Breaking the Human Barrier

Oct. 9, 2001


·         Having known Mother for a long time, one often feels that he has not made any progress by knowing Her. Some say, “There was an initial spurt, later it subsided.”

·         When Mother is all, how can one not feel the change?

·         In times of prosperous transition, we see most people benefit and a few remain unaffected.

·         There are others who see the treasure Mother is, but She remains a treasure untouched.

·         The truths of social transition will clarify these positions.


-          Some changes like the Russian Revolution of 1917 compel everyone to accept the new way of life.

-          Events like Indian freedom of 1947 remove the fetters of slavery. Those who consciously avail of the freedom prosper beyond measure and others do not understand what is happening.

-          The advent of T. V. attracts everyone by its value of entertainment and the social pressure of spreading new fashion compels everyone to avail of it.

-          Brave men await opportunities of danger and rush at them, and when they succeed become world famous.

-          There are pioneers and followers.

-          There are social changes that are compelling like having a telephone when it is first spreading without which life is impossible.

-          There are others like education which if missed push you down to a lower level, but one survives.

-          It is not difficult to imagine the other ways of change.


·         Here, the question is for one who knows Mother’s spiritual abundance and his own unchanged status even though knowing all about Her.

·         Maybe he will answer to one of the descriptions of the above mentioned social changes, as all are there in Mother.

·         We know the agents of achievement. They are energy, aspiration, choice, decision, dynamism, skill and a variety of aspects representing oneself as well as society.

·         The desired change requires all of them. No one who does not have even ONE of them can hope for it.

·         Such changes and their requirements can be conceived of in a graded fashion with spiritual transformation at the top and physical survival of the unfittest at the bottom.

·         All phenomena we witness in the society are in-between. Among them some can be considered,


-          Meteoric rise to national prominence.

-          Moving from the middle class to the upper class.

-          Daily wage earner changing into a small proprietor.

-          A life of problems losing all its problems.

-          A young man rising to international fame by writing a book.

-          A technology making one very rich.

-          All one’s rich experience suddenly changing into rewards.


·         These changes will easily go into a scale of physical energy to spiritually rich mental ideas.

·         One can choose any avenue to rise by qualifying for it.

·         I have chosen a phenomenal increase in income, as it has two advantages.


§         Being a goal of life, it is integrated at its own level and cannot suffer from the defects of being partial.

§         It is almost the easiest situated at the low end of the scale in the vital plane.

·         One great value of this accomplishment is, as it is an accomplishment in life, it keeps open the doors of progress for the man to rise further if he chooses.

·         The aim of this article is to show how such a goal can be comprehensively achieved and how even one of the hundred ways too can accomplish it, if chosen with full understanding.

·         Done RIGHTLY, the progress cannot be anything other than of infinite dimensions in its own social context.

·         This needs no argument at all, as those in the society who have risen from an untouchable family to national Presidency have done this, of course unconsciously.

·         The process is to do consciously what hundreds of men have done unconsciously.

·         In its simplest form, it can be stated as “Avail of all opportunities with a vengeance till the last drop of your energy is exhausted.” This gives infinite expansion.

·         At the other end the principle is, “The difference between two at the top level and the bottom level is after all ONE item of efficiency taken to its extreme.”

·         Consider two friends of comparable talents, one of whom is a local lawyer and the other a person who has risen very high in the scale. We find the explanation to be one from the list below.

-          Well, he pays full attention to his profession and I have not.

-          He always looks for fresh knowledge and benefits by it.

-          He practises what he believes.

-          He works hard and I do not like work.

·         If you go about collecting all the thousand possible explanations, they all reduce to one of the principles stated below.

One of the standards of efficiency fully accepted and implemented makes the difference between life and death.

·         It is possible to create a comprehensive scale of efficiency as determined by energy, direction, organisation, values at the physical, vital, mental, spiritual levels so that we will have before us hundreds of paths of efficiency rising from below.

·         Any two people of comparable capacities differing fifty times in accomplishment can always be cited on ONE of these scales at two ends.

·         Studies undertaken extensively will justify this theme.

·         My own conclusion experimented with many token cases and from observation over fifty years, corroborated by the study of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is,


It is easy to raise oneself fifty times by a full-throated effort of perfect efficiency even in one level.