Series X



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        1.  Truisms of Life              

       2.    Extension of Their Thought

       3.    Ideas from The Mother & The Master

1)         When we ardently seek surrender of an act, in the purity of the moment the strands of that act, by virtue of the same purity will become powerful and will be contending with the similar strands of surrender. One needs to move even from the act of surrender to the attitude and motive of surrender in greater sincerity.

2)      “I do not understand beyond this point.” “This is too much for me and I cannot stand it”, are the human limitations. Yoga begins when we understand what we now do not understand, and stand what is intolerable. To act within limits is human. To cross the border is yoga.

3)         When man says, “I want a peaceful life” he means he wants full freedom for his unconscious ego.

4)      • Bound not to be bound

          • Not even bound by freedom.

          Free, utterly free. Free even from freedom.

5)      The process of creation is occult to the mind, but is seen by the Supermind. The mind that is able to see the process becomes Supermind.

6)         I learnt it is too low to yearn for happiness. I asked, what else am I to seek for? There was a blank. I insisted. It answered: ‘It is not for you to seek.’

7)         Would Mother grant psychic delight to psychic sadness?

9)         Is sucking blood a process of creation too?

10)       Pain is only for the ego, not for the soul. Why then is the psychic granted the privilege of endless sorrow for eternity?

11)     Understanding is prevented by the activity of the mind. How can one steeped in sorrow ever hope to understand?

12)       It seems it is the special privilege of parasites to be predators on idealism. Can they too turn up in a vision of marvel?

13)     There is no greater pain than to be pleasant to those who await an occasion to destroy you.

14)     I longed to make the world happy. It gave me unmerited sorrow.

15)     Love intense loves itself.

16)       My life is one of sores all over inside. Everyone finds me a happy man!

             Happiness can inversely express sorrow.

17)     Trusted friendship – the bitter end of betrayal.

18)       To one who can dissolve the sorrow of a tragedy, no tragedy ever comes.

19)    To understand the supramental process as detailed in The Life Divine is conception. It is perception when you see it occur in life. To allow our being to be an instrument for that vibration gives the sensation that is gratitude.

20)       Details of a thought as expressed in an essay will remain in the mind when the perspective is seen or when memorised.

21)       People who win big lottery prizes always, at least often, lose all their money and sometimes even what they had before. This is because when more comes in than the personality can hold, the existing structure gives way, wiping out the basis.

33)       If what we see as a foolish behaviour in others is approached from their own point of view, it will reveal itself to be an expression of a great effort well conceived and very well expressed. Folly for one is genius for another.

34)       Silent waiting gives the knowledge which trial and error give at the end.

35)       The fool eagerly embarks on the follies the world has given up long ago and then learns or does not learn. How do we learn except by trial and error? The only conscious method open to us is the fool’s unconscious method.

   • The fool is unconsciously foolish; we have the privilege of being  consciously foolish.

37)       To conceive of a concept higher than the contradictory ones is mental courage. To phrase it in brief words, mental clarity of a high order is needed.

45)    The ingenuous genius is the idiot.

          The bound Freedom.

          Free imprisonment.

          Outer life and inner yoga.

52)    Descent is to split. Ascent is to integrate. To turn the descent into ascent is awakening of the Being in the Becoming.

53)       Normally a professional is one who holds one piece of useful knowledge which he organises by experience. By definition he cannot pursue knowledge.

54)    Greater knowledge is, often, knowledge extended or applied.

55)    Extension of knowledge by application is energising the subtlety of life.

56)    He who opposes on the surface will prolong your life in the depth.

57)    Absence of death prevents birth of life in matter.

58)    One version of Sarvam Brahman is to say the atom is a full universe in miniature, which contains in it every single process the universe knows.

59)    Converting pain into Ananda is human evolution. Converting psychic sadness into supramental bliss is the divine delight.

60)    All processes of creation are present at all levels and act, thus keeping their integrality, absoluteness and infinity forever.

63)    Matter takes on Form, which becomes perfect in Spirit before it merges in the Absolute.

64)    Human enjoyment is in stagnant status. Divine JOY is in movement.

65)    Evolution begins with energy and ends in form.

66)    His evolution includes involution.

67)    Delight is there not only in evolving but also in involving.

68)    ·  Ananda in matter turns sad in its untransformed parts.

·  Psychic needs to be born in matter. Sadness there is inevitable as there is a part left uncovered.

69)    Manifestation is all-delight for the unmanifest.

72)    Capacity to create something out of nothing is the capacity of Brahman.

73)       For the friendship not to mature in betrayal, one’s personality growth should outgrow the growth of intensity of friendship.

75)    Genuine attitudes of surrender will be accompanied by expectation making it less pure.

76)    Life emerges  in matter as death.

79)       Selfishness will not allow even divine love to pass its test successfully, if it does not serve its purpose.

80)    Life’s Omnipotence in the finite appears as incapacity.

81)    Desire is Bliss in Time and Space.

82)    He who sees a fool as a fool is the FOOL.

83)       As the driver who drives the President-elect to the swearing-in ceremony feels that he has given him the presidentship, man always feels he confers benefits on others.

84)       Force and Grace should await their turn after Saravanan and soapstone in the scheme of devotees.

85)    It is true one understands as he speaks. He can understand better when he refuses to speak. By refusing to speak, knowledge sprouts inside. By speaking out after it is born inside, KNOWLEDGE sprouts in the hearer, as it flows out of an unmoving reservoir.

86)    ‘Death makes life immortal’.

When a higher principle is coerced into a smaller existence, the coercion is negatived by an eternal positive principle.

87)    The intensity of Bliss imprisoned in the physical atom is pain, confined to the individualised vital finite is desire.

89)    It is life that can easily lend itself to universalising. Harmony is the impulse, universe is the plane for the fulfilment of life.

90)       Desire for the approving admiration of erstwhile rivals, enemies, friends and acquaintances is not, as is generally conceived, magnanimity, but lack of experience in subtle life knowledge.

93)       There is no single move or strategy or even ACT that can wholly neutralise folly. It can give a one-time result.

95)     It is love -- purity  that is love -- that offers, knowing full well it will be rejected.

103)      Love is romantic. But mere romance cannot pass for love.

Love that is romantic or not is abiding, as it is of the heart and     its deeper springs. Romance can be of the nerves, its educated idealist version or even a social ideal.

          Love abides, romance is fleeting.

104)   One’s patriotism, integrity, understanding of the collective are all summarised in one’s emotions in paying his taxes.

106)   Desire to communicate is a desire to create problems.

107)     The love of drama, of the miraculous, the overcoming of the impossible are all of the physical. The supramental manages to pass the true great miracle for the ordinary.

108)   Memory goes back to a particular period of the past and stays on it for a while, before it changes.

109)  To accept a new philosophy is difficult. To practise it, it is necessary to develop the procedures in detail without one link missing. It needs experience that has theoretical clarity.


111)  Thought dissects the form of energy from the force of energy which helps studying. To understand, it is necessary to see the whole.

112)   Public opinion is formed by the highest comprehension of the public from all the available impressions.

          Wilful opinions based on impressionable facts are public opinions.

113)  Being and consciousness are not different in the higher experience. It is cosmic consciousness.

114)     Relationships have their intensities and their limits. Issues have their own limits. When the issue travels beyond the reality of the relationships, the issue prevails, not the relationship.

115)     To explain from the result the laws that produced it is a great knowledge of the laws, but that is different from a knowledge of the laws towards a possible result, if not a precise prediction. The one can be a partial knowledge while the other cannot afford to be so.

116)         In the social progress, the civilised state of living we are in, past indignities are vastly reduced. An aspiring man who is pushed around rarely knows he is being frowned at now instead of being murdered. The pattern remains, the intensity is less.

117)     Taking their words implicitly as literal fact or gospel truth – ÷ÁuÁõUS && is great. To know the full significance, the spiritual or mental significance, is to add to our act the power of mental clarity to our implicit obedience. Having understood the import of their words, we can still bring ourselves to set aside our understanding and act on faith.

118)  He said selfishness and meanness are human follies. It seems man, by giving up falsehood and selfishness will cross over vastly.

119)  Action can be outer or inner. The inner action is more powerful of the two. That outer action issuing from the inner is perfect because it is complete.

120)   A trick learned as a mere trick will not serve its purpose in higher planes. If learnt by one who at least has imbibed the essence of the knowledge it represents, the trick will work.

121)   Don’t look for short cuts, immediate results, tricks, ploys, mantra, methods etc. They all need an enormous energy of falsehood. Spend the same energy in Truth. It will give you an attitude or a poise. It will be powerful.

124)     To take our ideas, beliefs, or urges seriously is to mistake an actor for the role he plays, as our ideas, etc. are of the surface mind.

125)     When small countries are consciously refused, it means it is deep-seated hostility.

   Deep seated hostility escapes through chinks of behaviour as missing small courtesies. When a man who desires to murder another hears of his death, he will fail to hear the news or ignore it.

126)     The infinite Brahman in us is always exercising its prerogative of Freedom not to be within its field of action, whether it is society, family or even evolution. For the freedom of the Infinite, even evolution is a fixed field.

127)     Development can be hastened by creating a host of organisations along the lines of education to secure the inner essence of knowledge through vocabulary, capacity through skills or work attitudes, culture through motives, etc. Society is capable of this. It can be introduced as a system in schools, not of education, but in schools that are units of culture.

128)     Mean, treacherous men construe politeness as weakness or scope for their character. They expect polite people to cooperate with them to have themselves destroyed. They are shameless and senseless enough to ask polite people to help discharge their heinous intentions.

130) To know one is unclean one needs the culture of cleanliness and more than that, a sense of cleanliness. In their absence, an unclean person will consider himself to be clean. How can one know he is stupid, if he is unacquainted with knowledge? Is there a hope for one to know that his consciousness is low?

131)  A characteristic of human endeavour, especially mental effort, is to seriously think and understand SILENCE. It is so because the truth of things is buried in their opposite.

132)     We are left with an emotion in the last analysis, rather after the very last act following the very first analysis, which, as they say, is from the first principles. He who finds a happy vibration there is really happy.

             * Psychic sadness.

133)     We believe that a man of extreme evil habits will be the most wonderful citizen when transformed. We certainly do not see the greatness of his soul even as he is. That is God-vision.

134)  It is not as if God created egoistic pain and emerged out of it into Delight. For him involution is delight, evolution is delight. Not for one moment is HE outside Ananda.

136)     The desire to please everyone, excel everyone is the other side of the corresponding incapacities.

137)   Man does not love to be pure or good but loves to be fully enjoying regardless of what he is. Here, he finds himself a free Brahman unfettered by moral shackles.

138)   Without the energy of enthusiasm, life at no level can be sustained. Soon everything will be dead wood. For the dull consciousness of the undeveloped in culture, enthusiasm is released only by overdoing. Overdoing too has its place, within its own ‘limits.’

139)     Vasishta Ganapati Muni, a realised soul, having had Sri Aurobindo’s Darshan described Him as ¦µõuÚ ¦¸åõ, an ancient soul. One becomes an ancient soul by having several ‘rebirths’ in this birth.

140)     Mother fulfils several of Her requirements not so much by our conscious adherence, but by the refractory disobedience of our subordinates.

As Mother accomplishes in us, so we can accomplish in life, if we know the rules of life.The subordinate who disobeys the boss, OBEYS The Mother unconsciously. The plane of life is full of such incidents.

141)     The golden RULE is not to achieve, but to preserve what is achieved , NOT to fall into the temptation of our predecessors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

             Achieve, do not argue.

142)     Try to evoke Life Response. Observe EVERYTHING on all sides – events, facts, feelings, opinions, etc. -- and analyse on the basis of these Laws. One thing will be more than apparent, revealing:

             1.    When there is accomplishment, it is we who did I

             2. When it is spoiled, it is we who spoiled it.

             Either way, the centre is “we”. A good working rule, not a moral edict,   is, let us know we alone spoil and let us also know we can always accomplish if we want. In practice, “Mother achieves, we spoil” will work.

143)     ·  How can we not take the credit for achieving?

             · What achieves in us is the higher side, not ego.

             · The higher side in us is The Mother.

             · The higher achieves, the lower spoils is the rule.

             · To know ourselves as the higher side, not the lower side is observation.

            · A greater Truth is NOTHING is spoiled, as when ego is destroyed, it is that which is to be destroyed.

144)   · Evoking Life Response within the scope of our individual strength is     always readily possible, if you know how to use the rules with an effect.

            · When one wants to achieve more than his own  personality is fitted for, but is socially attainable, one has to create that social strength before he commissions the laws into action.

            · To evoke  the  same  response even  before  such a strength  is created  is also possible when you know how  small forces combine  to produce great strength temporarily. A bright child sometimes meets the US President to receive an award or recognition.

            · The right thing is to use this knowledge to rise in individual strength, social importance or psychological intensity and then receive the appropriate awards.

            · Before  such  strength arises, a  million  possibilities arise  because of his knowledge. To use this special  knowledge sparingly as an exception is a difficult discipline for anyone.

            · One should  learn, observe,  organise the  thoughts,  see  the  results, emphasise learning, NOT the results and WAIT for results to sail towards him.

One who honours this rule,  will  meet with  unending progress.  Will you  be one such? No one has ever passed that barrier.

Man has the right to either. Society may not accept him, but God will not reject him.

146)  Sri Aurobindo says man does not have the potential for evolution which the ape had, but can exceed himself. Now, man has the capacity to escape to the origin.

148)  Yoga is to move from mind to spirit, from part to the whole, from Time and Timelessness to both in Time.

153)     Harmony is abolition of discord, conversion of the enemy’s hatred into love, realising inner rancour as outer pleasantness.

154)     Realising that old is gold is superstition. Recognising the folly of our parents now is not wisdom, but to discover their then folly in us now.

155)     Organising a part, especially an isolated part, into perfection is either to attempt an insular superhuman aim or to prepare the general atmosphere slowly.

156)     Technology is to make matter express an idea. Organisation is to render a practical idea express in the subtle plane.


            Organisation is subtle technology.

157)     Sri Aurobindo wrote in English, not his own mother tongue, in a way that no Englishman has ever written. This is so especially in Savitri and The Life Divine. The Force makes not only the impossible possible but the unusual come to pass.

   There is no greater miracle than the writing of Savitri and The Life Divine.

158)     The process from the possibilities to actualities is occult to the mind. Organisation makes the implicit explicit, the occult reveal itself.

             Intuition becomes rational by intellectuality.

159)     Harmony for selfishness means elimination of opposition and difference and a united overall submission to itself.

160)     Abundance, strength, richness, fullness, etc. belong to the depth, not the surface, especially the depth of the substance.

161)   Culture can be defined as the patient capacity of understanding the value of harmony which keeps behind the scene or surface any unpleasant disharmony from breaking out.

162)     The Indian atmosphere differs essentially in some respects or at least one respect from the various Indian religions – Buddhist, Mayavada, Hindu, Vedanta, etc. Does it make a haphazard mixture of an amorphous atmosphere or does it compel the specialisations to lose their focus and go in for a wider perspective?

163)     The power is in the atom, infinite abundance in the substance.

164)     The person is not the Purusha. What then is the person? The organised focus of energy on the surface, which is reversely organised as the Purusha, is the person and its personality. It is a product of nature. Being on the surface, he needs to be inversely organised, demanding a reversal of consciousness.

165)  The subliminal is depth to the surface. Being is depth to Force. The depth of the surface is still the surface to the Being.

166)     Selfishness changes into selflessness forgetting itself as it is dissolved. “I am determined to be selfless” is the insistence of selfishness not on the opposite, but on itself in a subtle sense.

167)  As the Absolute desired to taste Ignorance, it cannot be detestable to us.

168)     Boredom is not the dull repetition of the dead vibration. No vibration is dead or dull, as no moment is a repetition of the previous one. The inability to see the infinitesimal variation appears as repetition of the old.

169)  The One and the Many are different in existence but one in essence. The phenomenon of unity dividing into parts and again opening back to unity is the cosmic secret (p.358, The Life Divine).

170)     Mind insists on either rights or duties. But, Supermind sees the duties as rights and the rights as duties. This is the secret relationship of One and the Many.

171)     What we understand by thought gives clarity, not the power for action. Sense that comes from emotion below or silence above gives the power that can act.

172)     A mean character puts a mean construction on what others do while he who is not mean or generous does not put a generous construction on it, but lets it pass unnoticed. Putting a construction on something means the act assumes undue importance for the observer.

173)     The woman needs the physical security of the earning man; the man craves for the psychological support of the woman who completes his being.

175)     Any skill like education is acquired sooner as days pass by. What was received by a long training, is, in later years acquired by some of its vocabulary or attitude or even its atmosphere in a shorter period.

176)     Generosity can also be described as the capacity to receive with expansive pleasantness what one detests or from someone despicable. On the other side, there is a generosity to oneself or to any act. It is not to receive what one most likes, as the receiving will hurt the object or the giver.

177)     The view of finding one’s explanation inefficacious when the listener lacks comprehension may not be pure generosity but a strategy to sharpen one's ability for explanation.

178)     Sometimes a superior type of generosity is called for to refuse a superior help.

179)     One can start earning at any age, with any level of skill. But one who acquires knowledge to any extent or capacity of any degree will make no money unless he employs himself. Yogic experience can have this parallel.

180)     We generally understand that karma can be wiped out. This is a partial statement. His position is the surface being governed by the Force is subjected to karma whereas the whole being is worked by a Self-determining Force, i.e., no karma is ever generated.

181)  Bhakti as the tradition knows, is one of the doors that open on moksha. Aspiration that He speaks of is not that £Uv, not for that purpose, but it is the link between the surface and the depth.

      Aspiration makes the surface being a complete Being.

182)  Space is the objective extension of consciousness while Time is a subjective extension. But Space too is as subjective as Time, as it is an extension.

183)   When a certain useful knowledge is known to a part of the society, we see the phenomenon of others not believing in it and not wanting to use it. They are those devoid of consciousness that can create faculties for comprehending those uses.

184)   The manners of physical people or people whose prosperity is not five or ten generations old are skin deep or raw.

185)        Compare affluent aristocrats with equally affluent people of the same tradition with a spiritual inclination or background. One will be a pictorial representation of a mountain and the other the real mountain.

186)     Imperfection in a skill can be made perfect with perseverance.  It can oscillate between the two ends. Imperfection in a value renders it valueless. A value is a value by virtue of perfection or not.

187)     For man, one thing matters. It is the sense of superiority, felt as prestige. It emerges in all possible fashions which are pardonable. Its ‘best’ form is the assumed sense of humility where he neglects himself.

188)   “The one thing I cannot stand is pain” is the response of the ego centred in the mind of nerves, as this is the inverted self-attention one gives oneself to club himself with the socially rich or great.

189)     “It is true the Princess loves me, it is more than true that the barmaid is more fulfilling.”

Mother comes to us, envelops us, continues to follow us even when we have forgotten Her for years, but is it not the greatest truth of life that family is more enticing and enthralling as described by Francis Thompson?

190)        Everything is a landmark in life. What cannot be given up is more so. The

             spouse acquires that truth.

             Your wife is your index of YOGA.

191)     No one seeks advice because no one likes it. There are people who go around seeking it persistently for a long time. They are all people who want others to do what they alone can do to themselves.

192)     A man deserts all those who love him, reluctantly relates to them infrequently, and complains of loneliness. His aim in life is not to complain, and to live among these whom he loves. Thus, he pays the greatest attention to himself, rather his idea of not complaining and not being lonely.

193)     Man who knows the origin of ruin, who sees it blatantly, loves it dearly. What does he mean? He loves to be ruined by those whom he loves.

196)     When great GOOD things happen to us unexpectedly, a similar aspect would have surfaced.

197)     • Facts, on examination, reveal laws of Life Response.

             · Our probing into facts should not stop until we see the laws.

             · Laws are infinite in number as well as having infinite ways of explanation.

             · Law is a relationship between events.

             · The laws have behind them principles or Truths.

             · Truth is not final as it is outside.

             · What is seen inside is the Truth. It is the essence.

             · The essence of Truth is existence

            · When Life is understood as the essence of existence inside, it is Reality for our purposes. We can stop there. Then  Life  Response will explain itself.

Any event you report can be analysed like this. Analysis needs fresh facts, fresh views of facts. This can only be done by several persons reflecting on one event. One must invite the opinions of many on each event.

             Scholars are satisfied when their energies run out.

             Interchange with others energises.

No inquiry should stop in the middle. Carry it on until you are fully resolved in mind.

198)     · We do not understand Life Response until we see Life is a field of all Responses.

             ·  Life is no life if it is not all Responses to Life.

199)     ·  Often we explain an event as Life Response.

            · When the connected events are precise, the explanation is entirely        satisfactory.

             ·  The scholar dies when he is satisfied.

             ·  From connected people fresh light is thrown from new facts.

             ·  Others give fresh explanations to old facts.

             ·  As life is infinite, there are infinite explanations.

             ·  When the facts reveal the LAW behind, no further explanations are needed. But the laws are infinite.

200)     · We take good positive results as Life Response

             · Sometimes we concede that status to the opposite

· Every act or any event can fit that description. For one who observes     and wants to learn, no move or event is too trivial to study.

· The more trivial the act, the greater is the revelation. Only when we are  able to SEE the laws of Life Response in every act, do  we understand it.

· Life Response, like every other study, has so many other facets which emerge from listening to hundreds of points of view.

201)        There are individualised forces in life of both positive and negative character that move to an individual in response to what he is and what he does.

             Their combined operation maintains an equilibrium of smooth existence.

When the equilibrium is tilted in favour of the right side, and in that measure, forces of life precipitate a positive act in his life.

At any given time, one can see forces on  the  move. They move  in concert.

One who is perceptive may see, just before an act is precipitated, several major and minor forces simultaneously moving in  unison towards the centre.

Among them there will be a single prime mover, some major constituents and a host of minor tributaries.

Without the Prime Mover, there will be a disturbance, no result.

Without the major contributors, the Prime Mover may powerfully upset the system but no permanent contribution positive or negative will be made.

A good  judge of these Forces  can  precipitate  a  Good  Act  by any one of these SMALL forces and similarly avoid trouble.

One who is positive and alert can manage the field with a bias to the right side.

At any  moment, knowing the combination of  forces and  their laws, one, by increasing  the right forces in  their intensity or decreasing the wrong forces, can make Life Respond.

202)     Man has a way of resenting payment of his taxes, the only thing that has given him all the freedom of democracy.

211)     That which is taxed is nerve. Nerves always come to feel taxed.

214)     Surrender of something, if not done at the moment, will never be done later.

216)     Work explains an idea when thought fails to comprehend.

224)     When one responds to the Force and the other does not, the first expands and the latter does not. It is not a reward and punishment, but a Law. In the higher life, there will be a higher law so that every part can respond. The rule of the lower life is each develops in turn while the rule of the higher is all develop simultaneously.

225)     Any yoga is difficult. Purna Yoga done by accepting life, turns out to be like a school where the students and parents and teachers challenge the Founder to reach very high results where they all organise against any process of learning.

229)     The culture of a place will be there in a pronounced measure in everyone living there in spite of the very opposite circumstance in the individual.

230)     In a contention between two persons, what prevails is the social authority of the respective individuals, not the justice or issue.

231)     What is it to know anything, say Ego? To know its constitution, origin, structure, character, and capacities as we know a pen is to know ego.

235)     The rival outwitting you announces that you need a better strategy, rather a positive one.

 236)    The uneducated person of insincerity has a deep superstitious faith. The educated person in the affluent nations does not have such superstition, but ardently believes in his own capacity to take care of himself. How is it different from the other superstitions?

237)     Capacity for expectation will cease if the capacity for initiative ceases.

             Initiative expects.

238)     While we are serious in our own way, we say the grass grows under our feet. The grass that grows like that is God’s wisdom in action, v¸ÄÒÍ®.

242)     Man’s not knowing his weakness is a weakness. His not knowing his strength is a strength. But one needs to know both. It is neither weakness, nor strength, but fullness.

246)     The character becomes REAL when he gets out of the hand of the author and becomes universal. In the measure the character is under the author’s control, the author too remains human.

             Any moment is a moment of choice.

251)     Love of children and love of grandchildren is love of one’s own flesh, an intense physical love of selfishness. People who are incapable of it are still capable of intense affection. It is selfishness pure and simple.

253)     Fullness generates richness.

             You rise to the heights of your self-giving.

             Self-giving raises one to its maximum.

255)     It is the censor that perfects the mind. It is the critic who fashions popularity and its norms.

             Complaining fulfils by complaining.

256)     Realisation of our identification with the ego so much that it may be shed is like receiving the patronage of royalty having known it as an idea all along.

257)     Sri Aravindam is to possess this life of ours consciously instead of unconsciously.

258)     A writer becomes popular writing on popular themes. It is not so much because he is a writer as that he is able to project in literature popular themes.

259)     The intensely emotional Russia is an enigma wrapped in mystery for the English whose character formation has ousted emotions from public and private lives.

260)     The joyous sensation a person’s touch can give directly shows how positive he will be in other people’s lives.

261)     The avatar reminds us of God. Wise men try render the edicts of God in terms of human appreciation. The poets give it a poetic representation. It is education that links the future to the past by a graded construction. Formulas of Existence formulated to form such graded structure touching men today will bring about a revolution of great speed.

262)     The study of these laws gains intensity gradually. At its peak, life is one of life responses, for however a brief period it is.

263)     The ego prides in its memory, in its absent-mindedness. In either case, it prides. In the absence of that pride, it loses its entire faculty of memory to remember all.

264)   After the world war, the armament industry was not so much for the war or to uphold the cold war, as it was an avenue for lucrative employment of capital.

267)     ·  All totality is a reversion.

             ·  All Truth-seeking is yoga.

             ·  All OBSERVATION is knowledge.

             ·  Life responds  when we seek totality of knowledge, Truth of existence, OBSERVATION of the obvious.

268)   Constant consecration is conservation of collective energy.

270)     Friendliness is on the surface to see. To see the same friendship behind the deceptive mask of treachery needs God’s eyes.

271)     When man shifts from his own culture to Mother’s, he still has several occasions to cherish the glories of the old culture. It can hamstring his new progress or render both values valueless. By shifting the inner essence of one to the other, he will enrich his new content. 

272)     A valuable value will be valueless when sought for its social or psychological value. Its true value will become Truth itself, if approached as such.

             Value is of Value when sought for its Value.

274)     To feel gratitude instantaneously is spiritual. To voice it as spoken words or mentally express it is vital gratitude or mental recognition of it.

275)     To study one fiction entirely from the point of view of Life Response is rewarding. To take a period of history for a similar study will widen one’s outlook. To know one’s own life like that will open innumerable dimensions on life. Reading Sri Aurobindo’s Human Cycle, Ideal of Human Unity, Future Poetry, Foundations of Indian Culture for such benefit is beneficial.

276)     There is only one Jivatma; we see it as Many on the surface.

278)  The Absolute is the Absolute either in itself or in the subliminal world or on the surface. Even while it appears relative, it does not for a moment cease to be Absolute.

285)     If a man is happy that you also met with the same misfortune as he did, be sure you got it because of your love of him.

287)     Vehement opposition to an idea is an intense effort to understand by exhausting the incomprehension.

288)     Had HE said what the Rishis had NOT realised and what He had realised, it would have been much easier to comprehend the incomprehensible. Nor did he ever say that the entire realisation will be gifted to us by Him, though the principle was laid out.

290)  Behind ALL, there is the Absolute. We call it absolute justice.


292)         Any intelligent method will offer protection from a lapse, a loss or insecurity. It will be of tension. The best of methods is surrender. Protection is guaranteed and one will be tension free.


          How can anything which is made up of Reality be finite?

295)   He who speaks the opposite in the same breath is one who is intensely trying to develop thinking from both ends.

296)  He who has no practical ignorance is one who knows the Origin.

299)  Conception achieves.

          Insensible people discuss varieties of insensitivities.

303)     A poet does not try to create good men or heroes but real men.

304)     The human choice is infinite, because he is infinite.

305)     · Comparison is human.

             · Sense of difference is a trait of Thought.

             · To know each in its own way is the very best possible for it is divine wisdom.

             · That will render the urge for evolution superfluous.

             · How should one who evolves view the high and low?

· To know the low is the highest for him, even as the high as the highest for him is the equality of one who evolves.

             · One who evolves is concerned only with himself and not others.

             · His concern about others is theoretical.

306)     To catch oneself being unconscious is a measure of consciousness. To prevent the consequences of unconsciousness is a must. To rectify the ill-effects of the previous act of unconsciousness, though difficult, is possible.

307)     When someone is an occasion for you to err, it is wise to sever the relationship, if it is to be followed up by inner correction.

308)     Clarifying thought when used to justify one’s action instead of correction, is undesirable as it becomes a means of indulging in the wrong.

309)  To intensely enjoy the good, man needs to know evil.

          Darkness is for the poor eyes, not for the world.

          Light is darkness for weak eyes.

311)     When He says we, He means the soul inside, not the ego, not even the mental person.

312)  Everything in the end does turn into a marvel, but what is not utilisable is to be left behind.

314)   By following the development of logic in the arguments of The Life Divine, one can get a rigorous training in logic. It is also the logic of the Infinite.

315)     The psychological capacity we have now will be that level of self-restraint where no misuse of power is admitted.

             Silence grants the intellectual maximum.

317)     Those who are bound by duty and love often turn their face away, even when endowed with all authority to render you a help. Mother acts, and fulfils your need magnificently through those who are not so bound.

             When the world turns away, She turns to you infinitely.

319)     As Governorship is decided by the dislikes of a lady, great events are decided by small preferences.

             The tiny movement of the needle decides the course of Time.

             Time is decided by a tiny movement.

320)     A big organisation or a big family comes under stress of the members’ refractory behaviour. It is destroyed by mismanagement or ill-will or internecine quarrels. There are heavy misfortunes but still the organisation can survive. When members want to destroy the ideal and work for it, they will succeed.

321)  Till the soul awakens, one can only prepare for it, not attempt to do what the soul must do.  

322)     One’s character and values are known by the fact of their self-restraint and its absence. The respective areas reveal the man.

323)   The unrealised dreams are of the unformed personality.

325)  Neither serious thinking nor deep concentration of the mind will reveal the Reality He speaks of, as it is a whole which the partial mind is incapable of seeing. Until the centre shifts to one of the two centres meant for it, it cannot be seen.

As long as the parts of being activate themselves, concentration to see the Reality will not gather.

327)     Clarity of thought, capacity for action together are still insufficient to reveal the Reality to the soul.

329)     For sentimental persons of grateful emotions, nostalgia carries charm. In subtle life, they will find the other side of nostalgia, which is beyond anyone’s control.

330)     Readers of The Life Divine are not all practising Yogis. They read about His experiences as arguments. Intellectual comprehension will desert them at some point. For those who practice His yoga, the point of departure will be postponed. Giving the reading the aspect of Jnana Yoga will be of some small help in the right direction.

331)     What we give carries our personality. It may not always be a blessing. Self-giving, whether it is a blessing or not, will be expansive on both sides.

332)     Giving as an attitude is expansive. Of all the things the best to give is one’s Self. He who can give that need not bother to give material objects. It is true even to the Divine, the Self-giving to the Divine.

333)     ‘Anyone is a friend as long as I am not hurt’ is the policy for a few. It will hold good as long as the relationship is distant.

334)     The experiences of the reader of The Life Divine are spiritual experiences in the mind. Mostly it gives powerful meditations. It can give spiritual experiences if the mind is open.

             £i¨¦® Bß«P AÝ£Á©õS® ¡À Life Divine.

335)     Compulsion of work or poverty generates a stronger will and more energy from the same intake of food which hardens the body as well as will.

336)     Body is soft if emotions are soft. Absence of hard work alone will not render the flesh soft. It may render it flabby. Softness of the flesh is strength of will expressed in culture.

337)  “The mind needs to be prevented from interfering with the descending intuition”. Mind can do so by shifting to intuition.

338)     Without getting out of Time, Ego and the Finite, it is not possible to get out of mind.

339)     Human life is marked by possession. Mother’s life is characteristic for being possessed by the Beloved.

340)     The finer things in life are to be waited for with no expectation. When they come, they come on their own. There are rewards of the higher plane. They do not come even for an unexpected attitude of equality. They wait for the maturity of the plane and satisfaction of the soul expressed as inability to know that possibility. Man has a way of demanding all of them.

342)     The shrewdest of men have no entry into higher consciousness. Instead of high success of life, here they will meet with high failure

364)     A refractory subordinate teaches you patience. Life, even when it is not refractory gives you Patience.

365)     We love to work as work is enjoyable, whether there will be a result or not. Consecrate if you want to be sure of results. Surrender if you want the results before the work is done.

             There is a Silence behind the Silence.

There is Brahman behind all the brahman we speak of, know of and explain  in detail.

           Brahman behind Brahman                                                     

367)     Knowledge has become Ignorance and enjoys emerging from it. Mother has no such need. Hers is a conscious Avatar that plunges into the world’s darkness with a view to rescuing it, sacrificing Her Light. Hers is a true holocaust.

368)     The urge for constant progress is from the awakened soul.

369)     · Men do fall into two categories of pioneers and followers.

             · All that Mother speaks of is for the pioneers.

             · To the others, Mother grants their prayers.

             · If they want to follow Her, they must first shift to being a pioneer.

· Mother has in mind not the social pioneer or the psychological pioneer. She thinks of the evolutionary adult.

370)     Man gets alert when he senses he is directed to do something. This is physical. The vital person offers to do it.

371)     To be secretive is a ploy. To be frank is to be generous in behaviour as it takes the other person into confidence. But when you are secretive, your work moves quickly. To be secretive without its being a ploy is to be reticent.

372)     The steadily increasing joy can express on the face as a certain sadness because the substance of the being is uncertain of any JOY and is incapable of any security.

373)     The greatest urge in man is to be lazy. He says he wants to be himself. He is unconsciously reminding himself that he needs to be God.

374)     Culture, for those who are to live in other cultures, must primarily respect their sensitivities, not understandings.

375)     People cannot stand fools or stingy people. An intelligent person can stand a fool, if he ever tries to follow his own train of thoughts. Surely the generous person can be generous enough to be charitable to the stinginess of the other.

376)     “Vital mind feels life is an illusion, Maya”

             “Shankara is a mightier intellect than Buddha” -Sri Aurobindo

Can we say Shankara’s intellect was overwhelmed by his vital? Ramakrishna’s spiritual experiences are in the vital. Therefore, it is possible that the intellect can be vitalised.

             The intellect philosophises what the most developed part inspires.

377)     Serious sustained consecration will be as effective as serious sustained action. As consecration is, so the result will be.

378)     To consecrate an act is far more difficult than continuing to consecrate its parts. One who succeeds in it will find his action is being carried on by the Force.

379)     · Consecration defies one, as there is not enough concentration.

             · Lack of energy fails concentration.

             · Absence of strength of will is at the root of lack of energy.

             · Will’s strength comes from knowledge which is acquired by aspiration.

380)     Will a science ever be born that knows a man’s character from his speech, belief, or convictions? — as they can be anything — unrelated, opposite, or exact reflections.

381)    This yoga does not aim at Silence or any particular action. It aims at surrender, and it yields Silence and leads to action.

382)    Yoga knows of several methods of Silence. Surrender too gives Silence. It is the very best of methods, but Silence is not aimed at by surrender.

383)         Consecration first, consecration last.

386)     The ONLY strength of the devotee is his remembrance of Her. His only hope is its ever-increasing intensity. It is helped by,

             1.                Reading

             2.                Meditation

             3.                Work.

Consecration excels all, even remembrance, but it is too much to expect of devotees.

390)     There is only one thing to be done. It is to let Her in.

392)     The very best thing to do when there is tension or when it is rising is to keep QUIET.

394)     Every part of the body the being can see, hear and know. We know of the sense organs only. The whole body is sensible and is capable of sensing.

396)     In an atmosphere of freedom the most innocent person becomes a tyrant.

             Human nature is cruel in its constitution.

397)     A mild wave of nervousness entered me for which I could locate no reason. In an hour came a letter from someone under the grip of intense nervousness. This is true, but an isolated truth. To know this in the entire personality of the day, the full scope of my being is the real work.

398)     To practise social politeness in spiritual relationship is to receive only social results from spiritual forces, very much like living in the city but shunning the bus, phone, tap water, T.V, and newspaper, living the rural life. By living in one plane according to the rules of a lower plane, one fully shuts out that plane.

399)     Once a man becomes famous, his follies raise his fame.

400)     The pioneer in any field gives tons of energy or capacity to achieve ounces of result.

             Experience gives behaviour.

             Nature can only be changed by the awakening of the soul.

402)     The inclination to read The Life Divine, the capacity to study it, the aspiration to absorb the ideas are all decided by the available spiritual energy. It is not in one’s own hands. If it is there, one is lucky.

404)     Increasing the disciplines in one plane will not help one accomplish in the next plane, but will help to ward off some dangers of leaping over.

407)     A rowdy serving an ideal robs everyone in the name of the ideal and it goes on for sometime. Having lent his strength rightly, he wrongly benefits enormously. Strength receives like that.

409)     We are not conscious of the fact that ALL the time SOMETHING in us is forging ahead of work, ideas, etc. It is ourselves. He who is aware of it is conscious. Should one be lucky to be conscious of himself at least, let him replace it by his aspiration or Mother.

410)     The fear of loss or the sense of loss is greater than the real loss.

             It is not the object, but the possessiveness of the object that shakes.

411)     Surrendering small items of work will more easily slip from us than important work.

412)     It is possible for one to assume the whole world is constantly thinking of him. Not only popular personalities, but even those who are unknown to anyone can think like that, since it only reflects the fact that something in him is universal.

413)     The attention the handicapped receive from the government is a distinct, if distant, recognition of the totally unknown process of transformation.


414)     One who observes may as well see to it that his observation is evolutionary.

415)     That people close to Sri Aurobindo never took notice of Him, has been a wonder to the world. Is it not a fact that The Life Divine sits by us untouched for years?

416)     The conception of Infinity becoming concrete to the physical mind can be called concrete conception of Infinity to avoid confusion with that of the vital conception, which in our parlance is known as practical concept of Infinity. A concrete conception of Infinity is given by the Life Divine and it will usher in all the abundance the world needs or cannot fully use.

417)     The Mother is the subtle opulence in the gross material plane.

419)     When selfishness decides not to be so, it grows callous instead of becoming selfless.

420)     Man’s purpose of birth will be complete, if he is able to understand or fully conceive the very opposite of what his being seeks. For example, one who longs for friendship should understand betrayal.

421)     The seeker of Truth should know all about Falsehood, more than seeking Truth.

             Mastery of the ways of Falsehood brings mastery over Truth.

             Is not Falsehood Truth at its origin?

422)     It would not be difficult to see that the hold of selfishness on us is greater than our greatest duties or strongest affections.

If there is a work that expands one’s heart, what expands is not the heart, but the ego.

             One man’s nobility ends in another’s meanness.

             The noblest act of generosity will be received for the benefits of selfishness.

423)     Mother can give one whose whole inner life is full of vital sores an exterior of joy. Should he accept Mother in his inner life too, the sores may disappear or move deeper down, as in Sri Aurobindo.

429)     One seeks God not knowing all the world will desert him. Still, man can seek God for the purpose of gathering human emotions around him.

430)     The casual man will be callous to others when significant issues surface. He will certainly not be casual with the affairs of his own enjoyment. There he will be interested, focussed, determined.

432)     Danger is the trade of spirituality. It is ever present. The greatest of danger comes from inside.

433)     Vibrations of any type rise in the first phase. In the final phase, they slowly die down. At all stages the rules will be the same, the power will differ and its expression. Culture is in evidence in the first phase, tenacity in the final phase.

435)     One who uses a means of progress as a means of destruction is organised in the reverse. Reversal of attitude will save him, if he should be saved.

436)     Surrender is a greater protection than the protection prayed for.

437)     Faced with difficulties or dangers, he who surrenders raises himself to a higher, safer level of consciousness into which surrender is in-built than the one who prays for protection.

438)     Instead of reading high philosophy, it is better to mentalise the live emotions that already serve the cause.

439)     It is an emotional privilege of the intellect to identify with one’s mother tongue in its inspired growth of expressive idiom where its genius emerges. One can do so for any language if he can. Sri Aurobindo has done one better. He has given the English language a spiritual lease of life into which phase it was not destined to grow.

440)  Self is transcendental while soul is in the universe. Being is a common term to both. Eternity is the common term of Time and Timelessness.

441)     Consecration is offering the work to the Divine. What about the unwanted initiatives that arise in us? Should we consecrate the unwanted part in us?

442)     We know it is difficult for man to evolve into superman or supramental being. For a lazy man who has been idealising his laziness as the symbol of his prosperity and the crown of his spiritual status, to transform himself into a willing dynamic worker who is proud of working, is maybe equally stupendous.

443)     What is known as pride, arrogance, assertion etc., is really energetic knowledge getting entangled in poverty of mind born in an atmosphere of plenty without its personal advantage.

444)     Stupidity that does not understand wants to offend; when it does, it wants to adore and serve.

446)     People like the Amish culture, Indian orthodoxy or fundamentalists can be understood as those who are enjoying the intensities of their concept of tradition. It is no use interfering with them.

448)  The Indeterminable determines itself as finite as well as Infinite.

450)     Those who are differently organised are defensive all the time. Each tries to destroy the other when possible.


460)     Teenagers in all countries are alert to the atmosphere, as the student community was to national issues in prewar days.

461)     Any intense occasion can give a spiritual experience to a spiritually ripe individual.

462)     If one is mature in any plane, as Newton was in his mind, any event will become a historical occasion in that plane.

463)  The power of being is the dynamics of Self-existence.

464)  Surrender creates SILENCE on the surface and reaches the subliminal.

465)  All knowledge is inside. The outside knowledge has no power. Inside knowledge is powerful knowledge. Similarly, all power is inside.

466)     Knowledge is written down as a thesis or system on paper. When knowledge ORGANISES itself into a system, it does so in the author’s mind, not on paper.

468)  Offerings are made not because the Divine needs money, but man needs to offer his own to the Divine.

To offer money to The Mother because She needs it is SERVICE, not offering.

469)     Brahman will remain abstract as long as He is studied as an object. Only when He is felt as a Subject does He become concrete.

470)     For Brahman to become real, there should be no two sides. Both sides becoming ONE gives the feeling that IT is real.

472)     Education is a measure of civilisation. In future, that scale may go to measure how much a nation recognises the Value of Ignorance, invalidity and poverty.

473)     Ego latches on to anything of topical interest. Maybe disease will become a matter of pride in future. Already treatment is one.

478)     The sheep fall into a pit following the first one that fell. The kingfisher allows herself to be killed. Excess population destroys itself voluntarily. The evil dies voluntarily. Enjoying the act is evolution of the physical to the mind.

479)   Understanding dawning on the mind is felt as a relief from the tension of incomprehension. The emotions coming to grips with an issue offers a mastery over the atmosphere, if not over the act.

480)     Physical sensation of Harmony or even Joy at an otherwise horrible occurrence of tragedy converts it into its opposite as a miracle in the physical gross material plane of life.

481)  For someone to know that Maya, Prakriti, and Lila are three faces of one single factor, one needs to disabuse the mind of partial convictions.

482)     Sri Aurobindo’s arguments often appear to be arbitrary assertions, whereas HE bases them on facts given earlier, which we forget, or His assumption of our knowledge of life. To be able to see the complete logic here is understanding.

483)  Mind creates, but is not an original creator.

485)     We would like to believe that our Saints have had their known powers all the time for normal use. It is not true, for the social atmosphere was not fully supportive with that psychological infrastructure.

486)     Human effort is like learning in grade school. Divine grace is subliminal opening.

             Mother acts better than the subliminal when you turn to Her.

487)     There is no treatise on Mind like the two chapters on Illusion, though His effort here was not to explain Mind.

490)     A servant needs to be treated with dignity, not like a husband or as a wife.

491)     He who is determined to be kind executes his intention with determination and the object feels it to be a kindness not known hitherto.

492)     One cannot stand fools even when they are sweet, obliging and serviceable, as through all there is one thing that stands out. It is folly. Sweet, obliging, serviceable folly is primarily folly.

493)     When you read of any great man, even when you have fully outgrown his thought, you feel his greatness is infectious.

494)     In any work, the difference between poverty and affluence is ‘How many survived?’ and ‘Why should one fail?’

495)     Development occurs when the society offers what family alone is now offering.

      496)    Man  develops  himself  unaided even by the family. This is the very first stage.

             Society accepts that in some way and the family gives it to the child.

             Later schools do it and family insists on all others getting it.

             It later becomes a social phenomenon.

Neither the school nor any other organisation can now give the best to all the needy.

To create a school like an institution to impart personality, character, and culture to all as education is now possible.

499)     By surrendering the impulses as they arise, one allows the impulses to give place to HER who directly acts before the impulse arises.

500)     Creation of right public opinion based on facts is very difficult. It is more difficult to persuade the members of an idealistic organisation to follow its ideals or make one subsequent generation value the work done in the previous generation.

501)     Vapour condenses to a trickle. In our imagination, what appears to be forceful, meaningful, almost a message to the world is found on delivery to be forceless, meaningless and beside the point.

502)     If you have ten great ideas which in your mind are earth-shaking, see whether they are already known to the world. All of them, you will find, are ideas well known. It only means that it took this long for you to discover commonplace wisdom.

503)     Can we acquire all the experience the world has accumulated? Is it necessary or possible? It is possible that we can acquire the full intensity of the world’s experience in our own field. It is necessary for all those who are capable of excelling themselves and the world.

504)     Is it not true that one needs to be dull to find interest in life?

505)     Inner profundity is reluctant to extend itself to outer profanity. It is a great step for the intellect to reach the inner vision. To further extend it is not possible without losing the gain.

506)     Shankara won over Buddhism to himself. This is a direct conquest, by a frontal attack. Man rejects something which grows elsewhere and gradually invades his own life. In this way, he gives in to what he had rejected. What is rejected comes back through the subtle plane.

507)     Man imposing himself on God is called anthropomorphism. We do it all the time to Mother and enjoy finding Her human.

508)     When a great being chooses an idea, the world accepts not the idea but the leadership of the great man.

509)     We are sincere enough not to lie. We are not sincere enough not to be foolish.

510)     There is only one question for the success of yoga. How deep can you go? How long can you remain there?

511)     · We do not need to fight wild animals. Nor are we called upon to answer  hundreds of superstitions the world has given up.

             ·  We must be constantly affirming our own goodness and rightness.

· We do find ourselves answering hundreds of follies which are really follies in our thinking.

             · We do so because we have not given them up as we gave up the wild life.

512)     Man, wanting to establish to himself his superiority to satisfy his social-vital longings would be willing to go to any length, even to having himself physically destroyed.

513)     The intellect put at the service of the vital mind’s illusion saved the whole country from the hold of Buddhism.

514)     In a theoretical, doctrinal or idealist conflict, the masses have the right instinct to choose. This is one major truth. The other is that people are capable of following something or its opposite with the same inspiration. The only difference is the right will last, not the other.

515)  Evil getting energised by Good for its own aggrandisement is a known phenomenon.

516)     ‘Why you are not yet married?’ is a question in India. ‘Why you are not yet divorced?’ is a question in USA. It only means that marriage and divorce are social customs.

517)     If you need the attention of your people, be sure you can get it only on social terms, not on psychological terms. The moment you do NOT need them, they will flock towards you.

518)     I know mean comments will come when I am capable of them. How did they ever come to me when I never knew of their existence? Have they come to be transformed?

519)     ‘Light absorbs itself into itself to become darkness.’ It means light is conscious or even self-conscious and is capable of giving a form to itself other than what it has. Self-absorption shows that self-conception is active and it is a conscious Self.

520)     Any act in the doing of it slightly changes, bringing out its inherent vitality. It is the power of Brahman escaping the fixed form and spilling over that changes the course.

522)     A need urges. Is it possible to surrender that urge and wait on it for the command?

523)     Authority is complete as well as consummate, when we know in these days of labour unrest, in a company which received the brunt of it, the Chairman’s slightest suggestion is taken as a final command.

524)     Extreme pressure of circumstances means it is for everyone else other than the one who manages. Authority is selfish, not only management.

525)     Age is a determinant for the emotions. But in an hour, the emotions can come on one and wrinkles will form at once. Equally so, life can enter, cheer will burst forth and even youth can appear by good turns of life.

526)     A prayer for a particular result will show itself where the emotion is centred.

527)     The eight planes, 24 spiritual determinants, and four methods of process of creation are really one plane, one determinant and one method. And the planes, methods, etc., are really ONE. The Many are thus seen as ONE. That ONE is the self which is really ourselves.

528)     The concepts of consciousness responsibility and of the planes, aspects, and strategies being one are different versions of the same idea, that we are that ONE.

529)     Nehru, who was the one who pronounced the secret of development as the development of consciousness, could not lay his hands on the process he could adopt to induce development.

530)     Indians who have the spiritual knowledge that man is Brahman possess it as subconscient knowledge.They must make it conscious and take steps to express it in life through the values of Truth.

531)     When you know all planes and methods are one and you are that ONE, the theory will end and extend into practice that you and your rival are one, at which point the conception will strain to become perception. Sensation lies beyond.

532)     Human development is by the dissolution of the ego which man knows subconsciously and practises perversely. For his development he destroys others' egos.

533)     By killing others, destroying others’ wealth and good name or their opinions, man is, after all, trying to advance, thinking that the destruction of other egos will pave way for the progress of his ego. It is a process of destruction of his own ego.

534)     He who is in contact with lots of people is really seeking human relationship positively or negatively.

535)     When a work is about to take off, the nebulous side will rise and assert when the organisation will give way. Instead of taking off, the organiser should move the organisation down.

536)     One surrenders the result of a work he started. Can he do so with the work, with the conception of the work? Then he will move from a devotee to being a sadhak.

537)     A good symptom like rain coming along with a bad symptom like headache shows there is not enough alertness in receiving the good.

538)     Wealth is in direct proportion to the inner harmony of the higher values.

539)     A devotee sent a telegram of her being haunted by evil forces a day after I had a nightmare and sent Roy a message about nightmare. Of course, deep calling will protect. Is study that easy? I have not noted down the events of these days.

540)     To present Life Response as a spiritual culture to be lived and loved is to create a technology of Life, rendering The Life Divine  into terms of higher life.

541)     My wish to collect a mountain of facts regarding Life Response remains a wish. Perfect comprehension of all the laws for the public is elusive. Even a mountain of facts is of no avail to the scientist. Both together will leave the essence of knowledge untouched. It will be a challenge of spiritual intelligence in life that defies codifying itself into a usable set of laws that goes into the community as a custom of culture.

542)     Life is a whole in the gross and subtle planes. Only when its integrality is understood, the facts and laws we have mustered will blend into a useful understanding as a sense and guide for action.

543)     The STUDY never ends; rather it does not begin until the Force is the Force shedding its other versions.

544)     Human observation and evaluation are value-based, moral, and social, while Life actions are based on the strength of vibrations prior to the biological forces. Still, life respects man’s attitude within his limits and in insisting on her response, she provides for his intensities.

The FORCE rears its head beyond the biological vibration. There is a force beyond that too.

545)     Against a decided course partially consecrated, one finds his subconscious will attracting the opposite act when the unconsecrated will fulfills itself through Life Response.

546)     One story I know such as Pride and Prejudice studied exhaustively from Life Response point of view will add colour and substance to the study. The most characteristic life response is from Lady Catherine who consummated the marriage.

547)     Silent will, prayer, correspondence, consecration, and Life Response are very similar. Better keep clear distinctions.

548)     Life responds not only to real thoughts, but also to imaginary, illusory thoughts. A man was complaining scores of times a day that he was exploited by everyone, while there was nothing to exploit. This created an inner pressure in him so much that he compelled a few persons to exploit him.

549)     Facts, attendant events, corresponding events, date, time, thoughts, emotions, letters received and sent and a host of other things without missing a single detail may be recorded for study.  It will be interesting to see that all issue from one single centre – us.

550)     Our acts are powerfully influenced by the emotions of the person we think of. The response of events and even material objects is instantaneous. It is worthwhile collecting them in as great a detail as possible for study.

551)     When a subject is studied as a science, facts become sovereign and cannot allow politeness or other non-scientific emotions. This need not take one into undesirable realms.

552)     As and when more of higher consciousness enters us by reading The Life Divine or by learning more of the process or by meditation, the subconscious opens. Opening of the subconscious means nightmare. It usually opens and gives a nightmare when we love its traits. Either way, nightmares are the order of the day, though they are not inevitable. They are fertile fields for observation.

553)     Unconscious weakness, unconscious conflict and unconscious strength in doing a work, raises interference before, in the course of it or after it.

554)     Observation, analysis, extending it to subtle observation, extending the analysis to the subtle plane, comparing with previous observations, evaluation in terms of the laws, in terms of another’s perception, are some stages of learning from the experience.

555)     At least once Life Response should reveal itself as the full abundance of the whole plane of Life into our own life.

556)     Work does not need Time, if organised at the highest plane. Products do not need materials known as raw materials. Maybe in insignificant quantities they are needed. Nothing is needed to do anything as everything issues out of Nothing.

557)     Work is organised by paying attention to work, to men at various levels, the central forces like money or values and finally from one’s own power. It can be exceeded by organising it for the other man’s joy. At each level time is saved, efficiency rises and at the last level one will find oneself organising the JOY of his own world, if not humanity, at leisure.

558)     One who sees his spirit coming to the surface for work will see spiritual efficiency. It will make you see you have no work at all to do.

559)     Fresh energy in increasing measures is spiritual opening.

560)     The central knot of HIS yoga is ego. We do have a well developed conception of it. To relish the course of forces, it would be better to have a more defined perception or sensation of that very conception we have of ego.

561)     Sherlock Holmes’s admiration of Irene Adler baffled Watson. Here is an occasion to study that adoration in the light of her having escaped his net. No occasion of life is unsuitable for such a study.

563)     To ignore another’s defects is not a mere policy or a polite social requirement. It is spiritual wisdom. By noting the defect we activate ours, while our job is transformation.

564)     ·  Raise your strength to increase efficiency.

             ·  Remove your defects for greater good results.

             · Both are in the human plane.

             ·  We need abundant results always.

             ·  Results must be incapable of being accompanied by failure.

· That is not there in the human plane. To enable us to get it, we must see ALL defects as great perfection.

565)     He who equates the criminal and victim in his emotions is more dangerous than the criminal, as the criminal will commit crime with a motive to benefit. This man is capable of committing a crime without any motive.

566)     He who has work will become efficient; he who has duties will become good. But neither can serve God. Efficiency will serve the society, goodness will serve man. To serve God one needs to be above work and morality.

567)     In a poor society even the above average persons are poor in spite of their best efforts. People are poor in an affluent society because they can still survive poorly. Still it is true in both situations, that only he who chooses poverty is poor.

569)     The lapses in money and sex are the least offensive. Selfishness can offend more seriously. Meanness can hurt deeply. Money and sex are social. Selfishness and meanness are psychological. Evil and hostility lie beyond.

570)     Whatever is accomplished in the world is accomplished by Love in the background expressing in spite of us.

571)     To let the hidden Love express, all that we have to do is to be quiet and happy.

572)     He who mistakes proficiency in any language for intelligence is obviously devoid of intelligence. Surely his linguistic ability will not be first rate.

573)     Moneyed people do behave as if money is of value and the only thing of value. It is true of anything else. The relationship between the giver and receiver is a bargain of strength. If that strength is transferred from money to MAN, human life can become higher life.

574)     Perfection in the society is not perfection, but social perfection.

575)     Surrender and consecration require enormous energies. There are times when we are exhausted. We cannot consecrate during those moments. The alternate for consecration is the memory of it or its absence which will restore the energies.

576)     More difficult than consecration is not taking initiative.

577)     People of dubious character change sides, change behaviour. We can have the normal social attitude with them in social work. Unless they are handled according to their subtleties even in our social work, it will upset us fully.

578)     Without being good inside, Good things will not happen to us. But we must not dwell on it.

579)     Royalty was pure power. Later, it became a symbol. Therefore now it is a psychological power. In one sense, if royalty wants to play a significant role, it will be more powerful not to restore the old power, but to express a new power.

580)     The past that moved away on its own, has outlived itself. If it ever comes back for whatever reason, it can only hurt us and hurt itself.

582)     Public opinion, is, at best, public impression. At its worst, it is public scandal.

583)     What is wasted is not time, but an eternity.

584)     It is cheerful in the spiritual sense of the word, if by its presence it is capable of preventing acts opposed to its spirit.

585)     As long as we appreciate, react, or understand a character, we are still in a personal relation with it. It is only impersonality that is universality, and that can create REAL men as Shakespeare did.

587)     One who has the highest faculty of intelligence can become an idiot by the false exercise of it.

591)     The crankiness of character is original to the person. Once it is there, it has a personality which develops its own originality and a taste for it for its own sake. Knowing such a mind, one is likely to become a poet.

592)     Man eagerly organises his misery, and grace equally in-builds relief into itself. At the breaking point, grace helps him get over the misery of his creation. He is amazed at the availability of relief.

594)     It was physical power man was after. Next it was devotion and popularity. In future man should love to be devoted to his following with the strength of physical power.

595)     HE says search of God is enthralling and the highest endeavour of man. For one to discover love in another human being and relate to it through love, is the next best, even if it is a far distant second.

             The world is Jivatma's view of Paramatma.

             Double double opening is the secret.

600)     Evil that enjoys being evil, as every existence enjoys itself, is pure evil. It is an unfortunate hour when evil stung by conscience begins to regret being evil. Then it is caught and punished.

601)     The cultured woman is shy of speaking of her debauchee husband's truancy. The sensitive man loathes to question in his mind his wife’s faithfulness.

602)     The selfish man’s alert self-defence from the consequences of others’ selfishness is a creative moment in life.

603)     Any man does become wise when he has fully comprehended all his experiences.

606)     We leave a few things unattended. It can be neglect or because of lack of energy or the time has not come for us to attend to it. The truth is, man attends what he can or what he is interested in.

607)     If someone does not respond to sense either because of density of the brain or perversity of emotion, we can say we are unable to generate love greater in intensity than their denseness.

608)     Alexander Pope’s hat overrules the husband. Until the husband becomes more valuable than the hat, there does not seem to be any hope for him. As the Brahman in the hat itself can overtake the husband, the Brahman in the husband will surely survive.

609)     The power of life is the power of ideas that urge it.

610)     Age making one long for the soil of birth means the spark is dying. As one ages, the spark too must be growing in a growing SOUL.

611)     Translation is done at the level of sentences and ideas. It can translate the spirit of writing too. Succeeding generations ‘translate’ the intentions into their own idiom which often look like the opposites.

612)     Popularity is the power of the hour.

613)     Attention is the greatest known power. It is greater still when it is withheld.

614)     Great writers often speak out truths of life. More than truths of life, their creativity emerges in expressing the impersonal truth of a personal character. It will be interesting to discern the personal trait in impersonal truth interwoven in several successive layers as in 'Frailty, Thy name is woman.'

615)     The basis of sadness is the joy of existence. The base of surface joy is joy in the depth. Joy is the only reality of life in the depth.

The chance in Life subjecting itself to an order makes the irrationality of creation suprarational.

617)        Rabid fanaticism, uncompromising evil, assertive opinions all finally sacrifice themselves at the altar of authority.

618)     Legal justice needs clear-headed instruments imbued with the compassion administrative justice demands. Men are social beings, espousing a social personality which means working for the approval of a society immature for delivering justice.

   Grace works through stray individual instruments. Social maturity is seen in its willingness to cooperate.

619)     In dire circumstances, man eats human flesh. In other occasions when he is starved of affection, he accepts it from the lowliest. That seems to be the only rule of starvation of any description.

620)     Equality in the soul is difficult to reach. Equality in the mind and body is inconceivable, until their urges are quelled by spiritual peace.

621)  Yoga refuses psychological rest.

622)  Organisation  grows consciously, rests subconsciously.

623)     Strength passes on to the next generation strengthened, but the character of it changes, often to the opposite.

624)     The mental urge is the physical need.

625)  The greatest joy of any right is when it is scandalously deprived.

          The physical enjoys being beaten.

          The vital enjoys when it is crushed.

Mind enjoys nothing as much as when its comprehension is  challenged.

          Chastity enjoys being outraged.

          A free nation enjoys being overpowered.

          Sat enjoys becoming Asat.

          The hero enjoys being vanquished rather than conquering.

          Blindness is the acme of joy of the sight.

Success is the partial joy of the surface. Defeat, especially a crushing defeat by a mean, perverse enemy, is the complete joy of the subliminal.

628)  Tragedy in life is transformation in spirit.

630)  One can be immune to the social environment when he is working inside for his own self. There is no known protection for one who works for the community.

631)  Lila is Self-existent Delight. No conditions can be laid on it.

632)      Language becomes beautiful not so much by the metaphor or embellishments

             or even by its native idiom as by its appropriateness to the sensation.

             Elegance is simple.

             Profound simplicity is elegance pure and simple.

633)     ·  Purity is profound.

             ·  Simplicity is eternity.

             ·  Profound simplicity is a pregnant, eternal moment.

             ·  Elegance is eternal simplicity.

634)     Yoga is the fusion that releases the energy of the universe.

635)  Concentration that is indispensable to yoga cannot by itself accomplish it.  It is achieved by breaking out of finite limits.

636)     It is not untouchability that is the most oppressive system of Indian castes, but the devadasi system in the Indian temples. The former is social boycott, while the latter oppresses psychologically.

637)     The destructive forces of the society are still constructive forces of Life.

638)  Surrender, as He has conceived of it, is a complete act hitherto unknown, as it is an act of the Being of the Becoming. The world has conceived of no such act until He came.

639)  Thought is Brahman in Mind. Intellectuality is ineffectual Thought.

640)  From beyond Timelessness to the integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity.

641)  The Gnosis is a Being.

642)  The psychic fulfils itself at the Supermind travelling through the spirit.

643)  God and Nature unite in the human soul.

          The eight levels need seven intervals.

645)  Bounded knowledge is the boundaries of Ignorance.

646)  Force yearns to merge with consciousness from which it separated.

647)  Self-experience creates Ego out of the Self-consciousness of Ignorance.

          Time becomes real to consciousness by memory.           

649)  Detachment is disappointed desire.

650)  The undivine looking Divine.

          Consciousness of Truth is Truth-Consciousness.

652)  ·  The dividing mind is infinite.

          ·  The separate ego is infinite.

          ·  The finite is Infinite.

653)  The Aryan balance is the ultimate balance.

654)  The ascending series of substance.

655)  The Supramental is inevitable as it is decreed.

          Life brings down thought to rule the body.

658)     Concentration is essential for consecration, but once the concentration develops, it is up to us to use it either for consecration or for our own purpose.

659)     Surrender is the knowledge of the universe becoming the power of the Transcendent.

660)     The process of transformation can become conscious of the law of reversal of consciousness if one can see his present in terms of the past.

662)     The two facets of word of mouth -- 1) the core of it is true, and 2) it spreads fastest -- are very well brought out in Trollope's novels. More than those aspects, it shows how alive the social existence is all the time.

663)     A new technology yields its full results to the society only when the society develops the necessary social, cultural, psychological, organisational and technical infrastructure.

664)  Look at any work from the points of view of four powers and twelve aspects of Mother (sincerity, gratitude, generosity, humility, goodness, etc.) and try to improve upon it slightly. It will be a wonder.

665)  Supreme illumination is supramental illumination.

666)  Revolution is for the Individual.

          Evolution is for the collective.

          Revolution becoming evolution is the order of the day.

          Revolution evolves to become evolution.

          Eternal preoccupation evolves revolution into evolution.

Eternal preoccupation evolves the individual revolution into collective evolution.

667)  Man’s occupation with God is preoccupation.

668)  Cosmic Ignorance, not Cosmic Illusion.

669)  Dream is real. Hallucination too is real. Illusion too is real. There is nothing but reality, real reality.

670)  The simple contrary changes into perverse evil.

671)  Divine Life is Divine emerging in Life.

672)  The Reality that includes the knowledge of the One and the Many.

673)  Taste of Ignorance is creation.

674)   Epigrammatic brevity is Eternity.

675)     The highest forum is incomprehension. Making incomprehension comprehend is illumination.

676)  God is Light.

          Light is Freedom.

          Freedom in the body is immortality.

          Light is the Freedom of the mind.

          Man is God incarnate.

          Inner God searches for God outside.

          Evolution is outer becoming inner.

677)  Arguments end when surrender comes in.

679)  Aspiration is an emotion while surrender is an act. That is why aspiration begins what surrender completes.

685)     Aspiration will not be born until you emotionally outlive the existing endowments.

686)     The energy required to pray for a result is an infinitesimal portion of that which is required for a change of attitude to bring about higher consciousness.

687)   There are men who do not want to earn as they have to pay tax.

689)     The determinism of a devotee determines even the past and even the written stories of the past in their future course.

691)     It is fully true that the illiterate Indian senses God in moments of crisis and even in moments of decisions. Even as a concept this is alien to the European intellect.

697)     When the client needs pure justice, the lawyer confines himself to evidence, the judge to the law and the jury to facts discoverable. One vibration that envelops all to enable that justice to be rendered comes from the emotional purity of the client.

698)     It is not enough that man is good. He loves to know that all others think so. It is really not goodness, but a love of being known to be good.

699)     A miraculous turnaround as in Chrysler, which is sustained over a couple of decades can still reverse, and work exactly in the reverse for the values of the establishment that destroyed it. This happens when the centre of the rebel still lies in the old scheme of things.

701)     Any act is severely neutral. It is the mind that gives it the colour.

702)   One may know all the methods to become God, but what is effective is limited to one's personality. The heights of personality should cross the Becoming and Being and enter into the Being of the Becoming.

703)  The twenty or thirty stages of the process of creation, its principles, powers, forces, forms, strategies, etc. ultimately explain one thing in several fashions, i.e.

   Everything can be created out of Nothing, because it is No-Thing.

By knowing it over and over again, one knows of his infinite capacities.

705)     If one sincerely wants to cure himself of jealousy, widening the emotions of the heart after serious regret will not only dissolve jealousy but will allow the heart to let out a shaft of expansive generosity.

706)  Consecration of the past or the present will have the same results or effects except for our own beliefs.

707)     An uncalled-for action in honour bound, or a person's devotion, especially a wife’s, is powerful enough to undo the verdict of a court already passed.

708)     A man from the slums installed in affluent life, unable to behave properly, loses both. He accuses those who brought him there, unable to see his shortcoming.

709)     When a person seriously denies the existence of a defect of temperament, he ‘sincerely’ announces its presence. There is no alternative to sincerity.

             ‘I am absent’ says the subtle present.

711)   Letters of devotion and faith which have been received and stored safely have a pronounced power of their own. The idea of throwing them out offends them and the box containing them falls on the person who wants to throw them away.

712)   Deep-seated jealousy cannot get rid of itself, without again hurting the victim even when it tries to disappear.

715)   Thoughts, events, acts, Cµõ], and diseases are contagious in the subtle plane.

716)   Attempts at vain-glorious expansion can result in acts that shrink the existing size of personality.

          Emptiness trying to expand bursts at the seams.

717)     A person or a thing grows finer, richer and sweeter by its own higher consciousness. A person of higher consciousness can do the same thing to it by his sweet attention.

718)   Sickness lands on one as sleepiness and can vanish by a little freshening, maybe freshening of the personality.

719)   A selfish man cannot stomach the idea that another will receive a benefit, however small, by his own exertion, though that other person has conferred all his wealth on him.

721)        To effectively change a phenomenon, we need to understand its evolutionary significance.

722)  Distance does lend charm, as when you see someone whom you have not seen for a long time. If one can overflow with a JOY that constantly thrills by suddenly seeing the picture of someone whose voice has been heard everyday, what should be the JOY of Self-discovery by the Reality?

723)       All the eight levels of creation have the faculties of the levels with the      appropriate variation. For example, Silence in the physical is non-movement, in the vital is not speaking, in the mind, not thinking.

724)     Management of money quickly leads to crisis management.

725)     Light in the subconscious thrust by grace appears on the face through a thick layer of incomprehension as oily brightness.

   Mellowed softness degenerates into oily brightness in the field of stupidity.

726)     Subconscious yoga is what every man undergoes. Those who were under Sri Aurobindo and The Mother directly grew faster subconsciously. When the conscious takes up the thread, his evolution continues. Resistance in the conscious to take up the thread sends the spearhead back to the subconscious where the movement takes up the negative possibilities to exhaust them.

Opportunities that are unavailed of serve a wider purpose, first destroying the present personality.

 728)    When people inadvertently annoy others, we take it to be tactless, but it is nature's way of fulfilling its mission of changing contraries into complements. So profound is it that it achieves the greatest result.

729)  The finest behaviours of fully transformed life are seen as seeds in the cruellest of tyrannies, and when gratefully accepted appear in their true splendour and grandeur.

730)        One who has not fulfilled several obligations chooses to ask for further obligations. Such a person is under the pressure of physical urges.

   How can anyone out of office ensure to himself his integrity while in office? Unless the iron has already passed into his soul, he is as ignorant of himself as others.

732)       Ego is dissolved to the extent consecration is possible.

733)        The nature of temptation, especially in regard to money or worse still to office, is too great to deny beyond a certain point, even in imagination for certain characters. For another type, what they stiffly refuse in imagination quickly reverses in fact.

734)       Companies meet with a dearth of cash when they seriously wish to change and stop there. They rarely realise that the new attitude to money which made so much possible is not extended here. The truth is, if they change it here, money will come.

735)       It is impossible that in one's life there are no neglected areas of duties, even if a person is conscientious. He is culpable only when he refuses to do his duty, but life will not pardon him for his neglect. Not to have areas of neglect is not possible because one's efficiency arises from such neglect.

736)     Your regret is not justified when a meaningless man neglects you. When the neglect comes from a meaningful man, can't you understand he makes himself meaningless by neglecting a friend?

738)     As the consciousness rises, comprehensive understanding, integrality, subtlety, coordination, life response, light, power, energy and every other thing will shoot up for a little while.

             Nothing moves without everything moving.

739)     Events and movements are so subtle and sensitive that once slighted they get blighted.

740)     'Our Theory' is the power of practical accomplishment.

             This theory gives the power of practical accomplishment.

742)   Allow freedom to the subordinate, to a person of low consciousness, or to one who dissipates, and you will lose your freedom forever. To regain that freedom in that new context is like the forgotten spirit in matter remembering itself.

745)     A silly man transformed into a genius will express his Genius through his silly personality. To acquire genius is rare; rarer still is to rid it of silly nature.

746)   Susceptibility to depression is the other side of buoyancy of spirit, as the buoyancy is the surge of the wave above the water level.

748)     When the prayers that are readily answered move one further level, they stop evoking any further response. Unless a greater effort comes forth, no prayer will now be answered.

749)Selfish discipline is discipline, not culture.

751)   A refractory boss will always pick holes in any work, however perfect. He will stop doing so if we do not expect approval. Nor can he pick holes when our mind is on work, not on him.

752)      Passionate goodness of low consciousness will shift to other centres of low consciousness opposed to us.

753)   Subconscious ill-will moved to do good by mistake will await an occasion to express it consciously. A good turn from subconscious ill-will changes into conscious ill-will later.

754)   When a wrong doer is punished by his own wrongs, others try to 'acquire' the power revealed in that phenomenon. Power issues out of understanding the phenomenon. It recedes by seeking it.

755)   Attracted by the beauty of a lady with no conscience, someone helps to discover the wrong done to her by her bigamous husband, and is murdered. Service to consciousness without conscience is brutal murder.

756)      Adoration of an emotion that is low, low in consciousness and in composition, brings near total annihilation of life.

757)     "The fire of God burns the shoots of earth."

                                                   -- Rig Veda, P. 99, Life Divine.

758)     "An impartial indeterminate of all potentialities is chaos."

                                                            p.98, The Life Divine

760)     The knowledge that begins with an assumption, not from the first principles, will at best be partial, and at its worst result in an absurdity.

761)  By objectification existence becomes truth, consciousness becomes mind, ananda becomes matter as matter is the result of the senses viewing spirit. Therefore,

                        Matter is delight of existence and

                        Truth of existence is spirit.

Spirit that is existence in experience involving itself as matter that is delight of existence evolving to its fullness expressing ananda in the objects, is the spiritual evolution HE speaks of.

762)  Creation consists of eight planes (Sat to Matter), seven ignorances, uses four powers (Self-conception...objectifying) and passes through involution and evolution in the planes of Time and Space, using four types of knowledge.

763)  It is by a defect that the substance self-absorbs. By recognising the defect we release infinite energies. As we are physical we must know it ourselves, as the physical will not be taught.

764)     The shortest route for the illiterate to know of the government, society, etc. is to go to the university, even as the shortest route for the yogi is to go down in the subliminal to reach the psychic.

765)  Voluntarily giving up the joy of not paying taxes, the physical being changing to giving from receiving, the low waking up in time to the splendours of the high, and the high recognising the need for self-giving have to find a practical strategy, like the free service paid for by the advertisement in all walks of life.

766)   Of all the expressions of meanness, the capacity to present the obscene as a marvel of generosity is the most detestable. It is self-oblivious, perverse meanness.

767)   Mental opinion is the orthodoxy of thought.

768)   Those who rebel against the society rebel for the status of that society, which includes several of its own values, against which the rebellion was instituted.

769)        People who are frightened of their own servants out of timidity will be offensive to their elders or superiors, if only they FEEL a certain freedom.

770)     Any blockhead will certainly have one good quality or talent. When it is fully developed, he may earn as much as the turnover of a similar company. This is in spite of his being a blockhead. But, when you realise the spiritual value of being a blockhead, he will rise further, and maybe rule the nation.

771)     For one who can slip to the psychic centre, every effort at thought, however fascinating it is or its verbal vesture, is unpardonable dissipation.

772)   The presence of higher consciousness gives a sense of pleasant relaxation. Its absence needs an occupation. Otherwise life will be boring.

773)        Man, while fully understanding that his tax is the government’s only income is unable to bring himself to pay it voluntarily and happily. So, nature and society have evolved a method to collect his taxes through advertisement revenue so that he will have the illusion of getting things free. He pays his taxes by the higher price of his products or services. Higher cost of services is the indirect way by which we pay our taxes. Also thus we recognise the higher value of the Individual.

774)     India did not take to armed revolution in 1910.

1920 saw Mahatma Gandhi launching ahimsa, thus diverting the fighting energies into passive resistance.

Hindu-Muslim conflict paid for it in 1946-48.

Ramapuram would not take to borewells in 1970 or banana in 1971 or jasmine in 1980.

To permit the physical possessiveness of the selfish man, society devises advertisement income, self-choice of banana, ahimsa of Gandhiji.

The formula we need should respect physicality as well as allow grace to be received.

775)    All the rules of Mother will honour to a great extent social status and its strength.

776)   No one who touches Her force negatively can escape its recoil of power.

777)        The cryptic statements of the scriptures are a device to prevent the uninitiated from confusion. They can also emerge out of a mental condition that tries to describe the whole through a partial vision.

The supramental fullness cannot reveal through mental clarity.

778)  "Creation of new forms generates pain and it is the root cause of all pain."                          [ p. 98, The Life Divine.]

779)  Matter is delight of existence because delight is the sensation of Consciousness-Force which having become mind and senses creates matter viewing the spiritual substance.

780)  Akshara Brahman, -- the immutable Brahman of the mental plane --  evolving to become the Ishwara of the supramental plane is Spiritual evolution.

781)     Trying to understand life through the intellect is like learning about the human person through the microscope.

782)     Matter is delight of existence.

          Spirit is Truth of existence.

783)  Man alone is ethical, not nature or the superconscient. Self-expression of Sachchidananda is common to all. Delight of being changing into delight of becoming is the process.

784)     Delight is self-possession.

785)  "Absoluteness of conscious existence is illimitable bliss of conscious existence."        [p. 91, The Life Divine]

786)     The moment pain is perceived as bliss, it becomes so.

787)     The illiterate person can understand some results of the law, but not all of its nuances. The intellect, similarly, cannot understand all the subtleties of intuition because of the inversion of consciousness at some places.

788)     The evolutionary effort taken by the physical organism to develop sense organs and sense perceptions is the parallel Sri Aurobindo has taken in The  Life Divine to develop in us drshti and the inner eye.

790)     The Life Divine is an intuitional effort to reach the intellect with the whole knowledge or the knowledge of the whole, for which the intellect has neither the instrument nor the faculty.

792)     Involution reversing itself as evolution is the secret of the finite changing into the Infinite. And that is the clue to abundant prosperity.

793)     The process of creation gives the clue to personal prosperity.

796)     "Offer the opportunity, patiently wait until it is asked for" seems to be the formula.

797)     What the illiterate person learns from the university about the government, a politician can learn without going to the university. Whether he can do so in a short period is not known. Caesar and Napolean could know it at the age of 20.

798)   As the problems of childhood are meaningless for the adult, the problems of the society are of no consequence when one transcends the social consciousness. One loses interest in a problem if its solution is known.

799)   The aristocrat of the nineteenth century occupied himself with the nervous excitement of sports and dancing. The intellectual of the present day has replaced it by a mental excitement of reading. To need an excitement for existence is not a sign of maturity.

801)     Wisdom is not to dismiss the small as insignificant but to understand its evolutionary significance.

802)   As life organises and spreads its mastery, it will do so in many concentric circles,  particulary two – the inner one where there will be no flaw and the outer one where flaws exist but in diminishing fashion.

803)  Nature's profoundest method of contradiction is positively reversed and continued as pleasant 'gross abuse' of sacred freedom that has chosen to be in fetters.

804)  Should someone long to offer betrayal, cruelty, and murder, he can only be your God, not man.

805)     The fish is born in water and lives there. Man cannot enter water and live there with his head above without sleep. Yoga is like the man who chooses to live in water without drowning.

807)     The plane of life is created by mind working on will and losing itself partly. Man works on the woman to create domestic life and in the process partly loses himself.  He who loses himself fully becomes inert matter.

812)  One can certainly evaluate his personality organisation against the psychological organisation needed to fully receive Mother.

   A company can so evaluate itself as a fit organisation to fully utilise the computer.

814)   For nerves not used to discipline, the job of living in a disciplined atmosphere is not a discipline, but a torture.

815)  Our relationship with others is based on what we present, not on what we are. In the Supermind where all is in each, each is in all, no such presentation is possible, as everyone knows all others. It is a true relationship.

816)  He who longs for one to whom he can happily abandon his entire existence in a quiet oblivion is one capable of love, of which this is the part where he seeks to be possessed.

817)  Stinginess is the acute possessiveness of the physical. Expansive giving of the extravagant is its opposite without substance. The stingy man becoming expansive, or the extravagant man developing an extraordinary capacity to earn is not the real solution. One can give his self, not his possessions. One cannot possess money or property, but can possess values or Love.

          Man loves to be oblivious of one who gave him his very life dying, but equally loves dying to know the success of those who betrayed him.

823)     Those who are vociferous in commenting on others will become less so when it comes back to them through gossip. Knowing they are before a microphone, their reticence will be greater. On the surface we are vociferous, in the subliminal our voices come back to us from the microphones outside.

824)     An unemotional hard heart, knowing a certain beneficial fact, comes forward to change its attitude. This is violence to its nature which is acknowledged by death in the proximity.

825)     The psychic SEES all in one glance before it departs. If one should have that vision all the time it means that experience does not retain its character of experience, but turns into a marvel.

826)  Immortality of the soul is to concretely realise the temporal eternity.                             p. 696, The Life Divine.

827)  Immortality is the subjective persistence.  [p. 696, The Life Divine]

828)  Intellectuality seeks oneness because mind needs something that links all together, as it is a dividing instrument.

829)   Ego whether it is strong or weak desires mastery over others. The strong ego tries its strong methods. The weak ego, unable to gain any mastery over anyone, indulges in its resourcefulness in all directions to convince itself of its superiority.

830)        The joy of the mean man is to have the mastery over another in as mean a way as possible.

831)     There is the surface and depth in the consciousness and in substance. Further, the depth of the mind is the surface of the body. We have to pass through several depths before we touch the end.

832)   Man has the unfailing resource of longing for the lost misfortune when good fortune overwhelms him. He can use it only as an index of the negative progress, not more than that.

833)   Capacity to mistake a long awaited day a day earlier, is not a mistake, but the hurry of impatience.  To remember a day later indicates a subconscious desire to forget it.

834)     Population is a burden and a curse as the government has to meet much of their needs. When society takes it over, the curse reduces to a mere burden. With the march of civilisation it is taken over by the family and the individual, when population becomes a great asset. Each bit of the 1.02 billion people of India will turn out to be an endless resource when it decides to steal a march over the West and discover the Spiritual Individual instead of the psychological Individual.

835)   The curve of progress has a way of turning upon itself still keeping the appearance of progress. Its true growth is to change from its curve into a straight line rising sharply towards the sky with no possible limits.

836)  Oneness belongs to the One, Unity belongs to That which includes the One and the Many. Oneness is of the surface, Unity belongs to the substance in the depth.

          Yoga, so far, has never reached the substance in the depth.

837)     Man's need for unity is so paramount that he constantly attempts it with God and Nature with himself.

                                                            [p. 688,  The Life Divine]

          Soul is of Unity, and seeks it constantly.

838)  Man's insistent denial of himself, Cosmos, God, etc. is an attempt of his at knowledge.                    [p. 688, The Life Divine]

839)     Mean selfish falsehood will be unmoved even by extreme hardship caused to another by his actions and will not stop acting.

840)     When a person of low consciousness, even if considered to be good, asserts particularly her mental opinion, it produces strong vibrations equal to death.

841)  A low opinion of yours about another person, even though well deserved, provokes the other to humiliate you deeply.

842)     A man whose initiative produces dangerous results does not evaluate his initiative by the result that is before his eyes, but by the attitudes of those who matter to him.  When those are favourable, his course is unchanged.

More than one's own understanding and benefits, social permissiveness is a determinant.

843)     A coarse personality making or receiving amorous advances creates in the atmosphere a depression that can cause death.

844)   Stinginess compelled feels as if it is a murder.

845)  Science expresses our mentality in ordered practical action to produce the desired results. To express Sachchidananda similarly is to attain Immortality in the Vedic sense.

846)  Realised souls are conscious sons of Infinity [p. 685 The Life Divine]

847)     To discover a new principle or technology or idea is originality. To apply a principle to facts of life to create a new use, is originality in application.

848)  Direct perception and self-experience of the highest Truth by a consciousness that possesses is knowledge. [p. 685, The Life Divine.]

849)  Man's forgetfulness is famous. He forgets many opportunities around him. Even those facilities he once enjoyed, he is prone to forget. It is some pressure that drives him to discover or rediscover them. It results in a great convenience and in a greater joy. What then would be the discovery that he is HE, self-lost in His Self?

850)     If anyone, in free conditions, should benefit by a knowledge, especially a negative knowledge about himself, it is necessary he should see it himself, and acquire it on his own initiative.

There is no knowledge other than self-knowledge.

851)        Our prosperity is in proportion to our truthfulness.

852)        It is an evolutionary truism of life that anything that may arise in future is already there in life in another form. To explain the unknown new phenomenon through the known past experience is analogy.

853)  The first emergence of evolutionary substance from the Inconscient is Matter as substance.

854)   It is perversity that meets honest emotion of folly by a cutting edge of clear logic.

855)  Maya, Prakriti, and Lila are the views of the ONE. He is the Play, He is the Playground and He is the Player is the view of That which includes the ONE and the Many.

856)  Perfect external discipline implies complete inner lawlessness.

857)   Hatred can serve negatively as well as positively. Hatred gives one's luck to another. That service continues as long as one remembers the object of hatred.

858)   One who is fully capable of betraying the trust reposed in him has an active genuine behaviour as if he should be trusted.

859)   He who wants to learn that one cannot cheat another goes about acquiring that knowledge by cheating.

860)        It is not as if there are several parts of the process of creation that occur separately or successively, but all happens simultaneously in a trice.

862)  The self, the individual and the cosmos are so many faces of the thought or the sense of the Absolute. [p. 697, The Life Divine]

863)        The tendency to break the social norms for personal convenience in one generation paves the way for a future generation to seek Freedom as the final law.

864)   The stingy man's extension is contraction.

865)     Man compensating the loss he has caused is the rule of life. There are occasions in higher life where the victim of loss offers to compensate the one who caused it. 

866)        Perfection in any skill, especially those of the mind, cannot issue if there is no depth of spiritual endowment.

867)   A friend is one in whom you see yourself pleasantly reflected in full. Except in ideal conditions, it is pure narcissism.

868)     The finest of human specimens come to the sadhak to reveal how the finer side of the human is the seamy side of the divine.

869)  Man has to surrender his being, consciousness, power and delight to those of the Divine. This is so because the being is not all. It is only the top layer of the rest.

870)  Occupation is the eternity of Prakriti.

          Immortality is the temporal eternity.

          Timeless eternity is in the upper hemisphere.

          Eternity is the common term between Time and Timelessness.

The delightful fact of creation is every plane has its own eternity.

871)     Consecration is made possible by the appropriate concentration, but to accomplish the same the concentration required is made possible by consecration.

872)        Concentrating on the psychic, we find the concentration not developing. It has several explanations. One of them is we do not fully understand the significance of it.

873)     Light is light of the choice of the right.

874)   Baseless fear allows the other to exploit you. Fear that arises from an understanding of the opposition is caution. Fearlessness based on self-knowledge is grounds for adventure.

875)        It is easy for the mind to instruct the body. But the body will not learn. When the mind DOES it, the work is done in the substance of the mind, from where the body easily receives.

876)   Attitudes are infectious, especially those that are enjoyable to the recipient. Negative attitudes are more so as they have a greater dynamism of  infection. Attitudes are the best medium for communication.

877)  When the greatest enlightenment flashes across the mind or anything great sails towards you, stop for a split second and compare it with the act of consecrating it. It is truly incomparable.

878)     Deference to the woman in the West, and the sacred serenity that is attached to her in the East, are the heights of subtle knowledge the collective had. Civilisation would have touched its acme had they been followed to their logical conclusion.

879)      Discipline gives results in several stages. Man who successfully initiates himself into a discipline gives it up at the first stage of success. Discipline needs the discipline of sustaining it until the end.

880)      Caution is good, but, in truth, it indicates a conflict between an overpowering haste and a feeble self-restraint.

881)  Great ideals like Truth are self-evident for mental acceptance, but not for practising. They need to be taken down to concrete practical realities and shown how they act either way. Human choice and action arise after that.

882)  As Matter is Spirit as well as Delight of Existence and conscious energy of Life, we need to see at every point all the points revealing in a joint endeavour.

All is in Each and Each is in all.

883)     To know The Life Divine is to know all the points of departure from Mind to Supermind. In practice, it is to know where HE has improved upon the Indian tradition in principle, practice, and in every turn of its expression as strategies, play in the descent as well as ascent.

884)  Brahman aimed at Delight in creation and achieved it creating a Being. The Being consciously made for the Delight and ended in it. As creation ends in Matter, Matter is Delight of Existence.

885)     No rule can guide one as safely as consecration. Any rule can explain the event afterwards.

886)   People do not change, and do not want to change. When they do change for whatever reason, including a willingness, they change at others' expense.

888)     The secretive nature that expresses as reticent behaviour gives great dividends with Mother in life. Her higher Life needs the very opposites of frank exchange of information. This Life will not be beneficially served by secret reticence. Beyond them lies YOGA where it has not transformed into life, where again secrecy and reticence are in great demand.  Only that they are of a greater order.

891)     Brahman who sought delight by self-discovery first created Bliss and involved it in pain, so that the Bliss could be rediscovered.

892)   People of bad temper and those who do not deserve confidence quickly lose their friends and relatives. When one who takes to Mother comes closer to Mother, friends find reasons to desert him.

893)     It is a superstition that a spiritual relic will have its intrinsic original power in spite of other conditions.

It is true it has power. The power depends upon the persons and the conditions it has.

In negative conditions, the power will have negative effects with greater power.

894)  Man does not run away from life, but accepts it unconsciously. His suffering is out of his unconsciousness. Conscious acceptance is out of love that leads to Delight.

895)     A human being lives by his values that are human values. When he shifts to yoga, he should take to divine values, or rather lose the value for values.

896)  In writing The Life Divine, He says, He has assumed a lot. If such assumptions have been revealed to the reader, the reading will be imprecise.

897)     Mind that is undeveloped, or before it is born, can readily accept an idea when it is positive which is superstitious faith. While negative, it is by perversity that they refuse such an idea.

898)     The descent and ascent meet at all points of life or understanding. Human choice exists at such points to choose the ascent or the descent. Sri Aravindam rejects both and goes inwards into life where it changes into the evolution of the Spirit and not of life and mind.

899)  The Vedic Rishis could accept the divine universality and supreme infinity through surrender, as mind was not there to pronounce a judgement on it. The Vedantic Rishis, though they saw the same truth, were prevented by their minds from doing so. It made them go after moksha.

900)     Parsimony matures into stinginess as an outer parallel to the inner adherence to  doctrinal beliefs.

901)        The developed mind that accepts its earlier superstitious faith now with a clarity of mental sanction is evolving in the right direction having overcome the initial perversities of nascent understanding.

902)        For the traditional intelligence which is the intelligence of the intellect there are two possible responses to Sri Aurobindo's thoughts. 1) Clear incomprehension as the faculty to understand the dimensions of the thought, or 2) rank perversity that delights in the bypaths of life's dark corridors.

903)      The distance between understanding and thinking is the same distance between the reader and writer of the book or the audience in the theatre and the actor on the stage. One is of the surface and the other is of the depth.

904)     One who aims at being inspired by Sri Aurobindo directly for action begins at home.

905)     Vedic Rishis lived the divine life at the physical plane. The Vedantic Rishis mentally saw the truth of the superconscient and the subconscient. The sannyasi took to the ONE and the scientist to the other. Sri Aravindam tries to restore the Aryan balance at the supramental level uniting the scientist and the sannyasi.

906)        Intensity of affection extends itself beyond the hour of personal contact. Affection that matures into Love is most intense in personal relationship but refuses to extend itself in space, as it is ever alive as it is.

907)     The scientist who sees the source of Energy and the sannyasi who sees God in Matter will create the new world which the Vedic rishis began.

908)   It will be a rare occasion to find someone who loves another unselfishly.

911)  After coming to Mother, devotees see the social circumstances that were compelling one to lie have changed to the opposite. Woe unto him who chooses to lie after that.

913)      Study of self-awareness is a fruitful field. Its crux lies in the fact that at the end of long study, one is aware of the fact that self-awareness is not possible.

914)      The idea that a certain goal is unattainable is the most distant promise that it is attainable.

Needs determine.

916)  The first conscious JOY of Lila is to go below the surface expanding oneself endlessly. The first incidence of joy is in the substance expanding.

The Delight the Absolute sought was to expand the infinitesimal into Infinite dimensions. Expansion is the means of Delight.

The secret of the process of creation reveals all at once in one single small act.

917)      One type of most effective prayer is for the culprit to pray.

918)     'Equality is the consciousness of the Infinite.' When the finite becomes the Infinite, against whom can it react?

921)     Life needs no compensation.

922)        Thoughts abstracted into ideas are experiences out of which the essence is extracted.

924)  Stages of spiritual evolution:

1.      Annamaya Purusha realises the Becoming in Nature – Vedas.

2.      Akshara Purusha realises the same.

3.      Psychic replaces the Timeless experience by experiences in Time.

925)     The knowledge of the self in the Non-birth and Non-becoming and the changeless spirit within us is immortality.

926)     The link between the present right and the future right is the capacity to please that which endeavours to change in spite of its apparent wrong.

927)        When someone hurts you as he has chosen to serve a wider cause negatively, we can accept his course of action without vengeance and frustration, but we are not at liberty to wish him joy in his course of action as he is.

928)        What appears to be gross mismanagement – where there is no conscious dissipation – will on inquiry reveal to be the maximum possible in the circumstances. Even in cases of dissipation the principle will be true on a deeper level.

930)     When sensitive men come close to another person, they meet their self interest well formed and protected. They withdraw. No human interaction can be a full and free exchange as long as the self is there as the ego.

931)        Social evolution, as it takes place, does not permit even the most enlightened person to grasp it well enough for him to follow it. He simply follows the social wave. Evolution has dispensed with the leadership of an individual and has resorted to institutions through information. Maybe a MODEL institution may serve for a while as the spearhead. It is information and ideas, as well as values that will lead the future.

932)     By overcoming the compartmental thinking of the scientist, and refusing to lose oneself on the one side as the ascetic, one qualifies to see the Whole. It needs no intelligence but a broadening of one's being.

933)     To conceive of oneself as the Infinite with infinite capacities, energies, forces, fields and as the finite with fixed capacities, forces, etc. initiates one into the infinite conception. To see the one in the other is perception. The sensation arises when one ceases to think or feel.

Ego dissolves revealing the Cosmic Self.

On crossing the temporal ignorance, one reaches the egoistic ignorance.

On conquering psychological ignorance, one reaches the plane of Time.

          Emotions that think penetrate the psychological Ignorance.

941)     Education is able to elevate the society by giving the knowledge of the accumulated past. By giving now what they would acquire later, evolution is hastened. It can be done by giving them the vocabulary of the later decades or values of coming centuries faster. Systems have to be devised for such purposes.

942)     Social evolution can be hastened by introducing,

1. The organisations of the future, 2. the terminology of coming decades, 3. the values of coming centuries, 4. the future behaviour. What is needed is an evolutionary view of the future and a capacity to conceive of the intermediary steps or stages. To raise the lower levels is easy because the needed experiences are there. For raising the top, imaginative experience is called for. Even this is without precedent, as such individuals have always lived.

943)     Mental concentration may be helped by a mantra. Concentration in the heart is fostered by a longing or yearning for the ALL. The energies of the whole being rising in adoration of its origin behind the heart rise in a flame which can collect as an all-inclusive concentration behind the heart. It demands silence in all parts of the body.

944)        Collection of All-inclusive concentration does not permit articulation of any formula even mentally. It has to be an in-gathering of forces converging behind the heart.

945)   Calm disposition is an invitation to sharp meanness as it is urged by its own dynamism and mistakes calm for its weakness.

Not to know is the birthright of stupidity. To accuse him of that is equally stupid.

950)     The dormant forces in the society as well as the psychological potentials in the body are as infinite as the vast earth. The equilibrium witnessed is never for a moment to be tampered with.

951)  The power of occupation can be conceded to be the greatest when we know that on giving it up one gets into temporal eternity – immortality of the soul.

952)   Great posts are generally for a short period, even as the previous incarnation was only for a brief period. Spiritual experiences for which one becomes known are only for a few brief moments, like meeting great personalities of the world.

953)  Sri Aurobindo asked from the Highest the Greatest of boons for the earth. Can we not ask a similar boon at least for ourselves? The highest accomplishment in our life with the greatest grace of Hers, can be that.

955)   When a man shakes himself in frustration and swears loudly, he is trying to penetrate his dense layers with  understanding.

959)     Evolution is an expansive movement. Offence contracts. There can be no progress, much less evolutionary progress through offending. Every offence we are capable of must be transformed into an expansive movement. It may be possible with difficulty. About offences we receive it is more difficult.

960)     Man is more satisfied by the readiness of the other person to oblige than the obligation itself.

963)     The only historical event of one presiding over an organisation of opposite constitution for destroying it is Gorbachev.

964)     To preside over a corrupt organisation is not possible for one without being in its penumbra in some fashion or other.

965)        Partiality for selfishness in the emotions is an effective bar to seeking selfless results outside.

966)        No man in the society will be rewarded, accepted and honoured by his being clean, pure and acceptable in an insular fashion in the office while he is a member of the pick-pocketing community.

967)        Instead of grudgingly following your own enlightenment, do it cheerfully.

968)     What we precisely know as the other man's defect is exactly ours.

970)     "Don't ask for instructions. Learn the process. Decide on your own. Tell me your decisions. I shall comment."

          Luck is conscious spiritual action in life.

974)  Time immortality is the knowledge of the Self in the birth and Becoming.

975)  Preoccupation is one aspect of constitutional Ignorance.

976) Inner mind which can open to the heights of the range of spiritual mind and the occult spirit within – double opening – is the secret of the new evolution. Shift the concentration upwards from below and inwards from without.

979)  Happiness is a lower vital value; subliminal satisfaction on the surface is right. Not to seek happiness but to feel JOY in our being betrayed is the evolutionary goal.

980)     Popularity is present success. Fulfilment is success in the subtle plane forever. To choose the latter is to recognise the subliminal joy of others who suffer on the surface as a result of betraying us.

982)     The wayward woman gets diseases of contact or socially falls down in esteem due to lack of values. Sometimes she becomes rich because of no values and acquires a social power. It is the pioneer that always gains, not the rest till society accepts no values as its values.

Society chooses a different line of growth through some existing high value and develops another great value through it. Humility and silent will are developed through pleasing the other man.

983)     Compelled by the social trend or led by it people live by immediate convenience instead of long term values. The force then fulfils itself by the gains open to it such as the value of land when it is not cultivated, subliminal general knowledge of the truant student.

984)  Sri Aurobindo says the gaps in the evolution are really gaps created by transformation.

985)   Fluency of speech vastly hides the flaws in the language and passes for good. It can, if inspired, hide under a cloud gross errors in grammar.

986)     If we are able to visualise the earth and the world as an evolving being through its forces and fields, as a founder of a nation conceives of his creation, it will help us understand The Life Divine.

987)   Non-stop abuse is the method of negative learning by total denial. Its quality decides its negative amplitude. Surely he learns. He learns at the end that he needs to accept everything that comes his way.

989)  The Spirit goes from unity to division in the descent and rises to unite again in a greater fulfilment.

990)      A loving heart never ceases to love. It is not fixed or focussed on an object. It only needs a field for its endless expression.

992)     He who initiates himself on one line of the evolutionary movement will find himself moving on all the lines simultaneously.

993)     Hourly consecration alerts the surface and helps break the crest for those who desire to cross it. Having crossed the surface it is not such a great help as it needs attention periodically.

996)     In conquering the Ignorance the very first step is the constitutional ignorance. For the emotions to accept rationality is that step. To conceive of the dissolution of all the seven ignorances may be inconceivable. Life Divine is that conception.

997)     Shakespeare's words live forever. Words of the Veda have become mantras through the ages. Savitri and The Life Divine have elevated the language in which they are written to a status of visibility that has spread all over the world, while retaining the Mantric Power in all its versions.

998)   It is the plot, theme, that gives a story or a film life. But the spirit of the language, and the force of the cast determine the power of its final delivery. As is the language, so is the delivery.

999)        There are no enemies in life. Today's enemy is tomorrow's friend.

There are no opposing forces in yoga as the opposing forces of one plane are supporting forces of another plane, sometimes lower, sometimes higher.

Except for the hostile forces, the yogi finds the other forces changing roles.

The hostile forces change character only when the yogi becomes the Supreme.

1000)   The all–inclusive concentration that is hindered by words will still be helped by a silent yearning of the heart for the ALL.