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Series III,



501)      Calling Mother completes the work for which we call Her. The emerging psychic makes Mother’s action permanent.

 502)      Substance that is produced when being becomes conscious is Spirit.

            Mind giving birth to Life creates energy.

            Consciousness turning into Ananda produces force.

            Supermind creating mind produces thought.

 503)      Each level of further manifestation is accompanied by the creation of a field such as substance, spirit, force, thought, energy, form.

504)      Writing that contains facts is understandable on reading. Writing that contains concepts is understandable on thinking.

505)      The Upanishads say things are made of ether. Ether constitutes things but when things go into ether they disappear. A parallel to that is the Board creates the company, the CEO, the Chairman and is the company, but when the company goes into the Board, the Board can dissolve the company.

506)      Thoughts reflect the facts outside. Scholars collect it and become experts. Idea is a state of being that arises out of thinking. Scholars rarely grow into thinkers.

507)      Theoretically there is no sin or virtue, only neutral acts. Man coming through circumstances to do acts of sin as if they were virtues of his life is indirectly qualified to recognise the same in others.

508)       When a man who has resented another’s sin comes to commit the same sin, he realises that the other man was not sinful. He comes to such a conclusion in various ways:

     It is a virtue for me, but a sin for others.

     As he is doing it, he condones it in others, but no one should do it to him.

     He is able to realise the nature of the act only when he does it. Still, he is unable to accept the truth.

     As he sees his own act as the Divine Will, it is possible for him to view others’ acts  similarly too for a while.

     His own act comes back to him for him to realise the Marvel.

509)      The finite can enjoy playing the game only from one side. The Infinite can play it from both sides equally, enjoying it while it is on either side since it has the capacity of self-absorption.

510)      Betrayal is loyalty at a distance trying to catch attention by the only faculty it has, even as a friend at a great distance wanting your attention throws a stone at you that hits you hard.

511)      Urge is the initiative of substance.

512)      It is man’s vital authority that rules now which permits those in authority to enjoy what they deny to others. Democracy, free market, social equality are changing the centre of that vital authority to the common man, the poor man, the woman and the oppressed. Oppression remains; its participants have exchanged roles.

513)      As civilisation advances, vital authority will be replaced by the authority of rationality. Then man will agree to abolish marriage, inheritance, private property, offering full freedom to women, opportunity to youth to fully grow and the government to administer what the individual has earned.

514)      Man can rise from the rational authority to spiritual equality when he discovers the criminal and the harlot as great souls.

515)      Beyond spiritual equality lies the pure Godhead as it evolves in humanity and earth. It is then man can enjoy God as woman and will have the insight to convert himself into woman for God to enjoy him, transcending the duality of the male and female principles.

516)      There is a normal conflict between understanding and enjoyment. To enjoy what the mind understands to be good, is the first step towards transformation, the final step being the capacity to accomplish what the mental understanding sanctions.

517)      Shamelessness is physical since the physical is only aware of itself.

518)      Mind, when it touches the emotions, ordinarily jars. Touching the emotions at an inappropriate moment, it hurts because the only response emotion gives to mind is reaction.

519)      The small man evaluates the ideal in terms of his experience. The idealist tries to understand his experience in terms of the ideal.

520)      The surest indication of a selfish man is his calling an utterly selfless person selfish.

521)      As society has conscious and unconscious people, the psychologically unconscious have psychological problems. The socially conscious progress easily in society; the psychologically conscious do not suffer from psychological problems. HE wants us to be evolutionarily conscious, i.e. to become the evolving God.

522)      Not being able to consecrate, or do a thing which you understand, is not understanding it physically since the body starts doing as soon as it understands.

523)      Consecration makes the part into the whole by taking the thought from the surface to the depth. There it takes the act from nature to the soul by moving from the inner being to the subliminal.

524)      Inner subtle vision: There are grades. To begin with, one finds it difficult to conceive that there is something other than the physical reality. Next, one feels inside everything is dark. The dark inner atmosphere resolves into animal figures, insects, etc. Darkness gives place to greyness and some light shows. In an atmosphere of light, events related to us reveal themselves. Light increases and vision increases with light. Vision next embraces wider and higher planes till it is vision at will.

525)      Knowledge emerging out of Ignorance: In children the knowledge of the parents is hidden. They exert themselves most to let that knowledge flower. Parents do not have a greater joy than bringing out their own hidden knowledge in the children. The joy is greatest because it has gone out of their hands.

526)      Overcoming the grief within, unable to respond to grief inside, Savitri says She has overcome Death.

527)      The finest joys of the human heart outlive themselves until a fresh accumulation of energy makes it possible again. The Divine Joy is ever-living, non-stop, like life.

528)      Raising any activity to a status of permanency is to transform its human character into divine status.

529)      The diabetic’s enjoyment of sweets hurts his health. The soul’s enjoyment of discipline hurts the senses. These are expressions of progress through contradictions. The senses and the soul enjoying the same is progress through unity.

530)      The pain of progress through contradictions, the joy of progress through unity are two faces of the Absolute in involution and evolution.

531)      Pain is the intense joy of evolution while man is identified with the process.

532)      Pain is the sensation of the objective experience. Shifting to subjective experience it is no longer pain. Going beyond objectivity and subjectivity, it is neither pain nor pleasure but original Ananda. Pain and pleasure are stages in Ananda’s march to delight.

533)      The enemy’s infliction of injustice extends one’s domain of existence negatively.

534)      What the enemy does negatively can be positively done by  consecration at the level of substance.

535)      Sensational experience of both will be the same for the evolving man, undiluted pain. It is only the evolving God in man that can enjoy delight in Lila, not the man.

536)      Senses that give pain to man offer pure delight to God.

537)      Converting senses from a channel of pain into a channel of delight is purification of senses.

538)      Human senses are instruments of the finite. Purified senses are channels of the Infinite. Purification is to convert the finite into the Infinite.

539)      Finite seeking purification intensifies the existing pain since it tries to go from the finite to the Infinite.

540)      The Infinite waking inside and emerging is a process of the opposite. Being a process of Lila, it issues delight.

541)      To die to the finite surface and awake in the Infinite in the depths is consecration.  He who has given up initiation initiates it in the greatest of human depths.

542)      Yoga is the process of human initiative transforming itself into divine action.

543)      It is a moment when the Divine in the ego chooses to awake and dissolve itself.

544)      A concentration that takes one to the divine seed in the ego makes consecration possible.

545)      To convert the existing potentialities into results, methods are useful. To create fresh potentialities, methods are useless.

546)      Fresh potentialities are created by understanding a fresh idea that is higher. It becomes results when acted upon.

547)      Social evolution is the majority of the society mentally achieving what the pioneer achieved physically. Its spread is possible as it is the subconscious knowledge of the society.

548)      Purna Yoga is to raise the evolutionary centre in Man from the physical to the Spirit, making a beginning with the mind.

549)      The energy needed in this yoga for the concentration is one that is greater than needed by  Nirvikalpa Samadhi,  where even branding will not restore sensation.

550)      Awakening in Purna Yoga comes when one is able to see ALL actions of his as perfect expressions of complete folly and is no longer enamoured of them.

551)      An earlier stage or penultimate stage is to see every other person like that.

552)      All that we cherish such as human existence, happiness, practically useful knowledge, unfailingly working technologies, administrative accomplishment are INTEGRAL as the Integrality of the Absolute includes Being and Non-Being.

553)      Integrality at any level includes the opposite fully.

554)      Nothing that is not integral is fully efficient or satisfactory.

555)      An efficiently working clock or an office or an individual is integral in his constitution as well as functioning.

556)      Revelation of Marvel comes to an integral knowledge.

557)      Conceptual knowledge of the Marvel will reveal it as a concept, not as a reality.

558)      Fate and free will: the infinite freedom of the finite is the finite determination of the Infinite.

559)      The sensation of this knowledge in the vital generates infinite energy. The physical sensation of the same gives infinite power.

560)      The desire to know is of the mind, to try to know the Law or rationale is still of the mind or ego. Abandoning them all in favour of MOTHER alone is faith.

561)      Man lives within a radius of his own perception within which he is extraordinarily intelligent and resourceful. It is a radius of unconsciousness.  Outside that he commits acts of utter folly.

562)      Every situation is infinitely creative in potential. It is circumscribed by our lack of experience, lack of interest or lack of comprehension.

563)      The practical concept of infinity becomes practical reality of infinite resources through infinite interest.

564)      Man is infinite in potential, finite in his experience, interest, comprehension or equality.

565)      God is infinite consciousness; God in Life is infinite resources of ways of life one wills.

566)      To make Infinity a practical concept of daily life is to realise HIS yoga in life.

567)      Such a conception in the material brain – mind involved in brain – transforms Matter, a condition where Spirit moves Matter.

568)      Spirit moving Matter is a condition where the subconscient will becomes conscious.

569)      Theory formulates long experience into a concept and elevates it from the physical plane of random observation to a constructed rational scheme of thought.

570)      Frowning on higher behaviour which one should learn is the last stage of organised ignorance and its emotional protest.

571)      What responds to the touches or onslaughts of another’s ego is only our ego. Ego reacts; in its absence, there is response.

572)      The soul coming to the surface and looking around gives us the sense of wonder. Wonder is the sensation of the soul in life.

573)       Initiation is the act of the being, even as thought, feeling and movement are the acts of mind, vital and the body.

574)      He who recognises that divorce is as natural and as compelling as marriage is unable to divorce even after choosing to marry. That knowledge assuming the force of practical wisdom prior to marriage leads to brahmacharyam which is a theoretical possibility.

575)      Activity based on thought cannot be effective beyond the mental plane. Those that are effective in life originate from emotions. Builders of institutions or lasting empires let their actions issue out of physical sensation borne out of long experience.

576)      Even when world stirring actions originate in the soul, they must pass through the levels of mental thought, emotional intensities and finally convert themselves into lasting monuments in societies.

577)      God acts through the perfected human soul in whom the field of awakened spirit at the level of being is open. It may either be evolutionary or not. For it to be evolutionary, the awakened spirit must be his evolving psychic.

578)      God’s action through the awakened spirit expands the present life when it is non-evolutionary.

579)      Authenticity and Self-Existence are the stamps of the Absolute.

580)      A Self-Existent thought survives without the help of agents of preservation and spreads without the need of media.

581)      A Self-Existent vital sensation effectuates itself without the need of external support of any description.

582)      A Self-Existent act multiplies itself throughout the world and the universe.

583)      The stone is the Absolute in matter, even as the plant and human body are the Absolute in the vital planes.

584)      The Absolute expressing in thoughts generates immortal words.

585)       When one’s spoken words come true, it  is the Absolute partially or fully expressing in words.

586)      Information is propagated and is effective when the knowledge in it is understood and acted upon.

587)      At another level, information is knowledge itself.

588)      As information is knowledge itself in the plane of mind that receives it so, information or knowledge can be result itself if it is absolute information or absolute knowledge.

589)      Mariadoss could not accept the coconut proposal because he had no mental power to convert the information into knowledge and then into effectivity. From my side it was information, not absolute information. For that to be absolute information, the Absolute should have touched my mind.

590)      The absolute touching the mind makes the mind lose its normal traits of expectation, pride, satisfaction, etc.

591)      Perfection in any plane is the path of reaching the Absolute or bringing the Absolute down to the plane. It is a path that is a method, a path from below, ascent. Descent is to rise to the Absolute and consciously let it pour down on any plane.

592)      The Absolute descending on any plane brings perfection as a consequence while perfection prepares that plane to qualify receiving the Absolute.

593)      Perfection of any plane is like the good opposed to evil. Perfection that issues out of the Absolute descending on that plane is like the Self-Existent Good.

594)      At the base of expectation, complaint, grievance, wanting to settle ancient scores lies memory.

595)      Expectation fulfilled is accomplishment in that plane. Dissolving memory, wiping out lingering expectations, gives an ever-fresh joy which the fulfilment of that plane is incapable of.

596)      HE said the West realised Brahman in Matter when HE referred to the Perfection in their works.

597)      Error-free printing in India is certainly that Perfection if it is also accompanied by error-free writing.

598)      Cleanliness, orderliness, organisation, systematisation, perfection are the elements of that state.

599)      To rise above the need of that Perfection is to be able to bring it about through external agencies. As Mother brought that Perfection to HIM, it must come to one.

600)    Something coming on its own is Grace, is the condition to realise the   Absolute. Mother seeking us is an indication that the Absolute can be realised in us.