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1)    Phenomenal energy is released by work, harmony, greater comprehension and faith.

2)    Change in society's attitude compels man to change quickly. His own physical experience will take decades to make such a change. Effort at mental comprehension abridges even that. Mind turning to faith is quicker still. It is only Grace that does it in a trice.

 3)   The heavens open to pour down 7" of rain after the withdraw­al of the monsoon when the official link with a hostile person is severed.

 4)  Efforts at physical perfection reveal incomplete vital organisation and insufficient mental comprehension. Lack of faith or patience surfaces too.

 5)   In bringing about a miraculous material result turning the mind away from the negative beliefs is of greater signifi­cance than moving towards Mother and Grace.

 6)   Even to express formal thanks, man and the society need long psychological preparation

 7)   Subjective Being and objective Consciousness disappear on crossing Satchidananda from where Mother's Agenda is writ­ten.

 8)  Great accomplishments precede long before they are compre­hended, especially when one is raised to such heights. [Mother's first touch is from beyond Satchidananda while man is unaware of it for decades for during this birth.]

 9)  Harmony of emotions or thought between two persons can release energy to conquer the world. It is no easy task to accomplish it with the best of intentions. It is one soul apprehending another, thus releasing supramental conscious­ness. This is the first step to comprehend each in all.

 10) All in each perceived by the mind generates selfishness since man understands all should serve him. Only each in all makes for unselfishness. This is a horizontal movement while all in God and God in all is to raise oneself vertically.

 11) Standing on the borders of Silence, man thinks about Silence which mental activity prevents him from entering Silence. He can stay there forever.

 12) The very first rule of consecrating speech becomes the very last effort for a sincere sadhak when his mental comprehen­sion is incomplete.

 13) The concentration needed for that is so enormous that it demands the withdrawal of his mental interest in his mental environment.

 14) No one can perfectly grow into the native idiom of a foreign language without its being interfered with by his own idiom.  Sri Aurobindo's English syntax was from his previous birth in France as Napoleon.

 15) He who can move the rains can move Grace.

 16) Grace constantly creates opportunities which man uses for dissipation or assertion and he ends up with problems. Solving his problems without changing his attitude gives him scope to have a longer lease for his attitude and create greater problems.

 17) A wrong prayer reversed brings down Grace in torrents. (Realising that the prayer to stop rains is wrong, brought 7" of rain in 9 hours).

 18) The body consciousness, not the cell's' consciousness, would teach the cells how to surrender. A power of fantastic velocity, a velocity that makes light slow, was passing through Mother's cells. The body conscious­ness is of a higher plane. When we move to a higher plane, a greater force is released as development moves to society from the government.

 19) Mother sees a condition that is greater than surrender.

 20) The Lord is enjoying Himself a lot, even by what we don't find amusing.

       Purna Yoga is to convert indulgence into enjoyment.

 21) Fatigue is a great sign of weakness.

 22)We move from support of habit to support of knowledge to support of will. When they all disappear, only the Supreme remains

 23) The immense habit of depending on the will of others, the consciousness of others, the reactions of others must be replaced by a spontaneous absolute sincerity of consecra­tion.

 24) Man can rise to higher experience without fully passing through lower experience, but not without a modicum of it. The small successes with money or in society play an import­ant inspiring role. To seek that in that measure is neces­sary. More of it deadens.

 25) As the Sun cannot partially shine, the Force  cannot act slowly or in trickles. The Sun floods with its light, so the Divine pours its Force.

 26) The gods are the result of human subjectivity.

       The Supreme is the only OBJECT.

 27) Human life is that which makes a mind-set its final determi­nant. Several mind-sets combine over centuries to create a culture.

 28) When mind-sets are broken or overcome, dishonour or disgrace will pass before that mind uneventful as non-events. To be able to discover the marvel the world is, one must partici­pate in the joy of his wrong-doer.

       Delight in the wrong-doer's  disgrace to you qualifies your nerves for Mother's Freedom.

 29) Challenge is necessary for one who cannot seek progress by himself for itself. Challenge develops an intensity in the absence of aspiration which is the intensity of rising consciousness without reference to the environment.

 30) Mind growing out of the identification with a part, before dissolving itself in a vision of the total, sees both sides of an issue, perceiving them as contradictions. Fullness of perception of a mind outgrowing obliviousness finds the vision of the whole as two opposing contradictions.

 31) Austerity of brahmacharya is a must for yoga; but accom­plishment in yoga is not by austerity but by enjoyment. Only that the enjoyment must be at a higher and purified level; yet it is the enjoyment of the male principle by the female principle. This is true of all acts. When any act is com­pleted, these two principles do fuse. Neither of these principles can accomplish by itself.

 32) When the comprehending Supermind became the apprehending Supermind, Mind was created. This is the descent. For us to follow evolution, ascent is the path, i.e. the latter should become the former. The object becoming the subject is that process, thus making the other man part of us, seeing him inside.

 33) Seeing the PROCESS in every act of ours, we become conscious of the process. That makes the finite, subordinated to the process, infinite which monitors the process.

 34) To win a complement out of the enemy's mouth is a universal longing.

 35) Relationships forged or lived are never totally lost. They survive in one form or another, even as opposites.

 36) Consecration remains a non-starter because one begins it having learnt the method. As the supramental cannot be imitated, consecration cannot be practised through a method. Only the inner preparedness will allow the act to be consecrated.

 37) The Absolute is Infinite, but its infinity is not the op­posite of the finite. It is infinite in its own right, rather a self-existing Infinity.

 38) We have an intellectual concept of infinity. To understand God in Life, one needs a practical concept of infinity.

 39) The Parambrahmam in the poet creates ever-living characters and images. Vedanta says that it is not given to man to do the same thing in the material plane.

 40) The Parambrahmam in the poet creates, the Parambrahmam in the reader is awake enough to respond.

 41) The Absolute can be approached by seeking absolute perfec­tion at our level of working. Absolute perfection at our own level is the maximum possible perfect balance, not absolute perfection. The maximum possible is the maximum desirable and that makes it absolute at that level.

 42) Yogic progress is measured by how one handles his irresist­ibility and the initiative; one is overflowing vital energy and the other is age-old mental habit.

 43) The later stages of giving up vital attachments have several versions, viz. fond remembrance, mental accusation, self-justification, desire to insult, insulted feeling and final­ly, passive memory.

       What is forgotten is really given up.

 44) Restlessness -- stillness -- consecrated activity.

       Thoughts running in the mind or thinking; desires of the vital and breathing; bodily habits and movements are all expressions of restlessness. Non-thinking mind, vital that does not breathe, unmoving body indicate stillness. Still­ness is outer as well as inner. Mother thinking in a still mind, universal energy entering the vital, and the Divine ini­tiating bodily impulses are consecrated activities.

 45) The passionate vital, having taken to Mother, consoles itself saying, "I can give myself up fully to a person, a wife or a friend; but to give oneself up to Mother is too lofty for my smallness." Certainly the vital cannot think or think rationally! to ask itself how, if it cannot live for the Divine, can it live for a person?

 46) 'I know you', 'I know what it is', 'I have known this for ages' are statements that are wrong 90% of the time factual­ly or otherwise. When they prove to be right, it is 'right' for the wrong person, because this comes out of the ignorant mind that cannot afford to know.

47) Potential progress levels off or is destroyed when one insists on getting more out of the opportunity than is permissible. It comes at once always in the shape of vain ­glory or irresistible impulses of selfish aggrandisement.

 48) To possess Mother or be possessed by HER is the result of a lifetime of the soul's intensity for one who has the call. He who speaks of Mother only  once in a while readily wishes for this accomplishment and anything less than that creates disappointment in him!

 49) Aspiration of the soul is Agni. Body, vital and mind have their aspirations in two phases. In the first, body aspires by oral chanting, vital by emotion for puja, mind by silent mental articulation. In the second phase, mental articula­tion is in silence, vital adores and the body sheds its heaviness, releasing it from sensations and habits. What the agni of the soul starts develops later into all these phe­nomenon. The aspiration HE describes in the Hymn to the Mother of Radiances is the aspiration of the whole being whose first expression is Fullness. Mother's first complete touch gives that Fullness.

 50) What makes the impossible consecration possible is the aspiration of the whole being since aspiration precedes consecration. That is the preparedness inwardly one needs to have. The call comes to such a one.

 51) The tapasvi concentrates on higher and higher levels of spirit. The sadhaka of Integral Yoga starts with the aspira­tion of the being and moves towards consecration and sur­render. Aspiration is his conscious effort, while consecra­tion is effortless aspiration and surrender is possible when the effortless aspiration intensifies into enjoyable self- giving in adoration, resulting in delight.

 52) Among the most serious devotees of the Mother, not with­standing their professions, the one major expectation is the self-same ideal of an ordinary man, viz., upward social movement, enjoyment of the moment, a rise in prestige. The context and garb may change, not the content. A conscious seeking of the higher life and adherence to its norms are conspicuous by their absence.

 53) Going into the inner being below the surface, we meet the psychic which is less negative than the Manomaya purusha, and the door of nirvana. The psychic is less negative because it leads to evolution. That which is not negative or positive is the DISCIPLINE on the surface and depth which takes up the thread of evolution straight without needing a method or key or clue which the psychic is.

 54) Man lives every moment. He dare not stop living which is not possible for him. He lives in his emotions, not by thought. The moment the ideal of his thought rises above the reality of emotions, he is out of harmony and hastens to sink back to the emotional foundation. When the ideal offers no such  foundation beyond the momentary minutes, he lapses into reality of dissipation or fantasy.

       Man's life is emotionally real for every minute. When the rising emotions of his ideal do not last beyond a few hours or a few minutes, he takes refuge in the reality of dissipa­tion.


 55) Faith brings in Grace; absence of faith in one's capacities brings in Super Grace. When recognising Mother's slap, the perverse guru's black magic, the disciple's desire to bless, and unfaithfulness’ stolen pleasure as aspects of marvel, one is qualified to enjoy the delight of self-giving in every cell of the vital. Often Mother offers their counterpart  opportunities  of  enjoyment  such as  wiping  off Karma predicted by the horoscope, triumvirate, suicide by black magic, flood of orthodox devotees, and urge for service of GOODWILL. Having already enjoyed this much, one is qualified to reach the vision of the marvel.

 56) The world as a Marvel:

       Self-offered Service to ungrateful, mean selfishness; stingy superiority complex; incapable greed; hardworking thieves; pure evil on the self-elevated pedestal; calculated unscru­pulousness; false, mean, unfaithful ingratitude; proud, pampering weakness; mafia; crucifier makes one vitally eligible to discover the MARVEL the world is.

 57) Man's aspirations are emotional, but he styles them spiritu­al. Below him is the man of physical needs. Spiritual life needs the base of spiritual aspirations. Do we really aspire for the Divine? If so, when, for how long, in what terms? Prayer itself cannot constitute that aspiration. Aspiring fro the Divine as one does for money or woman, can be called spiritual aspiration. In the mass of men, such an aspiration is absent.

 58) Clarity of thought on the base of a weak vital can never hope to achieve anything in life, not even the first step it can take. With Mother, it too can achieve several things, maybe almost all, but cannot consummate the whole.

 59) The Absolute, Lila, Play, Ananda, Surrender, creation, self- discovery, reversal of consciousness, consciousness emerg­ing out of unconsciousness, Spirit moving matter, Transfor­mation, THE SECRET, the infinite's self-conception, material particles carrying psychological qualities, occult sense, original ignorance, ignorance greater than knowledge, re­alising the Absolute in the physical, evolution of the Spirit, Maya, the Process etc.

 --     The Absolute is characterised by its capacity to choose one more form of delight.

--     Delight is the sensation of the Absolute of itself in crea­tion.

--     The Absolute's choice of creation unexplained is Lila.

--     Play is the act where the original intention is held back from the activity.

--     Involution is the ability to lose self-awareness.

--     Evolution is the intention to regain self-awareness.

--     To consciously reverse an unconscious act is reversal of consciousness.

--     Reversal of consciousness is the beginning of discovering oneself, Self-discovery.

--     Reversal of consciousness coming on its own by the strength of atmosphere is Transformation.

--     Capacity to initiate Transformation consciously is the Secret.

--     In the beginning that capacity is seen as the Infinite's self-conception.

--     Spirit creates matter and later evolves out of it. So psy­chological qualities are carried by material particles.

--     Spirit's turning into matter and vice versa is occult to the sense of matter.

--     By original ignorance manifestation rose, again it returns to the unmanifest by losing it.

--     Each subsequent stage in creation is greater than the previ­ous. Ignorance succeeds knowledge.

--     Realising the Absolute in the physical is the beginning of the return.

--     Involution is Spirit turning into matter. Matter returning to spirit is evolution.

       Hence evolution of the Spirit, or Spiritual Evolution


--     Maya is the faculty of the Absolute that fulfils its inten­tion.

--     The first half of Maya limits; in the latter half, Maya reverses itself as transformation.

--     The two halves of  Maya constitute the Process.

--     Delight is the sensation of the Absolute where the Absolute senses the finite emerging out of the limitation into its own hidden Infinity. The Sensation  is the greatest because the field is from the finite to the Infinite. Infinite scope enables infinite sensation that is delight.

--     Though moving to consciousness, ego expanding to the ends of the universe, matter outgrowing death into immortality, time becoming Timeless, growth, development, evolution, skill formation, education etc. have this character in their own measure. Spirit evolving has wider scope, the self- conception has the widest of amplitudes.

 60) The perfect cheat enjoys cheating.

       Any ability becoming perfect yields the highest enjoyment.

       The Divine withholding the Secret has the delight of creation.

       The capacity to withhold the Secret makes the play possible.

       Stupidity becoming perfect yields the greatest fulfilment in life. It is true of every faculty. Realising it is reversal of consciousness turning human fulfilment into Divine ful­filment that is delight.

 61) However advanced one  is in the same plane, one cannot become a guide to another in the same plane. Only when he crosses over does he become eligible.

 62) To call the Divine when you cannot is prayer; to call HIM to do what you can perfectly do is consecration that develops into surrender. To do it for him is consecration. To let HIM do it is surrender. The ego can usurp that too.

 63) An unsolved problem sometimes remains unsolved even when we pray. Prayer changing into consecration solves it. Sometimes even consecration is defied. In such cases, look for areas where you have the ability to accomplish and start conse­crating that too, it will be solved.

                                          Consecration succeeds when prayer fails.

                                          Surrender succeeds where consecration fails.

                                          Failure fails with surrender.


64) Surrender is the ability to give up to the Divine what you can do with ease and perfection. Fantasy is the wish to enjoy the results of what you cannot even conceive as a possibility. In the measure fantasy survives, surrender is made impossible.

 65) To know a circumstance brought about a solution when Grace has acted though it after creating the circumstance, is to push away Grace. We must know that Grace acted and the circumstance is a grace. To know the difficulty is grace will remove the difficulty forever, to know a circumstance is grace will remove the need of circumstance any more for Grace to act. From then onwards Grace will act directly. At that point, Grace becomes Super Grace. Beyond that one becomes a source of Grace or Grace itself.

 66) Parabhraman in Shakespeare writing about ordinary plots, creates at the plane of life forces intensely interacting. Therefore it evokes a response from others. Purna Yoga acts from Parabrahman in the plane of evolutionary forces. There­fore what descends here is the forces of evolution, not the universal popular response as in Shakespeare.

 67) Life response is the mathematical formula of Sri Aurobindo (Agenda '65, p. 187) whereas the Process is the mathematical formula for matter. The one is in the plane of life and the other is in the plane of matter.

 68) Surrender changes involution into evolution. Therefore the Force of Transformation is so great. To release that force is possible for only two, Grace and Surrender. Their action is momentary since the field is unprepared.

 69) Idealistic progress divorced from monetary gain is either illusory or austere. Maybe its rare possibility exists in partial fields which all life is. Even in such cases, direct prestige benefits or indirect monetary gains used to be there.

       In a total approach like ours, it is foolish or silly to wish to exclude money gains in progress, because progress is all-round. In actual fact, man responds ONLY to monetary gains and ONLY through that accepts the ideal. In my experi­ence I have not met the exception, nor have I heard of its existence.

 70) A full-throated effort not meeting with success merits the description of failure. The failures we hear of in life are mostly or almost belong to another category. Man enjoys after achieving something. Trying to enjoy a thing before achiev­ing anything goes by the name failure. The name it deserves is not failure, but the folly of illusion.

 71) This wide world responds only to kind words. This applies to ordinary social, psychological solutions, not where a hostile vibration is present. Merciful destruc­tion ruthlessly meted out alone will either eliminate their opposition or even transform them. Even in cases of trans­formation, they will only offer to throw stones.

 72) A good man responds to unselfish opportunity; while others respond to selfish incentives. By responding to the Divine's call which is an opportunity to destroy selfishness and ego, one becomes a sadhak.

 73) Longing for a person or compunction about loyalty after a friend deserted or a spouse turned unfaithful, is not an emotion for the lost relationship ore the person but an indication of the lingering social consciousness regarding loyalty or fidelity.

 74) A past act now consecrated and surrendered will reverse the consciousness and release hurricane like energy to transform life and consciousness, if the desire or emotion and the irresistibility with which the original act was performed is truly reversed. All the rest are palliatives.

 75) Jivatma surrenders to Paramatma; but who does the consecra­tion, consecration of acts, feelings and thoughts? We func­tion as a mental person and he acts on his own. He is aware as a person, not as light or soul. Being aware of light, he moves away from wrong to right; being aware of the soul, he moves away from nature to soul which is consecration.

       Consecration is possible in the measure of self- awareness in the acts. It is the psychic in the act that consecrates it. Normally man is turned outward to the socie­ty and inwardly to himself. Recognising the Divine outwardly and inwardly, the same man can consecrate.

       He who consecrates is the awakened man, awakened to the soul in life.

 76) Behind every activity is energy that is released by a WILL.

            ¬ Creation is out of substance that is inherent in energy behind which is the  WILL of Being or Existence;

            ¬ National development is from national energy released by the WILL of the nation to progress.

            ¬ Enjoyment needs energy that is from the WILL to enjoy.

            ¬ Physical energy such as magnetism and gravitation are from the WILL of Matter to exist.

            ¬ Companies progress by corporate energy that issues out of the WILL of the founders to succeed.

            ¬  There is no act, however little, that is not done by energy given to it by a will behind. It is the will of the  atom that compresses the great atomic energy inside it.

          ¬  Aspiration (will of the soul) releases yogic energy.

        Will--Energy--Act is the process of creation up above and down below. That will is self-conceived.

       That energy is self-organised into action.

       To raise the intensity of that will is progress in the world and evolution in the universe.

 77) Aspiration in man is the representative of the Will of creation.

 78) God reaches out by will; aspiration tries to reach God in the ascent.

 79) Will is the God of the Atheist; aspiration makes the theist God.

 80) Unconscious aspiration leads to bhakti; conscious aspiration to Godhead.

 81) Mind responds to bad news -- lost child, dead accident victim, betrayal, infidelity, etc., either with belief or fear. Belief confirms the news, fear worsens it. Trusting to Mother and calling always turns the situation and the  news turns out to be good, because the incoming Mother’s Force is harmonious. Harmony can only create GOOD. Only good is possible.  

 82) The eternal relationless Absolute is the Self, the pure Existence.

 83) The ultimate solution lies in the law of oneness with others, not oneness with their ignorance, because thereby wrong action will persist. Oneness with their souls is the solution for which the prerequisite is discovery of one’s soul.

 84) Forces of limited good shun evil, whereas evolutionary forces of Good accept evil as much as good.

 85) Growth needs freedom. Freedom offered for growth is utilised for exploitation. Such exploitation stopping for whatever reason turns into tangible strength felt in the vital and seen as light on the face.

 86) Behind failures lies one invariable reason for trying to accomplish in the outer field and enjoy what one has not inwardly prepared.

 87) The occult unseen method lies in the Force evolving from the Form. It is there in all daily activities. The application that is sanctioned  is seen as the work and the result. Little do people realise that the process of sanction involves rules, discretion, custom, judgement, preference, because they remain occult.

 88) The PROCESS He describes is the self-same process of every one of our acts. It can explain Shakespeare’s creation, abolish the cold war, win the national presidency, or make a shirt.

 89) To forestall the hostile forces in the subtle plane is the hallmark of learning the Process.

 90) To persuade pettiness to dissolve or stand aside is to have compassion at its level of existence.

 91) To commission good will to neutralise ill will is to touch the Consciousness where will originates.

 92) To release physical energy to make the body enjoy the thrill of higher descent is Love of the physical.

 93) Devotion in the true vital can persuade hostility to lose its urge to destroy for enjoyment.

 94) Complete understanding of the stupid urges of another in their origin gives a mastery over them.

 95) Compassion is the emotion of full understanding of the origin and existence of things.

 96) Compassion that can transform hostility into devotion raises itself to Grace or even Super Grace.

 97) Irresistibility mastered in the nerves or the physical is mastery over nature that has the power to transform.

 98) Pictures or photos emanating true forms show the vital opening in the observer.

 99) Stupidity that chooses the wisdom of self-annihilation in preference to opening the eyes to the wisdom that stares one in the face is perfection of stupidity qualified to reach the Absolute through that perfection.

 100) Love that gives of itself is rare; rarer is the heart that receives that Love coming to it.

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