August 4, 2002


Attainment of Higher Consciousness



         Higher consciousness here means supramental consciousness and still higher, Mother's Consciousness.

         Greatness of Soul, genius of mind, capacity to lead the world, talents of an immortal poetry, great art, and music are great in any sense of the word. They are inconceivably great.

         The elements of Greatness are an extraordinary native endowment finding exceptional outlet in an atmosphere of appreciative reception.

         We also see greatness founds and others maintain it and succeed to greatness.

         Greatness identified fully with its pioneering mission leads to a misconception that greatness goes with the pioneering. It is better to separate them, take our hats off to the pioneering greatness, but turn our attention to all other aspects of greatness.

         Once they are separated, I venture to say, "After the founding of a great ideal, a great many can rise to the top of the achievement of greatness by dint of industry."

         Narasimha Rao and Morarji Desai could not have founded free India, but could succeed as great men in their great positions.

         In all fields where new ground is broken like Socrates, Newton, Einstein, or Shakespeare, we see the field full of men who deserve the attainments of greatness in full or part, or at least in one element.

         In one sense, the great successors and the founding great minds are equally endowed in all respects except the original greatness.

         Someone said Srinivasa Ramanujam was like a European professor except for his intuition.

         That I would like to call Leadership in Thought that leads to action.

         The Supramental force has been on earth since 1956 and is organising itself at various levels without our knowing it.

         It has come down to facilitate the birth of the supramental being.

         Genius is at two levels or three levels below that. A genius is to a supramental being what a first rank boy is to a genius.

         Prosperity or wealth is physical vital achievement, which millions of men have achieved over the centuries in varying measures.

         The capacity for success at prosperity is found in all these men warped, distorted, in disproportion, in one element as excess, in an impermissible organisation, etc, but invariably mixed with one or more pronounced negative traits or endowments.

         The world has not yet known the theory of material success and the question of organising a personality harmoniously with all the necessary endowments does not arise.

         Successful men in wealth are unorganised because they arose in response to a chaotic atmosphere of abundant, multifaceted opportunity.

         Now that the theory of creation is there, its application at the vital, physical level gives us the theory of prosperity. One who is fashioned according to that directly enters into infinite wealth. It is SIMPLE.

         Genius is of the mind and that too of the Intuitive mind. The intuitive mind has in it all the strands of life, mind and spirit, especially of the spirit. Genius has its touch, not the full possession.

         The presence of the Force has FULLY established the consciousness of the Supermind in the causal, subtle planes of earth.

         To look at genius and know ALL the facts or physical details it carries and make them available to the child has a vast chance of allowing genius to flower in the child.

         The physical facts, material details, the social atmosphere, the psychological freedom that attend on the achievements of genius are certainly within our reach to provide to the children.

         What Nehru founded was a government not different from any other government. What Newton discovered was a Law, not different from any other law. Their greatness lies in being pioneers of that type of effort. If we cannot produce that greatness, we can produce the results of that greatness, as it is a succeeding effort and not a pioneering effort.

         Greatness so far struggled against odds to emerge. The ordered atmosphere we offer eliminates that struggle and true greatness too will certainly be born there.