental psychic as Man is vital.


                Man is vital, not mental yet.              


758)         The Force comes to us through The Mother. It does act directly on world events. Discrimination is given to the deserving.


                To feel the Force as Force is a measure of consciousness.


759)         To see that the fool considers himself intelligent is perception.


760)         We relate to one of the shallow surfaces, not the real depth.


761)         The final refusal of the Brahmin that gave birth to the caste system based on birth is the choice of humanity of Nature. The laws of copyright and patent are its relaxation. Newton and Einstein giving their formulas to the world is their choice of evolution.


                There is a human choice between Nature and evolution at every moment.


762)         The thought that analysed Brahman, the mind that saw the Brahman, saw it from outside, as the staff in the Chief Minister's office are close to him. They had not approached Brahman as one who is qualified to become the Chief Minister, say the Deputy Chief Minister, is close to him. One is physical proximity, the other is the penultimate station to the post.


763)         As the Absolute became the Self-conscious Being by Self-conception, which remains in our mind as thought, thought seeks the Absolute.


764)         The shallowest platitude, such as "Happy birthday" said to someone on his own birthday, still has the thrill of being one of the society.


                Context of Self makes the dull word live.


765)         Knowing that another understands I am a fool annoys me. Knowing that I am a fool is self-awareness and can be revealing.


                Irritation becomes inspiration when another's perception of us becomes our own.


                Outer irritation, inner inspiration.


766)         The best way to lose advantages is to take advantage.


768)         The Mind does not dissolve when thought ceases. Thought becoming still is not thought dissolving. Mind is a plane, not a faculty like thinking, made up of its substance of brain.


Mind dissolving leads to universalisation of the mind.


769)         To reach the Supermind individually is to get nominated to the Assembly without any election or mass basis.


                A seat of power when created can be reached in various ways as one can become wealthy in more than one way.


770)         We are the unconscious end of the embodied being. The psychic is the tether end of it consciously. We are unconscious because we look outside at the world. To become conscious we must go to the psychic and look at the world from there.


771)         Intellectuality is the function of mind which takes the data from the various senses and coordinates them in the mind to see at what point they are ONE, which is called oneness.


                Intellectuality is incapable of going beyond oneness.


772)         Money removes human emotions is what we believe. It is true, but it will be truer to say the mind that values money does it.


773)         The eternal HOLE death makes in one life is filled to overflowing by Mother's Peace that is not available even in death.


                The Peace that is not there even in death is the Peace of the Spirit that is released.


774)         Population is an amorphous mass. Demography classifies and systematises it to become a perfect statistical social science.


                Science is classification and systematisation.


775)         In a blatantly unfortunate situation of all round loss, one fails to see that just outside these losses, Life is building up for you.


776)         When a revolution has successfully taken place, every small detail of culture in the society is swept off at one stroke. To prepare a society for such a revolution from below, any ONE of such sensitivities can stay the revolution.


                Change changes.

                A loose nut is total loss.


777)         Justice at the hands of law in India today is honesty of the politician.


778)         Pre-occupation with the beloved is the privilege of the emotion.


779)         Woman is the greatest complement to man because she is the greatest contradiction of him.


780)         Thinking that has disappeared will leave behind inactive memory.


                Memory is lifeless thinking.


781)         Satire is active thinking of life as a negative expression of it. It cannot come by the laws of life which come by calm observation of it.


                Reaction is negative understanding of the emotions.


782)         The one person whom you cannot get along with is the person whom you should worship.


We know exactly what we need, because we avoid it.


783)         Sri Aurobindo's yoga can be simply stated as moving from the mental centre to which man has not fully attained, to the centre of evolving spirit in all parts of being.


784)         Children gathering around sinking parents is the unity of the bodies.


785)         Survey of the land is the self-awareness of the soul in the physical-material.


                Survey is man's self-awareness of his physical origin.


786)         Elimination of expectation is to rise from thought to intuition.


·          Any function of the body can be an index of the Being or the index of any other part of the body.

·          Physiology is the horoscope of the body.

·          Omens are the blood tests of the body of life.

·          Sneezing is the safety valve of the emotions.

·          Stepping on a thorn is vital unconsciousness.

·          Birth of mind removes the protection from thorns.

·          Expressing the Spirit in the language of the primitive is yogic mantra of life.


787)         Evening Talks is an expression of the Divine View meeting the human view of the Divine issue.


                Man met God in the Evenings.


·          The effectivity of man's unexpressed thought is seen in Life Response.

·          God's conceptions evoking Life Response in Man is spiritual evolution.


788)         Man expresses his inspiration and prays for it to be fulfilled. He can wait for Mother to inspire him and be divinely successful.


                God's action in us is to eliminate ignorance by eliminating Time.

·          Supermind is the super computer.

·          Computer speeds the thought electronically. Silence, light, intuition, and knowledge speed thinking spiritually.

·          Silence is the computer of mind.

·          Telescope is the vision of universal matter.

·          Drshti is the spiritual telescope.

·          Psychic is the spiritual microscope.

·          Surface is the human naked eye.

·          The subliminal is the electronic microscope.

·          Gratitude is the spiritual spacewalk.

·          Rewriting science in spiritual vocabulary helps open the spiritual vision.


789)         Credit to determination is often discredit to comprehension.


                Urge is determination without comprehension.


790)         The Formula For the Future must include the entire wisdom of the past.


                Past absorbed is Time overcome.


791)         Working on oneself is individual progress, on another is creating a universal vibration. To be able to see the other man's view as your own inside will be conception in the transcendent plane.


792)         The forms of speech into which highly cultured emotions go to express their intention are not to be developed in a short span of time of a century.


                Culture is slow to grow; elegant expressions of culture slower to develop.


793)         Freedom is seldom given, always taken or wrested from authority is what we know. Having come on earth, God offered that freedom which no one has availed of.


794)         Birth gives social status, education psychological and initiation spiritual.


                Endowment on one plane is useless in another.


795)         vital) mental) ego) Psychic) Harsh vital, stiff mind, aggressive ego, soft psychic.


796)         The detective follows the lead of material physical events to discover the sources of a crime. The scientist is led by the mental possibilities to discover a new process and a new product. The Rishi follows the subtle insights to reach higher spiritual possibilities.


Creation is by subtle insight.


797)         Scientific creativity is by subtle mental insight. It is a process by which man can lead himself to the Absolute.


                Courage to deny present advantages opens the endless possibilities that will end only in the Absolute.


798)         The Individual is the TOKEN person of the Transcendent Self.


799)         In the age of information the expert is one who is as informed as any other man.


                Information raises the citizen to the level of the expert.


800)         "Scientific reasoning was the organising metaphor of the western-educated elite.” In this expression we see a linguistic capacity in thought unsurpassed.


                Reasoning refines reflection.


801)         Life being a plane of forces in equilibrium, jealousy trying to restore it when one rises is natural.


                There will no progress without jealousy.

                Negative jealousy, positive competition.


802)         The lower the vibration, the greater the enjoyment.


803)         Universal consciousness shows the earth going round the sun. It can reveal our horizontality on the globe when we FEEL vertical. Man will be aware of his own selfishness objectively only when he is in universal consciousness.


804)         Man can be classified and graded by what he enjoys. The lowest enjoyment is the value of the lowest vibration. A pioneer is one who enjoys discovering what his society is unaware of.


                The highest enjoyment is knowledge emerging from Ignorance.


805)         Mean pleasure has no particular victim in mind. Any scope is good scope. It lands on any field – any person – vulnerable.


                Meanness is an impersonal force, not a personal energy capable of acting on a particular person.


806)         Nostalgia activates the pleasure of the past which is to be given up and overcome.


807)         Idealism in public life is spiritual life.


808)         Thoughts of another work interfering in a work does not so much show the importance of the interfering work as the desire not to do the work on hand.


                Interference is dislike.


809)         The most successful democratic leader is one who educates the followers to willingly submit on their own understanding.


                Education for submission is thought dominating the act.


810)         Integral vision sees Sachchidananda and the universe simultaneously from Supermind.


811)         Supermind is the mind of Sachchidananda. The subjective experience of Supermind is Sachchidananda. The objective experience is Mind, Life and Matter.


                Time sees objectively what Timelessness sees subjectively, while the simultaneous integrality sees both simultaneously.


                Moving to Supermind, the whole creation can be experienced as subjective and objective experiences, alternately from the apprehending Supermind and simultaneously from the comprehensive Supermind.


812)         The fourth dimension and three poises.


1.        God – Jivatma – Ego.

2.        Being – Becoming – Being of the Becoming.

3.        Soul – desire soul – the psychic being.

4.        Subtle – gross – causal planes.

5.        Time – Timelessness – simultaneous integrality of time and timelessness.

6.        Intellectuality – Intuition – Integral experience.

7.        Good – Bad – Transformation.

8.        Householder – Sannyasi – Devotee as sadhak.

9.        Apprehending Supermind – comprehending Supermind – Supermind.

10.     One – Many – Many in One.

11.     Force – Consciousness – Consciousness–Force.

12.     Mind – Supermind – Mind of Light.

13.     Positive – Negative – Whole.


813)         Culture is expressed by the deft and dexterous forms of ripeness and maturity.


814)         The profundities of life find expression in Shakespeare. The profundities of Spiritual Thought find expression in Savitri.


                Savitri is the poetry of the evolving soul.


815)         The executive in an organisation is the coordinating centre who brings together the experts there, much as the driver of a bus takes several passengers to their destination.


816)         He who plays chess against himself – playing the parts of the opponents alternately – is in the simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness.


                The actor who plays several parts is talented.


817)         Grace is that which reminds the forgotten past.



                Grace is the action of the whole on the part, the whole that can be simultaneously the part and the whole.


819)         Ego endeavours to go beyond Time and Mind.


                Stinginess tries to excel Time by its intensity.


820)         The very first discipline of this yoga is outside human reach, perhaps outside the universe. Aspiration which is prior to that itself is rare.



821)         Everything in the tradition is personal. Anything in this yoga is universal.


822)         A VIP receiving an ordinary man is privilege. The VIP coming to the common man at his house is fulfilment.


823)         Popularity, a vibration of social approval, brings the Idea to the level of social comprehension and, thus, effectively prevents the realisation of the Ideal.


824)         'Fame is the last infirmity of noble minds' is the comprehension of self-justification of the limited ego.


                Fame is a result that mind expects.


825)         The world, in its prejudice, is perverse in refusing recognition to the great. He who regrets, forgets that God in His mercy has prevented thus the misfortune of his failure.


                The world's refusal is God's grace.


826)         HE cannot be caught in words, as HE wishes to survive the abolition of language.


828)         One who speaks his own thoughts as facts of his perception lies to himself. His whole mind is a big lie. Still it is the basis of imagination.


                Truth to oneself, the subjective truth, is an objective lie.


829)         Falsehood, in its evolution, has a great end.

                Truth in its involution has a miserable end of falsehood.


830)         Silence gives fullness, richness and when entering into Peace together they become joy.


                Joy begins with the higher vital and travels to great heights to become Bliss and Delight.


831)             When all the hidden pockets of the being are filled with energy that is result, JOY rises.


832)         The joy in gambling is as great in loss as in victory. Perhaps that in loss excels.


                The subconscious delight is greater than that of the surface.


833)         It is better to think of the past for its correction instead of the future for calculation.


834)         Man preferring the GOOD is the kingdom of God on earth.


                Inability is unwillingness.


835)         The first conscious emergence of knowledge from Ignorance emerges as Power, a power that can rule the world as if the world were a petty potentate.


                Power is conscious knowledge.

                Self-conscious knowledge is Power.


836)         All miseries issue out of initiatives. When one is overwhelmed by outside opportunities, life saves him from his own initiatives.



                All good things come on their own.


837)         The greatest success of one's intelligence is the direct success of his stupidity which is a general truth, because our intelligence is the intelligence of our folly.


838)         To appreciate another's capacity is not given to mind.

                To acknowledge goodness in another is super-human.


839)         He who awaits God will have God's patience.


840)         Work is physical. Work with changed attitude is vital.


841)         Man's future is the continuation of the past. The yogi's future is the reversal of the past. As the past contains the entire history of creation, its reversal will be the entire glory of mankind.


842)         Intellectual statements exclude facts of insight as they belong to the subtle plane and intellectuality is material thought.


843)         The incomplete engagement of the present makes one think of the future.


844)         For Mother, to be conscious is to be aware of the emerging Godhead in creation.


845)         Sweetness is the understanding of the psychic.


                Sweetness is the sensation of comprehension.


846)         An urge may be under control in fear; while the same will not be under restraint in freedom.


                Discipline in freedom is value.


847)         The institution of the gentleman has installed fact as Truth and its motive too. For the emerging civilisation, it is of paramount importance. Hats off to the gentleman.


                Society now must move from True Facts to Rational Opinions.


848)         For a new society to fashion itself, the old one must go. One of the avenues of its going is gambling. This is the creative aspect of gambling, as death makes life immortal.


849)         Gambling is the instinct of certainty of the uncertainty. It is an irresistible pleasure for the unknown.


                Gambling is the delight in expanding into eternity outside the form.

                The joy of the form for the formless is gambling.


850)         A work that makes the bodily sensations sweet is expressing the supramental consciousness in the body.


                Wherever sweetness emerges, there is the psychic.


851)         Discovering the sweetness of being a slave releases the psychic in the physical.


                The slave of the servant can still progress by becoming the slave of another slave. God in the physical does not reveal to anyone but the slave.


852)         The greatness of the soul of  the harlot assumes a divine form behind her human body.


                How can one escape greatness, having served Many?

                Service is selfless even in a public woman.


853)         When a bright child was born, the father in ironic modesty said that the child was no prodigy. His next child was retarded.


                Speech is best when silent.


854)         Constant remembrance arises when human memory is lost.


                Sincere remembrance is not in the mind.


855)         The power of the form, its germ of truth to individuality formation is best observed in the English people honouring the privacy of another's letter, especially when they are otherwise pressurising him.


                No tyrannical mother who is barely cruel to her daughter will open the letters of her daughter.


856)         Accomplishment is perfect achievement.

                Man achieves; the soul accomplishes.


857)         Wherever the repetition ceased there the physicality is overcome.


                Repetition is the hallmark of physicality.


858)         Culture embellishes the crudeness of the situation by euphemism. Language in its harshest form is a euphemism of the reality of life which is venomous.


What Mother gave up after undergoing torture, the Rishis avoided by a knowledge.


859)         During the periods of physicality, torture was common. Tyranny came into vogue in the vital period and slander in the mental life.


                Rewards and punishments are another symbol of the age.


860)         One needs to cross the border of life to see the Spirit. Whether it is like Lear, or Arjuna or Burgo, or a man who receives the affectionate loyalty of the adorable lady, unless he crosses life, Spirit cannot be seen. In yoga the body must be crossed over.


                'Humour is the savour of life'                 ~  Sri Aurobindo



§          Conscious thought seeking God is worship.

§          Emotions seeking God by themselves is bhakti.

§          Acts never seek God, they actively refuse HIM.

§          We can worship and yearn for Him, but never work for God.

§          Acts seeking God, actively trying to express Him is yoga.

§          Matter that is body seeking the inner secret Godhead through sensation is Delight of existence.


863)         Knowledge changing into omniscience is man becoming God.


Ignorance becoming omniscience at once is granted already.


864)         Exhausting the resources is the efficiency of energy.


866)         After the initial readings, The Life Divine yields to thinking, not further reading.  To think through His arguments there overcomes intellectuality. Beyond this, not thinking, but Silence alone will reveal the Book.


Reading, thinking, Silence must be followed by reversal of consciousness.


867)         Inner knowledge is the only knowledge. Academic training will still seek the outer which can confirm and clarify the inner. In its absence, the inner expands, flowering, which is fresher still.


Inner flowering fragrantly is creation.


869)         Astrology is the science of subtle knowledge that sees the movement of stars in terms of our inner growth. Physical sciences should travel aeons to reach that inner refinement. It is a science of force. Yoga is the Science of Being.


870)         Corruption devouring the heroic attainments of freedom is an extension of ahimsa dissipating the spiritually won Freedom in the subtle plane.


The final refusal of the Brahmin, the capitalist's greed, ahimsa in India are the earlier seeds of present corruption in India and all over the world.


871)         The final refusal of the Brahmin, the falsehood that got thus organised, the poverty of today are the ways in which the dormant Spirit protects and preserves itself till the time comes.


                The worst of falsehood is best of Truths in disguise.


872)         Biological evolution on earth proceeds in parts which will be followed by the spiritual evolution of the whole.


Evolution in Time skips the Timelessness to evoke the evolution in simultaneous integrality.


873)         Surrender is a knowledge of the whole comprising of the knowledge of the parts. Similarly it is power, love and everything.


                Totality of methods is surrender.


874)         Words whose meanings are denoted by the context changing by inflexion to have their own precise shade is the way language grows.


Growth of language is achieved by words acquiring individuality.


875)         Culture is the greatness of the part. The other side will always reveal in



Every cultured place will have a pocket of the opposite which will espouse the local culture but will not forget its origins of lack of culture.


876)         Having begun at the psychic of the mind, evolution will be complete when we reach the psychic of the physical. Beyond that lies the entire Sachchidananda before evolution reaches the Absolute again.


877)         Human relationship demands violently total surrender of the other person to his own interests.


878)         Consecration of the vital emotions makes the mind subtle.


Subtle planes of the higher levels open when the lower levels resort to consecration.


879)         All-inclusive concentration is thinking by the cells of the body when the mind surrenders thought, vital feeling.


                Mind that enjoys thought must cease to think if the emotion should

sail into action. It is much more so if the cells should wake up.


880)         Consecration of the physical urges includes the consecration of emotions and thoughts and therefore matures into surrender.


                Surrender of a higher level is consecration of a lower plane.


881)         When comprehension is incomplete consecration is needed. Where it is complete it does not enter our mind and bother.


                Consecration lies in the intermediate zone between comprehension and incomprehension.


882)         Skills and capacities are external. Their becoming subjective awakens the Self. Then knowledge, consecration, etc. become Self-knowledge, Self-consecration, etc.


883)         Consecration of the fuzzy impulses in the mind makes the Silence that descends stay.


                The deepest Silence does not remain.


884)         The silent secret initiative of the biological female culminates in Shakti dominating, or trying to dominate the Ishwara who tries to fulfil himself in surrendering to Her.


                The attractive female accepts his surrender ultimately.


885)         Every effort of man is an effort to acquire strength. He does it by initiative. He would get all the strength by surrender.


                Life is from effort to surrender.


890)         Man denies the other the right to discover his own faults.


902)         Classification and systematisation are tools of science. They are so essential that we may say they are science. Both are limited to one aspect, as science, as it is, is one aspect of a process that seeks utility. Overcoming them is to widen the scope of science into yoga.


                Yoga is the science of existence.


903)         Life science is subtle science. What we call Science excludes observation in the subtle plane and confines itself to the gross plane.


904)         He who exhausts his last drop of energy in the right direction progresses without exception.


                Exhaust yourself, you are in for elevation.


905)         Man dies of old age, diseases or accidents is a physical explanation. The spiritual explanation is one dies when his spiritual growth stops.


906)         As the senses of the mental man are active all the time but disregarded by his mind, the psychic vision disregards the intellect.


                The Jnana yogi sees the world by his awakened mind shutting out his senses. Purna yogi sees the world by his psychic without shutting out his senses but purifying them.


907)         Seriousness in yoga stipulates absence of desire for relaxation that is entertainment.


                Entertainment is exempted.


908)         The Force enters through a decision to follow Mother, though a lot more organisation is needed.


909)         Instructions are in the gross plane. They accomplish work in the physical plane. Work done by not giving instructions or by silent will helps move from the gross plane to the subtle plane.


910)         A doubt patiently waits to be answered as doubt itself is of inertia. What interrupts is not doubt but intolerance.


                Intolerance becoming intolerable by its insincere imposition is interruption.


911)         Interruption is an egregious thought insisting on its sole authority.


                Vital assertion is interruption.


912)         Meditation is a CD which can hold a whole encyclopedia in itself. Consecration is the mind that creates the knowledge of the book and the CD.


913)         The vital using the mental occasion falsely to assert its physical authority is intolerance. Interruption is intolerance of another speaking.


914)         The whole Idea of The Life Divine can be held not in the mind, but in the supramental centre of the mind, not as an Idea, but as SILENCE.


915)         It is an ambition of my life to read The Life Divine without a break.


To hold the IDEA wholly at once is the aim.


916)         Purna Yoga begins when Paramatma succeeds in reminding the Jivatma that it is Paramatma.

                To be reminded is grace. To remind is Super grace.


917)         Initiative causes problems is thought of only when the trouble comes, not before the initiative is taken. That is the extent of unconsciousness.


918)         Calling of the sensation that receives Mother in the physical consciousness is to change us into Mother.


                Grateful calling is installing the Presence.


919)         The human value of currency is the only value.


920)         An ideal urge for one, if seen as unpardonable in others, must be seen as selfish.


                Selfishness makes sin 'its' ideal.


921)         Money is the monetary organisation of social power.


                Money is power of social organisation.


922)         Grace is simultaneous; prayer is successive.


                Grace gives all at once.

                Prayers bring them one by one.


923)         A tragedy remains tragic as long as one wants to speak it out or give a mental consideration. A subjective appreciation of a tragedy will reveal its original wonder.


                Objective tragedy is a subjective wonder.


924)         It is not impossible to understand all aspects of creation in terms of one aspect like Silence or one process like subjectivity.


                Integral life can be embraced by any one method.


925)         Urge for human action is want or insufficiency. He who seeks for the sake of fulfilment alone can work for any ideal.


926)         Enervation is unconscious. Consciousness energises.


                Energy issues in involution.


927)         To explain is to involve. To be silent and give up the desire to explain is to evolve.


                Capacity not to know or not be conscious is evolution.

                Surrender is surrendering the tendency to involve.


928)         Going in is to reverse involution.


929)         Mother's manners are that which will raise one to higher consciousness.


930)         Proximity promotes love that is attachment.


931)         Attachment gains in intensity by the excess of energy exchanged.


932)         Love that is affectionate romance will die if denied expression.


933)         Intellectuality relieves the mind from its identification with the body and the vital, not in itself. Intuition does.


934)         Evolution is knowing the original nature of a thing.


                Anything has two sides. The lower side is use or form or force; the higher side its truth or being.


                One leads to the finite;  the other to its infinity.


935)         The twenty four spiritual determinants when examined for their origin will reveal themselves as Spirit.


One can know the Brahman starting from any point. Only that his inquiry must be upwards.


936)         Anything on earth has come from Brahman and can be traced back to it. All methods end in surrender, as it is a method by which Brahman has created the universe.


                Brahman who is above all surrendered its lofty status to create the universe. Therefore surrender is his method.


937)         The Superconscient came into existence by concentration. Therefore it is reached by concentration that is tapas.


                A thing can be attained by the method with which it was created.


938)         Any finite can reveal the infinite it hides. Intellectuality is a finite which can reveal the integral experience which is its infinity. Accepting surrender as a method keeps our intellectuality finite. Understanding it opens it up till we resort to surrender for understanding.


                Ignorance becomes knowledge when you know what Ignorance is.


939)         The greatest decision of the highest part of us is surrender.


940)         Any experienced man knows all the possible behaviours of men and their motives. The yogi knows them as God's expressions.


941)         Social stability is the justice of the injustice of authority.


                Social security is unjust acceptance of power.


942)         Mind dwelling on itself – concentrating – discovers itself as Spirit. Being dwelling on itself discovers itself as the evolving Spirit.


                Moving from the part to the whole, the immutable Spirit becomes the evolving Spirit.


943)         Charm can also express as the shyness of the affectionate.


944)         For each person, the best instrument is that which represents his plane and



The beads restore japa where concentration fails.


945)         Forgetting, though unconscious is the best strategy to let the force act.


Our conscious effort is a conscious obstruction.To decide to forget it is better, but will produce no results.It is to be consciously unconscious.To succeed in it is faith becoming mental knowledge.


946)         There is complete security for what is achieved. Insecurity is only for new pastures.


                Secure foundation; insecure fresh attempt.


947)         Classification is clarity, as mind clearly understands a divided separate section.


Systematisation is to organise classification. To enable mind to understand, one divides and groups separately.


948)         What appears to be a small temptation, when it is in the physical as an urge, will utterly defy the best self-control unless the restraint is from the same urge.


949)         Desire for life is the sanction for death.


950)         The psychic sees what God does and intends. Ishwara is God who does it.


951)         The objective researcher who collects unvarnished FACTS is just on the physical material side of God's action in the subtle.


The objective scientist and researcher is the gross material FORM of God's action in the subtle subliminal.


952)         We often mistake memory for consciousness.


953)         Physics, mathematics and every new subject deal with the public through a new vocabulary created for that purpose. We have to create such a new language, a special vocabulary to deliver the knowledge of Sri Aurobindo to the masses.


Parlance and jargon are the linguistic bridge to people for any new body of knowledge.


954)         Manners is bringing the entire relationship under the ideal. Yoga is to do so for the entire being. Luck demands Mother's Power for the entire life that touches us.


                Luck is good manners to life.

                Luck is the fullness of an occasion.


955)         The world will pass before one's eyes in a procession after one knows one's previous birth.


956)         Prayer can move the general grace against the resistance of the particular beneficiary. When grace descends copiously, the beneficiary whom we aim at will receive the least.


957)         The astrologer's prediction holds good as he is in Time. The yogi's prediction goes astray as he is not in Time. Yes, it changes, changes for the better.


Man spoils by trying to improve. When a yogi is compelled to spoil, it improves.

958)         For a plan to succeed, one explains its salient features to others. It does not take off, as what he communicates are his thoughts. His thoughts should dissolve in his inner Silence, and evoke a curiosity from outside. If he speaks it then, it will accomplish itself.


959)         Facts have flowered in poetry as stories. Even sentiments have thus been expressed. Philosophic ideas have not yet found poetic expression.


960)         Culture of a dishonest intelligent man makes him polite in public, perverse in private.


961)         Society expresses politically in power, commercially in trade, while it draws its structure and energy from its culture.


962)         Honesty will reveal the insights needed when objectivity is reached.


                Objectivity is physical, honesty is vital.


963)         Lifespan is determined by the measure of the body accepting the mind or the soul.


                Mind expresses in the body as life.


964)         People who never consult anyone believe in this wisdom. Selfish men also do so.


965)         Falsehood is really low consciousness organised efficiently.


                Cleverness is successful falsehood.


966)         Involution comes about by the process of the one becoming two by splitting into subject and object in the creation of Truth and again in the apprehending Supermind. Consecration reverses the process.


Consecration goes from the surface to the subliminal taking the part to the whole, the object to the subject.


967)         Mischief in an organisation is by those who are immune or think they are so and who are conscious of their ineffective ability. Spiritually it leads to self-destruction.


968)         Concentration of the uninitiated is a concentration of ego.


969)         It never strikes us that our successful resourcefulness is grace.


970)         The joint family was a village in miniature. The nuclear family fast reduced itself into one man.


                Individual thinking was in the priests and sannyasis, not so much in the lives of family men.            


971)         Authority in an atmosphere of freedom is the withholding of appreciation, especially of the chief.


                Organisational authority changes into the authority of vital acceptance.


972)         The joint family provided the physical base for the emotional life. Life of mind that thinks needs the solitude of the monastery of the West or the tapas of the rishi.


                The thinking individual is not born in the collective life of a community or even a big family.


973)         To discover the law of spirit in the cosmos in human collective life is the height at which intellectuality shades off into intuition.


An analogy of the Individual to the process of creation is the ultimate WISDOM can ever reach.


974)         The Spirit in cosmos acquires a material body through mind. Man is born with a body and discovers his mind and finally his Spirit. Beyond the Spirit lie the Self-conscious Being and the Absolute.


                To see the one as the inverse of the other is the summit of intellect.


975)         The tapasvi discovering the Spirit stops with the Spirit. To go beyond to the Self-conscious Being and the Absolute, one needs to start with the evolving Spirit.


                The psychic starts with the joint family and reaches the Absolute through the universe.


976)         Scholarship provides the outer details that confirm the organising inner insights that work for the conversion of the intellect into intuition.


The outer experience is a revealing confirmation that the inner insight gives of the Force that is conscious.


977)         Mental effort is a labour. Intuition from above is intermittant. Integral experience converts the labour into joy and retains intuition forever.


979)         Mental understanding becomes spiritual experience in Silence.


980)         The static spiritual experience changes into dynamic supramental living when the silence moves from Timelessness into the simultaneous integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity.


                Evolution is a change in the poise of Time.


981)         Truth acquiring consciousness or consciousness comprehending itself is Supermind.


                Creation is confined to Existence and Consciousness. Ananda stands outside. Sri Aurobindo discovered its inversion as psychic to know about the joy of Self-discovery.


982)         Mind, being a plane of the lower hemisphere and a divisive instrument could not conceive of creation as a whole. It conceived of God and the world as different and separate.


                Ananda remained a sensation of the Spirit for the rishis.



§          The touch of psychic Ananda in life comes by getting out of karma, failure, pain and death.

§          It is spiritual prosperity in life, immortality in Spirit.

§          Its individual expression is everlasting luck; its collective expression is Prosperity without pollution.

§          Mother is the physical embodiment of its subtle organisation in the universe.


984)         Existing capacities will be rewarded by faith.

                Grace brings rewards for non-existing capacities.


985)         We love our enemies who destroy us or drain us, because the draining is an enjoyment in itself.


                A magistrate was forced by circumstances to rob and cheat. He said he enjoyed it most.


986)         Lawrence of Arabia, with whom mercy was a passion, had to kill a man whom he had earlier saved. He was sorry he enjoyed it.


                Enjoyment is emerging out of any inhibition.


987)         People pride on the wrath of the man in authority and quote his love for

others in support of it.


988)         For a vibration to die, it must die in the body.




§          God, Jivatma, Ego.

§          Timeless, Simultaneity, Time.

§          Silence behind the Silence, Silence, Sound.

§          Immanent Spirit, Spirit, Evolving Spirit.

§          Sat, Delight of existence, Matter.

§          Consciousness, Supermind, Mind.

§          Consciousness, Divine Life, Life.

§          Ananda, Delight, Pleasure.

§          Being, Being of the Becoming, Becoming.


990)         One has potential capacities and accomplished work outside. Both rise to a higher level and meet in his articulated thoughts. This is a parallel to Time, Timeless and simultaneous integrality.


The three statuses of God, Jivatma and ego are in the plane of Time too. It is there in all other planes too.


991)         He who works in the field is in Time. One who thinks and plans is in the Timeless. A revolutionary idea cannot be implemented by field workers. He who conceives it himself comes to the field to work it. He is in the simultaneous integrality.


                Man works in Time. Great men plan in the Timeless. God works His Plans in the simultaneity Himself.


992)         Time is Spirit looking at itself in essence and principle; space is Spirit looking at it in its dynamism.


993)         Man loses himself in his works or in his thoughts. To expand himself into his work and thoughts is given to a full man.


Before becoming all the three Divines himself simultaneously, man can expand into his thoughts and works.


994)         Man never notices the force that drains because it is always what he likes.


995)         The success of a revolutionary movement depends upon the elite of the past shifting. It is expressed in money, culture, values, popularity and perfection in everything.


996)         Passages in The Life Divine can be summarily understood shorn of all fringes. The fringes include the extensions at each stage and contain the riches of His writings.


997)         Time is Spirit looking at itself. The Being lies behind. Truth and Truth consciousness lie ahead. One is essence and principle. The others are extensions and power. Trying to understand each phrase of His is to possess His Jnana in full.


 999)        Sat, Spirit, Truth, Truth consciousness, Mind, senses, body reverse generating Delight of existence.