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Series III    401-500                                                                                                                                                          

401)   One of the greatest secrets of this yoga, maybe the greatest secret, is described as Sensing in oneself Knowledge emerging out of Ignorance.

         In other words, as only the psychic can sense that emergence, the secret turns out to be what is well known, to bring the psychic to the surface.

402)   The characteristic of the psychic emerging is joy. Should we feel the joy of seeking the psychic, we will be on the right track. Presently we feel joy in vitally egoistic dissipation. The key is to shift from here to there.

403)   Man is conscious because he has mind; hence we speak of his destiny. For his ascent to Supermind, for his evolution, he must become the spirit in his mind because only the spirit in his Mind can look back and recognise the spirit behind the heart. Presently his mind thinks and thought leads nowhere. For him to consecrate, the spirit in that mind should turn to the spirit inside.

                  Physical body acts and goes out.

         Vital energy can act only outwardly.

         Mental thought too can think and only think, an outgoing act.

                  Consecration is prakriti turning inward and surrendering to Purusha. Only the spirit in thought -- the psychic -- can turn around and look inside.

 404) Conscious evolution at different levels means to raise the mental interest of understanding by choice, to raise the vital interest of enjoyment by conscious choice. The physical habit expresses itself irresistibly; to compel the physical to express itself through a higher habit is conscious evolution there.

          Existence is by the understanding of the mind, interest of the vital and habit of the physical. Conscious efforts of the mind to comprehend a higher scheme of things, forge a better relationship or persuade the physical energy to withdraw from an existing habit to express through a higher habit are efforts through which the personality reorganises itself at a higher level which is evolution. As it is done consciously, it is conscious evolution. This is a parallel to the Infinite's self-conception which created the form and impregnated it with the energy of the content so that it may evolve through a process and rhythm.

          Man repeating the function of Infinite's creation of form at his level to raise  Nature's expression of energy is conscious evolution.

 405) Years of experience and reasoning based on it give us the right knowledge for action. Still the strength for action is wanting. Either waiting further or calling Mother gives that strength. Ability to consecrate changes the atmosphere, makes things happen and then it is possible to know that process.

 406)   As the social person responds to prestige more than money, the DEVOTEE responds more to the spiritual touch of Mother than to prestige or even money.

 407) During meditation when the senses fall off, suddenly the active reason free from the senses turns intuitive. It is revelation or inspiration.

 408) Expectation is reasoning based on unreality.

 409) Each time the mind sees a law or tries to deduce a law, suspension of that mental effort gives place to the intuitive flash. That way, we turn reason into intuition by consecration.

 410) Vital desire punishes the guilty; reason defends itself and refuses to punish; intuition tries to reward the guilty for the enlightenment it received. Rising beyond intuition, strength rises preventing anyone from doing wrong to you.

 411) God gives you the occasion to shed the psychological conditioning -- morality, ethics, sensibility etc. Because you threw to the winds social conditioning, why do you lament instead of rejoicing? (1956)

 412) The enjoyment of Ignorance is like the enjoyment of superstition, fear and the insecurity of poverty. If anything excels, it is the utter fulfilment one feels in being fully organised in selfishness. It is symbolised by the desire for popularity in the social plane you have left far behind or the desire for wreaking vengeance against ancient rivals.

 413) Emerging out of Ignorance into knowledge is emerging out of thought into Silence, sensation into energy and from physical sensation into power.

 414) People are mental, subtle, spiritual, and rarely evolutionary. Mental persons can fully absorb the thought of Sri Aurobindo from His writings as they are produced by His intellectual activity. Subtle people best benefit from a stay in Pondicherry or better still in the centre of Ashram service. Surrender is The Method most suited to spiritually awakened souls when they give up their own methods of mantra, asana etc. Evolutionary people are those who have the Call and thus they are the children of Mother. She does the sadhana in them, for them.

 415)   When mind asks for something, it comes forward to deny another, like Babur, because mind concedes the existence of one only at the expense of another. Spirit has both, has no need to deny.

 416) Every man responds more to God than for material benefits or psychological enjoyment. It is not only man, every object does so. We are blind not to see man's God in money and material prosperity.

 417) Concentration sets in when the senses turn off. The being thrilling, by having overcome nature, means consecraton will succeed.

 418) To appreciate The Life Divine, one needs to experience emerging from Ignorance. It is the Supreme which seeks to discover His lost self by this emergence. Therefore he who experiences that emerging is the Supreme at that moment.

 419) The principle of Silent Will is to achieve more by a greater inner exertion. This holds good in every plane till the Absolute.

         If you don't speak, the other man speaks your thoughts.

         If you restrain from action, the other acts.

         If thoughts are not expressed, Silence expresses.

         Refusing to be conscious, one moves into Existence.

         Refuse to Exist, you are moved into the Absolute.

 420) Supramental reason is reason that acts after shedding sensation, emotion and intellectuality.

 421) Humility is the spiritual FORM of Love.

 422) As Matter is the objective form of subjective Being, thought is the external aspect -- objective form -- of Silence. Going from thought to Silence is moving from the surface to the depth.

 423) Life makes you work hard and rise inch by inch. Grace suddenly opens and gives, asking you to work to deserve it. Super Grace simply GIVES the end result.

 424) The tapasvi strains for years for a little result. Mother gives the result and expects you to strain to hold on to it. Your accepting Mother as the most desirable thing in this world and the other, makes you receive the final result.

 425) As THEY have come on earth seeking man, instead of his seeking Them, THEY give the result first. Whether you endeavour to deserve it or effortlessly possess it depends upon whether you go to Her or allow Her to possess you.

 426) Life is karma. Turning to Mother is grace. Allowing yourself to be possessed by HER is Super Grace.

 427) To grow out of the social conditioning or authority into psychological authority has a parallel in the idea of an individual supplying  all his needs himself instead of getting them from the society which is the easier of  the two.

 428) MARVEL;

         It is disgusting to you because IT openly wishes to destroy you and enjoy the very process of destruction. What it thus destroys is what you can never destroy yourself, your ego. Consenting to that destruction, rather courting that destruction, better still enjoying it, you are liberated from your ego and the MARVEL discloses itself.

                 Things that you can so count:

           The disgust.


           Unpardonable politeness that aims at not accomplishing.

           Offending treacherous selfishness.

           All of them can do greater service than the crooked evil has rendered. 

429) Rejection of thoughts results in Silent Brahman whereas surrender of thoughts results in Silence in the body. Thoughts are rejected from the thinking mind to achieve Silent Brahman while their origin in the body is left untouched. Surrender of thoughts removes or dissolves the thoughts in their very roots in the body. Thus the Silence reaches the body.

430) When the psychic is reached through bhakti, it can lead to moksha and not to transformation. For the psychic to yield transformation, we should reach it through consecration. Bhakti reaches the emotional psychic and not the central psychic being.

431) Silent Will is converting objective action into a subjective state.

432) When your surest method fails, it means you have overcome the need for it.

433) Mental maturity of man recognising the stability of social organisation represents money.

434) Standing on the border of Self-discovery, the point at which knowledge emerges from Ignorance, one realises that it is not given to the human guru to lead you across. Only the Inner Guru can do it.

435) The human guru who has dissolved his ego, has realised the Inner Guru. He can lead one to the Inner Guru.

 436) To feel an outrage, a disgust, even an unease at one doing to you what you are doing in copious measure to another --- even to the very same person -- is a response of the ego.  No mantra, no method, no human guru can help you at this point. This is that threshold that opens on to the Inner Guide. Give up thoughts, considerations, methods etc. and turn to the Inner Guide. The outrage, disgust, unease will cease and turn into HIS eternal joy.

 437) The vital mind realising God will be selfish, if not egoistic, even as the physical realising Love wants to receive in the beginning. The truth of breaking the social, moral principles such as chastity, honesty, etc. will dawn on him in the measure it is advantageous to himself.

 438) The unconscious effort of 30,000 years can be abridged in 30 years, says HE. Calling Mother accomplishes it. Hence calling Mother is to abridge 30 years into three months.

 439) To know of calling Mother is the knowledge of purna yoga.

 440) Calling is Purna Yoga.

 441) Calling will accomplish the impossible.

 442) What is impossible by the centre between the brows is possible by the thousand petalled lotus.

 443) HE always said to Purani, "Raise your thinking centre above the head."

 444) Calling destroys sensitivities and converts life into HIS marvel.

 445) When calling becomes a soul's attitude -- a way of life -- one finds:

          --  complaints cease;

         --  others' indulgence is as sweet as one's own;

         --  selfishness changes into selflessness seeing that all is in each, not                                                         only each in all;

        --  God's touch in the strangling hands is seen;

        --  Transformation results when silly desires lose their very roots;

         --  the subconscient hell ceases to be so;

         --  higher ideas are communicated in Silence and are not made infructuous by speech.

 446) The vital that has generously or insensitively forgotten a great wrong done to it, has the capacity to ruminate over a small injustice and grow very sensitive and self-righteous about it.

 447) Imperfection is as great a power as Perfection. When Perfection grows consciously, Imperfection, keeping up the balance from its side, gives birth to the above sensitivity.

 448) Sadness is vital ignorance.


449) Mental ignorance is cured either by knowledge or by ignorance becoming familiar, if curing means it doesn't bother.

 450) Vital ignorance is cured, i.e. it is prevented from being a bother, by the ignorant act repeating itself till it becomes familiar. Such a familiarity can rise even by the first repetition.

 451) The mind in the vital seeing the issue from another man's point of view becomes enlightened and the event or person who was the cause of sadness till then comes into the focus of mental light dissolving vital sadness.

 452) (A sentence on p. 379 of Life Divine rewritten as a social analogy)

         The nation maintains itself as social being by the consciousness of its own national reality, finding itself in each individual being by the realisation of the Society and the Nation in that being and in all existences.

 453) An act can be seen in several planes, viz. evolutionary, natural, mental, social, physical. Mental, social, physical planes are human. To be able to see any act from any plane in its evolutionary role is to find it a MARVEL. The marvel too can be seen in the process of involution as well as evolution, one in its pristine purity of losing the energy and the other in its purity of releasing the evolutionary energy.

 454) The different between Silence and Peace is the difference between Being and Consciousness.

 455) Silence in Consciousness is Peace.

 456) Peace in the Being is Silence.

 457)      Peace exists in consciousness while Silence belongs to substance.

 458) Realising the Absolute at the level of       

--     Being is to move to the Non-Being without losing hold of the Being;

--    Thought is to think in Silence or allow Silence to flow through thought;

--     Vital is to release the energy through liking or its opposite;

            --    Physical is to work in comfort through the habit or its opposites or its absence.

459) At the level of Supermind, the Divine soul has a constant sense of the Absolute but to move to the Absolute, one has to feel the Timeless Eternity in Time Eternity.

 460) To touch the Absolute in the surface -- becoming -- or depth -- being -- one has to see the being in the becoming.

 461) To act integrally is to realise the Absolute in the act.

 462) An idea is a vibration of the Being and a psychological state.

 463) The idea is of the being, thought belongs to the mind and speech is the mouth.

 464) Supreme discovery is to know the power and process of moving from consciousness to being.

 465) This is the process of evolution beyond the Supermind to consciousness and further.

 466) The process of  evolution from one plane to the next is the same at all levels, but the power differs. It is the process of reversal.

 467) Non-Existence, Matter, becomes Life by sensation.

         Life becomes Mind by highly sensitive response.

         Mind becomes Higher Mind by giving up understanding through thinking.

         Higher Mind becomes Illumined Mind by (giving up the mental sensation of seeing the knowledge by Silence, i.e.) giving up the desire for understanding.

         When the Illumined Mind does not seek to ‘see’ the knowledge, it directly knows the knowledge by intuition.

         The knower in the apprehending Supermind ceasing to be the knower, turns into the original knowledge that split into knower, knowledge, known.

         The knower when he does not insist on being the exclusive knower joins the doer, fusing knowledge and will.

         Knowledge is objectivising the self-conscious subjective consciousness.

         Knowledge becomes consciousness by turning the objective knowledge into subjective consciousness.

         Ceasing to be conscious, an activity of self-extension, consciousness goes back to being.

         Ceasing to be horizontally, it becomes Non-Being, vertically, the Absolute.

 468) If the above is the process of evolution, at each stage evolution uses a power, e.g. concentration, to move from thought to silence. While concentration is the general power, it expresses differently at different stages.

 469) All-inclusive concentration is the power that makes the unconscious conscious.

 470) All-inclusive concentration reverses the senses that feed the mind with sense data into mind using the senses for its own perception.

 471) The wide massive opening is the result of senses and the body opening at their spiritual centres for the purposes of functioning.

 472) Consecration of thought, feeling, act takes us to the psychic of the mind, vital or body respectively. In fact, habit (physical) consecrated takes us to the physical psychic while the consecration of the whole act leads to the central psychic.

 473) Concentration is by the purity of the part and into the spirit from there. Concentration in Purna Yoga is by the purification of the part and from there into the psychic of that part.

 474) Yoga till now has been like a scholar or a scientist.  HE made it as public service or commercialising a discovery.

 475) Urge is the initiative of the substance.

 476) Moral offences are done with impunity by those whose urge is intense enough to secure the sanction of life. Life accords its sanction when the strength of the urge matches its own strength.

 477) Instructions are carried out by submission. Instructions when understood by the vital turn into experience which seeks to enjoy by taking initiative to act.

         When instructions become experiences, obedience turns into initiatives that seek fulfilment.

 478) “It is so”  is the way we describe a very well-known phenomenon that refuses to explain itself to us. We end up acknowledging it saying, ‘It is always that way.’ This is the vital stage of complete right unconscious experience.

 479) The public at large is false and evil-minded. Any good act of an idealist will be negatively interpreted by them either because the idealist may have a flaw in his character or the act may lend itself to be interpreted that way.  When neither is possible, the public does not come to appreciate the idealist act but exclaims in wonder, “We just don’t understand how on earth this can ever be!” It is not un-understanding, but a willingness not to understand the goodness of another person.

            Evil carps and cavils at goodness and when it can no longer do it, assumes incomprehension.

 480) As Silence sustains activity, it is again Silence alone that can consecrate activity.

481)  God is Brahman for the jnani. Money is Brahman for man. Beauty is the woman’s Brahman. Adulthood considers youth as Brahman.

         Jnani, man, woman, and youth are all Brahman. Each fulfils itself by seeking what is Brahman for it. Brahman seeks realisation in creation. The marvel is the jnani’s evolutionary realisation.

         Brahman in creation seeking its fulfilment in its counterpart is the marvel Master of works  revealing itself to the integral seeker.

482) The unfaithful woman, when exposed, defends the lover, destroys herself to wreak vengeance on the man while her soul progresses to recognise the greetings of another soul on its way to death. The man’s sense of outrage refuses to outgrow the wrong suffered and is riveted in it, since it is selfish justice that he cherishes.

 483) Substance is created by the being when it becomes conscious.

 484) Spirit is the substance of being.

 485) Time is created by the consciousness dwelling on itself. Timelessness is the result of Spiritual perceptive knowledge perceiving the subject as its own object.

 486) Substance is the result of subject extending itself as object.

 87)   Beyond Spirit there is no substance, no subject-object relationship, only identity.

 488) Integrality:  Mother’s Force is integral. Integrality is the organisation that allows Her force to act freely on it. Life has evolved such integrality only after His advent. Up until now it has been seen only in flashes.

 489) Luck is that integrality which makes it a constant success.

 490) Till such integral atmosphere arises, Mother readily acts on partially integral points that are skills, values, etc.

 491) HIS yoga aims at evolutionary integrality in Mind.

 492) Moksha is that integral fullness which offers Identity with Spirit.

 493) An aim in life for good people is an integral life that enables Mother to act constantly for the fullness of life.

 494) The imagined story is far more powerful and has a greater chance of eternal life than an event of historical occurrence because one is subtle and the other is gross. Literature becomes immortal only in subtle thought plane.

 495  Disappointed romance or life is only the outer expression of a gap in comprehension.

 496) One who has an excellent plot for a story and not the matching style in writing cannot borrow the services of another for writing. It only means his plot is essentially flawed at several points. A style of writing shaping itself is the index for a flawless plot.

 497) Nature’s profoundest method of contradiction is seen in Ishwara Shakti, but its origin is the duality of Being & Non-Being, the very origin of Manifestation.

 498) All the essence of jnanam lies in knowing a few things such as, subject-object; manifestation; maya; time, space; substance; the seven principles; ignorance; self, soul, etc. Knowing them from their origin, one can have jnanam.

 499) Jnanam, bhakti, and siddhi can be described as accomplishment in the mental, vital, physical planes.

 500) Divine Will  is the siddhi of Purna Yoga.