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Series III



801)     Flatness is the enjoyment of the physical of its lifeless routine which the vital resents.

802)     Human mentality is separative human ignorance labouring towards identical knowledge.

803)     Life is the determinant of the embodied being, not the body or the soul.

804)     Energy is the determinant of our faculties, not the faculties themselves.

805)     In a condition of reversal, the faculties will be the determinant of energy and the being the determinant of life.

806)     The small being appreciates offence; offends appreciation, worse still, suspects.

807)     Mother’s methods and principles fully followed usher one into yoga. As SHE is moving towards us in any single work, however small it is, it is possible to reach the heights for purposes of fulfilling it. In it ALL that She speaks is included. Only that we are unconscious of the process and conscious of the result.

808)     Purity of service and heroism in the battle reveal the Divine in life. *

809)     To know the other man’s point of view is to know the world as a marvel for each one of them. It is only in God’s point of view that the world will be a marvel to us.

810)     The need for another makes us see his strength, overlooking his defects. The need for another’s soul for our soul sees neither strength, nor weakness, but only the relationship.

811)     Each soul’s God-awareness enables him to relate to the soul of another.

812)     The relationship with another soul is different from the soul experience of God-awareness. (The relationship with another soul is a different soul experience from God-awareness.)

813)     Man plays the game of life as he plays a game of cards. To know Mother, the Supramental plane that has determined everything on earth, is to play the same game of cards as if you knew everyone’s cards.

814)     The spirit that seeks release seeks the infinite spirit above. The spirit that seeks evolution first becomes infinite.

815)     No man would agree to aim at a joy a whit less than the maximum possible in his present  understanding.

816)     Any new ideal can only show him a higher one is possible.

817)     Disease, frustration, failure, pain and all the ills of humanity we now witness are for the individual the source of an ardent aspiration towards which his whole energy is exercised through the maximum possible organisation of his consciousness.

818)     It may be a social tragedy but not an individual tragedy in the evolutionary sense.

819)     Should the question, ‘Why should we try to change the world at all?’ be raised, the answer is that effort for the individual answers the above rule.

820)     After reading The Life Divine, reaching Light, still one becomes superstitious and strengthens the opposite.* What decides is where your feet are planted, not what you know. Hence the importance of nature.

821)     “I am doing everything. Why is there no result?”  he asked Mother. She opened both of her hands in despair because he had been strengthening the opposite.

822)      Changing the roots is changing the attitude.

823)     When the whole being accepts something, the gross becomes subtle and can even become causal.

824)     Perfection lies not in the gross or subtle but in the causal plane.

825)     Transformation is integral change. Surface changing into inner; gross changing into causal; matter changing into spirit; idea into Real-Idea; pleasure into bliss and then into delight; relative into its Absolute and the individual realising that he indwells the Supreme.

826)     The Absolute and the relative are co-existent.

827)     The Absolute is the relative; the relative is the Absolute.

828)     The touch of the Absolute makes the relative absolute relative.

829)     The relative that is only aware of itself is finite.

830)     The relative that is aware of its origin in the Absolute is infinite.

831)     The relative that is able to know it is the Absolute that has become relative is Infinite.

832)     The finite becoming infinite is evolution; its becoming Infinite is Transformation.

833)     Ego being ego, knowing its origin is Supreme; the Supreme knowing it is disguising itself as ego are the corresponding several stages.

834)     Stupidity insisting on its admirable wisdom is God’s laughing at Shankara since it is the Absolute that took upon itself the aspect of stupidity ridiculing the immaturity of human effort to change it.

835)     Stupidity is in the gross plane; human effort that tries to change it can rise to the subtle plane; stupidity that laughs, laughs from the causal plane.

836)     Stupidity taking initiative in areas where it has no knowledge is NOT stupid, but it is its way of defence.

837)     The best defence of a faculty, e.g. stupidity, takes on the appearance of its own characteristic stamp.

838)     The wisest act of self-preservation of stupidity heightens its quality of being stupid.

839)     Any faculty putting up the best defence does so by rising higher in its own plane.

840)     HE means this when HE says that to cure the disorders of a plane we must carry them to a greater height.

841)     The finite becoming infinite and turning into the Infinite reveals all these potentialities in any field.

842)     Cashbox, grain store, etc. are not fully emptied because the force that acts is the force in the plane of grain and it needs continuity. Mother’s force is NOT the force of grain and it is outside it. Therefore for Her there should be no remainder left which is a hindrance for Her force.

843)     Training benefits by method which increases efficiency. Originality cannot receive training and cannot benefit by methods.

844)     Methods when perfect can surpass content in appearance. 

845)     Surrender is a method that is content itself.

846)     Surrender, starting as a method reaches the content to become content itself by identification.

847)     HE starts everything planting His feet in the Absolute, keeping up the full appearance of the relative, leading them back to the Absolute.

848)     In surrender, concentration, evolution and all the methods and devices HE employs HE keeps the appearance of the known to the ignorant, changes its basis, character and leads him to the unknown starting from the known.  In none of these acts is there any trace of the dead past, the finite.

849)     The past is dead. People cling to death by relying on the past. He brings the past into the present and that is the only concession HE grants the past, the right to lose itself like Freedom as the final law.

850)     The values of social personalities will have their social version since values of any plane express more of the plane than of itself.

851)     Practical ignorance:  To know where one is in terms of all his faculties and acts he is doing and know where he should move to similarly is to get rid of this ignorance.

852)     With the best of intentions, nostalgia can only lower the consciousness. The response is not for the intention but for the consciousness invoked.

853)     Without energy, joy and prosperity infinitely expanding, one cannot say he has come to Her.

854)     Partial expressions of such increase reveal that his roots are in the past.

855)     Only those who are happy to part with the past with the knowledge that past is low can begin surrender. Sticking to the past and surrender are opposite movements and will cancel each other.

856)     ‘Past’ or 'low’,  do not belong to the act that is neutral.  The attitude and consciousness are the determinants.

857)     If Force does not surge up, luck does not chase you, and all your work is not overfulfilled, it means that Mother is one of the gods to us, not a Force..

858)     Man cannot overcome nature. He can accept Mother. If one tries to give up nature after accepting Mother, nature will yield its hold on him.

859)     Nature is strong. Our own enjoyment fortifies it. The strength is not the original strength of nature.

860)     When we are detached from nature, it is a desirable condition. Nature is fortified by our identification with it.

861)     Without realising the soul, the ego cannot be dissolved; without dissolving the ego, the soul cannot be realised. The way out is to surrender each act of ego to the soul. Ego beginning to give way will be like the earth under our feet giving way.

862)     Silence that precedes surrender is not mental silence but it is Supramental silence.

863)     Mental silence stills thoughts, without which surrender cannot be initiated. It does not have the power to surrender thoughts.

864)     Mental silence is silence of thoughts. It is the silence of the mental psychic that is capable of surrender.

865)     Stilling the thoughts, the power issues out of a decision. It is not enough to surrender them.

866)     Only something stronger than thoughts can surrender thought.

867)     Mother’s Force that enters by calling can surrender thoughts because calling itself is an act of surrender.

868)     Surrender being surrender of ego, the energy for surrender must be as pervasive as ego.

869)     Surrender has vast, wide, beneficial material results, but can never be evaluated in those terms.

870)     All human conceptions being conceptions of ego, there is nothing else to conceive of surrender.

871)     Ego’s conception of surrender is self-defeating, an illusion, a paradox.

872)     However stupid or unconscious Man’s life appears, it is exercising a great intelligence in a consummate fashion even as the inert matter is in constant motion and at an inconceivable speed.

873)     He has the energy for transformation. Only that he must consent to it or change his view of sense and substance.

874)     Man changing his view is God awakening in him.

875)     Man’s enjoyment of self-discovery rising beyond a point leads to an awakening.

876)     What is the difference between unconscious groping and conscious awakening if it is not the Infinite’s self-conception at that moment and at that level?

877)     The Infinite that chose self-absorption and self-discovery is not bound to follow a fixed course at the beginning. It is free to change the speed, velocity, momentum of its movement at any time. HE initiates us into that ever present change.

878)     The course of the Infinite is not finite. It can be infinite too. And it can change infinitely.

879)     Evolution of form follows the path of horizontal growth of repetition.

880)     Evolution of consciousness follows the path of vertical expansion that does not repeat even once.

881)     Spiritual evolution can either be evolution of consciousness or an evolution of the infinite into Infinite.

882)     All that we know of so far can limit us when the evolution is still according to any law.

883)     When law gives way, the universe dissolves and recreates at every moment, the infinite evolves into the Infinite that includes the finite and the infinite.

884)     Is there any rule that the Divine should not change its chosen course mid-stream?

885)     The greatest of spiritual experiences awaits on man to turn away from what he is.

886)     When one of the few hundred ideas of The Life Divine is fully assimilated, it raises the level of mind out of its humanity -- its human limitations.

887)     Subtle thoughts are less irrational, being less rigid.

888)     That which is filthy, intolerable and disgusting will not be so when mind moves to the subtle plane.

889)     Mind moving to the spiritual plane can find the same thing reasonable and acceptable.

890)     Only in the Supramental plane will what is filthy to us become a marvel.

891)     When the atmosphere is not ready, the best of methods evokes no response or discovers a creative way to cancel itself.

892)     On withdrawing the belief in the method, the atmosphere becomes ripe and ready.

893)     Mother’s Force creates results. It can create the atmosphere, it can create the aspiration for the atmosphere also, but it chooses its own preference.

894)     She invites you to receive the Force, to become the Force, to become Herself.

895)     Do you really need Her, Her Force, to receive Her Force, is the only question for you.

896)     Physical skill, its finest expression, loves a similar skill of the mind or spirit.

897)     Perfect skill of one plane meeting perfect skill of another plane creates perfection.

898)     Energy, skill, capacity, talent, ability each becoming perfect and working in unison makes the plane perfect for you.

899)     Abuse can have a penetration which solicitude may not have in an atmosphere of less developed people. This abuse can give a sweetness by its penetration which solicitude cannot have here and material results of far reaching consequences.

900)      Whether abuse or solicitude, what produces the results which are the results of inner joy is the penetration from one side and receptivity on the other side.